Sorry T-Mobile Users, Free Tethering Ending with ICS Update

Yesterday we told you how tomorrow will come with a sweet update for your Sensation 4G device and that the Amaze 4G device would be seeing its update “in the coming weeks.” While this is exciting in itself the secondary news following it isn’t so much. Those of you that have been using T-Mobile‘s free tethering on your devices will no longer be able to do so after you update. This suggests that a $14.95 a month tethering plan will be mandatory should you wish to have the ICS update and the hotspot tethering options.

This was made clear in the Sensation upgrade support document and said the following:

 “HTC Sensation 4G will be required to add Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot feature in order to use the service after completing this update.”

The difference between the Sensation 4G and Amaze 4G documents is that that quote is missing out of the Amaze 4G documentation. Although users have reported that T-Mobile is blocking the WiFi tethering feature on that very device. The confusion arrived in the fact that although T-Mobile has always charged $14.95 per month officially for a tethering option some users have been able to use this service freely. A T-Mobile representative had this to say:

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LG Spectrum Firmware Update rolling out now (VS920V6)

That’s it folks, The latest update is being pushed to the LG Spectrum. This isn’t an Ice Cream Sandwich update, that I’m sure you’d all rather see. This is however a pretty significant update. I won’t go in to every little detail, as TalkAndroid did give you the 411 the other day that it was on its way. You’ll see plenty of updates to various applications, including some bloatware apps, and bug fixes. So watch that notification bar for the alert, And check out our previous post for the full list of changes.

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Facebook for Android to Receive Update Today, Timeline Photos Up to 3X Larger

Facebook is going through some much needed changes lately and today’s update should make your timeline look a little prettier. At some point today you will start to notice that the pictures in your timeline appear bigger, because they are (or will be). Timeline pictures will now be up to three times larger than before and instead of thumbnails that you need to tap in order to view the image, the pictures will now almost stretch from “edge to edge” of your device’s screen. Not only will the Android app be graced with this update, the mobile website version is due for the change-up as well. Those of you who are frequent Facebookers may recognize this upgrade as it is something they changed on the desktop version of the app a while back.
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Sony Confirms ICS Update Will Arrive For Xperia S Smartphone By Early June

Sony’s Xperia S has been an awesome phone except for well, its lack of Ice Cream Sandwich. While it’s questionable to launch a device of that nature with Gingerbread 2.3 in a world of Android 4.0, Sony has taken the time to finally give us what we have been waiting for— a concrete date for when the Android 4.0 update will arrive on the smartphone. The update is very much real and on its way as it is all set to arrive by late May or early June at the latest.

Keep in mind while the approximate release date of the update is set, the actual push of the updates will vary among the variations of the device. It’s expected the first to receive the update will be the unlocked or unbranded versions which will roll out in phases. The carrier-branded versions will follow suit but as you know unfortunately— it’s up carriers to decide if or when the devices can get the update. Here’s hoping we see the update sooner than later, especially for those of us planning on buying that Xperia Ion.

source: Sony Mobile Thread
via: Unwired View

Twitter For Android Gets Update, Packs In A Load of Bug Fixes

For those of you that use the official Twitter for Android App you’ll be happy to know that there is an update waiting for you. Hit the My Apps section of the Google Play Store and you’ll find the update. It fixes issues with sync settings as well as fixes issues that people who are running Android 2.0/2.1 were having. Upon checking the What’s New tab in the play store you can see that it:

  1. Fixes missing avatars on devices running Eclair (Android 2.0/2.1)
  2. Accurately displays sync settings based on system sync setting
  3. Fixes Top Tweets appearing out of order in search and discover
  4. Fixes various other bugs and crashers

This brings Twitter for Android to v3.2.2 and should be available to you folks now. For those that are wanting to check it out hit the Play Store link or QR Code after the break. While I personally use Plume and Boid for all my Twitter needs, it’s nice to see Twitter push these bug fixes quickly. Enjoy!


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Mini PC FXI Cotton Candy ships this month with ICS and Ubuntu support

The FXI Cotton Candy is something we heard about late last year and then we got a good look at it at Mobile World Congress. It’s a mini PC that’s only 8 centimeters (3-inches) long that supports Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Ubuntu. It features a 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor, a quad-core ARM Mali-400MP GPU, 1 GB of DRAM, micro SD for up to an additional 64GB of storage, a 1080p-ready HDMI port, a USB 2.0 port, and a micro USB port.

Pre-orders begun at Mobile World Congress for $199 and now FXI is announcing that units will ship by the end of the month in Scandinavia (FXI is based in Norway). Unfortunately we probably won’t see it in other parts of the world until the end of the summer. Hit the break for another photo and feature video.

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Virgin Mobile Launches the LG Optimus Elite

A few days ago Virgin Mobile began taking pre-orders for the LG Optimus Elite. Today, Virgin Mobile actually released the device so if you didn’t get your pre-order in already you should have no problem stopping by your local pre-paid retailer and picking one up. The LG Optimus Elite is the eco-friendly successor to the Optimus S and will run you $150 with Virgin’s pre-paid plans beginning at $35 a month. This is a pretty sweet deal for a device that is equipped with NFC capabilities and you know what that means, that means you get to enjoy a little Google Wallet action as well. Other features include a 3.5-inch HVGA screen, an 800MHz processor, and a 5MP rear camera with flash. Head to your local pre-paid retailer or check out Virgin Mobile’s website to pick one up. Full press release after the break.

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Google’s Project Glass Glasses Are Now Protected By Patents

As with all things new, exciting, and innovative it’s wise to protect your new creation via the much-loved, needs-to-be-revamped patent system. Google is doing just that with its Project Glass glasses that are in the works. Apparently there is enough packed into these glasses to make Google wary if imitators and a patent would surely help in preventing others from copying their looks. Plus it could gear Google up for yet another lawsuit down the road should Apple decide to come out with a pair of tech-filled glasses of their own. While we have yet to see an exact release date one thing this shows is that the project seems to be moving right along.

Hit the sources to check out these patents in detail.


source: USPTO 1, USPTO 2, USPTO 3
via: engadget

Samsung Galaxy S III User Manual Available Online for your Viewing Pleasure

-S-beam pictured above-

Are you bored sitting in that cubicle? Need a little lunchtime reading material? What better to read than an Android smartphone user manual! Well, there could be a few better choices I’m sure. Whatever the case, the Samsung Galaxy S III is now a reading option. Get your hands on the pdf download now, before you can get your hands on Samsung’s latest and highly coveted phone. The SGS3 buzz has been non-stop for a while now. So go ahead and brush up on your SGS3 knowledge. Hit the source for the full pdf download link and get started reading the 180 page manual.

source: samsung


Samsung Galaxy S III commercial released

Since the announcement of the Galaxy S III, more and more information has been reported which is creating more excitement and anticipation for its inevitable release later this month. Samsung has now put out an official commercial for their new Galaxy phone which highlights how the phone will affect your life versus just focusing on its killer specs. Check out the video below for yourself.

YouTube Preview Image

source: BGR