DROID 4 determined to drop on the 9th

The Galaxy Nexus isn’t the only phone that took Verizon forever to release. We know quite a few of you are eagerly awaiting the DROID 4, which was due in your hands by last December, on paper anyway. It seems the multitude of devices available for the holiday season were simply flooding Verizon and so the DROID 4 has been waiting in the wings. According to inside sources, the new street date is February 9th. Presumably you will be able to get the DROID 4 in store that day for $199 on a new 2 year contract.

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Bamboo ADzero Phone Gives the Word Gorgeous a Whole New Meaning

With the over abundance of Android smartphones in some variation of white, black or gray out there it may be hard for an Android manufacturer to distinguish their phones amongst the crowd. One might have to go to extraordinary heights in order to achieve uniqueness. Enter the ADzero concept phone. It’s an Android smartphone made out of bamboo and was created by 23 year-old Middlesex University student Kieron-Scott Woodhouse.

As of right now there are no details on the hardware that’s running in this gorgeous looking device but it’s “approximately half the weight of an Apple iPhone, while boasting a larger screen.” The hardware is accompanied by a unibody design crafted out of a single piece of four-year old organic bamboo. While there aren’t full details about the hardware, editor Stacy Bruce was able to confirm that current prototypes are running Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich (see below). 
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Barnes & Noble to Release New Nook Tablet This Spring

According to the New York Times, Barnes & Noble is currently working a new Nook eReader that should be ready for retail sometime this spring. Unfortunately not much is known about the tablet but it’s believed to be Android powered and is getting its final touches as we speak. Reportedly this news comes from an anonymous B & N executive so we can pretty much be sure that we will see a fourth Nook in a few months.

I wonder what this device is going to look like? CNET seems to think that it might be a higher-end reader, with a larger size and beefed up specs to possibly compete with the iPad. Although, this is just hearsay at this point, but I highly doubt Barnes & Noble is working on a mid or low-range reader because it seems as though the market has been saturated with such products recently. Either way, in the land of tech and electronics we are generally leaked information before devices get officially announced. It wont be long before we know all the ins and outs of the upcoming Nook so stay tuned for further details.

In the meantime, what are your thoughts? What do you think the book seller has in store for the digital literary world? Let us know in the comments below.

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Talk Android decompiles ICS FaceLock.apk – Majel are you in there?

So if you haven’t realized from my posts by now, I like to experiment with Android from time to time and today was one of those more special days. While poking around FaceLock.apk, which I decompiled with apktool, I opened this. The screenshot above portrays a file “arrays.xml,” which contains what looks like phrases to be presented on the lock screen when a user’s face is not recognized. As those of you fortunate enough to run ICS know, currently an unrecognized face only returns “Sorry, don’t recognize you” or in some cases “Couldn’t find a face.”  Aside from a different spelling of “recognize,” the list above also offers a substantially more varied output. So what is the meaning of this? I supposed it could be simply leftovers, never scrapped before release, or, letting my optimistic imagination run just a little bit, perhaps this is some preliminary work towards a future update; Majel maybe? It’s a stretch, but the varied and pretty casual responses seem more AI like to me. In any case, an interesting little something indeed.


Samsung Galaxy S II Plus Benchmarks Released, Shows Off Impressive Numbers

While rumors that the S III would make its debut at MWC were quickly and officially refuted by Samsung, that hasn’t stopped the Korean manufacturer from showing their hand in regards to the Galaxy S II Plus. Even with the announcement of the Galaxy S Advance, and two new tablets, Samsung is pushing forward with the release of the SII Plus. If the benchmarks are any indication this is a good move as the phone will surely be able to carry its own weight.

While at first it was considered to only be an incremental upgrade to the S II it appears that Samsung has took some time and put in some decent hardware in the device. The device will carry a 1.5GHz (I assume dual-core and possibly the OMAP 4470) processor, a WVGA display, and Android 2.3.4. I am sure that the device’s presence will be made better known at MWC and when it does we will surely update you with the specifics. Stay tuned!

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Stanford Students Demo 5 Cool Tricks Using Your NFC Capable Phone &Television (Video)

I bet you didn’t know Stanford had some cool nerds on their roster did you?  Yep, some of the folks over there decided to tinker around using an NFC enabled Android device along with a remote control also housing an NFC chip.  Check out what these guys have managed to come up with:

  • Display photos in a slide show
  • Collaborative Whiteboard
  • Slide Show Presentation
  • Play Online Poker
  • Stream Netlix Videos

Check out the quick demo below where you can see all of these in action and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.   I don’t know about you, but I love when nerds get bored.  They always wind up producing something useful for the rest of us :)  For more information hit up the source link to check out their blog at Stanford.edu

Video Demo

YouTube Preview Image

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Official Super Bowl App Kicks Off in the Android Market

Are you ready for some football!?! As most of you know, Super Bowl XLVI is this weekend and some of you may even be lucky enough to be heading to the Lucas Oil Stadium for some first person action. If so, Verizon has got you covered and has sponsored a Super Bowl XLVI app that will give you plenty of relevant info and even a little social media integration as well.

From 3D maps and guides to where to go for ecxiting nightlife, this app has everything a stadium attendee would need. Actually this can even be usefull for those who are just watching the big game from the comfort of their own couch! The social media within the app will allow you to get updates from NFL huddle and on-scene spectators.
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Real-Life Galaxy S Advance Pictures Surface on the Web

It was just a couple days ago that we got official info from Samsung about the upcoming Galaxy S Advance smartphone, and we’re pretty confident that the device will be shown at MWC in a few weeks. If you read our previous article than you have already seen press images of the phone, but recently some real-life images surfaced on the web.

Philippine tech site, TechPinas, was able to get their hands on the images you see above and below. According to the tipster who sent these images in, the Galaxy S Advance feels good in the hand and resembles that of a solid construction. Based on these images I would imagine the construction to be very similar to Sammy’s current line of Galaxy handsets, plastic-y yet maintains a quality appeal and heft. TechPinas also mentioned that the device should run 22,990 PHP (Philippine Pesos) which is roughly $536.
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Best Buy Offering $50 Gift Card If Customers Upgrade Their Phones By The End Of 2012, Must Register By February 12th

Planning to upgrade to a new phone by the end of the year and buy a gadget or two while you’re at it? Well you’re in luck because Best Buy is offering a heck of a promotion where they are offering a $50 gift card when customers upgrade to a new phone at any one of the Best Buy stores by December 31, 2012. Naturally there’s a catch— customers need to reserve their gift card by entering their mobile number and email address by Sunday, February 12. And you won’t actually see the gift card until you actually go into a store and upgrade your phone at that time. Still, a $50 gift card is still an awesome incentive, don’t you think?

Thanks Dave!

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EU regulators start investigation with Samsung over antitrust concerns

If being in court every day over patent issues in 10 countries isn’t enough, now EU regulators are investigating whether Samsung Electronics breached antitrust rules by accusing rivals such as Apple of infringing its technology patents.

Last year, Samsung filed for injunctions in several EU countries againt competitors for infringing patents. Back in 1998 Samsung pledged to license its patents to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms.

“The (European) Commission will investigate, in particular, whether in doing so (seeking injunctions on patent infringements in 2011) Samsung has failed to honor its irrevocable commitment given in 1998 to the European Telecommunications Standards,” the EU executive said.

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