Moto X release date – Aug. 23rd for big four carriers – revealed in Motorola marketing interview


While we normally focus on technological advances that companies are bringing to market, any sizable organization is going to attract attention related to other disciplines needed for a successful business. Motorola recently granted an interview with AdAge about their marketing plan for the Moto X and in the course of that interview, let loose details about the release for the new device on the major U.S. carriers. We had already seen evidence that Verizon would have the device starting August 23rd. According to the AdAge interview, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T will also have the Moto X available for sale on their shelves the same day. Read more

Moto X Active Display now available on any Android 4.3 device


One of the best new features on the Moto X is its Active Display Functionality, which periodically displays critical notifications on the lock screen without any user input. If you’re not planning on getting your hands on a Moto X, you’ll still get a chance to try out the new feature thanks to developer niko001 from XDA-Developers, who has developed “ActiveNotifications,” which simulates the Moto X feature on Android 4.3 devices.

Here’s what niko001 had to say about his app:

It uses the new “Notification Listener” service introduced in 4.3 and therefore has minimal impact on your battery. If you own an AMOLED-phone, the “battery saving” feature should work automatically, since black pixels are simply not turned on. The app comes with similar features as the Moto X Active Display (such as not turning on when the device is inside your pocket, purse, or lying face down). Unfortunately, relying on the 4.3 Notification Listener also means that you need a device running Android 4.3 (which are pretty scarce at the moment)…I’ll think about creating a version for older versions of Android if there is enough interest.

So basically the application will currently only run on the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Google Play Edition and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but if you’re using custom firmware you can make use of “ActiveNotifications” as well. Check out the link to the app in the Play Store after the break as well as a gallery of screenshots. Read more

LG G2 poses with the Galaxy S 4 and looks awfully familiar


Now that the full press image of the LG G2 leaked, why not a shot alongside the Galaxy S 4? That’s exactly what we have here. LG isn’t pulling any punches as to what fan base they are going after because they look awfully familiar don’t they? Other than the screen size and the main home button on the GS4, I’m not sure the average person would know the difference.

I have never been a big fan of LG, but I am looking forward to the event and playing with the G2. Stay tuned for more coverage. One more pic of their backsides after the break.

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Twitter app gets an update with two-factor authentication and a new gallery view for search results photos


Twitter recently added two-factor authentication to the service that used text messaging for added security. In the age of smartphones, though, text messages aren’t the way to go. In the latest update to the official Twitter application, you can now set up two-factor authentication for your account and use the Twitter app to verify your log-in, no texting involved. Twitter’s official site lays out some basic instructions for those of you that want to get it set up: Read more

HTC launches ‘HTC Generator’ to hype ‘Here’s to change’

htc_generatorHTC has launched a new word generator to hype…something. Not entirely sure what. Simply click the “Here’s to change button,” and the generator will give you a three word phrase with the initials h, t, and c. Considering the company’s letters don’t mean anything anymore (they used to mean High Tech Computer Corporation), HTC is letting you think of new ideas. Try it out via the source link.

Also, if you use the generator enough times, a longer version of the video that popped up on Instagram and Vine yesterday appears. You can view the video that features Robert Downey Jr. after the break.

source: HTC
via: Android Guys

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TalkAndroid Daily Dose for August 6, 2013


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


How to setup and use Touchless Control on the Moto X

How to setup and use Active Display notifications on the Moto X


HTC Fetch will keep track of your valuables


Latest Play Store update 4.3.10 available for download, new recently updated section and more

Twitter app gets an update with two-factor authentication and a new gallery view for search results photos

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Press image of LG G2 leaked a day before official launch

lg_g2@evleaks is at it again. This time the noted leaker is showing us the clearest picture of the LG G2 yet. The twitter account tweeted a press photo of the G2, with the caption “LG G2, 2013.” The image matches up well with all of the leaks we’ve seen to this point, with the volume buttons on the rear of the device, a minimal front bezel, and on-screen buttons.

Stay tuned, we’ll have all of the official info for you tomorrow.

Source: @evleaks

How to setup and use Active Display notifications on the Moto X


The Moto X features Active Display, which gets rid of the archaic notification light found on most phones today. I never cared for the light concept because there wasn’t enough information and no way to tell what types of notifications were pending. Why no other manufacturer didn’t implement something like Active Display before is beyond me, but thankfully Motorola took the bulls by the horns and added another solid feature found on the Moto X.

Motorola found that people turn on their smartphone over 60 times per day on average. What they also found was the majority of those times were for either checking the time or looking for notifications. I don’t have to tell you how much battery that wastes over the course of the day. With Active Display, only part of your screen displays the time and any notifications pending. This information will flash every few seconds like the notification lights found on other phones. In a sense, it probably consumes more battery for the notification aspect of things, but since you won’t need to turn on your display as often, it will take less of a toll on your battery as opposed to traditional notification lights along with turning on the display. I think of it as a secondary lock screen since you can unlock your device from the Active Display as well. The best part of it all is Active Display is so easy to setup and use. Hit the break to get started.

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Possible Key Lime Pie build spotted on Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 devices


Over in Google’s Chromium bug tracker, an entry has shown up suggesting Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie may already be running on some Nexus devices. The entry is included in a bug report regarding a notification the developers wanted to remove when a user is logging in to Chrome. In verifying the issue has been addressed, several devices are listed which have been tested and are working as intended. Even though the new Nexus 7 comes with the latest, greatest Android build, 4.3, the entries for the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 4 report the Android build number is KRS36B. For the other devices, a trio of Samsung units, the build numbers all start with the familiar letter J associated with Jelly Bean builds.

Could the build number starting with a K be an indication that Key Lime Pie is already running on devices within the halls of Google as a test platform for other apps or is this just a typo?

source: Chromium
via: Ausdroid

Verizon exclusive Blue HTC One leaks


With Verizon’s seemingly evasive HTC One launch imminent, their exclusive blue color HTC One has leaked and looks rather nice. The color texture looks great as it’s more of a matte blue color which should look awesome paired with the aluminum body structure of the device.

What do you guys think of this color feature?

source: evleaks