Samsung releases second Galaxy S IV teaser video and Jeremy thinks it’s ‘totally amazing’


Last week, Samsung hit us with their first teaser video for the Galaxy S IV. It didn’t show us a whole heck of a lot, and now we have second one. As the title states, it’s a teaser video, so don’t expect any more. What we can tell you is that, “It will blow you away,”  “It’s unreal”, and “totally amazing.” You knew that already didn’t you? Oh, there is one other thing, it’s Jeremy’s favorite color. Hit the break for the full 1 minute and 26 second video.

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Motorola X Phone image and specs supposedly leak


A Dutch website got a tip with the above image and specs for the upcoming Motorola X phone. The image itself is pretty worthless, but the key is the branding. You can see nXT, which I would assume would be the name of the said device. The automatic assumption is that somehow the “n” is a play on Nexus. Now on to the specs. Let’s start with what is at least believable. According to the tipster, it will come with an edge to edge full HD display and it will have the NVIDIA Tegra 4i chipset. As to the display size, the site says it’s 4.7-inches, but they also refer to it as 5-inches as in this translation: “contain a 5-inch screen is recessed into the casing.”

Now on to the crazy. Motorola has never been known to have good cameras, which is one thing I am hoping will change with Google’s ownership. Supposedly it will have a 16MP rear camera. That seems  a little high, but what’s even more crazy, is the notion that it will come with a 5MP front camera. This front camera will also serve as a light sensor and it will track your eye for automatic scrolling of web pages and emails. Sounds a lot like Samsung’s new feature that will be on the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

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Sources: Amazon smartphone may be delayed due to need for further testing and evaluation



It’s been a while since we’d heard that Amazon planned on entering the smartphone arena, so it certainly surprised us to hear that Amazon is certainly intent on bringing something soon… very soon. According to the gang at Digitimes:


“The production of Amazon’s much-fanfared smartphone is still under its engineering verification test (EVT) period due to issues related to its mobile platform, the sources indicated, adding that the development of the smartphone is being handled by FIH’s subsidiary Ensky Tech, which has been responsible for the production of Amazon’s e-book readers and tablets.”

So to sum up: Amazon’s supply chain intended to have everything ready within the last quarter or two, but wasn’t quite happy with how the software looked and performed, so it’s putting more time tweaking everything and sorting out any other kinks with the smartphone’s production before releasing the phone to the masses. Once the software is up to par on the level of its Kindle Fire tablets, then we should see everything ready to go by sometime in Q2. That’s probably a good thing too considering it will have all sorts of competition by then.
source: Digitimes


Samsung GT-I9502 gives the world yet another possible Galaxy S IV clue



As the big day quickly approaches, the leaks will start a flowin’ more and more. A Chinese forum recently posted a gallery of photos of a mysterious GT-I9502 smartphone. According to the GT-I9502′s AnTuTu benchmark test, this mysterious device a 1.8GHz chip, 2 gigs of RAM, a 13MP camera, a full 1080p display and Jelly Bean 4.2.1 running the show. While the specs almost certainly indicate this is a variant of the Galaxy S IV, the GT-I9502 has one key distinction that is unusual to say the least—- it will utilize dual-SIM technology. So in essence, this could very well be just one of many prototypes that Sammy is testing, but then again… maybe not.

Regardless, it’s just a matter of days before we finally see the anticipated device in person.

source: Sammy Hub

Samsung releases real Unicorn Apocalypse game


Starting earlier this year, Samsung has been running a series of commercials that follow a mythical company developing a Unicorn Apocalypse game. Samsung fans have consistently called on Samsung to actually produce a Unicorn Apocalypse game. Samsung has delivered with the release today of Unicorn Apocalypse on the Google Play Store. In the game, you play as the lone unicorn that wreaks havoc on humanity. Samsung has provided the unicorn with magic dash powers and rainbow lasers to help in the battle against the Anti Unicorn Force.
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XOLO to Unveil ‘Fastest Smartphone Ever’ on March 14th


Could XOLO steal some thunder from Samsung’s Galaxy S IV event? XOLO has announced they will release the “fastest smartphone ever” on March 14th in Gau, India. Rumored to be powered by Intel’s Clover Train+ line of CPU, this phone has the potential to be fast (and expensive).

XOLO gives invitees to the Gao event a small glimpse of what the new phone will look like, and it looks sharp. The phone appears to have:

  1. Its power button on the top, next to a 3.5mm headphone jack.
  2. Blue glow next to the power button (visually appealing/possibly the LED notification light).
  3. A modified version of the Android app drawer with no sign of a notification bar.

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American Airlines’ CTO talks Android selection decision


American Airlines’ tablet deployment is one of the larget corporate deployments in the U.S. with 33,000 devices in the fleet. You may be familiar with the decision to deploy iPads to pilots with general aircraft information and navigational charts. You may not be so familiar with American’s decision to deploy Samsung Galaxy Note devices to flight attendants, Galaxy Tab devices to mechanics, and making Galaxy Tab devices available to certain passengers for entertainment purposes. Lisa Canada, American’s Managing Director of Operations Technology recently shared some insight into the decision to deploy 23,000 Android powered devices.
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Samsung Galaxy Pop smartphone gets unveiled, features unique orange color



Samsung is out to show that it can be hip to kids when it comes to its various devices. That’s why it recently took the wraps off of its Galaxy Pop smartphone. While it’s actually a re-branded version of the Galaxy Premier smartphone, this cool device features a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED display, 1.4GHz quad-core processor, an 8MP camera and Android 4.1.2 running the show. While those are some attractive specs, the real highlight of the device isn’t what’s inside of the device, but rather outside— the device will feature a snazzy custom orange color highlighting some real ummm… uniqueness compared to other smartphones out there.

The device is going to be a Korean exclusive and will be available on SK Telecom, KT and LG U+. No word yet on when the device will be available or for how much, but we’d fathom that we’ll see a release within the next few weeks or so.

source: PhoneArena

Vybe creates custom vibration patterns for your phone contacts


If you’re the type of user who likes to customize every little detail of their Android phone, you’ve probably played around with different notification settings for specific apps. Whether that’s changing the LED color for when a certain person leaves you a voicemail or using a different SMS app to change your notification icon for text messages, customization is a big deal on our phones. Well, now there’s a new application called Vybe that will allow you to take that customization a bit further and create different vibration patterns for when certain contacts call you.
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GMusicFS (0.9.1) Beta allows third-party music player apps to read/play Google Music files


Google Music lovers now have another option for playing their cloud based music. GMusicFS, a beta music app developed by XDA member bubbleguuum, exposes cloud Google Music as a FUSE filesystem. The app enables music players such as Poweramp, PlayerPro and n7player to read and play Google Music files on a rooted Android device.

Keep in mind this is an initial beta release, and has only been tested on the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 running stock 4.2.2, and on an older device (not specified) running CM10 (4.2.1 Jelly Bean equivalent).

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