Samsung Galaxy S 5 to have the same plastic structure, but with faux leather back


With rumors of the Galaxy S 5 landing in January, it’s no surprise that there are already hardware rumors coming in as well. Today’s tidbit involves the body of Samsung’s next flagship device. According to GalaxyS5Info, the handset will not have the metallic casing that everyone was hoping for since the GS4’s announcement. Instead, the plastic will stay; however, the backing will be made out of the same faux leather found on the Galaxy Note 3. Samsung may launching the newest incarnation sooner rather than later because reportedly the GS4 is missing internal targets.

Source: GalaxyS5Info
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LG to begin working on Chrome OS projects, files for ‘ChromeOne,’ ‘ChromeDesk,’ and ‘ChromeStation’ trademarks

Google Chrome OS

A lot of tech manufacturing giants see some potential in the Chrome OS brand— LG has been tied solely to Android on the Google front thus far, but new trademark filings suggest the company may be working on some Chrome OS projects in the future.

The company has filed trademarks for “ChromeOne,” “ChromeDesk,” and “ChromeStation.” Could we see three new pieces of hardware running the OS?

It’s not that far-fetched, as LG has been working with Google for quite a while now— they made the Nexus 4, and are the manufacturers for the upcoming Nexus 5. They’ll look to add to the competition in the market for Chrome OS devices with HP, Samsung, Acer, and Lenovo.

Source:  Engadget

CyanogenMod About To Release Community and Pro Editions For a Better User Experience. Also Adds New Features


As usual, the boys over at CyanogenMod are keeping busy working on making your Android experience the best it can be. Recall at the Big Android BBQ 2013 event, the team announced that they’ll be offering their popular custom ROM’s in a couple of different flavors. The team was pretty bent on arguing the fact that it’s not the carriers who should be dictating software based decisions to OEM’s but that it should be left to the user to do so. As a result, the team revealed that their new versions will cater respectively to both the beginner and the advanced user who’s looking to liven their devices up a bit.

The team tossed out some pretty hefty stats claiming that there are 8.2 million active CyanogenMod users out there and there are 38 million downloads for over 100 different devices. In addition, the popular custom ROM maker says there are over 3,000 different contributors assisting with development.  So, what’s the difference between the two versions?  Hit the break to compare the “Community” and the “Pro” versions and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Read more

Amazon to implement product-oriented, ‘Google Goggles-like’ 3D object recognition in upcoming Amazon phone

Amazon 1

More and more information has been getting out about Amazon’s upcoming smartphone— we now have details suggesting the device will feature real-word 3D object recognition, much like Google’s “Goggles” application.

Amazon’s version, however, would link images of 3D objects to product pages on Amazon, obviously prodding users to purchase the item they’re looking at.

In Amazon’s patent application for the service, it is called “user guided object identification.”

This will obviously all depend on actual user implementation— it could just be a cool little gadget, or something that people actually use to shop. My guess is the former…

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HTC plans to enter tablet and smartwatch markets soon


HTC desperately needs a way to succeed— the company is struggling, and everyone knows it.

One possible solution, however, would be to expand its business into the smartwatch and tablet-making industries. CEO Peter Chou and chairwoman Cher Wang hinted that this could be the case in a recent interview with the Financial Times. As it turns out, HTC actually worked with Microsoft on a smart-watch back in 2004.

And it wouldn’t be a complete HTC interview without a snarky comment— Wang said that when their upcoming tablet makes its appearance, it will be “nice and disruptive.”

Source: Financial Times

Nexus 5 could have an embargo that lifts on October 25


Well here’s something interesting to start the new week. An Amazon user review for the RINGKE SLIM Nexus 5 Case had something very interesting to say. Other than saying that the case “works well” with the Nexus 5, S. Power also stated, “I have 6 more days of embargo before I can say anything about the next Nexus phone.” In case you’re not familiar with an embargo, it’s an agreement between a media outlet and the source in which the media outlet is granted access to a product or information, but cannot divulge anything until a specified date. In this case, the product would be the Nexus 5, the source would be Google (or LG), and the specified date would be October 25, since the review was posted on October 19.

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+ KitKat Team is Holding Android KitKat Count Contest, Prize Is Still Unclear

Google Plus KikKat Page

Didn’t we say “to those who wait, good things will come?” No, well we meant to. And for all of your hard earned patience here’s a little tidbit of joy for you while you wait for 4.4’s release. And though it’s not so much informative as it is fun, we still believe it’s an indication that KitKat and the Nexus 5 are still just around the corner. As of now, if you head over to KitKat G+ page you can be a part of the count down tease their holding in which you can try to guess how many android plush toys you can see in the pic with KitKat branding on them. Winner gets…….? No one knows at this time. It could be a giant android plush toy or dare we say it, a Nexus 5? And while that’s pure conjecture at this time, it sure would be cool as hell if it were the case. Well, there’s only one way to find out right? Hit the source link below and give it a go. The team will be picking the first 10 correct answers. Feel free to speculate as to what you think the prize might be in the comments below.

source: @KitKat (G+)

Koush develops video recording utility to record device’s screen

Video Recording Android

By now, taking a screenshot on an Android device is almost second-nature. Simply press the down volume button + power button simultaneously. However, taking a video of the device’s screen presents a trickier problem.

CM developer Koushik Dutta is currently working on a solution that will allow users to do so on their Android devices, by pressing the up volume button + power button simultaneously. Audio and touch indicators are added in for extra utility.

The new feature can present many helpful additions, including allowing developers to demo their app’s features, and also for users to report bugs/errors, or record instructional content.

The feature should be on CM 10.2 soon. Check out Koush’s video after the break.

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Press image for Sony Xperia Z1S leaks

Evleaks Z1s

This phone remains a mystery. While the Z1 was released not that long ago, it’s unlikely that the Z1S is another Sony flagship. This could, however, be the US version of the Z1 mini. The Japanese version is known as the “Z1 f.”

Other rumors suggest that this is the T-Mobile version of the Z1, because of the styling of the 4G LTE logo on the screen.

An official announcement is expected to come in the next few weeks, with more details as well. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: @evleaks

HTC One Max press images for AT&T and Verizon leak



While we already saw press images of the Sprint and Verizon HTC One Max variants, it was unknown if any other carriers would be getting the latest phablet. But now according to Twitter’s @evleaks, AT&T will also get the One Max. In the image above, you may notice something different. Just like Verizon, AT&T will opt to stamp their logo on the bottom bezel. This differs from the Sprint version as HTC’s logo will remain. And as we eluded to the last time, notice the dates on the devices. That may hint the release date for the different carriers. Hit the break for the Verizon press image (it is identical to last week’s). Read more