Apple Claims Andy Rubin Allegedly Got Inspiration for Android Framework while Working at Apple

by Harold Williams on
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Before I report this news for you, I want to point out one of the patents in question here in case you’ve missed it. U.S. Patent No. 5,946,647 involves the following. When you receive an incoming message on your iPhone containing a phone number, web link, e-mail address, or street address, this information is highlighted and turned into a link that you can tap. This tap in turn performs an action like opening the web link in Safari or asking if you would like to dial the phone number. That’s weird because I would have thought tapping a phone number should open your music player. Surely, who ever implemented that process on Android must have stolen it from Apple.  Just food for thought since this is one of many patents Apple says HTC is in violation of.

Newly introduced into Apple’s patent infringement case against HTC  involves Andy Rubin, co-founder of Android Inc. Apple is alleging that Rubin took inspiration for Android’s framework from APIs he supposedly encountered while working for Apple in the early 90s. Hit up the break for more.

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LTE Device Prices to Drop Significantly in Second Half of 2012

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As a number of chipset vendors start to crank out single-mode LTE chips in larger volumes, it’s being reported that devices with 4G LTE radios will be seeing price drop by the second half of 2012. Having lower chip prices is expected to drop LTE network interface cards from the current $110-$120 in the U.S. to $50-$60 in the second half of 2012. These savings are hoped to migrate down to the 4G LTE smartphones we will hold in our hands. This is a long time to wait only to see a $50 or so decrease.

Now that we have the news out of the way let me switch gears here, and I’m interested in hearing you’re opinions.  Both the Droid Charge, and supposedly the Droid Bionic, have or will have a price tag of $299 (as an upgrade or new contract price). Considering our smartphones do voice calls, play music, browse the web, get and send e-mail, take HD video, work as a great little camera, text, play videos and games, and really are an overall multimedia communication device. I don’t think 300 bucks is too much to ask at all. Heck, we are pulling down and streaming music out of thin air at this point. The kicker to this though is you’ll only get this price once every two years, and it really should be a year. We got a peak at Sprint’s possible solution to purchase a device every 6 months for 2-year pricing, so this is a start in the right direction without knowing all the details. For smartphones and new technologies like Google Wallet to really take off, we really need to see the retail prices become more manageable and not the ridiculous $600 price tag we currently see (or is that a fair price?). For new technologies to take off, the devices need to get in the users hands quickly. Do you all think this is going to happen anytime soon, and if so, how will it happen? Lets get a discussion going here.

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Samsung has “no plans” to release Galaxy Tab 7.7 / Galaxy Note in U.S.? Think again

by Dustin Karnes on
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Ah, international PR – you never fail to amuse us. There have been rumors going through the mill that we stateside folk will never see the Galaxy Tab 7.7 or the Galaxy note. The products were officially released on the European side, but not here in the U.S. of A… so does that mean we’re doomed to never enjoy the yummy goodness?  Really, folks, let’s go over this.

When something is announced in a European venue, i.e. – IFA, MWC, etc., the big players from Europe are there. Sony Ericsson, ASUS… you get the idea. That’s not to say these companies aren’t big players here in the US, but they’re far bigger across the lake. You’ll usually hear things from these companies along the lines of “no set date”, or something similar for the US releases. In American venues, however, we hear “in the coming months” or “by the ‘whatever-th’ quarter of 20-something”. Does this mean we won’t see these European goodies here? Absolutely not.

So hold the faith, my friends, and I can almost promise you we’ll see what we want.

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DROID Bionic is Rooted

by Harold Williams on
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If you’re considering picking up a Droid Bionc, but were worried about rooting it, worry no more. The folks over at MyDroidWorld have gotten the Droid 3 exploit to work for the Bionic as well. This is of course great news for future Bionic owners to see this before the device is even released. Stay tuned, as I’m sure easier methods for the faint of heart will be appearing soon. For full details, hit up the source link below. If you’re excited about this let us know!

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Sony Ericsson Nozomi Next Flagship Phone with 1.5GHz Dual-Core and 720p Screen?

by Harold Williams on
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A week ago we brought you some rumors about Sony Ericsson’s new flagship phone the Nozomi. Today we’ve got a few more spicy details to share with you on this device including a possible release date. Let’s get on with it.

