Nest Black Friday 2016 Deals


For Black Friday 2016, Nest’s devices are on sale and waiting for you to convert your home into a connected living space.

Select retailers, including Nest itself, are offering the company’s thermostat, indoor camera, and air sensor for $50 less than the normal prices. That’s pretty good considering Nest’s products are among the best in home automation and usually carry a somewhat large price tag.

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LG begins offering full refunds for faulty Nexus 5X units


With the advent of Google’s new Pixel range of smartphones in 2016, the Nexus line has been discontinued. The Nexus 5X was one of the last models in the line-up and it seems that the LG-manufactured¬†handset has some boot loop issues, which is reminiscent of the LG G4. With the Nexus 5X no longer being produced, spare parts are either scarce or non-existent, resulting in LG taking the bold step of offering full refunds as opposed to repairing the affected phone or replacing it with a refurbished or even new handset. Read more