Google is “Absolutely Committed” to Google TV

by Robert Nazarian on
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I think we can all agree that Google TV wasn’t the most thrilling debut, but neither was Android when it first started. Now Android is the most dominte mobile OS on the planet. Could this happen for Google TV?

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said the lack of success was due to the fact that it was built into Televisions, and consumers replace their  TVs once every five years. I disagree with this as there are standalone units from Logitech and Sony.

Speaking of Sony and Logitech, Schmidt believes that new companies will be jumping onboard soon. He said, “We’re absolutely committed to staying, to improving Google TV.”

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Official pictures of the DROID Bionic show up and disappear from the Motorola store.

by Robert Nazarian on
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A DROID Bionic page showed up in the Motorola store, but was quickly pulled. They were actually using the old Bionic’s page as a work in progress because the model number was XT865. We already know that the newer version’s model is XT875. The good news is they put up the official pictures of the latest Bionic, and we grabbed them before they were pulled.

[via droidlife]

DROID 2 Global soak test for Gingerbread update ready, Full rollout could be middle September

by Robert Nazarian on
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With the DROID X receiving the Gingerbread bug fixer and the DROID 2 just about to receive its Gingerbread update, the DROID 2 Global is next in line. The soak test should begin sometime this week. If everything goes smoothly, you can expect the full rollout by the middle of September.

We will keep you updated.

New Sony Android Tablet Details, “S1″ = Sony Tablet S, “S2″ = Sony Tablet P

by David Laborde on
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It looks as though Sony’s dual 5.5-inch clamshell tablet that was previously known as the S2 will be launched as the Sony Tablet P. Joining the Tablet P is the more conventional looking 9.4-inch slate tablet codenamed S1 that will be launched with the simpler sounding name of the Sony Tablet S.

The Tablet P brings the previously mentioned dual 5.5-inch clamshell design, a weight of 370 grams, 512Mb RAM, 4GB of storage, 2GB SD card, and 4G/WiFi connectivity. The Tablet S weighs in at 600g, has 1GB of RAM, will be available in 16GB or 32GB versions, and will be WiFi only. Both Tablets will share NVIDIA Tegra 2 Processors and 0.3MP (not 3.0MP) front cameras.

The Tablet P and the Tablet S are expected to launch next month.

Additional information, photos, and videos of Sony’s Tablet P and Tablet S can be found here, here, here, and here!

[via engadget]

Video of the Droid Bionic’s new MotoBlur

by Jim Farmer on
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Here’s a taste of what MotoBlur will be like on the soon to be unleashed Droid Bionic. MotoBlur has, in the past, had a bad brutally terrible reputation for its looks and functionality. The Bionic’s MotoBlur may be a chance to redeem itself, although its still not perfect yet – as you’ll see from the video. If you can look past that for now, however, it seems Moto worked pretty hard this time to make it super smooth. Also, it lends a lot of its functionality to what you see in Honeycomb; 3D and sort of Tron-like elements. After watching the video, we would love to hear what you all think, especially if your feelings have changed toward MotoBlur. Remember,  Verizon’s Droid Bionic “destroys all machines” September 8th.

Video after the break.

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Samsung Captivate Gingerbread 2.3.4 Leak Hits XDA

by Mitch Wright on
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Still rocking the Samsung Captivate, AT&T users? Of course you are. The Galaxy S II hasn’t released yet (though if you’re looking for some interesting tidbits, check this out). And while you can’t get that scrumptious GSII pastry quite yet, that creamy Gingerbread filling is baked and ready for adventurous users of the Captivate, courtesy of XDA. Hungry for more? Just hit up the link below and make sure to tell us in the comments how it’s treating you.

Samsung Shows Off Galaxy S II E-mail System (VIDEO)

by Harold Williams on
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Samsung Mobile USA shows off the Galaxy S II’s e-mail app with a video on YouTube. In the video, you’ll get a peek at the S II’s e-mail system in landscape mode showing off a computer or tablet type of experience. For someone who’s inbox gets slammed daily, this looks like a really handy e-mail view to see everything at once, outlook style. I’m not sure if this would pull me away from using the Gmail app itself, but Id be willing to at least give it a shot and see how it works.

How much more can we be teased before Samsung’s big NYC event Tuesday? I’m not going to lie, I’ve been completely sucked in by the Galaxy S II hype and I cannot wait to get my hands on one. Are you dying to get your hands on one as well? Hit the break for the video and another slide like the one above.

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New Pics of the HTC Vigor Surfacing

by Ryan Brooks on
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Long have any concrete details eluded us of the HTC Vigor. Many a rumor has risen, only to keep us interested, yet never providing us with any hard facts.

Well, the latest leak is no different. We get some (beautiful) pics of HTC’s latest device, but nothing verifying our sources claims of a 4.3” screen, 1GB RAM, 1.5GHz CPU, or the Beats by Dre software. We know that the device is bluetooth-certified, so it HAS To be nearing a release, we just wish that HTC would be more forthcoming with the specs and expected release date.

Oddly enough, these pics remind this author of the Incredible HD, while the coloring hints at Verizon’s DROID offering. Could the two really be one device, destined for the Verizon network? We’ll definitely let you know if you we hear anything different.

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