Major Pushbullet update brings better interface and organization tools

pushbullet_app_iconPushbullet is one of those few must-have apps for your smartphone. It offers a ton of (free!) functionality that’s especially useful if you use multiple devices. Today, the app has received a pretty major update that has redone the interface and added some new tips and tricks to Pushbullet’s toolbox.

The biggest, most noticeable change in the app is its redesigned interface and better organization. Messages are split into three different categories, including things you’ve received from friends, from yourself, and from sources you follow. This helps cut down on how cluttered things could seem, especially if you regularly get tons of information. Now messages you get from friends won’t appear with things you push yourself, which should take some stress out of finding that particular article from three hours ago you were looking for. Read more

Sprint’s new “All-In” plan ironically includes a 600 kbps video streaming cap

sprint_all_inSprint’s “All-In” plan they announced earlier today sounds awesome. It’s simple to understand, costs only $80 per month (including the phone and access fees), and offers customers unlimited talking, texting, and data. Sounds almost too good to be true for a postpaid carrier plan, right? Well, it is. Kinda.

Some fine details in the terms and conditions of Sprint’s new plan suggests that the carrier will place a 600 kbps cap on all streaming video for users on this new plan. Yeah, 600 kbps. That’s just barely over the recommended internet speed that Google suggests for YouTube, and you can bet that’s not HD video. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S6 sales helped boost Android market share in the US


Kantar Worldpanel ComTech is a global market monitoring system that creates market analytics databases for consumer panels. According to their latest expert’s commentary, the success of the Samsung Galaxy S6 has allowed Android to increase its US market share in the mobile operating system market and thus continues to be the most popular mobile operating system. Read more

Best icon packs [2015]


Are you getting tired of looking at the same old icons every time you go back to your home screen? Did you just set yourself up with a launcher, but things still aren’t fresh enough for you? Well, Android customization goes even further–you can replace the icons on all of your downloaded applications.

Icon packs add a new and invigorating look to your home screen. Not only that, but there’s a wide variety of exciting styles you could go for.

Read more

HTC Desire EYE should be getting Lollipop OTA today


Everyone wants Android Lollipop on their smartphones, but due to hardware restrictions and red-tape from carriers, it’s difficult to make that a speedy process. However, AT&T and HTC have made headway in getting Android 5.0 on the HTC Desire EYE in the US fairly soon.

Interestingly enough, the update hasn’t gone live just yet. But, it shouldn’t be long before some HTC Desire EYE owners begin seeing the notification to install Android 5.0 Lollipop on their devices, as HTC’s VP of Product Management Mo Versi said it was going out today.

Has anyone gotten the update yet?

Hootsuite’s Android app receives update bringing better image sharing and content publishing

hootsuitelogoHootsuite’s Android application has been updated with several new features, mostly focused on image sharing and scheduled content publishing. The update brings the app to version 3.1, marking the first iterative update since it’s massive 3.0 update not too long ago.

Most of the new features are noticeable in the tweaked interface. The UI for composing tweets has been moved around a bit, making the send tweet arrow more prominent while hiding scheduling options behind a drop-down menu. When placing images within a tweet, Hootsuite now also shows a live preview of those images, which it didn’t do before. There are a few other slight changes, including Hootsuite being able to send out images to social media as opposed to just links, and a menu for looking at your scheduled content before it goes live. Read more