LG G2 Mini (LG-D620) passes through Bluetooth SIG


Thanks to the device passing through Bluetooth SIG, we can now assume that an LG G2 Mini is getting close to launching. While the LG G2 was one of 2013’s pleasant surprises in the mobile tech world, the G2 Mini will leave you disappointed. While most specs have yet to be speculated, we do see that it’ll come with a qHD (540 x 960) display. Also noteworthy is that LG plans on shipping the device with Android 4.4+ KitKat pre-installed, certainly a nice touch even though it’s deemed as a low-to-mid range device.

What do you guys think about these “mini” brothers flagships? Sick of them yet or do you think they end up finding a spot in the market?

via: Blog of Mobile
source: Bluetooth SIG

Privacy Guard receives new feature in CyanogenMod 11


If you’ve taken a quick gander over in CM11’s Privacy settings, you’ll see that a new feature has been added. Over in the advanced AppOps view, a new panel has been added showing apps that start up upon your device booting up. This allows you to pick and choose which apps you would like to disable upon booting up.

Certainly a cool feature if you ask me. Out of curiosity, any of you guys use CM as your daily ROM?

source: CM’s Google+

Samsung still unsure about Galaxy Gear 2 pricing


If the rumors turn out to be true, then we should all expect the Galaxy Gear 2 to be unveiled alongside Samsung’s Galaxy S 5. Problem is, Samsung is still determining how much they should charge on the Gear 2. With the original Gear flopping, Samsung wants to make sure they do things right the second time around. The original Gear was just far too expensive for what it was, and the sales showed. That, and coinciding with the fact that Apple is also rumored to release their own smartwatch, it puts some pressure on Samsung to competitively price their Gear follow up.

What did you guys think about the original Gear? Do you think it didn’t resonate with the consumers due to its price, or do you think the whole idea of a smartwatch is currently useless? Let us know!

source: zdnet

HTC will turn to cheaper phones to make larger profit


As HTC‘s losses get worse and worse, the Taiwanese company is saying that they will expand their range of cheaper products in order to turn a bigger profit. The company is seeking to get back to where they were before their 2 year long slump, which ended up in an 80% drop in share price.

“The problem with us last year was we only concentrated on our flagship. We missed a huge chunk of the mid-tier market,” co-founder Cher Wang said last week.

It was also revealed that HTC will focus more on selling products in the $150-$300 range in both developed and developing markets. They will of course also keep creating products in the $600 and above category. This new strategy is much needed for the company, though many shareholders are still skeptical.

Source: Reuters

Nokia to debut first Android smartphone at Mobile World Congress


Rumors about Nokia‘s first Android powered device have been gaining speed, and the latest on the phone is that Nokia will debut it at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. The device was also under development when Microsoft first made their bid to buy Nokia’s mobile device business. So far the leaked specifications of the device suggest that it will be an entry level device, and even that it will feature a modified version of Android that won’t include access to the Google Play Store, but will instead use Nokia’s own app store.

Source: WSJ

Apple is at it again, Themer gets pulled from the Play Store for copyright infringement for 1 (out of 200+) theme


In the “are you kidding” news of the day, Themer, from MyColorScreen, is no longer in the Play Store. It was removed on February 2 due to copyright infringement. Take a guess as to whom is complaining about the infringement? Yup, you guessed it, that wonderful company in Cupertino that would rather spend time on stuff like this rather than actual innovation.

In cast you aren’t aware, Themer is an app that allows you to change the theme on your Android device with pretty much one-click. At the time of the pull down, there were over 200 themes to choose from. Now get ready for this…..Apple is complaining about only one of those themes. The theme is called “Seven” and Apple says it uses icons that infringe on its own patents. There is no question that the theme (pictured above) does look like iOS, but who the hell cares?

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Nexus 7 LTE to finally and officially land on Verizon Wireless this Thursday


It was back in September that consumers found out that Verizon wouldn’t issue new SIM cards for the Nexus 7 LTE tablet, even though it would work with an existing SIM taken from another device. Verizon’s response was that it wasn’t certified yet even though Google announced the tablet as compatible with the network. Still, Verizon said it would take about 8 weeks to get it certified. Well that was a long 8 weeks because it’s finally going to be available on Big Red this Thursday, February 13.

It will be priced at $349.99, but if you want to sign a two-year contract, you will get a measly $100 off the price bringing it to $249.99. Of course, if you already own the LTE version of the Nexus 7, you will be able to activate it with a new SIM card after a quick software update. Either way, you can add your existing or brand new Nexus 7 LTE to your Share Everything plan for $10 extra per month.

source: Verizon

Forgot to download Flappy Bird? Just play it through your web browser


So you forgot to download Flappy Bird before it was removed from the Play Store (and iOS App Store), and you are in complete panic. Take a breath and calm down because you can play it right now using your phone or tablet’s web browser. You can even use your desktop. It’s written in HTML 5 and accepts input from touch or a mouse (via the desktop).

We gave it a try using the Chrome browser and it works well, but don’t expect it to be an exact replica. It actually moves a little quicker, and the edges will get cut off on smaller displays. If you’re an Android user, you might be better off searching for the APK and sideloading it, but this will work if you don’t want to go that route. Just hit the source link to get your flap on!!

source: uralozden.com/flappy/

Latest images of KitKat notification bar on Samsung devices evidence of improved relations?


In late January, word came out that Samsung and Google had reached some agreements to work on presenting a more unified user experience on Android devices. As part of that agreement, it appears Samsung is on the way to phasing out the Magazine UX it had been working on despite the recent release of new tablets equipped with Magazine. A new screenshot of the KitKat notification bar that Samsung is working on for their devices shows how the company is in fact reversing course to come closer to Google’s vision for the platform. The choice of color for the icons may seem like a simple thing, and it is, but it reveals a lot about the direction of development.

When Google released KitKat last year, one thing users noticed almost immediately were the white-only icons in the notification bar. The change to a monochrome design was significant enough that Google even had to spend some time explaining why this had occurred. The new image shows that Samsung has adopted Google’s direction in this area and extended this design cue to its own TouchWiz interface. Eldar Murtazin, @eldarmurtazin, indicates in his tweets about this change that it also means a lot for the future of the TouchWiz interface. This likely means the flat, monochrome concept may be extended throughout the user experience on Samsung devices.

source: @eldarmurtazin tweet 1, @eldarmurtazin tweet 2

Flappy Bird port Tiny Bird for Pebble rises


While Flappy Bird may be dead on the Android and iOS smartphone and tablet platforms, at least “officially,” that is not stopping those who hope to capitalize on the craze or those players who must get their fix. A new port of the game, called Tiny Bird, has surfaced for Pebble smartwatch devices. To make it work on the Pebble form factor, developer Stuart Ha had to scale it down to only 144×168 dimensions and go with a monochrome graphics package. Since the Pebble does not have a touchscreen, the other challenge was figuring out how to flap the wings. That is achieved by repeatedly pressing on the up button.

This may not sound like it would produce the best gameplay experience. Fortunately for Ha, the game is really simplistic so it is able to overcome the hardware restrictions. Players clamoring for access to Flappy Bird or a clone will likely overlook the hardware limitations as well, which would explain why it has already skyrocketed up to the number one spot in the Pebble app store. Meanwhile, demand for Pebble smartwatches could be getting a bump about now.

source: @tnkgrl