Official Twitter App Gets ICS, Kindle Fire, and NOOK Updates

The official Twitter app for Android received a user interface refresh in December, but was lacking full Ice Cream Sandwich compatibility. The latest version (v3.1.0), released yesterday, includes tweaks for ICS, and is also available for the increasingly popular Kindle Fire. The NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet updates are coming tomorrow. The Android Market page lists the following new features and fixes:

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LightSquared Lays Off 45% After Defaulting on $56 Million Loan

Virginia-based LightSquared Inc. plans to lay off 45% of its 330 employees after failing to pay back a $56 million loan to British satellite partner Inmarsat, the company said on Tuesday. LightSquared spent $2.5 million on lobbyists trying to solidify the FCC’s temporary permission to move ahead with their wireless network, but was dealt a severe blow last week when the FCC revoked their permission, citing interference concerns with military and airline GPS systems. To avoid the interference, LightSquared requested that the FCC require stricter GPS spectrum usage, but the FCC rejected that request.

Sprint, who previously struck a partnership deal with LightSquared to roll out LTE to Sprint’s customers, gave the company a deadline to complete their network build-out by March of this year. With the FCC’s decision blocking them from continuing to roll out their service, coupled with their financial troubles, it seems unlikely that the company will be able to meet Sprint’s deadline, essentially killing the deal and possibly delaying Sprint’s LTE plans.

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Guide: How To Get The Tabbed Home Screen

Awe Yeah, it’s on for those who want a lil somethin’ somethin’ different on your home screen to distinguish your device among the masses of fruity 3.5-inch handsets out there.  If you’ve been wondering how to get the cool Tabbed Home Screen that’s been floating around out there, we’ve put together this quick quide on how to do it courtesy of our friends over at Lifehacker.  Using the Sweeterhome Launcher (not yet available on the Android Market) you can turn your home screen into a cool tabbed beauty in no time taking productivity and functionality to a whole new level.  Lifehacker reader, Dandylion, put this little how-to together and we’ve embedded it below for your convenience.  Special thanks goes out to Lifehacker and their loyal fan base for putting such a cool Home Screen experience together.

The home screen isn’t actually that heavily modded, but uses a very cool, very unique launcher called Sweeterhome, not yet available in the Market:

This is my Samsung Galaxy S II running CyanogenMod. This screen is made using theSweeterhome Launcher for Android. All the elements you see on the screen, including the coloued dock on top and the clock and date on the bottom are part of the launcher itself. For each dock text icon, a folder/tray pops-up which contains relevant apps or contacts or bookmarks, depending on what you put in there. For instance, I have set the Phone icon to open three trays each containing a scrollable contacts list on the screen itself, recent calls (missed or otherwise) and a quick dial contact list respectively.

There isn’t much to give in terms of detail since all theme elements are part of the launcher, if you’re using the launcher you can download this and many other user-submitted themes from within it. Widgets can be added anywhere on the screen and can be associated with the dock icons so they hide/show with it or they can be made to show at all times. I’m using Jorte widget under the calendar tab, it only shows when the icon’s active. The launcher’s very customizable and offers amazing flexibility with theming; I’m submitting this just so more people can get to know about it (and no, I’m not associated with Sweeterhome in any way, just a very big fan).

Apart from Sweeterhome, Dandylion is also using:

  • The “Arrow” theme for Sweeterhome, which you can get in the launcher.
  • This wallpaper, from Wallbase
  • A modified status bar, part of the Lunar UI theme for CyanogenMod 7 (which you can install via CyanogenMod’s Theme Chooser)
source: Lifehacker

Desktop Dock for Verizon Galaxy Nexus Spotted on Samsung’s Website, Backordered

Those Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners who have been waiting patiently for some official Samsung accessories should bookmark this link. While there have been some official Samsung goodies for the GSM Galaxy Nexus, the Verizon LTE version had been left in the cold by Samsung. Now, the Galaxy Nexus i515 Pogo Desktop dock has been spotted on Samsung’s website. Placing your Galaxy Nexus on the charger will allow your phone to charge through the pogo pins on the side of the phone. The more you can avoid stressing your charging port, the better. You can watch movies, listen to music or  browse the web in landscape mode as your Galaxy Nexus charges. It also has a 3.5 mm audio port, but unfortunately no HDMI-out. It’s definitely compatible with the LTE Galaxy Nexus, as Samsung notes “Goes great with: SCH-I515MSAVZW” on their website. It’ll set you back $89.99, and while it’s on back order right now, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they’ll be shipping soon.

source: Samsung

Leaked T-Mobile Accessory Sheet Suggests Three New Devices Headed Their Way

According to a recent leak obtained by the folks over a TmoNews, three new devices are suspected to be headed to T-Mobile sometime in the near future. Based on the leaked screenshot you see above, the HTC Ville, Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G (T769), and the unknown Huawei Prism should be making their selves at home with T-Mobile in the next couple months. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors of the HTC Ville heading to T-Mo, but this is the first time we have actually seen anything remotely “official” coming out of T-Mobile’s camp.

