Commercial Break app announces addition of “Live Events” feature


If you really, really like flipping channels during sporting events when the commercials come on and who doesn’t, the Commercial Break app may be one you want to check out, especially now that they have added a “Live Events” feature. Sports fans can monitor multiple games simultaneously and be alerted when an event returns from commercial break via an alert on their smartphone. According to developer Aristarchos LTD., Commercial Break will support a variety of sports leagues this fall, including NFL and NCAA football games as well as the upcoming MLB playoffs, subject to network blackout rules. Users can “follow” an event in advance in order to receive a reminder when it is starting. The app issues an alert every time that event returns from commercial break once the user lets the app know they started watching an event. According to CEO Haim Kairy, the Commercial Break app “helps sports fans get the most out of their cable package.” Commercial Break first went into public beta this past July for iPhone users and with today’s announcement, expands to include Android devices.

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Motorola kicks off “Lazy Phone” Moto X ad campaign


x_commercialMotorola has launched their first big ad campaign for their Moto X, and it goes under the name “Lazy Phone.” To kick it off, there are three new television commercials that showcase the X’s innovative features, including Touchless Control, Quick Capture, and Active Notifications. Comedian TJ Miller is the star of the spots, which seem very Samsung-ish, to me.

You can check out the three commercials embedded after the break.

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T-Mobile Moto X to be exclusively available through Motorola for an off-contract price of $599.99



Rumors had originally suggested that the Moto X would be available for T-Mobile exclusively through Google Play, however today we learned that this is not the case. The device recently appeared on Motorola’s website, available for $599.99. The listing says that the T-Mobile specific device is “exclusive to,” so this certainly confirms the previous rumor that T-Mobile won’t be carrying the device at all.

The off-contract price is a bit higher than the $579.99 that AT&T is asking for the device, but is the same as Verizon. The device is currently out of stock, and we’re assuming that the T-Mobile Moto X is the same phone specs-wise as the other variants. We’ll be sure of all the information once the device is available for purchase.

Source: Motorola

Breathe new life into that old android phone by turning it into an personal media player


As new devices continue to come out, chances are you will find one that really catches your eye. Of course that means you’re stuck with the old device unless you sell it on Swappa or trade it in. However, it seems used smartphones are depreciating a lot quicker since newer phones are hitting the market just as fast. If you can’t sell your old device or you don’t want to, then do the next best thing. Take that old phone and turn it into a portable media player. Not sure about how to go about doing that? Well you’re in the right place. Hit the break to get started.

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Sony Xperia Z1 Mini set for release in coming months

Z1 Mini

Sony’s Z1 is starting to make waves as pre-orders for the device became available in many European countries last week. Now, we’re hearing that Sony’s smaller version of the device, the Z1 Mini, is set for a release within the upcoming months. The official name is still a rumor, but this is what we’re counting on for now.

So far, we’re expecting a 4.3 inch HD (1280 x 720) display, a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, a 20.7 MP camera with Sony G Lens, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, and a 2,400 mAh battery.

It’s certainly not a surprise that Sony will be offering the device, as major competitors such as Samsung and HTC are offering “Mini” devices of their flagships as well, including the Galaxy S 4 Mini and the One Mini. An announcement for the Xperia Z1 Mini should be coming soon.

Via: UnwiredView
Source: RBMen

Sprint to make LG G2 available by the holidays, pre-orders begin Oct. 11


We now have official word from Sprint that the LG G2 will be available to customers by the holidays, and that you’ll be able to start pre-ordering the device on Oct. 11.

It’s a way later than what we’ve suggested from other carriers, but remember, this is the first time we’ve heard any official word on release dates for the phone. Earlier reports were simply rumors, and can (and most likely will) change.

Here’s the info that we have gotten about T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T.

  • T-Mobile: Rumored for September 18th
  • Verizon: Rumored for September 12th
  • AT&T: Rumored for September 13th

Hit the break for the full press release from Sprint.

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Is this the HTC One tablet?


Back in May, Bloomberg reported that HTC was readying a 7-inch tablet for a release in either September or October. Now we have a possible image of the device, and it might satisfy those hungry for a tablet that has the same type of quality build found on the HTC One. Even Hugo Barra wants to see it. This device looks very similar to the One, which isn’t surprising since both the HTC One Max and the HTC One Mini adopted the same looks.

Before we go thinking the image isn’t legit, it just might be. If you turn up the brightness of the image, you can see the person who took the photo (see below). What do you guys think? If it is real, let’s hope they don’t overprice this thing.

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Samsung has shipped over 38 million Galaxy Note devices, expects Note 3 to top 10 million


Samsung’s Galaxy Note line strikes an odd chord with consumers. Some consumers love it for the incredibly high-end hardware and enormous screen, others think it’s too big and just silly. Regardless of that split, it hasn’t stopped Samsung from shipping over a combined 38 million Galaxy Note devices since they were introduced a few years ago, according to JK Shin at IFA.

38 million is nothing to sneeze that. That’s a pretty sizable chunk of Samsung’s business, and while some of Samsung’s other devices may sell better or faster, the Note is clearly a profitable staple of what Samsung does. However, the one thing that wasn’t really made clear was if that number also includes tablets. The Note 10.1 seemed like a pretty cool device that did well, but I seriously doubt it sold anywhere near its phone counterparts, although I think Samsung is going to try to change that with their latest offering.

On top of those 38 million, Shin expects the Note 3 to sell 10 million units, which definitely sounds doable considering each Note model has seemingly been more successful than its predecessor.

source: SamMobile

Samsung tweets a vague hint about the next step for Exynos processors


The Twitter account for Samsung’s Exynos processor team obviously has something they’re eager to share with the world, as they sent out an odd tweet a few days ago. The tweet was a picture of a hand on the neck of a guitar and teases the next step for Exynos processors. Last Friday, they also posted a picture of a man standing behind a microphone.

Those pictures really could mean anything. We could see improved audio processing in Samsung’s next-gen processors, or maybe they’re just going to be marketed alongside a Samsung music recording studio device. Lots of questions, almost no answers. Whenever something does show up, though, we’ll keep you in the loop. You can check out the original tweet below.

source: Samsung Exynos

LG D820 might not be the Nexus 5 after all


Last week, a mysterious LG device cleared the FCC dubbed the D820. It was immediately assumed it was the Nexus 5 since the back plate looked awfully similar to an unknown Nexus device that made a surprise appearance in a Google video. It seemed almost a lock that it would be the next Nexus, but @evleaks is raining on our parade by saying that it’s nothing more than a CDMA variant of the LG G2.

I’m willing to buy that, but it does seem strange that it would have not only different dimensions than the “normal” G2, but the camera lens is in a different spot. @evleaks didn’t produce an image of the D820, but he did show us the D821, which is supposedly identical. Unfortunately the backside isn’t shown.

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