Google Drive Release Gets Pushed to Next Week

A couple weeks ago we exclusively broke the news about Google Drive’s release date and that everyone will get 5GB of storage for free. Well, according to our tipster we are on track for the free 5GB of free storage but the release date has been pushed back a week and we should now see an open enrollment on the 24th of April. Once Google Drive launches, users will gain instant usability across many devices including Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. How the process will work on a Mac is still unknown at this point.

Just in case you wanted further evidence, The Next Web is also reporting the same thing, claiming to have an inside source as well. They recently reported something similar to what we heard, a launch next Tuesday or Wednesday, leaning more towards Tuesday. So barring any unforeseen delays, we should all be heading to on the 24th to sign up for what could be the perfect cloud storage integration for all Android devices. We’ll see you there!

source: The Next Web


Could the Galaxy S III Launch Reveal Multiple Models?

Well we finally got some official confirmation on this years most anticipated handset and it looks like May 3rd will be its big unveiling. As the release date gets closer, leaks are going to become more prevalent and the most recent set of Galaxy S III “details” come from sources close to BGR. According to BGR, Samsung plans for a huge GSIII release not only in London, but we could also see a simultaneous launch in New York City, Seoul and Dubai. The Galaxy S III is even said to be the official device of the 2012 summer Olympics. This would mean a ton of advertising opportunities for Samsung and should prove beneficial when trying to compete with the upcoming iPhone 5 launch.

As far as details go, we get further confirmation of what we have heard before such as a 1080p HD display, a quad-core Exynos processor and 4G LTE. What’s interesting is that BGR also mentions that the phone will come with options, one being its color (blue/black or white) and the other being its storage size (16GB or 32GB). As it usually goes with anything unofficial, we will take this with a dash of Morton’s… Although the thought of having options when it comes to the next superphone sure does sound nice! Which combo would you chose? Shout it out in the comments below.

source: BGR


New Updates Rolling out for the Sprint Branded ZTE Optik, Build V55V1.1.0B09

We all jump for joy when we see updates pop up in the status bar on our Android devices, don’t we? Well, that’s what Sprint has brought to all of you ZTE Optik owners out there today. The ZTE Optik 7-inch tablet is Sprint’s very budget friendly Honeycomb sporting device that arrived to the Now network back in early February. Released today was build V55V1.1.0B09. Below you’ll find a list of the the fixes, updates, and enhancements:

  • Google DRM solution
  • Google Music
  • Google+
  • Persistent notification after BT transfer
  • Software version corrected in x-wap profile
  • Sim City closes when attempting to purchase while connected to Wifi
  • Sim City download issue fixed
  • Response when connected to a computer via USB cable

The update will be rolling out over the next couple of days. If you’re like me, you may need to check and make sure your automatic updates are working.  Just go to Settings>About tablet>System updates>Update Android>Check now and enjoy all the glory that is new updates!

Source: sprintcommunity

Download the DROID RAZR Smart Actions application to your DROID Bionic


If you own a DROID Bionic and you’re growing tired of staring enviously at your DROID RAZR toting companions and their immensely useful ‘Smart Actions’ application, we’ve got you covered.

Dana Davis AKA iNsAnEmOd took to his twitter account to generously share his work with the world in the shape of an APK download. You don’t need to be rooted to get going, you can simply side load the application and you’re good to go. Feedback online suggests that the APK will only work on Motorola ROMs, I’ve tried it out on my GSM Galaxy Nexus and can confirm that it didn’t work.

Click the link below to download the application and be sure to let us know how it works out for you in the comments below.

download : SmartActions

source : Twitter

Need a Mother’s Day gift idea? Try Gift Wizard Lite for Android

A while back I did a review on Gift Wizard, which helps you when you can’t figure out what to give as gift to someone special. I remember it vividly. My wife turned to me and asked what to buy someone as a thank you gift, and I immediately opened up Gift Wizard, punched in some details about the person, and it spit out a bunch of ideas. We immediately settled on one of them. The whole process took less than 2 minutes. The funny thing is that I realized Gift Wizard really didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know, but many times when trying to think of a gift for someone, the obvious never seems to come to mind.

