Samsung Knox customers will get a complementary free 3 months of Google Drive for Work


Right on the heels of adding in new features to Knox, Samsung has announced an offer for customers that useĀ the security service. Any customers that sign up for Knox will get a free 3 month trial of Google Drive for Work, which is obviously Google’s own cloud storage service that’s centered around business security.

The offer nets customers a full 1 TB of storage, and if more than 5 users take part, that gets bumped up to unlimited storage. The encryption on the service is top notch, which goes hand-in-hand with Samsung’s take on Knox, so this might be a worthwhile offer for many people. Read more

Google Now issuing mortgage and financial advice with latest update

google now mortgage finance

Google Now has been working on bringing new features and services into the app, and the latest update brings in a unique feature that will be useful for anyone looking into buying a house in the future.

You can ask Google Now how much you can borrow, based on percents and monthly payments, to pull up a mortgage calculator. You can fine tune values in this calculator to figure out what monthly payments will be depending on how much a house would cost, which saves you from having to download an extra app from the Play Store or to sit down and spend an hour figuring it out on your own. Definitely a useful trick. Read more

Difference in Average Android and iPhone Prices Increasing


Android has always been known as the cheaper of the two mainstream mobile operating systems due to its open-source nature and lack of extreme markup. However, this past year, the price of an iPhone has grown from $600 in Q1 to $687 in Q4, while the average price of an Android phone has dropped from $350 to $254.

The growth in the price difference is most likely due to the addition of the iPhone 6 Plus, which starts at a price of $750 and goes to $950, however the iPhone 6 is not much cheaper, with a starting price of $650 and high-end price of $850. The drop in Android pricing is most likely due to Android One and Motorola, both of which have been releasing devices with prices in the $100-200 range.

China is also a big player in the realm of smartphones, and serves as an archetype for the world at large as far as mobile devices go. Apple products are seen as a status symbol and are used by the rich, leaving devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and LG G3 with no demographic to cater to. Xiaomi is leading the charge in China on the low end, with a mean cost for an Android smartphone from the company costing $220 and a mode of $100.

This pattern of Apple catering to the wealthier nations and Android filling in the gaps for the emerging markets is what caused Apple to have record sales last year, while Android faltered a bit. While market share is an exciting figure, and Android has dominated it for quite some time, profit share is an enormous factor in a successful business, especially in the tech world, which may cast an ominous gloom over Android’s stellar emerging market growth.

Do you have something to say about Apple’s rising prices and Android’s falling prices? Got a comment in your head about the changing world of mobile tech sales? Leave a comment below and we’ll start a discussion.

Source: Forbes

Build of Android 5.0.1 Lollipop for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge leaks


Even newer devices that have been on the market for just a few months are without any form of Android 5.0 Lollipop. While we know why the Galaxy Note 4 has been slow to receiving the update, nothing has been said regarding the Galaxy Note Edge. The likely reason would be that it is taking Samsung a lot of time to tailor the software for the curved portion of the display. Fortunately for those tired of waiting, a build of Android 5.0.1 for the Galaxy Note Edge has leaked.

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Nexus 6 listed as ‘coming soon’ on Verizon’s website


The Google Nexus 6 smartphone has been available for over two months through carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T. However, the nation’s largest carrier, Verizon Wireless has been somewhat absentĀ from the action. It seems like that could change over the coming weeks, with the smartphone going up on the carrier’s website with a “coming soon” sign. Read more

Tinder Plus heading to the United States next month, valuable features incoming


So the online dating game is pretty crowded. The options are vast for people of all different tastes. The hottest one right now is Tinder. The app is very simple as it only requires a Facebook account and an able finger to be effective. Tinder recommends people based on their proximity to each other and the social graph developed on Facebook. Swipe left to move on and swipe right if the person on the other end seems appealing. When both people swipe left, Tinder records it as a match and allows the two to start chatting. The problem, though, is that many people swipe left so often that they accidentally do so on someone who could have probably used a swipe right.

That, and more, all changes with the introduction of Tinder Plus.

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OnePlus targets Sony employees in announcing new European R&D center


OnePlus CEO Carl Pei took to Google+ over the weekend to announce the company is building a new research and development center in Europe that the company plans to launch in the latter half of 2015. The wording is a little vague as to whether work has already started on the new facility or if a location has been decided on. The other curious part of the announcement is that Pei linked to an article about Sony cutting 1,000 jobs in its smartphone division, including some in Europe. Apparently OnePlus hopes to scoop up some of these former Sony employees. Read more

Future of LG G4 and stylus less clear after latest leak


As we look down the road in 2015 for a successor to LG’s LG G3 smartphone, one of the rumors that surfaced was that LG may equip their flagship device with a stylus to be able to compete a little more directly against the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. That rumor was fueled by information about a trademark filing for the “G Pen” name. A new trademark filing for “G4 Stylus” could be a sign that LG is actually planning to equip a mid-range device with a stylus instead of their flagship device. Read more