ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 to receive Android 4.2 update today


ASUS has always been one of the best manufacturers of Android tablets, but they’re also one of the best  for updates. Today is no exception as the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 will be the first tablet (non Nexus) to get the Android 4.2 update. The best feature of Android 4.2 is multiple user accounts, which allows each user of your TF300 to keep their own settings, apps, and app data.

The update will take place today in the U.S. via over-the-air followed by other regions throughout the month. The TF300 is one of the most successful tablets for ASUS, so it’s not surprising it would be the first to get this update. ASUS won’t stop there as they plan on updating the Transformer Pad Infinity, MeMo Pad Smart 10″, and MeMo Pad to 4.2 during the 2nd quarter. Hit the break for the full presser.

[Update] We believe this is going to be version Android 4.2.1

Verizon Wireless Announces New Software Update (VS95011B) for LG Intuition


It’s not Jelly Bean, but Verizon has announced a significant software update for it’s LG Intuition.  The new update, VS95011B, includes enhancements to Google and other device applications.  Here is what you can expect with this sizable 204MB update:


  1. E-mail viewing has been enhance through the incorporation of Split View.  If you are familiar and comfortable with “preview pane” in e-mail, you will love this new view addition.  Split View allows the user to “split” their message and their e-mail list.  As you move down the list you can view each e-mail in a split pane.  This allows the user to make short work of a full inbox without having to move back and forth from the list to the message over-and-over again.
  2. Messages can be added to an attachment while forwarding an e-mail via Sync & Connect

Quick Settings app brings Jelly Bean toggles to older devices


Do you wish you had the convenient toggles found on Jelly Bean devices? Instead of waiting for the Jelly Bean update or rooting your device, you can simply install Quick Settings. Quick Settings is an app from mDroidd, a regular contributor on the xda-developers forums, which emulates the toggle settings in Jelly Bean on older devices running Android 2.3 or later.

Open Source ClockworkMod Superuser App Now Available in the Play Store


Koushik Dutta has been on a roll lately. First he created Carbon Back Up. Afterwards he released a beta of his Superuser app. The beta has now graduated and is available for all rooted users in the Play Store. Besides proper multi-user support and being open source, the app has the following features:

* Multiuser support
* Pin protection
* Manifest permission support
* Per app configuration
* Request timeout
* Logging
* Notifications
* Proper Tablet UX

For those of you root users that want a superuser app by a trusted name in the Android development world, hit the break for a download link. Enjoy!

Charcoal Black Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Photo Leaked

GALAXY Note 8.0_1

Samsung has always been one for adding a bit of colorful flare to its devices. Be it the Galaxy S III in Pebble Blue; the Note II in Pink; or the Note 10.1 in Garnet Red, Samsung loves to give us choices. Well it appears that the Korean Giant’s newest addition to the family, the recently announced Note 8.0 will be seeing multiple colors as well. As a leaked press shot suggests (below) the tablet will not just come in white but will also be available in a Charcoal Black color. 

Google currently testing data compression feature for Chrome Browser



Chrome is no doubt one of the most popular web browsers on our Android devices, but it appears that Google is intent on making the web browsing experience just a little faster than it already is. Taking a page from web browsers like that from Opera, Google has unveiled a preliminary build of its Chromium web browser that utilizes data compression. Here’s how Google describes the data compression feature:

“Reduce data consumption by loading optimized web pages via Google proxy servers”.

So essentially Google’s data compression will do two things: provide more efficient security and speed up page load times. More efficient security comes from the Chrome browser using SPDY (the company’s proxy servers) which forces SSL encryption for all sites. The speeding up of the load page times on the other hand, is done by multiplexing multiple streams of data over a single network connection and assigning high or low priorities to page resources being requested from a server.

Google hasn’t exactly made this feature public yet, but it is available to test out for those of you Android 4.2 users who like to be ambitious and try things out. Hit the break for the full instructions on how to get this neat feature going.

Low-end Huawei Prism II with Jelly Bean coming to T-Mobile soon


Images and specs of the T-Mobile Prism II (Huawei U8686) have been leaked online via @evleaks. A followup to the former Huawei Prism, the Prism II will feature a similar form factor to its predecessor and will come with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, a 1.0 GHz CPU and a HVGA (480 x 320) display. Not much else is known yet about this device but check back with TalkAndroid as we learn more about the device.

Sources: Twitter & Twitter

LG hits the 10 million mark for LTE phones sold


The latest announcement from LG is that they’ve officially sold 10 million LTE-enabled smartphones globally. While they’re still trailing some of the biggest competitors in the market by a large chunk, it’s still a very impressive number, especially considering LTE isn’t commonplace all over the world like it is in countries like the US. Besides that, the number doesn’t include the Nexus 4, which has no (official) LTE but is still one of the best selling phones available on the market right now.