The screenshot above doesn’t mean these devices will actually show up on the dates listed, this is simply about accessories for each phone. From what the TmoNews tipster is saying, the dates are when the accessories are scheduled to show up at the warehouse, and doesn’t reflect in-store arrival dates. Generally we see accessories for phones show up about two weeks in advance of a device launch, so it’s safe to assume we may see the real deal somewhere within that time frame. We will keep you posted as we learn more.

source: TmoNews



Comcast Looking To One-Up Netflix And Hulu With Their Very Own “Xfinity Streampix” Streaming Service



Netflix and Hulu have basically cornered the market and Comcast can stand by and watch no more.  The company has announced that it will be entering the mobile streaming market with its new service dubbed “Xfinity Streampix“.  I”ll reserve the right to not have to comment on a name like that and just focus on the particulars.  The company is looking to kick off the service this Thursday and will potentially offer new episodes of content as it airs, something Netflix isn’t doing right now.  In addition, the company may bundle the service with a number of other packages offered as well.  No word yet on when and if an Android application is in the works, but we suspect one will be.  So, stay tuned as more news unfolds regarding the up and coming streaming service and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

source: Comcast
via: Phandroid 

Google HUD Glasses Are Real And Reported To Be Released By Year’s End

Yes, Leo Laporte, they’re real after all.  What was once thought to be a joke is now a reality thanks to Google.  The company’s HUD Glasses will be launching some time before year’s end and will most likely go for somewhere between $250-$600 bucks.  The New York Times  broke the news earlier today and we’re all finally about to see some of the benefits of augmented reality.  You’ll be able to see all kinds of information around you such as historical facts, tons of POI’s and maybe even deals for respective establishments in the area.  However, I’m not sure if I could justify paying the price of what a general smartphone goes for but we’re sure there are some pretty “all-in” techies that will jump at the chance to snag a pair of these.  The devices will have an integrated camera, motion sensors, GPS and 3G/4G connectivity.  We’re sure it will be running some version or form of Android but not sure exactly how the OS will be integrated.  In any event, who wouldn’t want to read their text messages and emails on the fly across a pair of cool shades without ever having to pull your device out of your pocket?  Yes please.  Anyway, feel free to let us know what you think of them in the comments below.  Do you think this is something you might be willing to fork over some good cheddar for?

source: New York Times
via: Phandroid 



TSF Shell Pro 3D Launcher Releasing in 8 Days, Start Your Drooling Now

Ice Cream Sandwich‘s launcher is a step up from any other launcher UI out there. There are even some that have taken its greatness even further, like Nova Launcher for instance. However back in December we wrote about a launcher that could make all other launchers feel like child’s play. That launcher, the TSF Shell Pro 3D Launcher. I’ve been drooling over it ever since we first touched upon the launcher. If you haven’t seen our initial article and have no idea why I am drooling over it then go check it out. I’ll wait. Back? Good, continuing on.

For those that have been and are now newly waiting for this to drop on the world we have good news for you. If the developer’s web site has anything to tell us we will see it in eight days. That’s right Leap Day, February 29th, the day we only see every four years, will be the day we see this launcher. If you still haven’t checked out our initial piece please, again, head here to do so. It has some amazing screenshots of TSF Shell PRO 3D in action. Otherwise, hit the break below to check out the original trailer in all its glory. I sure hope that it drops a week from tomorrow. How about you? 
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ssLauncher Is Looking To Fit In Among The ADWs, Launcher Pros And GO Launchers Of The World

As we’ve mentioned before, launchers are a dime a dozen on the Android Market so when we take the time to show one off, there’s usually something “special” about it.  Next up of note worthy launchers worth mentioning is a little light weight launcher that goes by the name of “ssLauncher“.  In a world of ADW’s, Launcher Pro’s and GO Launchers, ssLauncher begins setting itself apart by providing animations that give it the appearance of a magazine page turning when scrolling from one screen to another.  Overall, the animation is pretty cool and there’s some great functionality as well.  The ability to theme it up is there along with an array of other features that set it apart from the rest of the competition.  Check out some of the features from the dev below:

  • Decorate screen with a variety of styles for shortcuts and widgets.
  • Easy and quick access to pages for contacts, bookmarks, application drawer, application group.
  • Many useful features of application drawer: showing/hiding app, marking star for favorites apps, changing application icon and name, uninstalling app and so on
  • Create application group and manage list by drag and drop.
  • Save and load your theme, page layouts and settings.
  • Convert the saved theme file to apk. (contact us by e-mail for more informations)
  • Hide status bar, open status bar by swiping down.
  • You can implement nice screen without launcher 7, dvr, minimalistic text, wp clock, clockr etc.

If you’re ready to give this launcher a try, then head on over to the Android Market for the download or check out the QR available below.  We’ve also provided a number of screen shots of the app courtesy of the Market after the break.  Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments.

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AOKP hits 1 Million Page Views – Celebratory Release of Build 25 Ensues

Yesterday, AOKP developer @romanbb told his followers that if his AOKP ROM thread racked up 1 million pageviews, then he would release build 25. To quote him,

“And holy crap at the response. So here it is :)”

Yeah, it didn’t take long. Here’s a short change log detailing the major changes in this latest build:

  • added optional dBm text display which will replace your signal bars
  • added hide nav bar option (it will not work on devices that don’t support a nav bar by default. more stability fixes for those devices later)
  • added warning to weather when no location can be found
  • added trackball alert
  • torch code improvements
  • small airplane mode visibility improvement
  • crespo/hdpi: should’ve fixed all issues causing reboots and such
  • added special unicorn porn (don’t worry, SFW)
  • p4: 3G *should* be working as it was before. If it’s not, please let me know
Definitely a tantalizing change log, what with the inclusion of *unicorn porn at least. Installation is the normal procedure:
  • Boot into ClockworkMod Recovery
  • Make a Nandroid backup
  • Wipe data/ factory reset (Not necessary to do this if you are currently running AOKP build 23 or 24)
  • flash the ROM
  • flash the GAPPS
  • reboot
Hit the source link for the download.
*OK, so you have no intention of loading this ROM on your device but you are a unicorn porn perv? This is what you’re missing.

source: AOKP
via: Twitter