Android Ice Cream Sandwich in October/November according to Eric Schmidt [Video]

by Robert Nazarian on
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There is so much speculation on when the Nexus Prime (GT-I9250) and/or Ice Cream Sandwich will be available. The most recent reports have Verizon Wireless getting the first Ice Cream Sandwich phone in October dubbed the DROID Prime (SCH-I515). Will it really have the DROID name or will it even be a true Nexus device? Could it really happen in October?

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt spoke at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, and he said Ice Cream Sandwich would be out in the October/November time frame.

His exact words were:

We have a new operating system, internally known as Ice Cream Sandwich for some reason, which is being released in October/November, which everyone’s really excited about.

Last month while talking about the Nexus program, after the announcement of Google purchasing Motorola, Eric hinted the next Nexus device would be out just before the holidays. So what does all of this mean? It could mean that we see the SDK for Ice Cream Sandwich sometime in October and/or a launch of the first Ice Cream Sandwich phone (SCH-I515) on Verizon Wireless, which will most likely not be a true Nexus device. Then in late November, just before the holidays, we will see the Nexus Prime (GT-I9250) launch elsewhere. It all adds up right? Of course this is my best guess, what’s yours?

Check out the video after the break

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Liquid Mini Gets Ferrari Edition Makeover

by Justin Routhier on
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Acer’s Liquid Mini may not be the fastest Android device available, but due to a sweet little custom remodel job, the Liquid Mini Ferrari Edition sure makes it look the fastest. It’s jam-packed with all the stylish markings you could wish for: a lustrous red exterior embellished with the iconic Ferrari shield, dark chrome trims and elegant buttons along with preloaded Ferrari engine ringtones, racing-themed wallpaper and more. All that’s missing is a set of vanity plates and you’re dressed to impress.

The remodel includes appearance-only upgrades however, so this Gingerbread running device will keep the same 512MB of RAM, 600MHz processor, 3.2-inch display and 5 megapixel camera as offered by the original.

Hit the break for a link to Acer’s Liquid Mini Ferrari Edition page.

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DROID Incredible Gingerbread update is now live

by Robert Nazarian on
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Last week we saw Verizon Wireless bring back the support documents for a newer build (4.06.605.3) of the Gingerbread update for the DROID Incredible. We weren’t exactly sure when the rollout would take place. I have been hearing from our readers that they received the update today, so check your phone to see if you can manually pull it. Just go to Settings/About Phone/Software update.

Thanks Dave and Steve.

HTC Rhyme gets DLNA certification

by Robert Nazarian on
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Last week we saw the HTC Rhyme on a leaked Verizon Wireless Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) list. We don’t know anything about it other than its name must mean it will be marketed with Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. It just past DLNA certification which unfortunately gives us no more insight than what we already knew, which is basically nothing. It is at least one step closer to being launched.

What we do know is the model number is ADR6330VW which puts it in the class of a DROID Incredible 2. Blog of Mobile thinks this is actually the HTC Bliss, the phone marketed towards females, and it will be released as the Rhyme. Stay tuned.

[via dlna and blog of mobile]

Android 2.3.4 update for DROID Charge leaks again

by Robert Nazarian on
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We are still waiting for the DROID Charge to get updated to Android 2.3.4. It was supposed to happen in August, but for now we will have to enjoy the leaked builds. Back in July update EP1H leaked, and now My Droid World brings version EP1W. You can flash this using the Samsung Internal Flash Utility or by using Odin.

Release notes: This is unofficial and a leak. Teamblackhat, Mydroidworld, and p3droid are not responsible for what you do to your phone. Installing this firmware will void your warranty and may cause harm to your device.


You will need 7z to uncompress these files. Download

Samsung Internal Flash Utility: Samsung PST - Download Now

If you don’t want to use the official flashing software you can use odin.

Odin 1.82: Download

You will need the Samsung drivers: Download


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Wireless Beats by Dr. Dre headphones passes through the FCC

by Robert Nazarian on
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When HTC announced their partnership with Beats by Dr. Dre, we wondered what type of headphones would be offered. We have seen marketing material for the HTC Sensation Special Edition and Runnymede, which will be offered with Beats in-ear buds and Beats Solo headphones respectively, but who wants wired headphones? Bluetooth quality is now to the point where you can barely tell the difference.

It looks like Beats by Dr.Dre will launch wireless headphones shortly because model MH BTS ON SO BT WW recently passed through the FCC. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear they will be offered with these phones, but it is nice to have this as an alternative.

[via FCC]

HP TouchPad Spotted Running Android 2.3.5 With Touch Screen Drivers

by Justin Routhier on
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Last week we brought you a video from Team TouchDroid that showed off an HP TouchPad running Android 2.3.5, though disappointingly, it was deemed relatively unusable as it did not allow touchscreen operation. Now less than a week later, the same guys at TouchDroid have released another video using the same Vanilla build with working touchscreen drivers. They even boast multi-touch support for as many as ten fingers, for those really, really hands-on folks.

[via touchdroid]

ScreenCast & Screen Recorder App Available in the Android Market

by Justin Routhier on
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If you’re looking for a sophisticated app solution for taking screen shots of your Android device, you needn’t search any further than ScreenCast & Screen Recorder from Media Solutions – currently available in the Android Market. ScreenCast is a step above the rest, as it not only gives users the ability to take high quality screen shots, but also enables you to capture your phone’s screen at high frame rates to produce high quality MPEG4 videos.

The program includes a gallery to view, play, rename, delete and share your previously recorded videos or screen shots from within the same user interface and will soon include live- streaming capabilities according to its developers.

If you’re interested in giving it a try (and how could you not be), a demo version is available that allows up to 30 seconds of video or you can download the full version, which unlocks this limitation for a mere $2.99. Please note: This is for root-users only.

Hit the break for a market link to this app and a QR code.

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It’s Official, Motorola DROID Bionic launches tomorrow for $299

by Robert Nazarian on
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There was one last item to check off our list, and it just happened. Motorola and Verizon Wireless officially announced the DROID Bionic will be available tomorrow for $299. There is nothing surprising in the press release, but we did find pricing for some of the accessories:

  • Lapdock $299.97, plus receive a $100 mail-in-rebate when purchasing it with the DROID Bionic and subscribing to a $50 data plan or higher.
  • HD Station $99.99
  • Adapter for Webtop Application $29.99
  • Vehicle Navigation Dock $39.99
  • Battery Dock $49.99

Unfortunately the Lapdock is still priced way too high.

Full press release after the break:

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DROID 3 update coming this month, Soak test ready to roll

by Robert Nazarian on
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Last week we saw a leaked version of a DROID 3 update that was pulled. It was supposed to add video support for GTalk and fix an odd battery issue.

It looks like the update is finally ready because the above email was sent out to Motorola support members announcing that a soak test will begin soon. Assuming the support members are bug free during the soak test, the full roll out will take place later this month.

[via droid-life]