ViewSonic details the ViewPad E70, ViewPad G70, and ViewPad E100

We already heard some rumored specs on the ViewPad G70, but today Viewsonic unveiled it along with the ViewPad E70 and ViewPad E100.

Let’s start with the ViewPad E70 (pictured above) which is an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet that comes in at a very reasonable price of £129 ($205). It will have a 7-inch display, a 1 GHz processor, 4GB of storage, a front-facing camera (only), WiFi, and a microSD slot. It will be available in Europe by the end of June.

Next up is the ViewPad G70 (pictured below) which is also a 7-inch (1024 x 600) tablet with Android 4.0, but includes 1GB of RAM, 2MP rear camera, 0.3MP front camera, and connectivity for 3G, WiFi, and Bluetooth. It will also feature mini HDMI, Micro-USB, and Mini-USB ports. The ViewPad G70 will be priced at £260 ($410) and again will become available by the end of June in Europe.

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Huawei Introduces the Ascend D quad, Claims To Be Fastest Smartphone In The World


Huawei’s D (or Diamond) series of devices has received three new additions to it’s family, the Ascend D quad, quad XL and Ascend D1. Each iteration of the Ascend D will come with it’s own differentiations in specifications, appropriate to each tier of model. Details for the Ascend D quad have been released for us to drool upon. To claim something as “world’s fastest”, the product must deliver — and the specs suggest that the Ascend D quad will do just that:

  • Huawei K3V2 1.2GHz quad-core chipset and power management system
  • HD Touch-Enabled screen, supporting 720p resolution at 330 PPI
  • 8MP BSI rear-facing camera and a 1.3MP front-facing camera
  • 8.9mm thick
  • Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound with Audience earSmart™ voice technology
  • Full HD (1080p) video recording and playback
As you can see, Huawei is using their own chip which will provide 30% in energy savings. We can expect to see the Ascend D quad this in China, Australia, Europe, Asia-Pacific, North and South America, and the Middle East in the 2nd quarter. Hit the break for the full press release and additional photos.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Appears On Barcelona Billboard

The rumor mill need no longer churn, the 10.1 is here and will be debuted at Mobile World Congress. It’s only a matter of time. This billboard was setup sometime either over night or early this morning at  Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona. 

What does the picture tell us?

  • Well, it’s obviously 10.1″
  • Like the smaller (or perhaps, less huge) Note, the 10.1 also has the special S-Pen. However, it looks different than the one pictured with the original Note.
  • The photo is a bit too blurry to discern whether its running Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich, but it’s hard to imagine they would unveil it without the latter.
  • Those brown and gold accents don’t lie. TouchWiz is most definitely on board.
Nothing to share yet in terms of specifications, but the official announcement can’t be long now. Stay tuned.

source: AndroidCentral

Samsung announces the Galaxy Beam with built-in 15 lumens projector for beaming your photos and videos onto walls

Hot off the heels off the announcement of the Galaxy Tab 2, Samsung just announced the Galaxy Beam, which is a projector smartphone. This might actually be one of the coolest new devices for Mobile World Congress. Interestingly enough, Samsung showed this concept almost 2-years ago. With the Galaxy Beam, you will will able to share photos and videos on your device by beaming them directly onto walls, ceilings, or other flat surfaces. With the 15 lumens projector you can beam up to 50-inches wide, and you can share outdoors as well.

Just think of the possibilities as you will be able to share pictures from your vacation at your next family gathering or how about students studying together in their dorm room? The possibilities are endless.

Unfortunately this will launch with Android 2.3 Gingerbread which is an obvious disappointment. Pricing and availability weren’t mentioned, but we will be sure to let you know as soon as we hear more.

Full specs, another image, and presser after the break

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Samsung officially announces the Galaxy Tab 2 in both 7-inch and 10.1-inch variants

Samsung just officially announced the Galaxy Tab 2, which will come in both 7-inch (pictured below)and 10.1-inch (pictured above) versions. We already got a glimpse of the 7-inch version a couple of weeks ago, but weren’t certain about the 10.1-inch version. They will both come in 3G and WiFi versions and have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich along with TouchWiz on top. As far as thickness goes, the 7-inch will be 10.5mm thick and the 10.1-inch will come in at 9.7mm.

The specs aren’t the greatest, but expect both tabs to be priced very competitively. Speaking of pricing, it wasn’t mentioned in the presser, nor was availability. We will let you know more as soon as we hear anything.

Specs, another image, and full press release after the break.

