Hands on with the ARCHOS Element Series Tablets

Remember that ARCHOS tablet we reported on last week? You know, the one that looks unquestionably like that “other” i-tablet? Well, we got some hands on time with it (them) today; there are actually five different tablets in the ARCHOS’ Element Series, each one boasting different specs and screen sizes, but retaining the same look and high quality finish. Check out the video below to see what each one offers up and which one might suit your anti-Apple needs.

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Hands on with the ARCHOS GamePad

It was only last month that we reported on ARCHOS’ innovative GamePad, a tablet with built in gaming controls (which is an increasingly popular trend this year at CES). The GamePad originally released only in Europe, but ARCHOS promised us it’d come to the states by early 2013. Well, we got some hands on time with the gaming tablet here at CES. Check out the video for our impressions.

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Hands on with SimpliciKey and KeyCloud [Video]

We have seen various efforts during the past year to build home networks that go beyond computing devices. Whether it is lights or appliances, it seems everyone wants to enable consumers to control stuff in and around their homes using an app. Another entry in this field is SimpliciKey and the latest offering for their remote-controlled deadbolt. The electronic deadbolt has been on the market, but SimpliciKey has enabled its addition to KeyCloud. KeyCloud is their version of a home network used to manage devices via Internet connections. Users can lock or unlock the deadbolt using their smartphone or a web interface. In addition to the deadbolt or other locks, lights can be controlled as well.

SimpliciKey has not announced availability for the new products, but they were present at CES 2013 and we were able to get some hands on time with the product. Check out our video after the break showing how SimpliciKey and KeyCloud work together. Read more

Hands on with the i’m Watch and i’m Droid User Interface [Video]

One of the more interesting pieces of hardware making an appearance at CES 2013 this year is the i’m Watch device. The i’m Watch is basically an Android device in the form of a wristwatch. It does use a special version of Android called i’m Droid 2 based on Android 1.6. You may think such an old version of Android may be limiting, but for such a small, specialized device it seems to work fine. Check out our hands on video after the break to see how the i’m Watch works. Read more

Sprint releasing small OTA update for LG Optimus G

If you’re an LG Optimus G owner on Sprint, you’ve got a small OTA update headed your way. No, it’s not Jelly Bean, even though that was supposed to hit in December, but it’ll bring some minor performance improvements, a visual voicemail update, and battery life improvements to your device. It’s better than nothing, but lets’ hope LG doesn’t keep users in the cold for too much longer. Leave a comment if you’re one of the first few to try out this update.

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T-Mobile extends unlimited data to $70 per month prepaid plans, drops Optimus L9 to $200

T-Mobile is putting quite a bit of weight behind its prepaid plans, and the carrier is using CES as a great marketing tool. They’ve officially confirmed the unlimited 4G data to prepaid plans, and they’re using the Optimus L9 to try and attract a few customers who don’t want to drop several hundred dollars on buying a phone outright. The L9 isn’t going to wow anyone, especially with what we’ve seen at CES so far, but at $200 for unlimited, unthrottled HSPA+, it’s not a bad deal. Hit the link below to check out the details on T-Mobile’s site, and be sure to follow the rest of our CES coverage here.

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Rogers HTC One X Jelly Bean update now available

Canadian carrier Rogers has a late Christmas present for HTC One X owners; the Android Jelly Bean update is rolling out over the air to devices starting today. The update, which checks in at just over 634 MB (definitely use WiFi for this one), should start notifying owners that it’s available for download. Start checking for updates and let us know if you get the upgrade.

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Harman Shows Off Android Infused Infotainment Concept

Harman showed off enough of its infotainment center at CES to make most of us instantly hate our car stereos. The system runs a virtualized platform where QNX runs the vehicle specific functions and an Android overlay takes care of the user interface. For now, it looks like users will have access to apps via a Harman curated appstore as well as one run by individual automakers. The unit has the usual array of mobile entertainment apps as well as a pretty cool augmented reality heads-up display. As you might expect, it’s controlled via touch screen but also has a set of gesture controls with Google voice (and Siri) functionality to come.

If you’re hoping to add another device to your shared-data plan, Harman is promising LTE connectivity support. Its being offered to OEMs but we haven’t heard of a partnership with any automakers so no telling where this might end up. CES addicts should click here for our complete CES 2013 coverage!

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ZTE Introduces The Grand S Smartphone, Also Known As The World’s Thinnest 5-Inch And 1080p Smartphone


ZTE is regarded as a brand that has a solid lineup of budget and mid-range smartphones, but is ready to take on the big boys with the introduction of its worst-kept secret— the Grand S smartphone. This beast comes decked out in the latest bells and whistles as it features a beautiful 5-inch 1080p display, 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro chip, 2GB of RAM, a 13MP camera and of course, Jelly Bean running the show. While the upcoming superphone will indeed feature a meager 1,780mAh battery— there is a reason for it: the Grand S will feature some dimensions of 142 x 69 x 6.9mm– effectively making it the world’s thinnest 5-inch smartphone at the time of this writing. Impressive indeed, right?

While the specs and form factor are certainly a lot to drool over– the device isn’t headed Stateside anytime soon as it’s set for a Q1 release in China. Hopefully ZTE will come to its senses and launch the smartphone in other markets around the world— we’re pretty sure more than a few of us out here would certainly be interested in holding the world’s thinnest smartphone.

Additional details can be found in the presser past the break. Oh– and don’t forget to click here in order to stay tuned with Talk Android and our round-the-clock CES coverage.

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Firefox update brings speed increase of up to 25 percent, more secure browsing

Firefox may not be the browser of choice for a lot of Android users out there, but that may change soon if what Mozilla claims turns out to be true. Mozilla claims that due to their JavaScript compiler called IonMonkey, performance increases of up to 25 percent can be experienced on their Firefox Android browser. Along with the boost in performance, the Android version also brings a search suggestion and is also integrated into Google Now. This is a feature that you’ll have to opt in for which is conducted over a secure connection. Speaking of secure, Firefox will also offer new phishing and malware function to protect users even further. Give it a shot and let us know if you notice a difference compared to your current browser.

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