Two new games get added to NVIDIA Tegra Zone and Google Play Store [Video]

NVIDIA released two new games in the Google Play Store  and the Tegra Zone today, Jett Tailfin Racers THD and Demolition Inc. THD.  Jett Tailfin Racers THD is a racing style game where you are a fish and you make your way through a marine environment on a set race track.  Along the way there are things you are forced to interact with. The game also has multi-player LAN support. It even supports Bluetooth or USB game controllers. (USB only supported on Android 3.1 or higher.)

In Demolition Inc. THD, you are “Mike,” an alien demolition worker set on destroying the Earth. There are 30 levels for you to lay waste on, and the catch is it’s all based on physics. We all love physics games and this looks to be another great addition to the list. Nothing is pre-animated in the game so each explosion will be different. The game also has OpenFeint allowing you to compare your scores to all your Feint friends. For now it’s only supporting Tegra devices, but after April 26, support for more Android devices will arrive.

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Leaked Documents Show Even More Proof The Sprint Galaxy Nexus Smartphone Likely Arrives On April 22nd

Is the Sprint Galaxy Nexus truly arriving in just a few weeks? It sure appears to be the case folks. Our friends at BGR seem to have gotten a hold of yet another internal document highlighting the device’s arrival on April 22. This latest leak matches up with rumors we’d already heard about last week regarding the April 22nd release date on the NOW Network.  Moreover, Sprint stores around the country should be receiving the various merchandising items which would showcase the full potential of the device. All we need now is just the formal confirmation from Sprint and/or Samsung for the imminent release date.

While the device’s April arrival looks to be unofficially official, let’s just hope the majority of the country will be able to enjoy Sprint’s new LTE network sooner than later.

source: BGR

Limited-Edition White Motorola MOTOLUXE Smartphone Arrives For Tesco

If you live in Europe, chances are you’ve probably seen one of the more appealing budget smartphones by Motorola called the MOTOLUXE. Additionally, chances are you may have been interested in the device, but perhaps felt that the black color was too bland or boring for you. If you’re looking for an added twist on the device, you’re in luck as MOTO & retailer Tesco have teamed up to bring a limited-edition white MOTOLUXE smartphone. The device will be available for free on a £20 plan which gives customers 250 minutes and 500MB of mobile data. In case you’re wondering, yes— the device will have Gingerbread 2.3 on board but on the flipside— word on the street is that the device may possibly be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich at some point. Very appealing indeed.

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Contest: Win one of twenty-five FREE copies of Volume+ (Updated with Winners)

The folks over at Meltus contacted us and wanted to giveaway 25 free copies of Volume+ to our loyal readers. If you’re not familiar with Volume+, it gives you the ability to boost up your overall volume including your bass/treble and save/load your own custom EQ settings on your Android device. You can also utilize their presets for the best sound possible. Since Volume+ works system wide it will work with Google Music, Pandora, Slacker, and every other music software on your device (that doesn’t have a built in EQ). If you’re into sound quality at all, you’re going to want Volume+.

They have two versions. The paid version ($1.99), which includes 9 presets, the ability to go +8 on the levels, and advanced controls. The free version only has one preset, the ability to go +4 on the levels, and no advanced controls.

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DROID Incredible 4G gets a minor tweak to its name

Lately, most of the blog sites have been referring to the DROID Incredible 4G as the HTC Incredible 4G sans DROID. We’ve been using the “DROID” name because my thoughts are that there isn’t much of a chance Verizon wouldn’t put this under the DROID line since the last 2 devices were. Of course nothing is official until we see it in a press release, but sometimes we can get a good idea of the naming scheme from accessory manufacturers. As you can see in the above image there is one minor addition and that’s LTE. I’m not sure Verizon really needs to add LTE to the name, but I think it’s safe to say it’s going to be a DROID folks.

source: pocketnow

Digital Hive Live Wallpaper Available For Android In The Google Play Store (Video)

Live Wallpapers just keep getting cooler and cooler for Android, especially with the kind of hardware hitting the market these days. Live Wallpapers are no longer taking the toll they once did on performance and battery life.  Latest to catch our eye is the Digital Hive Live Wallpaper, a unique interactive background that allows you to choose from an array of swatches to suite the mood you’re in.

