Latest Android Commercial Reminds Us That Our Information and Photos Have Always Been Synced to the Cloud

For years I have always relied on the fact that Google stores my photos, contacts, calendar events, documents and what not in the cloud. Almost to the point that I forget about the fact this happens. That is, until I flash the newest ROM out there and I don’t have to worry about that stuff syncing as it happens behind the scenes. Well it appears that I’m not the only one as Google has revealed it’s next commercial showcasing this very fact along side the Galaxy Nexus. Thanks to this cloud syncing ability I have long forgotten about ever using Verizon‘s Back Up Assistant or using other apps to sync my photos. As this is a newer feature for Apple folk I can’t help but think that this commercial pokes fun at that a little. If you don’t believe so hit the break below to check it out for yourselves. Enjoy!


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Folks in the UK Can Finally Purchase Official Galaxy Nexus Accessories

Those of you who live in the UK can shout FINALLY at the top of your lungs if you want as Clove UK is now offering accessories for your Galaxy Nexus devices. While it’s been almost 6 months since the initial release of the device, those in the UK have been made to wait patiently while their US counterparts have been able to purchase accessories since release day. We did inform you back in January that we’d see official accessories then, but it got delayed to February and well, got delayed again. However this is no longer the case. Upon checking the Clove site, you will find various accessories that include:

  • An HDMI Dock
  • A Desktop Dock
  • An MHL/HDMI Adaptor
  • Spare batteries
  • A Spare Battery Charger
As you can see the only thing missing is the car dock. However given that these other accessories are available, the car dock can’t be too far behind. So if you live in the UK and are interested in snagging an awesome dock for your device hit the source link below. You can pick up the HDMI dock for £42 (roughly $68) and the desktop dock for £49.99 (roughly $81). I don’t know about you folks out there on that side of the pond but this would definitely get me excited if I had to wait that long.

source: Clove UK

Android 4.0.4 rolling out to Verizon Galaxy Nexus

While many Galaxy Nexus owners have been enjoying Android 4.0.4 and the series of bug fixes it brings for over a week now, it’s easy to forget that many people are still waiting for their fix. The Verizon flavoured version of the Nexus has been waiting patiently for the update and it looks like today is the day that could be set to change. Droid Life has received a number of reports, including screen-shots, from happy customers having just received the update OTA.

The update is 30MB in size and looks to bring the same fixes as the update to the GSM Galaxy Nexus. You can expect to wave goodbye to the spotty signal issues and auto-brightness screen lag while waving hello to bug fixes, speed tweaks, improved camera performance and an updated News & Weather widget.

Some of the chatter from the tech world suggests that this is the first wave of OTA updates, the full roll-out could last throughout the month. Now might be a good time to hit the ‘check now’ button and see if you’re one of the lucky ones! Let us know if you’ve head the update in the comments below.

source : Droid Life

Cure that Galaxy Nexus Data problem now with the Sprint Software Update


No more that 2-3 days ago reports started going around that there was a quite an issue with Galaxy Nexus users getting zero data connection. So not only do the owners of this latest Sprint LTE device have to wait for LTE, they couldn’t even get a 3G signal. Well Sprint quickly responded saying that they were aware of the issue and were working on releasing a fix as early as “next week”. Now here it is, “next week” and today we have a fix that will be pushed over a 2 day period. Although having no data for a couple days is quite frustrating, it’s great to see a carrier like the Now Network jump on a problem like this and fix it quickly. So if your device is starving for some data, keep a look out in your notification bar for the software update version FD02. See the details of the update after the break.

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GS3 purported pics courtesy of anonymous tipster

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood here in north Texas and what day would be complete without yet another Samsung Galaxy S3 rumor and leaked photos? Our rumor du jour is courtesy of an anonymous tipster that has not only provided two pics of the supposed new Galaxy S3 but has also confirmed that the smartphone titan will indeed provide 12 MP quality stills. Of course this all will be taken with the usual grain of salt with maybe a shot of tequila and lime wedge for good fun, but we all know that the official details are only 3 days away. In the meantime, what do you all think of the pics?

