Leaked retail packaging confirms two-camera setup for the OnePlus 5

The mobile industry is full of trends, but not every company immediately follows them. There are still multiple big players that don’t care to include a two-camera setup on their flagships. OnePlus, however, is going to join the craze this summer. Previous reports pointed to it, but now we have nearly clear confirmation that the OnePlus 5 will will ship with two cameras on the back.

Google will start blocking ads in Chrome starting in 2018

Even after a huge push into the hardware sector, Google remains first and foremost a search and advertising company. It’s where the vast majority of the Mountain View’s profits come from, despite their other products grabbing more of the headlines. With great advertising power also comes great responsibility and Google has just announced that starting in early 2018, following previous rumors, their Chrome browser will block all “unacceptable” ads on web pages.

Qualcomm amps up charging technology with new Quick Charge 4+ capabilities

Earlier this year in conjunction with the release of the Snapdragon 835 processor, Qualcomm also announced they were going to introduce a new Quick Charge 4 scheme for when devices do need to be recharged. In some of our tests, like with the Samsung Galaxy S8+ that features the Snapdragon 835, we found power management to be greatly improved compared to chips from just two generations ago. However, today’s phones are driving more advanced hardware which offsets some of those gains and of course, inevitably devices need to be recharged. Sometimes that needs to be done quickly and that is when these quick charging technologies become important. In today’s announcement, Qualcomm shares their plan to take another small step with Quick Charge 4.0 technology with an incremental improvement they have named Quick Charge 4+.

Hello Moto(Mods): Lenovo’s new accessories are beautiful

We weren’t that into Lenovo’s Moto Mods in 2016. The new batch, however, launching alongside the Moto Z2 Play are both useful and attractive. It’s a good mix, especially since partners haven’t rallied around the modular platform as Lenovo had hoped. But the past is the past. These Moto Mods are here and they’re the most beautiful ones we’ve ever seen.

Let’s check out the new Moto Mods you’ll be able to buy this summer.

More delays reported for U.S. launch of Samsung Bixby voice commands

Samsung is enjoying a great deal of success with the launch and early sales of their latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+. There have been a few minor glitches though and one embarrassing item is still outstanding. According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, full implementation of Samsung’s personal assistant technology Bixby is going to be delayed even more than it already has. The egg on the face will not be pleasant for Samsung, but they may be saved a bit by the fact that there does not seem to be much demand for Bixby and in particular the voice commands that are missing.

The Moto Z2 Play is smaller but more efficient, still prepared to go the distance

Because of companies like Lenovo, the late spring and early summer is no longer a drought in the mobile industry. Now we see noteworthy devices year-round that people actually care about. And today we’re getting a look at the first member of Lenovo’s Moto Z2 family. The introduction of the Moto Z2 Play brings a sense of familiarity with change that not all may welcome right away.

Gene Simmons talks about Pixel, release of new KISS Live Cases

One change that Google made when they launched their Pixel line of smartphones last year was to ramp up the marketing of their new line of devices. What better way to continue that effort as we hit the summer months than through a partnership with a brand that may be synonymous with unique marketing, the super band KISS, and in particular frontman Gene Simmons who has become a brand unto himself. Google has partnered with KISS to make new Live Cases for Pixel and Nexus phones available and spent some time interviewing Gene Simmons in conjunction with the launch about his love for his Pixel phone.

DirecTV Now adds support for most Roku devices

Although Roku seems to consistently fly under the radar in the video casting market while Google’s Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV devices seem to generate the most industry buzz, Roku is a leader in the space with millions of units being used by consumers. That likely made things uncomfortable for AT&T when they launched their DirecTV Now streaming service late last year without support for Roku devices and thereby cutting out a huge swath of potential customers. That issue has been corrected this week as DirecTV Now added support for most Roku devices and is even offering a special deal to try to entice those device owners to give the platform a try.

Invite your friends into your Gear VR world thanks to new Chromecast support

One of the challenges virtual reality device owners are faced with is the struggle to share what they are seeing with friends given the single viewer nature of VR devices. Instead, friends end up watching you flail around in space in reaction to what you are seeing. To try to improve things a little bit in this regard, Oculus announced a new feature for Samsung Gear VR devices that makes it possible to use Google Cast to display the VR screen on an external screen enabled with Chromecast.