Displays a 3D grid of glowing, pulsing hexagons. This full version also allows you to select any color and enables touch interaction with the hexagons.

The app will run you .99¢ in the Play Store but is well worth the coolness (is that a word?).  The application has been brought up to speed to work with most devices including the Galaxy Nexus. The application even allows for multi-color support. The app is compatible with both your smartphone and your tablet.  Check out the video below of the quick demo as well as some of the screen shots touting the cool looking digital hive.  Run your fingers across the screen and watch the hexagons respond at the touch.  Check it out for yourself and if you like it, feel free to drop a comment or two below.  Hit the break for the video, pics and to get to the download links.  Enjoy.  
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Specs And Launch Date Still Up In The Air

We’re thinking the same thing you are, when the heck is this device going to be officially announced and what will really be under the hood when it’s released?  While word of the Galaxy Tab 2 series has finally broke with both release dates and pricing announced, the Galaxy Note 10.1 is still in PR limbo as we’ve yet to confirm a date for its release or whether or not the device will in fact launch with a dual-core 1.4 GHz Exynos SoC, as mentioned at MWC or the new quad-core demon of a SoC, the Exynos 4412.

At a press conference held yesterday, a spokesperson stated that there was no release date specified as of now and that it was possible the final product could be different than what was unveiled at MWC.  This isn’t the first time Sammy pulled a little switcheroo as they’ve done this with the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 almost a couple of years ago, revealing a much different piece of hardware than what was originally announced.  The comapany’s main goal was to “make a splash” at the event which Samsung believes it did flawlessly, however, we’ll have to wait and be patient for more details on the device.  So what’s our guess?  Not sure entirely but we’re leaning on the hope that Samsung is working on getting the much anticipated quad-core Exynos chipset under the hood before an official release.  And who knows, it’s possible we could see the device announced simultaneously with the Galaxy S III, where both devices could be the first to unveil the new SoC.  What do you think?  The comments section is yours for the taking.

source : The Verge

Dark Legends now available exclusively on Google Play and Chrome Web Store, iOS to follow in two weeks

We’ve been hearing about Spacetime Studios latest  MMO, Dark Legends, for a few months. It’s finally available now as a 2 week exclusive in the Google Play Store and Chrome Web Store (PC, Max, and Linux). Dark Legends is the third title from the Legends franchise, which also includes Pocket Legends and Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles. Dark Legends puts you in the role of a sired vampire who must battle humans, hordes of the undead, packs of werevolves, covens of warlocks, and legions of demons.

This launch marks an industry first in that it’s the first MMO to launch across both mobile and desktops simultaneously, which means people can play the same game together on desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Sorry iOS fans, you will have to wait until the 2 week exclusive period is up to get your chance to play. It’s a free app, but you can purchase enhancements through microtransactions and virtual currency.

Hit the break for a quick promo video, download links, and full press release

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Come up with the next Badass for Shadowgun and win a free t-shirt

Madfinger games is looking for fans to come up with the next badass for Shadowgun. All you have to do is like them on Facebook and give them your idea about the next arch enemy of John Slade. You will have to state their name, provide three powers or abilities they possess, and a short history of your badass all in 100 words or less. They will pick the top three entries and give them a fantastic original Shadowgun t-shirt. If you aren’t familiar with Shadowgun, check out our review. Hit the break for download links for the game and the source link to get started.

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Vodafone Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich update not happening today

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but those of you with a Vodafone Galaxy S II hoping for some Ice Cream Sandwich love today are going to be disappointed. For now the news isn’t all that bad as they still plan on having it available tomorrow via KIES and over the air by April 17. Here’s their statment

Unfortunately Samsung have told us this morning that they are unable to make the update available to you as planned.

The new plan from Samsung is that the update will be available via KIES tomorrow, 13th April, and via Over The Air update on Tuesday 17th April. If this moves at all, we’ll of course let you know.

I know a lot of you, like us, will be disappointed at this last minute change of plan and we continue to challenge Samsung to make this available to you as quickly as possible.

Let’s hope tomorrow brings some good news!!

source: eurodroid