The Android iPhone lives: Apple loses exclusivity rights to iPhone trademark in Brazil


Back in 2000, 7 years before Apple debuted the infamous iPhone, a local Brazilian company called Gradiente Eletronica registered a phone with the same name. As you might expect, Apple has been in courts with the company attempting to claim exclusive rights to use the name internationally. As it turns out, the regulators handling this case ruled in favor of Gradiente Electronica and denied Apple the rights to hold the name exclusively in Brazil. However, the ruling did give Apple exclusivity rights for the iPhone name on items such as clothing, software and various publications.

Fitbit adds wireless sync via Bluetooth 4.0, NFC support for Fitbit Flex device


A few days ago we reported on Nike’s decision to ignore the majority of smartphone users by opting not to bring an app to the Android market to support their fuel band device. In contrast, Fitbit provides Android support for their Fitbit One, Fitbit Zip and upcoming Fitbit Flex wireless activity trackers. They recently updated their Fitbit app for Android to include wireless sync capability using Bluetooth 4.0. The feature will only work with Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II devices. Using Bluetooth 4.0 sync keeps the Fitbit dashboard updated in real-time and the app can provide motivational notifications and social interaction with friends.

In addition to the introduction of Bluetooth 4.0 sync capabilities, Fitbit has added NFC compatibility for their upcoming Fitbit Flex device. A tap on the Flex with an Android phone will automatically launch the Fitbit for Android app. You can read the full press release after the break and grab the app using one of the Google Play Store links. The app is free and only requires Android 2.1 or higher to get the basic functionality.

Opera announces WebKit-based browser called “Ice”, casually mentions it has 300 million users in the process



Opera certainly has a lot going for it as one of the top mobile browsers in the world. Hot off the heels of rumors speculatating it would bring what should be a revolutionary web browser in the immediate future, Opera has announced it officially has 300 million users, effectively making it among the most widely used mobile web browsers in the entire world:


“300 million marks the first lap, but the race goes on.On the final stretch up to 300 million users, we have experienced the fastest acceleration in user growth we have ever seen. Now, we are shifting into the next gear to claim a bigger piece of the pie in the smartphone market.”


In addition to hitting the milestone, Opera has also confirmed its “Ice” project which is expected to be a massively improved WebKit-based browser. Its R&D team has spent an extraordinary amount of time ensuring “Ice” operated at an optimal level for users. Of course it is mum on further details, but it has highlighted that it will be showcased at MWC 2013, so we’re going to see what all the hubbub is about in a shade under a few weeks.

Hit the break to catch the presser for additional details.

Pokémon TV giving Android users a chance to relive glory days of catching all the Pokémon

lay Store



Unless you were living a rock or weren’t born during the 90s and early 2000s, then you’ll no doubt remember the famed Pokémon phenomena. Well the Pokémon Company International is giving fans a chance to relive the magic and glory of the iconic brand by introducing its Pokémon TV app for Android devices. The app comes jam-packed with tons of episodes featuring Ash & friends, as well as Pikachu of its those cute (and some creepy) friends as well. Naturally it’s going to be difficult to try and check out all the content immediately, so fans and viewers of the app will probably want to pace themselves and prepare for some potentially lost time and productivity done as a result of the app.

The app is available in the Play Store now, so if you’re feeling a little nostalgic and relive the good ol’ days, hit up the Play Store today and grab the app ASAP. After all— it’s available for free, so there’s no real reason not to jump on it.



Play Store Download Link


Motorola X to revolutionize the industry with innovative software





Earlier this year a rumor surfaced claiming that Motorola’s “X Phone” would debut at Google’s I/O conference along with the debut of Key Lime Pie, Google’s next anticipated iteration of Android. It’s no surprise that because of this, Google’s next flagship has been the focus of anticipation for the last year. Recently rumors have surfaced that suggest that the X Phone will have some never before seen features that will rival competitors. According to a reliable source:

“Google has been working on this device for a long time. It has software features and capabilities that are not available on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or Apple iPhone. The software is really powerful and it pulls together Google services like no other manufacturer has done in the past.”

These are pretty bold statements in favor of the much anticipated phone and have certainly rekindled interests from individuals waiting on the device. In the past, Google has released a new device along with a new flavor of Android so the idea of them repeating this at this year’s Google I/O is a very good guess. What features could this new device bring to the table? Let us know what you guys would love to see in the next flagship phone from Google.

Source: SmartHouse
Via: DroidLife

Samsung gets in a loving mood by introducing the Galaxy Note 10.1 in Garnet Red



Samsung is getting into a loving mood by introducing a new variation of its Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet for both Korea and additional global markets. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the new tablet will feature a special-edition Garnet Red color and come fired up with full LTE connectivity as well— giving customers yet another way to connect to those various 4G networks out there. Aside from the LTE chip built-in and the Garnet Red color, the tablet will pretty be identical to the original by including a quad-core Exynos chip, 10.1-inch 1,280 x 800 display, 5MP + 1.9MP FFC cameras and all those fun S-Pen bells and whistles.

