This alleged benchmark test for Google’s Taimen, a new Pixel, indicates a Snapdragon 835 is on-board

It’s pretty obvious that Google plans on using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 for its 2017 phones. Most flagships released from here on out will have it. But, if you needed unofficial confirmation, we have that for you. Results from a benchmark test for Taimen, one member from the upcoming trio, leaked online. The results tell us exactly what processor is present, how fast the component can operate, and which version of Android is running.

Snapchat CEO sees Facebook copying as sign of success

Snap, the company that produces the popular Snapchat social media platform, is riding a rollercoaster of ups and downs. After rising quickly thanks to popularity with younger generations, Snap has recently been struggling a bit. Many point to one change as bringing about this struggle and that change is Facebook. Ever since Facebook started copying some of Snapchat’s features, the latter has been struggling to maintain the momentum it has been carrying. During a Q1 earnings all, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel took on the question of whether he was scared of Facebook.

Google blazes new path for Street View ready imagery with new cameras in 2017

Google announced today another step in their efforts to crowd source the images and street views available on their platforms. This latest move from Google promises to reduce the “significant time and effort” it was taking for users to prepare and upload their interactive photography. Google is doing this by introducing a new certification for 360-degree cameras and creating a new framework to guide the work flows needed to get images ready for publication.

[TA Deals] Get a lifetime of cloud storage (1TB) from Zoolz for $36! (99% off)

Cloud storage doesn’t come cheap, and any low prices you see are likely to include a low amount of space. There’s a special offer on Talk Android Deals, however, that knocks the price of a popular service down to $36. It’s the Zoolz Dual Cloud Storage (1TB) package. Aside from getting 500GB of instant cloud storage, you get 500GB of cold cold storage. This means you can store away things that always need to be accessible or put them into a virtual storage locker to look at way later on.