Jelly Defense Gets Update, Brings Christmas Levels and Music, Endless Level, Performance Enhancements

by Stacy Bruce on
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Jelly Defense, one of the many great games recently offered in the Android Market 10 cent promo sale, has just received a new season-based update. After you download the update you will get access to new Christmas themed levels and music, new gameplay options and improvements, and added performance enhancements. Take a look at the full changelog as listed in the market:

  1. Two winter levels for Christmas evenings.
  2. Challenging endless level.
  3. New and cozy Christmas tune.
  4. Increasing the difficulty after finishing the game isn’t mandatory anymore. You can now go back to previous levels.
  5. Minor performance improvements.
  6. Minor gameplay adjustments.
  7. Reindeers & cookies!

Unfortunately, if you haven’t already purchased the game during the sale, the price went back up to the usual $2.99. I haven’t spent much time playing this game, but I do remember the graphics being excellent. Hit the market link below to check it out for yourself and to get the latest update.

Android Market


Myriad Brings Android to Your TV With Alien Vue (Video)

by Joe Sirianni on
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Well, the quest to dominate every device continues as Android is now headed to a TV near you, and with no need to cut the cord.  Myraid Group from Switzerland, the ones who were shooting for Android in your car, are hitting devices and working their way up to your television set.  The company was doing so using their Alien Davlik technology and now they’re bringing it to the big screen at home dubbing it “Alien Vue”.  This CES we’ll look forward to checking out some more demos of the service in action as they reveal a release date and some more specs on the offering.  Alien Vue is being centered by Myriad as a way for cable providers to ward off what they’re calling evil content providers like Google, Apple and Roku.  The company’s road map is starting to kick off as they’ve aimed for smaller devices and are now working their way up.

Here is how Myriad explains Alien Vue:

  • Alien Vue brings Android apps to your existing TV / Set-Top Box
  • Enables TV service providers to respond to over-the-top services like Apple TV, Roku, and Google TV
  • TV service providers can leverage existing customer technology to provide speedy access to rich Android ecosystems
This is how television providers plan to bring the Android ecosystem to your cable environment.  The Alien Vue service will work between multiple devices such as TV’s, smartphones and even tablets.  Support for apps able to run on Google TV, HTML 5, YouTube, Netflix, Twitter and more are all supported.  Hit the break to check out the full demo along with the press release and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.   » Read the rest

Mysterious DROID Bionic Update v5.9.901 Change Log Brought to Light

by Jack Holt on
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Photo Courtesy of Droid Life

Folks who own a Bionic are reporting that they are receiving a mysterious update bringing their system to version 5.9.901. They were a little miffed at what this update entailed and people were especially confused considering the major update that was already being pushed as of last week. Well it appears that this is no minor update in itself as the awesome folks over at Droid Life were able to get the details on what this release encompasses.

So whether or not you’ve received the update at hand, you can hit the break below to see what’s in store for you. Sadly some of it entails more Verizon Bloatware… But you may be able to look past that with connectivity and stability fixes they’ve packed in.  » Read the rest

Android activations now at 700,000 per day

by Robert Nazarian on

Android continues to grow at record speeds. It was back in July when they reported activations were at 550,000 per day. Then last month, they told us that a total of 200 million Android devices have been activated. Now Andy Rubin is telling us the daily total is now at 700,000 per day. This is unbelievable. At this pace, they should reach 1 million per day by June 2012. Things sure are looking bright for Android, and I’m excited to be writing about it each and every day.

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Motorola wins and loses with Microsoft on patent infringements

by Robert Nazarian on
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Microsoft and Motorola Mobility continue to battle it out in the courtroom. Yesterday a U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) judge ruled in favor of Microsoft, but not by a lot. There were 7 patents on the table and the ruling found that Motorola infringed on one of those patents, but didn’t violate on the remaining six.

This ruling was made by Theodore Essex and it’s considered an “initial ruling,” which means it still has to be reviewed by the full commission. A final decision is expected to take place on April 20, 2012.

Microsoft originally filed this complaint a little over a year ago, on October 2010. The patent in question involves, “generating meeting requests and group scheduling from a mobile device.” I don’t know about you, but doesn’t this seem a little ridiculous that a company could own a patent on such a thing? Why don’t we just have a patent for actually holding your phone.

Motorola had this to say:

“We are very pleased that the majority of the rulings were favorable to Motorola Mobility,” said Scott Offer, senior vice president and general counsel of Motorola Mobility. “The ALJ’s initial determination may provide clarity on the definition of the Microsoft 566 patent for which a violation was found and will help us avoid infringement of this patent in the U.S. market.”