We’ve all been in situations where we just can’t figure it out and the panic starts settling in. It’s time to get rid of all that stress and give Gift Wizard Lite a try. Gift Wizard Lite is totally free so you don’t have an excuse. Back when I reviewed it, I had the paid version, which is .99 cents. To me, it was worth every penny, but with Mother’s Day coming up, SockMonkeySolutions just released this free version. What a perfect opportunity to give it a try. It has all the same features as the paid version except you won’t be able to load/save profiles or share your results via SMS or other social networks. If you try it out and it works for you, I recommend jumping right in to the paid version. It will make your life a lot easier with the saved profiles. Hit the break for download links.


Play Store Download Link – Lite


Play Store Download Link – Full

Registration for Transformer Prime GPS dongle now open

Still suffering from spotty or non-existent GPS signal on your beloved Transformer Prime? Already heard the news that Asus is set to offer a GPS dongle to resolve the issue? Well time to get registering folks as the website is now live.

Those of you holding out for a software fix will unfortunately be disappointed as it appears that the rather unsightly dongle is your only hope. The dongle plugs into the proprietary port which in turn means you won’t be able to use it whilst charging or in conjunction with the laptop dock. Quite the sacrifice to make for an accurate GPS lock.

Naturally the dongle will be absolutely free providing you register before the 31st of July 2012. There’s no word on when you should expect to receive the unit once ordered nor is there any clarification as to what happens beyond the cut off date. Still, it’s refreshing to see Asus is dedicated to providing a solution to the messy situation.

Click the link below to register for your dongle.

So what’s the verdict owners of the Transformer Prime, are you happy with this solution? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


source : Asus

Apps without permissions: Should you be worried about Android’s latest security scare?

The latest security threat for the Android world deals with apps that don’t require permissions. Paul Brodeur from Leviathan reported about the possibility that an app with no permissions could actually access your data from your physical  or internal SD card. An app such as this could access all non-hidden files and scan them for any information, including any sensitive info. Since the app itself doesn’t have permission to access the internet, it would have to open the browser to send the information. Not an easy task without you knowing it’s being done, but someone could come up with some sort of trick.

Lets be honest folks, should you be keeping any data on your SD card that is sensitive? Forget about apps, what happens if you misplace your phone or it gets into the wrong hands? Anybody could access your SD card to get to those contents. Okay so you’re not saving anything sensitive to your SD card, is there any other potential?

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Samsung shows us how much cooler the Galaxy Note is going to be with an overview video of the Premium Suite and Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung Galaxy Note owners should be getting a taste of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich soon. I know everyone expected it last month, but the good news is that with the Note, the ICS experience is dramatically different with the Premium Suite. Samsung is touting the ability to create notebooks or unique stories on the go with seven templates: Note, Meeting Note, Idea Note, Magazine, Travel, Diary, and Recipe. You can even choose or create your own notebook covers.

For actual notebook enhancements, they added a floating icon bar and the ability to record your drawings. Google searches are now part of your notes as you can simply write something and find out more about it, even formulas. You can quickly scan through the content of all your notebooks to find what you’re looking for. Plus there’s still more. If you thought the Galaxy Note was cool now, wait till you watch the video after the break. Samsung really turned things up here.

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AT&T will release the HTC One X by the end of the week?

BGR just heard from a “trusted source” that AT&T could announce the HTC One X tomorrow and release it by the end of the week or possibly early next week. As you already know the AT&T version is supposed to be identical to the global version with the exception of the processor. Because of LTE compatibility, AT&T won’t get the NVIDIA Tegra 3, but will instead get the a 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor. Of course Sprint has already cooked up their version of the One X that is known as the EVO 4G LTE and should be out by late May or early June. Stay tuned folks because this week looks a lot better all of a sudden.

via BGR

Sprint Galaxy Nexus officially hitting shelves April 22, pre-order available now!

This should be a very good morning for many prospective and upgrade-ready Sprint customers. Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus preorder page just went live stating that you can now get in line to have the latest addition to the Google experience device lineup shipped out to you “before others get a glimpse on Sunday, April 22“. You can pre-order your G-Nex for $199 on contract, but if you are like me and don’t have an upgrade, then you can grab one for $549 full retail price. Who is ready to start your new journey with Google’s latest and greatest smartphone! Hit the break for the full presser and details. 
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