The Nozomi is rumored to be packing a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage (there are no memory card options), a 1750mAh battery, and a 720p (1280 x 720) resolution 4.3-inch screen. Just to get a barb in on Apple, this screen has a pixel density of 342 pixels per inch compared to the iPhone 4′s 326 PPI. It will also come with NFC, though I feel phones with these chips just can’t hit the market fast enough. The Nozomi is currently looking at a March 2012 release. That’s quite a ways away so you’ll have to put this all strictly in the rumor bin for now. One of our readers, Gregory Opera, has really sparked my interest in the Sony Ericsson phone arena. I’ll need to get my hands on one of their phones and judge for myself, but I really like what they are up to lately. Be watching for that soon.

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HTC Runnymede spec sheet leaks, Beats solo headset included and pricing revealed

by Robert Nazarian on
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Two days ago we told you about the HTC Runnymede. Although we already knew most of the specs, a leaked spec sheet shows us a little more along with the pricing.

First off, it will come with a Beats solo headset for “amazingly real, powerful sound.” The battery will be a 1600mAh, and they will offer 16GB and 32GB versions.

Pricing for the 16GB version will be £499 ($809) (SIM free) or Free with a 2-year contract at £40 per month. The 32GB will set you back £530 ($859) (SIM free) or Free with a 2-year contract at £40 per month. This is certainly not cheap, but not surprising based on the Sensation Special Edition pricing of $847 off contract.

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OpenFeint Announces GameFeed to Add Social Networking to Games

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If you’ve never used OpenFeint before, think of it as an achievement tracker where you can compare yourself globally to others playing a smartphone game. This of course makes the games much more interesting giving you a reason to keep playing. If you own an Xbox or a Playstation 3 then you’re probably familiar with this type of gaming experience. OpenFeint now announced GameFeed which will bring a Facebook-like experience to their enabled games. It will give gamers more of a live “feed” of whats happening with friends playing games that support the feature. Game developers will be able to include GameFeeds features along with the features GameFeint itself already offers and you can check out the SDK right here. GameFeed looks to be a sort of news ticker updating you on others in-game achievements. OpenFeint claims that GameFeint increased game sessions per user by 25%. and that some developers saw a 60% increase. Getting people to play your games multiple times that are embedded with ads certainly can’t be a bad thing right? Hit the break for the full press release including a list of titles already rocking GameFeed.

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Dell Streak 7 to receive Android 3.2 Honeycomb update

by Robert Nazarian on
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Remember the Dell Streak 7? It had promise with the Tegra 2 processor, but with Froyo onboard, that killed it for me. Interestingly enough, Dell has confirmed they will update it to Android 3.2 Honeycomb. In fact, a few Streak 7 units have been spotted running Honeycomb at the IFA Conference in Berlin. It looks to only have a hint of Dell’s Stage UI, so it’s mostly stock Android.

They did not announce a timeline for the update, but we will let you know as soon as we hear more.

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HTC Rhyme and Motorola XOOM LTE show up in the latest Verizon MAP list

by Robert Nazarian on
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The latest MAP (minumum advertised price) list has leaked for Verizon Wireless. Last month’s version had an HTC device with ADR6325 as the model number. At that time, we though it might be the white DROID Incredible 2. With this latest version, we now know it is the HTC Rhyme, of which, we recently reported that HTC filed for the “Rhyme” trademark.

So what is the HTC Rhyme? Based on the model number it will probably be a mid-level phone similar to the DROID Incredible 2 and Merge. Based on the name I am expecting it to support Beats by Dr. Dre, but without the headphones as $199 seems too cheap to include headphones. I am not expecting it to be a 4G LTE device.

Also on the MAP list is the Motorola XOOM LTE version, which will be priced at $499 with a 2-year contract. It is likely that it will launch next Thursday along with the Bionic.

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Free Android Games from Gameloft

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Running right now through Labor Day, September 5th, Gameloft is giving away some of their most popular Android games for free. To grab the free games, you’ll need to follow @GameloftAndroid on Twitter or hit them up on Facebook here. Once the free game is announced on Facebook or Twitter you’ll have 2 hours to grab the game for free. There is also currently a $0.99 promotion happening on all of their Android games, but you’ll have to visit the special promo link here to get them. Why not snag yourself some free games or take advantage of the 99 cent deal for ones that don’t show for free? Let us know if you see a good one worth snagging.

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