Amazon Will Use The New Kindle Fire’s Lock Screen for Ads But You Can Opt Out

A top selling point for Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HD‘s is the low price. The web giant stresses this fact because Amazon knows they won’t make most of their money by selling devices, but by selling things in their massive online database of consumer goods through their devices. To get their customers to see those goods, Amazon will use the lock screen of the new Kindle Fires for advertising Amazon Special Offers.

This is not a new tactic for Amazon as they have used a similar model for the Kindle E-readers, but this will be the first time they use this business model for a Kindle Fire. On the e-readers there are options to pay so that you do not have to look at the ads every time you turn on your device. It looks like they will do something similar for the Fires because a rep from Amazon has confirmed that users will be able to opt out of the ads. Whether this option will be free or similar to what is offered on the e-reader side is unclear. Most likely the latter. Either way it’s still a pretty good deal for the price point.

Source: Business Insider

Mysterious HTC device shows up in Verizon’s inventory system

Over the past couple months we have been tracking a new HTC device only known by its model number, the HTC 6435. This device first showed up in July when some GLBenchmark scores were discovered. The GLBenchmark data indicated the screen was running at a 1794 x 1080 resolution, leading some to speculate this would be a 5-inch device. The device appears to run on a Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon S4 processor with an Adreno 225 GPU. Earlier this week, some images leaked of a new HTC device that some theorized was the 6435. Based on some visual cues, like red side rails, the new device appeared to be headed to Verizon.

The newest bit of information concerning the HTC 6435 is a listing that has shown up on Verizon’s inventory system. Sources believe this indicates the device is 2-6 weeks away from being available to the public. With a press event scheduled for September 19th in New York City, the timing seems to work out well for Verizon and HTC to reveal this new device at that event.

source: Android and Me

Amazon Beefs Up OS For New Kindle Devices

With all the shiny new devices announced yesterday, it may have been easy to overlook some of the other announcements Amazon made on a very busy Thursday. Along with the revamped Kindle Fire and Kindle e-readers, and the introduction of the  Kindle Fire HD line, Amazon also made some improvements to their operating system that will help them compete with Apple and all other Android devices.

One new addition parents of younger children will love is Kindle FreeTime. This feature allows you to set profiles for different people and set limitations for what they can get into and how long they use the device. FreeTime also allows you to set time limitations for certain apps, so if you want little Johnny to not just play games but read as well, FreeTime will take care of it for you. FreeTime will let you know it’s working because the screen will light up blue. So no more feeling like you have to watch every little thing your child does with the Kindle, just make sure FaceTime is on and let your child enjoy.

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HootSuite acquires Seesmic, social media management gets even better

The social media gurus over at HootSuit have announced that the company has acquired Seesmic, another third-party Twitter platform. While details are scarce, both CEOs have already expressed their excitement regarding the acquisition, and feel that the move will benefit all parties involved.

“I have always had a lot of respect for Seesmic’s CEO, Loïc Le Meur and the role Seesmic has played in advancing social business.” said HootSuite CEO, Ryan Holmes. “We are thrilled to welcome Seesmic’s users into the HootSuite family.”

“We’ve always been big fans of Ryan Holmes and the HootSuite team, since the days we were all pioneering the Social Media landscape. We’re thrilled today to announce that Seesmic is joining HootSuite, and we’re excited for our users: they are becoming part of the HootSuite family, and they will be able to continue to build their brand and social business,” said Seesmic CEO Loic Le Meur.

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Sony’s Xperia Tablet S now shipping in the UK

Sony unveiled its revamped Tablet S last week at IFA 2012, and announced that the device would be available beginning September 7th. The manufacturer has kept its promise, as the newspaper inspired tablet is now officially available to purchase in the UK.

Currently, Sony’s official website has two different models that are listed as ready to ship. Customers can select either the 16GB version for £329 ($524), or the 32GB model for £379 ($603). Keep in mind both of these models are Wi-Fi only, with the 3G-enabled 16GB version still up for pre-order for £429 ($683). Additionally, the Tablet S is expected to begin making its way to other regions over the course of the next few weeks.

