Samsung Galaxy S7 Active specifications


The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is an exclusive device for AT&T customers. Only those who belong to AT&T can purchase the ultra-durable phone that doesn’t give up the high-end specifications we’re used to with the Galaxy S7. Samsung kept the high resolution display, snappy processor, and a versatile camera. The real difference between the Galaxy S7 Active and the Galaxy S7 is design as the former is ready for drops and spills of all types, and Samsung raised the battery capacity up to 4000mAh.

Hit the break for the spec sheet.

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Huge Project Tango detail revealed


According to Evan Blass via a Twitter posting, the first Project Tango phone to hit the market is going to be huge. Not just huge in the sense that this will be the first augmented reality smartphone to hit the market, but huge in physical dimensions as well. According to Blass, the new device will come with a 6.4-inch QHD display, pushing the boundary between smartphones and tablets. Read more

‘Can you hear me now?’ guy switches to Sprint


An iconic character from the world of advertising has made the move from Verizon to Sprint. For years Paul Marcarelli was the “face” of Verizon after an advertising campaign from years ago in which he asked viewers, “can you hear me now?” To this day the line remains part of the cultural¬†lexicon. Starting last night during the NBA Finals, Marcarelli is now appearing in advertising for Sprint, extolling the improvements made to their network and the savings they can provide to consumers. Read more

[TA Deals] Get two years of ESET Mobile Security for $10


The connected world can be a very mysterious place, but you can protect your mobile devices with ease and never worry again about your security. On Talk Android Deals, ESET Mobile Security for Android is on sale for 66% less than its value. We’re offering a two-year subscription to the all-in-one protection service that stops all threats from picking up your personal data and doing dangerous things.

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