We’ve seen LG make a push for more LTE phones lately, and I think it’s going to pay off for them. 10 million is a good stepping stone, and LG has plenty of room to go up. When the wave of next generation devices hit the shelves in the coming months, expect LG to post some impressive numbers.

source: Newswire

Update preps ESPN Bracket Bound app for 2013 tourney


As March opens, college basketball fans are enjoying the final days of the regular season with teams jockeying for position in post-season tournaments. Next up will be conference tournaments and then the annual event known as “March Madness” – the NCAA Tournament. To help basketball fans keep up with all the action, ESPN has updated their Bracket Bound app for the 2013 season.

Is Verizon prepping an Android 4.2.2 update for Galaxy Nexus users? Sure seems to be the case



If you’re a Verizon Galaxy Nexus owner, then it looks like you’ve got some sort of update on the way… which we were already aware of and expecting. Reports are coming in that the nation’s wireless carrier is currently testing a mysterious JDQ39 build of Android 4.2.2 which seems to feature some new radios, but unfortunately seems to feature an old bootloader and old kernel version.

Why Verizon isn’t updating the kernel and bootloader beats us— but maybe it’s just part of its extensive testing before rolling out to the masses. Nevertheless we’ll certainly be keeping our eyes and ears open to what Verizon has up in its sleeves for you G-Nex users out there.

source: XDA Forums
via: Android Central

Hackers Access Evernote Secure Areas. Evernote Team Issues Service Wide Password Reset


What would the internet be without hackers hacking things? Not a day goes by where some hacker somewhere is attempting to access secure or private information. Well it looks like the Evernote Operation’s and Security team discovered they they were at the receiving end of suspicious computer activities. Although personal content nor payment information looks to be affected the investigation does show that Evernote user information (usernames, email addresses associated with Evernote accounts and encrypted passwords) were obtained. While this is worrisome in itself, files containing said user information is encrypted. However rather than rely on just that the Evernote team is playing it safe and requiring that you head on over to to reset your password. In the process they also would like to remind everyone the importance of keeping your password secure:

“There are also several important steps that you can take to ensure that your data on any site, including Evernote, is secure:

  • Avoid using simple passwords based on dictionary words
  • Never use the same password on multiple sites or services
  • Never click on ‘reset password’ requests in emails — instead go directly to the service.”

So if you’re a Evernote user then head on over to their web site to change your password. Hit the source link below to read the full post. It’s great to see a company be proactive about their security.  I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go reset my password right now.


Source: Evernote

Toy Story: Andy’s Room Live Wallpaper Available in the Play Store


Back when I was a kid Toy Story was my favorite movie. Mostly because it appealed to something I then often thought about; my toys coming to life when no one was around. To this day it’s proved a timeless classic with millions of toys, two sequels and multiple videogames. Just the other day even, Disney/PIXAR released Toy Story: Smash It! into the Play Store for your gaming pleasure. They’re not stopping there as they bring an interactive live wallpaper into the mix. Toy Story: Andy’s Room promises to visually brighten your day while also entertaining you with activities involving your favorite Toy Story characters. As if being entertaining weren’t enough Disney/Pixar also brings the following with this wallpaper:

• Encounter popular Toy Story characters: Unlock and interact with 5 characters from Toy Story including Woody, Buzz, Rex, Hamm, and the Aliens!
• Collect points to unlock new characters with fun mini games: Catch falling army men, and hit the bullseye on the dart board to earn valuable points!
• Hang out in Andy’s room from day till night: Play from sunrise to sunset, and watch the room change throughout the day according to your local time!
• Customize your own cork board: Write fun messages and reminders on the cork board in Andy’s Room!

If you’re looking for a Toy Story nostalgia fix hit the break for a link to the Play Store download. Enjoy!

Play Store Gift Cards to Launch in the UK….Soon?


Google is said to be close to launching its Play Store Gift Cards in the UK very soon.  We believe this to be the case since Google updated their Gift cards & Google Play balance help files to now include the UK.  Gift cards will reportedly be available for purchase in £10, £25, and £50 increments.

UK readers may recall a similar tease when “redeem pages” popped up in the  UK’s online and device-based stores in Q4 of 2012.  Again, we can only deduct that a UK launch is imminent, but we have made the same assumptions in the past with negative results.  So what makes this different?  This time around though, it seems as though Play Store Gift Cards could be a reality in the UK…soon.

Source:  Google Play
Via: Android Police

CDMA Version of Samsung Galaxy S IV (SCH-I959) Pops up in Benchmark Test


It seems like only yesterday Samsung released its flagship handset, the Galaxy S III, to a grateful public.  The specs were impressive at the time, and the price was affordable compared to existing and emerging competitors.

Samsung is not one to let its success go to its head.  Their impressive marketing budget, coupled with their zest for innovation has helped them climb to the top in a predominantly mobile marketplace.  Their latest handset, the Galaxy S IV  won’t be an exception to the rule!

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop on Windows Phone 8: ‘It can be the biggest operating system in the world’


CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop, was interviewed at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with topics ranging from Nokia’s goal in an emerging market to the reason behind Windows Phone 8 on Nokia flagship devices. When asked about Nokia’s outlook on emerging markets, Elop says that opportunities in an emerging market come from offering innovative technology at low price points especially for first time smartphone users.