There’s no word on pricing and availability of the new color variation— but we suspect that we will see something in Korea and additional markets soon… very soon.

source: pocket-lint

Need for Speed Most Wanted gets showcased on NVIDIA’s Project Shield


Earlier this year at CES, NVIDIA announced a new gaming device they called Project Shield. Project Shield is unique in that the device is essentially an all in one gaming device with the controller and screen. Project Shield runs on Android which means all of the popular games that have been released on Android will work seamlessly with the device. However, NVIDIA took it one step further when they announced that Project Shield is capable of streaming games from GeForce GTX 650+ enabled PC’s. Last week NVIDIA showed us a Real Boxing demo, and this week they are showing off Need for Speed Most Wanted running from a PC to Project Shield.

Samsung Galaxy S IV confirmed to have same home button and similar design as Galaxy S III along with non-contact gestures


What will the Galaxy S IV look like? If it’s anything like last year, we won’t have a clue until the day it’s officially unveiled. The biggest question is if they will finally get away from the large home button (with back and menu buttons) design. According to DDaily in Korea, the answer is no. In fact the phone’s overall design probably won’t stray from the cues of the Galaxy S III.

It was also rumored that the Galaxy S IV might be compatible with the S Pen, but that won’t be the case. What it will have is the the non-contact gestures that we reported about last month.

HTC One gets shown off in blurry teaser video


In less than one week the HTC One will officially be unveiled. We think we have a pretty good idea of what it will look like based on the leaked image a couple of days ago, but if you want a little more, and I mean a “little,” check out a video created by YouTube member gaurav2328. He took all the quick clips that HTC featured on their website and made a 20 second video. There are a lot of blur effects so it’s not so easy to see anything relevant. You do get a decent shot of the front silver trim along with the white back that coincides with the leak we saw the other day. Hit the break to check it out, and if you see something interesting, please point it out in the comments below.

My InfoZone widget from Verizon will give you weekly tips and tricks on your Android device


Verizon is introducing their MyInfo Widget for your Android devices. It’s a handy widget that will show you your battery percentage, battery drain, links to your Verizon account, storage space left, etc. Plenty of things that are helpful to have at a glance. It even offers links for support pages specific to your device. It will also feature a few tips and tricks to help you out here and there, and new tips every week. Verizon says they’ll be releasing 3 new tips per week, so we’ll have to see how that goes. It’s a clean, functional widget, so it looks like Verizon users shouldn’t mind having this one preloaded on their devices too much. Hit the video below to see the widget in action.!


LG shows off Optimus G Pro curved glass design


LG is trying to ramp up excitement for their new phones before MWC, and they’re doing a pretty good job. This time they’re showing off the design of the Optimus G Pro, which takes some serious design cues from the Note 2, but not in a bad way. One thing you won’t see that’s in the other popular phablet is a curved glass design, which LG says creates a 2.5 effect on the screen. Aside from that, it’s got the same finish as the other more familiar phones in their lineup. It’s closely based around the Japanese version of the phone we’ve seen, down to the specs, but hopefully we’ll see this hit more markets than just South Korea. Be sure to keep an eye out for this at Mobile World Congress.

source: Newswire

SwiftKey Flow Beta updated with a handful of fixes and a new installer


If you’ve been using the SwiftKey Flow Beta, SwiftKey has a new release for you that’s going to make your experience just a little bit better. There’s been a lot of work done under the hood, so there’s not too many new features in this beta, but there is a brand new installer for the keyboard to better match the Flow theme. Hit the links below to check out the changelog and get your hands on the new app, and remember that this is a third-party application, so you’re going to have to install it like you would any other app outside of the Play Store.

Real Racing 3 Crosses The Freemium Finish Line On Feb 28


If you’re a fan of Racing games on your Android device than you are in luck. Team Firemonkeys (the group behind the Real Racing Series) announced that the game will be hitting the Play Store on February 28th as a free to play experience, or in other words, free to download with in app purchases. Of course team Firemonkeys knows that this decision will be met with some criticism so they had this statement prepared in response.

How To Install the CyanogenMod 10.1 MMS application on any Android 4.1 ROM, includes Emoji and Quick Reply functionality


By far my favorite feature of CyanogenMod is their customized native MMS application. It offers so much more functionality than the stock Android MMS app. While it looks almost exactly alike, CM and his group have added useful features such as the much popular emoji emoticons that were made popular by iPhone users. Other notable add-on’s is the quick reply function, pop-up feature, gestures for SMS templates, stripping unicode support, and much more.

Samsung working on three devices as part of Project J


More news from the folks over at SamMobile indicates Samsung’s Project J actually constitutes three devices. According to previous reports, Project J was the code name for the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV. Over the past few months as we have watched for information about Samsung’s successor to the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone, we have seen the Galaxy S IV referred to as Project J, Altius and by the model number GT-I9500. The assumption has been that Project J referred to that one device, the Galaxy S IV. Based on upcoming accessories, SamMobile now reports the code name actually refers to three devices.