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Internationally Compatible NFC from Samsung, NXP, and FeliCa

The Nexus S was the first NFC-capable phone in the U.S., with the Galaxy Nexus following it. This year looks to expand the NFC landscape with manufacturers adding the technology to many new devices, some possibly being announced at MWC this week in Barcelona. This bodes well for the technology in the U.S. except for one thing… it’s incompatible with Japan’s version of NFC, which has been around for years and is used by millions.

Japan’s payment systems use the Osaifu-Keitai standard, based on Sony’s FeliCa RFID chips, but those systems are not compatible with the Type A and Type B standards that the U.S. and other countries are currently implementing. But don’t worry…

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Google Drive Will Have SDK and Google Docs Integration

As the launch of Google Drive nears, more information about the service begins to leak. This time, it’s the source code of Google Docs giving away secrets. The code hints at the existence of a Google Drive SDK. This means that 3rd party apps might be able to connect to Google Drive, and that makes it infinitely more powerful.

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HTC Endeavor (One X) And Ville (One S) Images And Specs Leaked Ahead Of MWC

MWC is here folks and the information seeping through the cracks have gone from leaks to downpours. After previously seeing some leaks, we now have (unofficial) details of HTC’s upcoming powerhouses. The One X (Endeavor) is slated to feature a quad-core processor (there are disputes as to whether it’s a 1GHz or 1.5GHz clocked speed), a beastly 4.7-inch screen, an 8MP camera and 32GB of storage. The One S (Ville) will feature a 1GHz dual-core processor, 4.7-inch display and 16GB of storage. Both devices will naturally feature Android 4.0 running the show, with perhaps the topping of the new Sense UI.

Pricing for both devices look they’ll be at a premium. The One X is listed at a price of €699.90 ($1,100 US) and the One S is at €599.90 ($944). As with any leaks and rumors, please understand that this information is by no means 100% accurate. But hey, at least we’ll find out about these two devices soon enough.

(Photo courtesy of The Verge)

source: The Verge and Android Central

Samsung Galaxy S III Will Feature 4.8-Inch Display And Have Simultaneous Launch Globally

We may not be seeing the Samsung Galaxy S III at MWC next week, but we know it’s very much real and on its way. BGR reports that Samsung will not be launching the device in phases as it was done with the Galaxy SII. The Galaxy S III will launch in 50 markets simultaneously around the globe, meaning those of us here in the States likely won’t have to wait 6 months after the initial launch as we previously saw with the Galaxy S II. Moreover, in addition to the sexy thin profile and waterproof design the S III will likely have, it will feature a 4.8-inch screen, meaning it will likely be the perfect compliment to Android 4.0 and an HD display that was previously rumored about the device. Oh and the back of the phone will be made of ceramic, not the glossy plastic we’re accustomed to.

If you thought the Galaxy S II was a major breakthrough in smartphone design, the Galaxy S III is ready to raise the bar even higher. Stay tuned with Talk Android for any future updates or developments in the Galaxy S III saga.

source: BGR

Landmark Victory: Judge Rules In Favor Of AT&T Customer For “Unlimited Data” Throttling


Score one for the little guys. AT&T’s controversial “unlimited” data plan has made some noise in recent weeks. Since announcing they would begin reducing speeds for certain customers with the coveted unlimited data plan last year, it had since gotten an immense amount of criticism from many customers and even the media. After all, how can AT&T throttle data speeds for unlimited customers who pay the exact same a comparable amount to those who are on a tiered data (3GB/month) plan. Of course AT&T thinks its policies aren’t that bad, but one customer believes the policies are atrocious and had enough, so he decided to fight back.

AT&T customer Matt Spaccarelli decided to take action by taking AT&T to small claims court. He has the unlimited data plan and was being throttled by AT&T. He also contends his data speeds were being throttled, despite only using 1.5GB to 2GB of data per month and using by doing some thorough research, laid his claims and arguments before a judge arguing what AT&T is doing is wrong. AT&T countered by highlighting it is free to change the terms of its contracts or even end them outright, if it decided that the subscriber was causing adverse network usage. Judge Russell Nadel accepted the argument of Spaccarelli and granted him victory. Spaccarelli was awarded $850 which will go towards the remainder of his contract— or about $85 for 10 months.

Let this be a lesson for AT&T: customers aren’t happy and they’re willing to do something about your business practices. As an AT&T unlimited data customer myself and the victim of a threatening “text message warning” about my data usage, I can’t help but feel justice for all of us who are bullied by Ma Bell. Let’s hope it gets its act together, otherwise it will continue to lose support and ultimately customers.

(Photo courtesy of Synaptic Storage)

source: Google News
via: Phandroid