Become the King of virtual basketball courts with new Augmented Reality NBA app

by Robert Nazarian on
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If you are into Augmented Reality apps, you need to checkout NBA: King of the Court. You basically search for virtual courts in your neighborhood through the augmented reality browser camera. If you are familiar with Foursquare’s Mayor rating, you will like this because you can become King of the Court if you achieve the highest score of any particular virtual court. The app is classified as freeium, which means its free to play, but it could cost you another $1.99 for more powers, like faster rebound rates.


  • Real world locations become the battleground for basketball court supremacy (location based)
  • Search for local courts and challengers in your area through an “Augmented Reality” browser camera view
  • Outscore your opponents in an addictive, time based shooting contest to become the “King of the Court”
  • Customize and defend your courts with awesome power-ups to both fortify and show off your kingdom
  • Compete in weekly contests to gain additional rewards and badges.
  • Find special courts that give bonuses to their king
  • Track your scores against would be challengers with global and local leader-boards
  • Challenge – and brag – to your friends using both in-game and Facebook messaging
  • Hone your shot to unlock Achievements to add to your Honor Roll
  • Customize – Show off your courts and team pride with skins of your favorite NBA teams!
  • Collect royalties when players shoot at your courts
  • Unlock cool Power-Ups which boost your game in unique ways:
  • Offensive – Trigger auto dunks and hyper shots for instant points (i.e. Alley Oops, Slam Dunk, etc)
  • Defensive – Crank up the “D” with effects that fortify your courts against would be challengers (i.e. Lockdown, Double Team, etc)
  • Game Changers – Rack up your score by maxing your shot distance or unlocking extra shooting rounds
More pics and download links after the break

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Android Heaven Is One Step Closer With Androidland Being Launched In Melbourne

by Roy Alugbue on
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Android paradise is now one step closer– at least for those in Melbourne, Austrailia.  Telstra has just launched their Android-themed store fittingly called “Androidland”, which is found inside on the 2nd level of the CBD store.  It is the first known dedicated Android retail presence of its kind in the world with representatives of many manufacturers (HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson & Samsung) as well as Telstra and reps from Google. Sadly, Androidland is intended to be open for only 6 months. If there’s positive feedback however, consumers can possibly see Androidland in the other stores as well.

The store of course has gadgets galore. Inside of the store are three sections of displays showing off just Android devices– tablets and phones. “Telstra said the idea of letting people have actual hands-on time with devices will increase satisfaction and then purchase of the product, with the help of their “expert” team”. Now that there is an Android haven available, wouldn’t it make sense for upcoming devices to be launched there? Telstra says of course! It believes Androidland would be the perfect place for devices to be announced, “especially considering the input Google has had in the creation of their retail presence”. Sounds mighty good to me. You can check out some shots of the store and video after the break. If you live in Melbourne or heck– even if you don’t– let us know what you think about the store in the Comments section. » Read the rest

Samsung: The Next Big Thing Is Already Here Part 2: ‘Oh, Ours Is Not 4G’

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Last week Samsung launched a brilliant commercial knocking iPhone fans, particularly those waiting in line. In the first commercial, you can’t forget the blonde Apple fangirl snickering, “Why don’t you just get a 4G phone?” Well we get to find out what happens after that. I hope Samsung continues to release more of these as they’re quite entertaining.

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Carrier IQ Gate: A brief summary of the controversy

by Robert Nazarian on
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Carrier IQ has become the buzz lately, but not for good reasons. It all started when a researcher named Trevor Eckhart posted evidence that Carrier IQ logs every text message, Google search, and phone number typed and reports back to the phone carrier. Shortly after, Carrier IQ sent a cease and desist letter to Eckhart claiming he violated copyright law by publishing Carrier IQ training manuals online. Eckhart didn’t back down as he enlisted the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital rights group, which resulted in Carrier IQ backing off their legal threats.

What is Carrier IQ? They market themselves to carriers as a program that can “measure performance and user experience with no visible impact to customers.” Eckhart found that in his HTC device, the program not only recorded information about app activity and battery life, but also records when users press any key on the phone along with text messages. The information is then sent back to Carrier IQ’s servers. Why would Carrier IQ need to record such information if all they’re trying to do is improve users’ experiences by collecting data on dropped calls, signal quality, and other troubleshooting problems? At least this is what they told Wired.

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Factory Image Released by Google for HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus, ROM Flashers Everywhere Breathe Sigh of Relief

by Jack Holt on
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Good news for you owners of the Galaxy Nexus. The Android Building Google Groups page put up an announcement stating that a complete factory image for your Galaxy Nexus has been released. This image includes the bootloader, baseband, and the rest of the system. As we all know, Google phones have always been easy to root and the Galaxy Nexus continues this tradition. This factory image will restore your phone back to its factory state should you mess it up. If you are interested you can un-archive the package and check out all of the files individually, however, there is a “flash-all” script that has been added so that flashing to the factory state is easy to do.

