T-Mobile will tell everyone What’s Next at CES 2017


It’s been a few months since T-Mobile unveiled their T-Mobile ONE plans to mixed reception, and apparently now John Legere gets constantly bugged throughout the day what the next Un-carrier move is going to be. Whether it’s on Twitter, at the dentist, or at the grocery store, everyone is constantly bugging this high-profile CEO about trade secrets. There’s a YouTube video to prove it.

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If you want to browse as privately and securely as possible, you need two things. The combination of a DNS with a VPN will put your online happenings almost completely off-the-grid. It’s because the DNS puts you on a private server, hiding your IP address while the VPN keeps data hidden. So you’d be wise to pair a DNS service and a VPN service together.

On Talk Android Deals, the Ultimate SmartDNS & VPN Lifetime Bundle is being featured as the deal of the day.

A sort of explanation for exploding batteries – with explosions!


The folks over at uBreakiFix decided to put together a little video that purports to explain why lithium batteries explode. They do briefly, only very briefly, mention that abnormalities in the flow of ions between the positive and negative electrodes is what can trigger an explosion. They also suggest that one potential cause of an abnormality would be overcharging. Unfortunately, that is the extent of the attempt to explain why lithium batteries explode although they do try to make up for it with several clips of exploding batteries.

Leaked NVIDIA SHIELD images skimp on telling a tale


Word recently surfaced indicating NVIDIA was planning to launch a new SHIELD Android TV device at CES 2017. Other than the news that NVIDIA was planning to release a refreshed, updated version of the device, not much else was known about what NVIDIA may have planned. Some new images that surfaced showing the 2017 update to the SHIELD do not do much to help us figure out where NVIDIA might be headed in the Android TV market.

[Deal] Nova Launcher Prime goes on sale for just $0.99


You’ve no doubt heard of Nova Launcher already. In fact, we’ve mentioned it quite a bit in our ongoing best icon packs series and even listed it in our favorite Android launchers post. The base version is free, but a Prime version with a ton more features will set you back around $5. But, we have good news! The Prime version of the launcher has gone on sale for the holidays, bringing the price point down to just $0.99.

Best racing games


Games on Android look beautiful and there are often some excellent ideas, but there’s one thing many of them suffer from: the touch controls. Playing a first-person shooter and other types of genres are just difficult without a controller; however, there’s one genre that not only looks great on Android, but plays great with the controls: racing games. In this guide, we’re going to show you some of our favorite racing games that have come to Android and continue to get stellar updates.

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