HTC says “let them stare” in new MWC 2015 teaser


We all know that HTC will introduce its next flagship device on March 1. Today, the company reminded us of that. The United Kingdom branch’s Twitter account posted a closeup image of a flower with the tagline “let them stare.” Is this in reference to the improved camera lens or the overall design? No one knows for sure at this time, but HTC likely means both.

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HTC One (M8) for Verizon expected to receive Lollipop approval in two weeks


A few weeks ago, Verizon shocked everyone when it became the first carrier in the United States to push Android 5.0 to the Galaxy S 5. Look back at Verizon’s history in updating its devices and you will find that the updates are either extremely slow or nonexistent. So it is great to see some changes at Big Red. Now, many people with the HTC One (M8) on Verizon are waiting to receive Lollipop. HTC Vice President of Product Management Mo Versi, essentially the company’s spokesperson for software updates, took to Twitter to provide some information.

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Google concerned with Xiaomi’s ability to compete with apps and services


When it comes to apps and services competing with Google and Android, there is not very much. Even historically the same can be said as no hardware manufacturer of Android devices has successfully built a strong user base for its own apps and services. At one point, Samsung was viewed as a threat but nothing ever became truly dangerous for Google. Consumers with Samsung devices turned away from what Samsung put on the table and stuck with what Google has offered. Another company from Asia, however, may hold the key to disrupting Google’s dominance in mobile software.

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Pushbullet extends messaging support to Hangouts, WhatsApp, and more


Without question, Pushbullet is one of the most useful and powerful applications available. Pushbullet is all about convenience. The app seamlessly pushes content and notifications between computers, phones, and tablets. For the last few months, users were able to reply to messages from a mobile device’s stock messaging app. Earlier today, Pushbullet announced the extention of messaging support to some of the world’s best services.

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[New Android Wear App] Wear Charging Widget shows you relevent info while your watch is charging


One thing Motorola got right on the Moto 360 was the clock display when charging the device. It’s one thing that I missed greatly when I switched to the G Watch R. Now owners of all Android Wear smartwatches can enjoy the same thing with Wear Charging Widget.

Wear Charging Widget will automatically turn on when you charge your Android Wear watch. It looks very much like what displays on the Moto 360, but it adds the date and weather information, and it can be customized to an extent. The widget shows the current time, date, weather, and the battery charge. It even has that Moto 360-like round circle, giving you a visual of how much the watch has been charged.

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Dinosaur from Chrome gets its own (unofficial) game for Android


When Chrome does not have access to an internet connection, a prehistoric dinosaur placed in a desert-like environment appears. And behind the message proclaiming the lack of an internet connection is a game. Press the space bar and Chrome transforms the static page into an endless running game in which the dinosaur is the playable character. Now, users can play that same mini-game by installing the new Dino Run – Dinosity game. It is an unofficial version of the mini-game for Android devices. Simple tap the display to jump over objects and tap twice to jump even higher. The game tracks high scores, too.

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A little sandpaper can magically transform your LG G Watch R into a G Watch Urbane


When LG announced the Watch Urbane yesterday, many G Watch R owners looked at their current watch and probably said to themselves, “Damn, I have to buy a new watch now.” Well actually you might not. If you consider yourself a DIY person, you might be able to get that Urbane look by the end of the day while everyone else waits drooling for the official release.

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