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Smartphone market continues to grow, Samsung now takes the lead

In Q1 of this year, the smartphone market grew by 42.5 percent globally which comes as no surprise given the continued functionality that is being incorporated in the latest phone releases. Among all the major phone manufacturers, Samsung has come out on top as the leader of the pack with 29.1 percent of the pie, having increased 17.8 percent from last years numbers. As an added bonus, Samsung has now bumped Apple to the number two spot with 24.2 percent. What is alarming to me is that HTC is at the very bottom of the chain with an embarrassing 4.8 percent. Even RIM is still slightly stronger at 6.7 percent. So congratulations to Samsung and wake-the-heck-up HTC! Hit the break for more details.

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Leaked Documents Show T-Mobile Prism Launching on May 6th

The Huawei turned T-Mobile Prism that we told you about in the beginning of March is gearing up to be launched May 6th. As we told you before when the device saw FCC approval, the specs for the device aren’t too exciting but it should make for a good entry level device. No it doesn’t come with Ice Cream Sandwich and don’t be surprised if doesn’t see anything other than Gingerbread. It will have a 3.5″ HVGA display though and sport a 600MHz processor. Also, while it was speculated that this would be a decent mid-range device with the possibility of hitting speeds of 42Mbps it appears that it’s slated for the 7.2Mbps range. With that being said, this would make a perfect starting phone for a family member just needing an introductory smart phone to tinker around on. Hit the break below to check out some more of the leaked information if you’re interested. Enjoy!

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“Wake Up” campaign orchestrated by RIM

Well this one certainly is a bit of a shocker. The wildly entertaining “Wake Up” campaign that was thought to be created by Samsung in an attempt to possibly promote their new Galaxy device was actually set up by RIM Australia. Two days ago, Samsung had officially denied any involvement in these actions but wasn’t quick to dismiss all the free publicity that came with the false accusations. Account director of Spectrum Communications for Blackberry, Richelle Gillet, confirms “that the Australian ‘Wake Up’ campaign, which involves a series of experiential activities taking place across Sydney and Melbourne, was created by RIM Australia. A reveal will take place on May 7th that will aim to provoke conversation on what ‘being in business’ means to Australians“.

So mystery solved, right? Of course not! So what is this really all about?  I’m even more curious now than before. The blogger that posted the youtube video on this gothic flash mob, Blunty, has now been linked to RIM and may have been purposely directed to capture the actions on tape. I guess we’ll find out soon enough as May 7 is just a week away.

source: macworld

New Build Of CM9 For Samsung Galaxy Note Brings Improved S-Pen Support, Corrected Video Recording


Got a new Samsung Galaxy Note, but itching for some TouchWiz-free ICS action? You’re in luck because the fine CyanogenMod team has been hard at work and released the newest build of CM9 for the GT-N7000 version of the popular smartphone/tablet hybrid. Unlike the preliminary builds of CM9 which lacked many features, the newest build includes many of the anticipated device-specific features such as corrected S-pen support, in addition to corrected issues involving the microphone and video recording. As you might imagine, while the newest version of the CM9 ROM is looking good for the most part, there are still some minor issues to be worked out including the speakerphone not working properly. As always, the CyanogenMod team advises extreme caution when attempting to flash the build onto Galaxy Note devices.

If you all are feeling a little ambitious or lucky, head on down to the source link below for the download links and full instructions.

source: XDA

Huawei MediaPad Now Receiving Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0

Next in line to receive the ever coveted ICS 4.0 update is Huawei’s MediaPad tab.  As one of the first devices to sport Honeycomb on a 7-inch platform, the tablet is on schedule to receive the 329 mb download that is Android 4.0.  In addition, the update doesn’t seem to be tainted with the manufacturer’s version of ICS as it appears to be stock.  The only downside, if you consider it one, is that Huawei went the way of Samsung as far as receiving the update.  There will be no OTA installation as this will require you to head on over to Huawei’s website to complete the upgrade.  Enjoy and don’t forget to let us know how the update pans out for you.

source: Huawei
via: Android Police