Square Cash goes social with $Cashtags, also expands to businesses


Square Cash was launched two years ago but now it seems to be gaining traction by putting a social spin on mobile payments. Users of Square Cash can be identified by unique $Cashtags rather than phone number or email. Simply get your friends’ $Cashtags and send them money instantly with just a few taps. This way to identify users will also be a great help for the arrival of businesses on Square Cash. The service allows businesses to accept payments with a fee of only 1.5%, meaning that a considerable amount of revenue is retained.

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OpenTable accepting payments from Android devices


Next time you prepare to make a reservation at a restaurant with OpenTable, consider using the service to also pay for the meal. OpenTable announced on Tuesday that its Android app would receive support for mobile payments at participating restaurants. Before dining, users book a table and add a credit/debit card to pay. The bill is then displayed so users see exactly what they paid for. Simply swipe to pay at the end and diners can carry on with their lives.

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Humble PC & Android Bundle 12 expands to ten games


The latest Humble Bundle fundraiser covers games on both PC and Android. Today, three games were added to the mix. Donating more than the average will now include Eufloria HDSolar Flux, and Toast Time. This round of Humble Bundle benefits the Electronic Frontier Foundation, American Red Cross, and developers. A tip can also be left for those who run the fundraiser.

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HTC launches site to make themes for the One M9


When the device launches around the world next month, the HTC One M9 will have multiple themes accessible. Owners of the device also have the option to extract qualities from photos to compose a personalized theme. Taking things even further is the HTC Themes site that was launched today. The site provides users with the ability to change wallpapers, colors, icons, sounds, and font. Specific elements of a theme can be changed while others are left alone.

There is also the social aspect of HTC Themes. Users can bookmark themes from around the world to see what they like. An HTC, Facebook, or Google+ account is required to start using the theme creator.

Source: HTC Themes

Google’s upcoming Pony Express service to allow bill payments from within Gmail


There are so many ways to make payments both physically and online. Now, Google wants to add another that gets right to it. The company is reportedly working on a service going by the name Pony Express that forwards bills to inbox of its users. From there, they are able to make payments without having to leave Gmail.

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Google Fiber services headed to Salt Lake City

Google_Fiber_Truck_01Google Fiber hasn’t exactly gotten off to a hot start, as it’s only available in a handful of cities. Google has been working on expanding their ISP footprint, though, and the next city on that list is Salt Lake City, Utah.

Google announced today that they’ll be partnering with the city to figure out the best way to lay out their fiber network to get customers connected. Salt Lake City was likely picked due to its large technology sector, since those kinds of cities and areas are prime targets for Google’s gigabit internet service.
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