Nokia planning Nexus-style experience with fast updates

Nokia was once known as the ruler of all cellphones, but since the rise of Android and iOS it got lost in the dust and struggled to stay relevant. Through various buyouts and attempts with Microsoft Windows Phone, Nokia continued to produce great devices, although it could never regain the popularity or success it once had. Now that HMD-owned Nokia has stepped into the Android ring, it’s promising an experience that very well could attract consumers in this very competitive market. Could Nokia unofficially become the new Nexus?

First set of OnePlus 5 rumors pop up, confirm the obvious

The rumor mill has been pretty quiet about the inevitable OnePlus 3T successor , but now that the Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are out of the way, OnePlus is next up to bat.

A pretty solid rumor has cropped up that suggests that OnePlus will be going all out for the OP5, including a higher resolution screen, top notch processor, and other specs to match. Big surprise, right? And no, that’s not a typo. It’ll likely be the OnePlus 5, not the 4, as the Chinese word for four sounds similar to death. You’ll notice several Chinese companies try to avoid it because of that.

LastPass fills users in on plans for Android O

With Android O being released to developers and an almost certain release to the public later this year, password manager app maker LastPass has been busy at work getting their platform ready for the upgrade. One of the new features coming to Android O that the LastPass developers are looking forward to is the new set of Autofill APIs. LastPass thinks the use of these APIs will help them increase security and expand the features available through their app when used on an Android device.

Sling TV tunes Cloud DVR ‘First Look’ feature to include Android, Roku

Currently one of the big three television streaming services available is Sling TV, a platform that we gave solid marks to in our review. As one of the first services out of the gate to emulate traditional, live TV and cable service via the Internet, Sling TV offers a solid line-up of content and a stable, consistent user interface across a wide variety of devices. One of Sling TV’s newer features is their Cloud DVR service which has only been available for Amazon devices during its initial release period. Today Sling TV announced they are enabling Cloud DVR “First Look” service on Roku and Android devices.