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T-Mobile Galaxy S II Takes On iPhone 4S In Ad, Delivers Knockout Punch

by Roy Alugbue on
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The T-Mobile Galaxy S II is ready for a battle against the iPhone 4S anywhere, anytime. In a humorous skit, an iPhone user decides to take on a Galaxy S II user. With the Galaxy S II’s bigger screen, faster dual-core processor and T-Mobile’s 4G network, can you guess the winner of the battle? Check out the video below to show why the Galaxy S II owns the iPhone 4S.


YouTube Preview Image 

Google To Suspend Nexus S Android 4.0 Update

by Roy Alugbue on
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Nexus S owners had reason to rejoice when Google announced the Android 4.0 update on its way to the device. However, the update did not come without its problems. Users reported various bugs as indicated by some Talk Android readers below:

  • “installed stock 4.0.3 directly from google yesterday. after install, wifi shows connected and ip assigned, but doesn’t load any webpages, market or news/weather. same issue happened to friend as well.”
  • “my wifi doesn’t work :’(“
  • “The installation went ok over 3g, took about 10 minutes, after install MMS messages disabled. Tried to reset the mms APN, no help”

In addition to the bugs above, it seems that many users are affected by high CPU usage and unusual battery drains. Google is fully aware of this and has since suspended ICS updates to Nexus S devices. That means if you’ve gotten a notification that the update was available, you won’t be able to apply the update just yet.

If you’re a Nexus S owner, try to sit tight for the time being. Those of you who have the update already will have the bugs to deal with, but know that the Google engineers are likely working round the clock to correct each issue, so we hope there will be a fix sooner than later. Those of you who do not have the update will have to be a patient for just a bit longer. Hey, having a finished product is worth the wait, right? We’re certain there will be a resolution for all Nexus S owners sooner than later.

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Verizon Wireless Experiencing Another Major Data Outage

by Roy Alugbue on
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Looks like Verizon Wireless is in the middle of yet another major data outage. This comes off the heels of an outage just two weeks ago. It appears that many customers are reporting unresponsive 3G and 4G data signals, though they are able to make phone calls as normal. We here at Talk Android have functioning data as of this writing, so it looks like the outage is likely affecting certain regions of the country only– though which regions exactly are anyone’s guess. Be sure to let us know if your 3G/4G data is working or not. We’ll keep you all updated once Verizon makes a statement on when the outage is or will be resolved.


Official Times Square App Hits Android, Next Best Thing To Not Being There On New Year’s

by Joe Sirianni on
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Taking the whole “there’s an app for that” to a whole new level, Countdown Entertainment has provided a way for us to be fully in the know-how this year when everyone’s favorite New Year’s event kicks off.  If you can’t make it to Time Square this year to watch the ever famous Waterford Crystal New Year’s Eve Ball drop, we’ve got the next best thing for you.  The official release of the Time Square app allows you to read up on the history of the event, share photos and even stream the event live all from your smartphone.  You can “check in” via the app, use a customizable countdown clock and even send a virtual kiss to a loved one while ringing in the new year.  If you’re ready for the download, you can head on over to the Android Market or check out the QR code below as well.  Hit the break to check out some extra screen shots, grab the download links and to check out the video of the app in action.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think of it in the comments below.   » Read the rest

T-Mobile Will Continue To Innovate And Sprint Speaks Out About The Former Acquisition

by Axl Logan on
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So, whether you wanted it to or not, the AT&T/T-Mobile acquisition is over for now and T-Mobile will continue to be the small scrappy guy everyone loves, with a huge Android portfolio, innovative technology and small competitive price planning.  In the aftermath, it appears that Deutsche Telekom has made out on the deal thanks to the break-up agreement that was set in place.  DT will most likely use the earnings to pay off any excess debt.  So, what does this mean for U.S’s Magenta?  Both AT&T and T-Mobile have settled on a 7-year roaming agreement allowing T-Mo customers to freely roam on AT&T’s UMTS network.  Apparently, T-Mobile has been working on a few devices capable of running several of these frequencies.

And according to DT, the deal will expand Magenta’s coverage by about 50 million subscribers (230 to 280 million).  Hey, at this point, T-Mo will take what they can get.  Here’s what T-Mobile’s Chief Operations Officer, Jim Alling had to say when the company released an official statement  on their blog:   » Read the rest