Woman ticketed for driving with Google Glass gets cleared


Back in October, Cecilia Abadie was ticketed for wearing her Google Glass while driving in California. On Thursday, however, a traffic court in San Diego found that she was not guilty since there was no proof that her Glass was being used. The ticket was the same as ones given to drivers that have screens distracting them.

Despite this single case, other states are gearing up to prevent issues with Google Glass wearers. New Jersey, Delaware, and West Virginia are all in the process of passing bills that ban the device. If the bills pass, it should be interesting to see how many states follow in their footsteps. Even Google warns: “Read up and follow the law. Above all, even when you’re following the law, don’t hurt yourself or others by failing to pay attention to the road.”

Google working on Android fitness API


With wearables getting as big as they are, it makes sense that companies should be working on software that is wearable friendly. Well it seems like Google is doing just that.

Android 4.4 brought a number of features to Android that were especially helpful for things like fitness tracking. A new API that Google is working on brings this to the next level, allowing apps to be able to view and edit fitness tracking data, as well as read and write raw and transformed data.

It’s not yet clear when we will see the API be integrated into Android, but it will likely be in a future update to the operating system.

Source: GoogleSystem Blogspot

TalkAndroid Daily Dose for January 16, 2014


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


Level is a visually pleasing finance app that links to your bank account

Spotify Announces Free Streaming With No More Time Limits On The Desktop


Sprint to add “Sprint Live” home screens to Android devices

Sprint comes out of the corner first with LG G Flex available on Jan. 31

LG G Pad 8.3 heading to Verizon, says frequent leaker

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Leaked screenshot from Nokia Normandy reveals freak-hybrid OS combination

Nokia Normandy

The Nokia Normandy has appeared in multiple leaks over the past few weeks, and today @evleaks showed us what the UI might look like.

Running a modified version of Android, the device also seems to sport a very similar Windows Phone-style interface as well. Of course none of this is confirmed, but this is all we have for now.

The handset will also supposedly support dual-SIM capability, and there will be options to significantly change the aspects of the home screen. Personally, I think it looks a bit too busy and crowded, but that’s just me.

Source: @evleaks

Level is a visually pleasing finance app that links to your bank account

Didn’t really care for any of the apps we suggested for managing your budget? Level Money is another budgeting app, but this is probably the most uniquely designed one. The developer says “Level is the radically simple, digital equivalent of opening up your wallet to see what you can spend today, this week, or this month.” After linking your bank account(s), Level detects income and fixed expenses; therefore, users always know where they stand.

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Sony confirms Android 4.3.3 coming for Xperia SP, T, TX and V in the next month

sony_xperia_spSony confirmed today that their Xperia SP, T, TX, and V will be receiving Android 4.3.3 “from end Jan / early Feb.” This is a relief for owners who thought they might never get the update, after waiting for it since Sony said it was expected in December. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more precise release dates.

Source: Xperia Blog


First photos of Geeksphone Revolution leaked

geeksphone_revolutionThe first photos of the Geeksphone Revolution, a smartphone that will dual-boot Android OS and Firefox OS, have leaked online by German site Mobile Geeks. The Revolution will come in black and white, and will be equipped with a 4.7-inch IPS qHD display, a 1.6 GHz dual-core Intel Atom processor, and a 2000mAh battery.

There will be three capacitive buttons on the front of the slightly curved device, which will reportedly come at a budget-friendly price. The Revolution is just the latest in a wave of popular dual-booting devices, and it’s certainly one to keep an eye on.

Source: Mobile Geeks
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Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5.0 begins rolling out for HTC One X+



The HTC One X+ is receiving Android 4.2.2 as we post. This will be the last update the device will receive, as we reported earlier. This update includes a Sense 5.0 user interface overhall, which has most of the features from the HTC One besides camera features and BoomSound. This is probably going to be a slow rollout, but you can try manually updating.

Here’s the changelog:

  • Android Version: 4.2.2
  • HTC Sense: 5.0
  • NFC Fixes
  • AT&T Address Book Fixes

Source: HTC