[Deal] You can now pick up a brand new, factory unlocked Galaxy Note 5 for $579.99 on eBay


If you’re in the market for Samsung’s latest iteration in its Note lineup, you may want to pin your ears back as independent retailer, Monoprice, has just taken to eBay and kicked off a great sale on the device. For a limited time only, you can pick up a brand new, factory unlocked 32GB LTE model of the Note 5 for $579.99.

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T-Mobile starts rolling out Lollipop OTA for the Galaxy Tab 4 & Note 10.1 (2014)

Galaxy Tab 4 8.0

T-Mobile has just started rolling out the long-awaited Lollipop firmware update to its carrier-branded variants of the Galaxy Tab 4’s and Galaxy Note 10.1’s (2014) located in the United States. This upgrade ferries all the standard changes that are baked into Android 5.1 along with a patch for the Stagefright security vulnerability to the slates.

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Skype gets updated with new Android Wear functionality

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 08.19.06

Skype is in the midst of rolling out an update for its official Android client via the Google Play Store. This upgrade bumps the software version number up to 6.4 and transports a multitude of new functionality for Android Wear, including the facility for users to accept calls, respond to messages and stay up to date with conversations on their smart watch.

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Samsung to close down Milk Video on November 20


It has not been even a year since Samsung launched its Milk Video app and the company is already preparing to draw curtains on it. To break the news, Samsung discreetly updated Milk Video’s listing in Play Store and revealed that the service would be discontinued on November 20, right around the same time it launched last year.

The company’s support for its music streaming service, Milk Music, will continue.

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Google Expedition, their latest Cardboard solution, heading to the classroom


Imagine being a student studying Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and your teacher is able to transport you to Verona, Italy, the setting for the play. While there you are able to examine up close a location like a centuries-old building known as “Juliet’s House” which is home to the supposed inspiration for the Capulet family. Such a field trip would be cost prohibitive for most classes and a logistics nightmare, but virtual reality can get students close. Although it is not yet to the level of stepping onto a holodeck, Google is helping make this happen through a program to provide their virtual field trip system called Expeditions that uses Cardboard free to schools. Read more