Ninth and tenth wallpapers for HTC One (M9) posted online


Online leaker LlabTooFeR has taken to his Twitter page again to share with us another two new wallpapers from the forthcoming HTC One (M9) before its release on March 1. Just like the eight we’ve already seen, the ninth and the tenth stock backgrounds have been designed with the same theme of blurred landscapes in mind.

Hit the break below to see them in all their glory.

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Pebble Time unveiled, color e-paper smartwatch with 7 days of battery life


As expected, a Pebble smartwatch with a color screen was unveiled a little while ago. Called the Pebble Time, this smartwatch has a similar e-paper display as the original, but it’s in color. It also has the same great battery life with 7 days. The Pebble is the most popular smartwatch that is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Color isn’t the only thing new with this watch as it has a thinner design (20% thinner) and sports a microphone for responding to notifications or taking voice notes.

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Google Glass 2 prototypes already in the hands of select partners


I know many people think Google Glass is dead, but trust me it isn’t. The closing of the Explorer Program and shuffling of key people is just a normal step of the evolution process. Explain to me how they could transition from a $1,500 Explorer Program version of Glass to a more consumer-friendly version that is much cheaper. The only way is to put things on hold and then re-launch it which is exactly what they will do.

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Samsung’s smartphone market share drops to a 3 year low


Apple kicked some serious butt with the iPhone during the 4th quarter of 2014 after finally increasing the display size to something respectable. One the other hand, Samsung hasn’t been doing so well. It’s no surprise that their market share has dropped, but you might be shocked at how much.

According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung’s worldwide smartphone market share dropped to only 10% for the 4th quarter 2014. That’s the lowest it has been since the 4th quarter 2011. Apple came in at a whopping 48.9%.

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Ginger Keyboard launches new Smart Bar feature for quick access to favorite apps


There are many replacement keyboards available through the Play Store that allow for a truly custom experience. Some are only visually pleasing and lack any unique features that enhance the keyboard. Today, an update has arrived for Ginger Keyboard that brings with it the launch of Smart Bar, an intuitive way for quick access to favorite apps. Smart Bar focuses on productivity by offering actions before even launching an app.

Ginger Keyboard’s Smart Bar starts out with a generic set of icons being displayed: Ginger, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and Search. Tapping on any of these will prompt users to select either Ginger’s embedded services or ones that are already installed on their devices. For example, selecting the Tasks icon will offer Ginger’s notes or Google Keep. Ginger Keyboard cares more about a user’s productivity than the use of its embedded services.

Hit the break for additional details and download links.

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