Samsung Sells 10 Million Galaxy S III Phones So Far, 40 Million Expected By Year-End

Samsung released a statement to the Yonhap News Agency saying it’s sold more than 10 million units of its flagship Android phone, the Galaxy S III since it first released in May during a lavish event in London. The Galaxy S III went on sale overseas less than two months ago while U.S carriers were able to pick the phone up in late June.

Samsung expects sales to hit 40 million sales by the end of the year, according to the Yonhap Report. With Samsung’s extraordinary sales with the Galaxy S III, I think the iPhone 5, rumored to release later this year, may have trouble reaching a record sales number like the iPhone 4S did. Either that or they’re going to have some serious competition on their hands.

Hit the break to see the full statement:

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Users Reporting GPS Bug After Jelly Bean Update, Easy Fix Possibly Remedies The Problem


It looks like all is not rosy for some Galaxy Nexus owners. After receiving some of that buttery goodness in the latest update, some Galaxy Nexus owners are reporting what is a significant GPS problem. Apparently, certain Galaxy Nexus owners are unable to get a precise GPS fix that doesn’t allow those users to track their location. What’s worse is the fact this can possibly happen even with satellites in plain view.

This bug doesn’t seem to be affecting everyone, but it’s probably a good idea to check if you’ve recently received the update. To check if you’re affected, you’ll want to open an app that constantly tracks where your whereabouts such as Google Maps, then check the notification shade for a GPS message. If the text says “Searching for GPS…” and you’re not seeing a flashing icon, that means you’re not getting a GPS lock. If that is the case, then you’ll want to confirm you’re affected by then downloading an app such as GPS Test which allows you to see if there are satellites within range.

Thankfully— where there’s a problem, there’s always a solution. Galaxy Nexus users will need to go to Settings > Location services, uncheck and re-check “Google’s location service,” voila!— everything should be cleared up by then. There are added reports that the simple remedy seems to correct the bug, which indicates there’s some type of glitches perhaps on Google’s side.

source: Android Central


The playground is open: The Nexus 7 stars in its first commercial

Google has been doing an amazing job with their commercials, so I have been excited to see what they had in store for Nexus 7. In the past it’s been a Hallmark emotional feel with the new Dad realizing his photos were stored in the cloud and the big Super Bowl ad title Parisian Love. The theme continues with the Nexus 7 as it’s the focal point while a father and son are camping. The big question is if they were connecting the game changing tab to a smartphone hotspot or was it an incredible long range WiFi signal? Make sure you hit the break and watch all the way to the end to find out.

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AT&T Xperia Ion review and hands on video

There’s no question Sony (and previous Sony Ericsson) has some of the most well designed and sexy devices around. The only problem is that we don’t get to see much of them here in the U.S. We had a chance to see the Xperia Ion back in January at CES, and it’s actually the first Sony branded (sans Ericsson) phone to make it’s way to North America. With a plethora of high end specs and a price of $99, what could be wrong with this phone? I guess the fact that Gingerbread is on board is a major negative, but is the Xperia Ion good enough for you to look past that? Hit the break to get started.

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Beats and HTC Look to Be Heading In Separate Directions, Smartphone Exclusivity to Remain

Just under a year ago, HTC and Beats began a $300 million dollar partnership. This brought impeccable sound quality and some powerful headphones to the HTC lineup. Today HTC announced Beats will buy back 25% percent of their shares owning a total of 75% while HTC will own 25%. This new setup “provides Beats with more flexibility for global expansion while maintaining HTC’s major stake and commercial exclusivity in mobile.” In other words, HTC still has a hand in the company and while they won’t be providing Beats Headphones anymore, the exclusive Beats sounds will remain in HTC phones as seen in the HTC One S/One X.

Hit the break for HTC and Beats joint statement.
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Google, Apple trade views on standards, patents with U.S. Senate committee

Last week Google submitted a letter to the U.S. Senate’s Judiciary Committee outlining their views regarding technologies that become de facto standards and how patent laws should be applied. Of course the subjects of standards and patents is of great interest to Google as they are involved in numerous lawsuits revolving around these issues.
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Source: Kyocera Rise Headed Straight For Sprint And Virgin Mobile Stores


Sprint certainly has a habit of containing confidential information of its upcoming slider smartphones. Hot off the heels of seeing the LG Cayenne leak, EVLeaks has graced QWERTY fans with another sign indicating Sprint has another phone on the way. If you recall, we previously told you about the Kyocera Rise smartpone that we went hands-on with earlier in the year as well as told you it has EV-DO/CDMA bands, making it an attractive candidate to operate on Sprint’s Now Network. Well, according to EVLeaks, it obtained an actual photo of the Rise smartphone that has a SprintZone app right in the middle of the homescreen. And for added measure, EVLeaks also claims Sprint subsidiary Virgin Mobile will also receive the Android 4.0-powered smartphone.

So now that we are all but certain Sprint will have an affordable ICS slider in its lineup sometime in the near-future, how many of you are excited about the idea of having the smartphone? Go on and tell us— don’t be shy.

source: EVLeaks Twitter
via: Phandroid

Samsung prepping to roll out Android 4.1 to Galaxy S III, possibly other models

Insider reports from Samsung indicate testing and preparations to rollout Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to their Samsung Galaxy S III devices are underway. No date has been established yet, but it is believed late August or early September is the target.

The status of a Jelly Bean update for other devices is less clear. If testing on the Samsung Galaxy S III goes well, that may be good news for development of an update for the Samsung Galaxy S II and possibly the Samsung Galaxy Note. Reports indicate Samsung is considering a strategy of updating high-end devices more than they have in the past. This would be consistent with Samsung’s new CEO’s desire to improve the user experience on their devices.

source: Sam Mobile

16GB Nexus 7 Currently Sold-Out on Google Play, Listed as ‘Coming Soon’

Ever since Google dropped the N7 bomb that’s all people have been talking about lately. The new tablet from Google has received overwhelming response from tech blogs and consumers alike, and sales of the device reflect its high demand. Nexus 7 orders from the Play Store went from a 3-5 day shipping period to the 16GB version being completely sold out. Currently, the higher priced 16GB Nexus 7 is listed as “coming soon” and those who are interested in purchasing the device are asked to enter their email to receive an update when more stock becomes available.

At the time of writing this, the 8GB version was still listed as available and will ship in 3-5 days. For only $50 more I can see why the larger version is much more appealing but unless you already jumped on the bandwagon it looks like you will have to wait for the next batch to arrive. This may not be a bad thing, though. If anything, hopefully the screen issues will have been sorted out by then. We will keep you posted.

source: Google Play

Legacy Play Store Allows You To See A List of Your Purchased Apps Again

Before the Android Market switched over to the Play Store the Market allowed you to see a list of your purchased apps under a “Not installed” section. After the transition to the Play Store, at some point along the update line, the list of paid apps went away. If you’re wanting the ability to see that list again, Paul O’Brien over at Modaco, has solved the problem. You can get the Legacy Play Store app that will solve your problem by bringing back the “Not installed” list of apps.

Paul was able to get the old version of the Play Store client and with some tinkering around, he was able to make it run alongside the official Play Store. Once again, in the Legacy Play Store your apps will have a My Apps screen with a list of all the paid apps you’ve purchased that are not installed on your device. The current version of the Play Store has a tab for all of your apps that are installed or you’ve ever installed, and lumps these together with any apps you’ve purchased. If you’ve purchased a  lot of apps, you may find yourself having trouble finding the small handful of paid apps you want for your respective devices.

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