Jean-Baptiste M. Queru, Software Engineer for the Android Open-Source Project, was quoted to say:

“hopefully this’ll be useful to people flashing custom AOSP builds, as it provides a clean supported way to return to factory state.”

Those of you who are interested in flashing your phone, you can head to the link below the break to get your image. If you haven’t rooted your phone yet and are interested in doing so, you can go here. This is certainly good news for the Android community. What about you guys? Does this help you breathe a little bit easier? » Read the rest

Galaxy Nexus Visual Voicemail App Released in Android Market

by Stacy Bruce on
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Is the Verizon Galaxy Nexus launch just around the corner? Who really knows, but Verizon just decided to release its visual voicemail app in the Android Market just in case. As most of you already know, the Galaxy Nexus was supposed to be virtually bloat free, lacking those annoying carrier add-ons that we all hate. Well, despite the fact that the Galaxy Nexus managed to acquire two of the Verizon apps, the useful visual voicemail is not one of them.

Today, Verizon released a specific visual voicemail app, Visual VM, for the illusive Galaxy Nexus because Ice Cream Sandwich comes sans such a feature. Google’s plan from the beginning was to have the carriers provide their own VVM app for the new operating system and I guess this is how Big Red is addressing it. Maybe this is a sign for an imminent launch and hopefully Best Buy’s latest leak of December 11th becomes true. If that were to be the case, then we could expect to hear an official announcement sometime between now and Monday.

To check out the Galaxy Nexus’ new visual voice mail app from Verizon, hit the market link below.

[via Android Market]


AT&T Teases With Hands-On Video Of Upcoming LG Nitro HD

by Roy Alugbue on
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Oh now what do we have here?? You remember when we mentioned the uber-sexy Nitro HD by LG? Well AT&T just couldn’t contain themselves again and decided to swoon us even further by releasing a hands-on video of the device. You can see that attractive 720p screen, the super-fluid dual-core 1.5Ghz processor and overall sleek design in action. Remember kids, the phone will be released on Sunday, December 4th for $249.99 on contract.

Don’t wait any longer and check out the video. Go on– you know you want to.

YouTube Preview Image

Xperia Play Exclusive (For Now): FIFA 12 Free For a Limited Time

by Jack Holt on
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EA SPORTS and Sony Ericsson announced today that FIFA 12 is avaliable exclusively to the Xperia Play. Even better than that, for a limited time, Xperia Play owners can grab this game for free from the game widget. This game has pulled many of the enhancements from the console versions and come with a wide variety of teams. It also allows you to play in real-world stadiums with “authentic commentaries.”

FIFA 12 is an exclusive to Sony Ericsson devices until February of next year. After this point we should see it in the Android Market, so that other people can experience this game. For the time being, those of you with Xperia Play phones, you can access your free, exclusive game via the games widget. Hit the break below if you are interested in reading the presser.  » Read the rest

Verizon Delivers Promised 2.2.3 Security Update For The OG Droid

by Axl Logan on
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Admit it, for a second there your dislecia kicked in and you thought that was a 2.3.x Gingerbread update didn’t you?  Sorry to disappoint OG Droid owners, but hey, there’s always the dev community to fall back on.  However, an update is an update and if it’s going to improve a device’s performance, we’ll take it.  Recall a few weeks back when Vz promised a security update was coming?  Well, it’s here and you can benefit from a few less bugs crawling around.  Build number FRK76 brings to light 2.2.3 and addresses a  ”rogue/unauthorized certificates” issue which occurred through the native web browser.  Other than that, there is nothing new hear and the update will ultimately be transparent to you.

[via Verizon]




Verizon Releases Samsung Fascinate i500.EH03 Update, Includes Gingerbread Treat

by Roy Alugbue on
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Samsung just keeps continuing to show some love to owners of its devices. First the DROID Charge got a major update, now it’s another phone set for an update. The Fascinate is finally set to taste some of that sweet, sweet Gingerbread 2.3 goodness. Verizon has just announced the i500.EH03 build which includes a host of updates and improvements in addition to Android 2.3. You’ll find improved widgets and updated calendar options among the noteworthy features of the new build. The hefty 95.7MB file should be available anytime now for those of you still rocking the Fascinate, so be sure to check out the full change log at the source below and download the update. Oh and do tell us how it works out for you in the Comments section.

[via Verizon Wireless]