Samsung SM-C101 stops by the FCC, possibly Galaxy S4 Zoom

S4 Zoom FCC

A mysterious Samsung device has made a pit stop at the FCC with the model number SM-C101. This is very likely the Galaxy S4 Zoom, the companion device for the original S4 and the yet-to-be-announced Galaxy S4 Active. The SM-C101 has quad-band GSM, and AT&T-compatible HSPA+radios, but oddly no LTE, so this variant may not see American shores, at least not on a major carrier subsidy. There were also no specs as to what kind of processor, screen, or, importantly, what type of camera this device has. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for Samsung to take the wraps off of all of these mystery devices.

source: FCC

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Google says no facial recognition Glassware… for now


The Project Glass team has taken to Google Plus to clear up their approach to facial recognition software on Google Glass, and due to some serious privacy concerns, Google will not be approving any facial recognition Glassware at this time. It doesn’t mean no forever, as the statement says that they won’t add facial recognition without strong privacy measures in place. So, theoretically, if the privacy side of things is up to snuff, they wouldn’t have a problem with facial recognition. As technology keeps moving along at its brisk pace, though, I’m sure that stance will change when the privacy issues aren’t so big.

Overall, I think this is a smart move on Google’s part. Glass has already taken some heat from big names for a number of reasons, and it’s a good idea to avoid throwing fuel on the fire.

source: Google Plus

BlueStacks announces pricing for upcoming GamePop console with expanded game lineup


About a month ago, BlueStacks announced that it was going to unleash a gaming console on the world to compete with the likes of the OUYA console. One thing they didn’t do, however, was announce an exact price.

Buying a GamePop is going to run a cool $129, but BlueStacks has extended their subscription promotion to get a free console. In case you forgot, you can sign up to pay $6.99 per month to get the console for free in addition to getting access to every game available in the GamePop service. To sweeten that deal. BlueStacks has gotten a few major developers on board with GamePop, including Intellijoy and Korean COM2US. COM2US is apparently getting some special treatment with their own channel on the console, but both companies’ games will be available in the subscription service.

BlueStacks is definitely going to give OUYA some tough competition. Anyone planning on buying either of those consoles?

source: The Next Web

New HTC One update brings Android 4.2.2 along with additional goodies… but still keeps Sense 5.0 in the process



Those of you early adopters of the HTC One smartphone are certainly in for a special treat as a new update is being pushed to the masses as we speak. This latest update doesn’t bring an unmolested version of Android, but will bring the latest Android version to One owners… well for the time being at least. Users of the smartphone can expect to see Android 4.2.2 which includes the Quick Settings notification bar among other things, while keeping the Sense version at 5.0. Additional cool changes to the software include a new battery level indicator, as well as some minor changes to the app drawer and hopefully— some welcome performance improvements.

No word yet on how long it’ll take for the latest update to hit the general public, but hopefully it will be a relatively quick and smooth process.

source: Android Revolution
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ZTE to release successor to Grand S with bigger battery, to be called the Grand S Flex


In January, ZTE released the world’s thinnest smartphone in the 5-inch Grand S, only 6.9mm thick. However, some consumers found that the phone’s non-removable (and weak) 1,780 mAh battery paired with its quad-core processor and full-HD screen was not a good combination.

ZTE has decided to fix this issue by announcing an upgraded Grand S model called the ZTE Grand S Flex, with a 2,300 mAh battery. It’s a little bit thicker than its predecessor, but it’s worth it. The phone will be available in September in France, and judging by the pictures, there aren’t any noticeable design differences between it and the original Grand S.

Source: FrAndroid 

TalkAndroid Weekly Recap for May 27 – June 2, 2013


We had another busy week at TalkAndroid so here’s a recap of all the top stories. Those that love hardware and vanilla Android will be happy to know that the HTC One Nexus Edition is real. It was announced by Sundar Pachai and will be available on June 26. The big question is if Google plans on releasing anymore Nexus devices, or at least Nexus phones? The Motorola X phone has been confirmed for October release, but you can grab the white Nexus 4 now. Samsung made the Galaxy S 4 mini official, but they have some more stuff to announce on June 20th in London. This coming week we have Computex, so expect some announcements from ASUS and Acer for the tablet segment. It’s time to get caught up and get ready for another exciting week.


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LG releases series of videos promoting “Fabsharing” feature on Optimus G Pro


LG has released a series of pretty funny videos showing off some of the “Fabsharing” features on the new Optimus G Pro, including Dual Recording, Live Effects, and VuTalk.

Dual Recording allows users to record using both front and back cameras at the same time, with picture-in-picture capabilities. Live Effects adds special effects to pictures and videos, creating a pretty humorous result. VuTalk allows for interactive screen-sharing during phone calls, illustrated in the promotional video by a grandma and her grandson playing hangman on their phones with each other while in the middle of a phone call. Pretty cool stuff! It’s obvious that LG is catching on with Samsung’s ways here, knowing that the majority of consumers purchase based on features, not on hardware.

Check out the videos after the break.

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3 Project SHIELD games you can play now on Tegra 3 devices


NVIDIA is preparing to release their Project SHIELD gaming device next month. Powered by their new Tegra 4 chip, the devices hold promise of raising the bar in mobile gaming. According to NVIDIA, more than 25 game titles are ready to be released in conjunction with the device that are tuned to take advantage of the Tegra 4’s new capabilities. Three of these titles are already available and run on Tegra 3, so they provide a nice preview. Read more

Google schedules two events for mobile Chrome on June 7 and 13

chrome_eventAccording to two livestream videos spotted on Google’s Developers website, there appears to be two mobile Chrome events coming up in the next few weeks. We don’t know more information than just the fact that they are scheduled for June 7 at 1 p.m. and June 13 at 11 a.m. EDT. Google doesn’t seem to have ever held an event solely for Chrome, and definitely not just for mobile Chrome. Just a few weeks after I/O, and a week after a mobile Chrome update, this is quite unexpected.

What could it be? Mobile extension support? Enhanced desktop/mobile sync? We’ll find out soon enough, and Talk Android will be bringing you the news as it comes.

Source: Android Police

TalkAndroid Daily Dose for May 31, 2013


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


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Google schedules two events for mobile Chrome on June 7 and 13


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