Samsung Launches S Health For The Galaxy S III Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone is about to become much more versatile with Sammy’s introduction of the S Health app. This app allows Galaxy S III users to collect health data to help achieve or maintain a healthier lifestyle. It transmits information from items like blood pressure monitors and body composition scales to the app and Galaxy S III via Bluetooth or USB. The end result of obtaining the information from all these scales and monitors is “to provide a full picture of health information in a digestible, easy-to-understand format”. In addition,  S Health also has the ability to track and chart health readings over prolonged periods, which would benefit users who need to monitor their various conditions regularly.

The app is available in the UK now and is set to arrive both in the States and other European markets in the near-future. We know most of you health fanatics are itching for more information, so hit the break to see the full presser from Sammy.


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Nexus Q Easter Egg Turns It Into A Magic 8-Ball

We already showed you the Jelly Bean easter egg that Google added to the Nexus 7 tablet, and now the folks at Android Police have discovered that the Nexus Q also has its own easter egg. We have to hand it to the Google engineers… they do seem to have a sense of humor. Since the Nexus Q is spherical, the easter egg turns the Nexus Q app into a Magic 8-Ball that answers questions.

To place the Q in 8-Ball mode, you launch the Nexus Q app, tap the picture of the Q sphere several times, then the app says “Have a dilemma? Ask the Q” and waits for voice input. You can then proceed to ask it yes or no questions, just like a Magic 8-Ball. The answers seem to be limited to things like “Maybe” and “I am not sure right now” so I don’t suggest using this for any major decisions in life.

Hit the break for some screenshots.

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Samsung Appeals Sales Ban On Galaxy Nexus

Unsurprisingly, Samsung today filed an appeal for Apple’s injunction banning sales of the Galaxy Nexus in the US. Samsung is arguing that the ban “is inconsistent with the Federal Circuit’s directive that market share losses must be substantial”. The preliminary injunction, handed out by Judge Lucy Koh, is based on the “Siri patent”, which is a patent on unified search that Koh believes the Galaxy Nexus infringes. Samsung must be getting used to these appeals as it also recently appealed a similar injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which is also now banned from store shelves.

There’s still a good chance the Federal Circuit will stay the injunction for the Galaxy Nexus, allowing sales to continue. If not, then Sammy (or maybe even Google since the phone runs stock Android) will have to come up with a software workaround, similar to what HTC had to do to get past the injunction on their One X series of phones.

Are we having fun yet with these lawsuits? I didn’t think my disdain for Apple could get any worse, but they keep proving me wrong.

source: foss patents

Samsung Galaxy S III Rumored To Get Jelly Bean Update In Q4?

Google’s upcoming Jelly Bean for Android devices looks to be the most anticipated and complete Android OS to date. While we know that the Google-branded developer devices such as the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Motorola Xoom are all set to get first dibs of the OS update sometime this month, owners of other devices are left to twiddle their thumbs and play the waiting game. In keeping with Google’s newly unveiled PDK for manufacturers and developers, it was only a matter of time before we got news of when other devices will be expected to receive the coveted update. According to the Eastern Morning Herald, the Samsung Galaxy S III is possibly due to receive the Jelly Bean update sometime in Q4. If the rumors are indeed true, then the Galaxy S III will be among the first devices to feature Jelly Bean— albeit covered in TouchWiz no less.

Keep in mind that this is most likely pure speculation and there has been nay a whisper from Samsung directly, but hey— it’s certainly not farfetched to say that one of the most popular devices in the world should and will be among the first devices to feature Jelly Bean as its feature OS. After all, the device seems like it”s only destined to indulge itself in all that Project Butter buttery goodness, right?

source: Eastern Morning Herald

Rovio Proudly Unleashes Amazing Alex Trailer

Famed developer Rovio is out to show it can whip up games outside of Angry Birds fame. That’s why its gone out and released a brief teaser for its upcoming game called Amazing Alex, an intriguing game we told you a few months back. CEO Mikael Hed describes the background of the game as one that will feature educational elements and center around the Alex, “a curious young boy who loves to build things”. This physics-based puzzle game which will feature 100 levels and also 35 additional objects for all of you budding developers to go out and create your own levels and designs.

We’re certain all of you Angry Birds fanatics are ready for an encore— Rovio pledges the game will be out sometime in July. Hopefully there won’t be too much of an uprising before the game’s release, but in the meantime— why not check out the exciting trailer once you hit past the break?
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Jelly Bean brings USB Audio support to Android devices

Digging into the new features and capabilities present in Jelly Bean, one item we have discovered is the addition of USB Audio. Support for USB Audio means audio from a Jelly Bean based device can be accessed via the USB port. This presents an alternative to streaming audio through the external speaker jack or a Bluetooth connection.

Using USB Audio, hardware makers will be able to build audio dock devices to interface with Android powered phones and tablets. A good example of this was an Android.Connect dock on display from Gear4 during Google I/O.  Check out the video after the break showing how this will work.
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Google Sound Search from Jelly Bean available now for all ICS devices, No root required

Do you have an Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich and feeling left out of some of the Jelly Bean love because you’re not into rooting and ROMs? Well I have something for you. Google added a new widget called Sound Search to Jelly Bean, and it will tell you the name of the song you’re listening too much like Shazam and Soundhound, but with one minor difference. It links to to the Google Play Music Store where you can buy the song if you wish. It was previously posted on XDA by asdfzz, but it was only for rooted devices. Thankfully, lbrfabio helped out with an APK that can be installed without root. All you have to do is download the APK, and install it. Put the widget on one of your home screens and the next time you’re listening to a song, you can just tap the widget to find out what song it is. Even if you already know the song, but would like to purchase it from Google Play Music, you can use the widget to quickly find it in the store. Hit the break for the download link and more images

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T-Mobile Galaxy Note Delayed once Again

The Samsung Galaxy Note phone/tablet released last year has been a big success even though most people in the tech community initially counted it out due to its large 5.3″ screen.  In the U.S. the note has only been available for AT&T even though it has been rumored to be released on all carriers, but the T-Mobile version is the only one with real photo evidence and FCC approval. The Note has had a number of rumored release dates with the most recent being July 11th. It looks like that date is no longer walid as a leaked roadmap now shows the retail date as August 8.

Its seems rather strange that T-Mobile would wait so long to release what has been a great selling device with over 7 million sold world wide.  The Note is still a great option with a large display and added stylus functionality. It will be interesting to see how it fares against the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One S already on T-Mobile. The Note is mentioned along with other upcoming Samsung devices the Apex Q witch is rumored to be a QWERTY rocking device that sports 720p display.  Tho other phone mentioned named Cacao is unknown at this point, but we will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Is the Galaxy Note still one of the phones you have your eye on, or has the wait soured the whole thing?

source: pocketnow

The Droids of I/O

Google I/O 2012 was nothing short of a spectacular event, and Android was front and center with Jelly Bean‘s announcement, the Nexus 7 tablet, Google TV updates, and the Nexus Q media ball thingy (I vote for calling it the ‘Q Ball’). There was an entire floor dedicate to our beloved green robot, and he could be seen virtually everywhere inside and outside the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Head on past the break to see pictures of an army of Androids at the conference. Which one is your favorite?

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