Apple’s iPhone 7 is exploding now, too!


Samsung’s been in the news quite a bit for its exploding Galaxy Note 7. Countless reports of the phone going up in flames have been coming in all over the world. One thing’s for certain: it’s giving the Galaxy Note 7 quite a bit of publicity, publicity that Apple seems to be a little jealous of.

So, why not introduce your own exploding phone? Well, that’s just what the iPhone 7 seems to be in these new photos. Join us after the break for the fiery details.

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WhatsApp will continue to share user data to Facebook despite Delhi High Court order


The list of users, organizations and government agencies unhappy with the recent changes to WhatsApp’s privacy policies keeps growing as the¬†Delhi High Court in India recently¬†ordered the Facebook-owned messaging company to delete data from user’s who opted out. However, it looks like WhatsApp will continue on with their new plan despite this.

Join us after the break for the details.

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New patent suggests better zoom and dual-cameras for the Galaxy S8


A recently filed patent for Samsung in South Korea hints at improved zoom controls in their camera software for smartphones, which on its own is a pretty boring patent and seems pointless considering how terrible digital zoom is on smartphones. However, if Samsung is investing into a smartphone camera zoom patent, that might mean their next phone will have better zoom, which will probably be accomplished with… a dual-camera setup. Raise your hand if that came as a surprise. No one? Okay, didn’t think so. Read more

Spotify’s mobile lyrics feature debuts in Japan, worldwide launch later


Spotify has finally made its way to Japan, the company announced in a press release this morning. While Japan is a big market for music, music streaming hasn’t exactly taken off. Despite this, Spotify will be competing with giants already established in the country, such as Apple Music and Google’s own Play Music as well as some local offerings.

But, Spotify’s Japanese launch isn’t the only exciting thing. Worldwide mobile lyric support seems to be on its way, with its first debut happening alongside this launch in Japan.

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SoundCloud may be acquired by Spotify


According to a new report by the Financial Times, Spotify is in the process of trying to acquire competing streaming music service SoundCloud. The idea of the services being in competition is only through their presence in the same market though as Spotify is the largest such company with over 40 million customers while SoundCloud’s customer base for their paid subscription service is probably less than 1 million. The one thing SoundCloud does have is the largest library out there, which likely makes it a nice target for Spotify. Read more

Mercedes Benz, Kia add to Android Auto options


Google has been working diligently over the years to expand the footprint of Android into all manner of devices that consumers and businesses use. With their overwhelming market share, odds are good that you will come upon an Android smartphone on any given day if you don’t already use one yourself. Google has been trying to get into other markets like home automation and wearables, but the news has not been as positive in those segments. Just recently several partners have pulled back on plans to continue releasing Android Wear powered smartwatches and Huawei is even toying with the idea of switching to Tizen. Some good news for Google and parent company Alphabet is that Android Auto is getting a bump this week as both Mercedes Benz and Kia have expanded the models in their lineups that will be coming with the vehicle-centric version of Android. Read more