Source: Xperia Blog, Sony

Contest: Win one of two Nexus 7 tablets or an ASUS Transformer Prime w/keyboard dock from NVIDIA and TalkAndroid [Updated with Winners]

To celebrate the launch of Beach Buggy Blitz, NVIDIA gave us two Nexus 7 tablets along with an ASUS Transformer Prime and matching keyboard dock to give to three lucky readers.

To enter the giveaway just complete these four quick and easy steps:

  1. Follow @NVIDIA on Twitter
  2. Follow @TalkAndroid on Twitter
  3. Add TalkAndroid to your Google+ Circles
  4. Comment below and tell us what your favorite game is right now.

It couldn’t be any simpler. We will accept entries through this Sunday September 9th at 11:59pm EST. We will pick two random winners for each of the Nexus 7′s and then one random winner for the Transformer Prime w/keyboard dock. We will announce all three winners in this post and contact them through the email that is associated with their account.

Good Luck!!!


Congratulations to the following winners:

Nexus 7

Paul Ryan 

ASUS Transformer Prime  w/keyboard dock

Nicholas Salgado

I am sending each of you an email. Just get back to me with your info and we will ship it out right away.



Adobe Photoshop Touch Update Brings Support for Larger Images

For Android users that like to use Photoshop on the go, life just got a little bit easier. Adobe updated it’s Photoshop Touch app, one of the better photo editing apps in the Play Store. The latest update brings a few new languages, new effects and general bug fixes.

The biggest addition has to be the ability to edit higher resolution pictures, which was a major criticism in our review of the app back in March. Now you can edit images up to 12 megapixels on your Android tablet while keeping the integrity of the image. This was a limiting feature in the past and the update allows for a more full Photoshop experience. Finally, they added Russian and Brazilian Portuguese as new languages.

When you consider the updates, plus the new scrolling fixes and ability to toggle between different views of the image, the $10 Photoshop Touch app is an even better investment than before. Hit the break for download links.

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Featured Play Store Review: Hands on with Beach Buggy Blitz [Racing]

For those of you that own a Nexus 7 or any other Android device with a Tegra CPU, we have another great game for you. This one just came out today and it’s called Beach Buggy Blitz by Vector Unit. If you’re not familiar with Vector Unit, they are the ones who brought us Riptide GP and Shine Runner. From the name, it’s obvious that it’s about racing and the beach. This racer is what we call an “infinite racer.” This means you won’t find a bunch of different tracks. You simply race and explore until your time is up. The longer you race the more you see and the cooler it gets. There are a number of caves, volcanoes, jumps, and temples. As to obstacles, you won’t find a shortage here. You will have to deal with Tiki statues, grass shacks, giant crabs, lava monsters, and even rolling boulders as a result of erupting volcanoes.

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Kobo to release Arc 7″ tablet featuring Ice Cream Sandwich and Tapestries

Even though Kobo’s last attempt in the 7″ tablet market didn’t go so well, it isn’t stopping them from going after that two-headed monster – the Nexus 7 and the new Kindle Fire. Last November Kobo released the Vox tablet to very little fanfare and while it wasn’t a terrible tablet, it just didn’t offer anything special to separate it from the Kindle Fire or Nook. Well this year is a new year, so maybe they’ll have better luck this year beginning with a name change from Vox to Arc.

The Arc, which is due to arrive in November in 8GB ($199.99) and 16GB ($249.99) versions will be somewhat comparable to the Nexus 7 in some aspects. The Arc 7″ tablet will run on Android 4.0 and sport a 1280 x 800 display. It’ll also come with a front-facing camera and 1GB of RAM, however it will not have 3G capability or GPS. Additionally, the tablet will not have its own app store, but it will provide access to the Google Play Store. While none of these features are particularly cutting edge, Kobo is hanging its hat on one exclusive selling point in what they’re calling “Tapestries.” This feature builds a library of recommended apps, books, and games based on your habits. We’ve obviously seen features like this before on other products as well as third-party apps so we’ll have to wait for a hands-on before any further judgment is passed. Although, the first impression is that it’s not providing anything too revolutionary here.

We aren’t quite sure where this tablet will fit into the hot 7″ tablet market. With the Nexus 7 coming out of the gates strong and the announcement of a cheaper new Kindle Fire today, it’ll be tough sledding for Kobo and their Arc to get a foothold in this market. However, we will find out for sure come November. What are your thoughts on this piece of hardware and it will fit into this crowded market?

source:  gigaom