Samsung Galaxy S III Screen To Be 4.6-inch Super AMOLED+ According To OLED Association Report


Prior rumors of a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED+ HD screen for the Samsung Galaxy III just got another plausibility boost. This time it comes from the OLED Association. According to a news report on Samsung’s screen technology, it seems they may have just let the cat out of the bag.

 SMD [Samsung Mobile Display] is planning to release a 4.6” Super AMOLED HD Plus with the 319 ppi for the Galaxy S3 Super AMOLED plus in May of this year.  In addition, SMD is expected to add phosphorescent green, which will reduce power consumption and make the OLED display competitive with the retina display at white levels of 40%, while significantly outperforming LCDs for images and video.

The Plus means this screen will not be using a Pentile pixel matrix. That’s good news since a Pentile display shares the red and blue pixels on the green cell, rather than having three separate cells, making the display nearly 30% less sharp, technically, than a full dot matrix screen. Normal users won’t notice a difference, but many screen enthusiasts (screenophiles?) claim they can, and won’t buy a device with a Pentile display.

This report also mentions a May release, which seems perfectly plausible, but we have no other evidence to confirm this date.

source: oled association
via: androidcommunity

Nexus S 4G and Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich: A 10-day Journey

Back on April 2, we reported about the leak of the official Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich build for the Nexus S 4G on Sprint along with step-by-step instructions to manually install it (available now as an OTA update). Sitting at work while reading the article, I immediately cancelled my plans to eat lunch that day and reactivated my Nexus S that had been patiently lying on my kitchen table waiting for this day. I have always waited for the OTA updates in the past, never wanting to take a chance messing up my phone or computer, but this update was too important for old habits. The instructions were as clear as they come. I had to register for a free Jumbo Files account before the site would let me download the software, but after a 15 minute download, the rest was a piece of cake. The whole process took about 35 minutes, total, including the registration. Find out if it was worth the wait after the break.

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Boeing scheduled to make a landing in the Android mobile arena in late 2012

American multinational aerospace and defense corporation, Boeing, has just recently announced plans for the manufacture of a high security Android device for their military and government personnel. This will be the company’s first time to offer a communications device that will function from the use of cellular networks. Boeing has stated that the company recognizes that mobile technology is the future and they want to provide more secure options for their employees rather than restrict them with limited mobile capabilities.

Vice President of Boeing’s secure infrastructure group, Brian Palma, told reporters that “this is why an Android-based system was chosen. The users of these high-end phones want the same ability to use popular applications while knowing that their business communications are secure. The phone will give them what they are used to seeing (on consumer market smartphones) and give them the functionality from the security perspective“.

The price of similar encrypted phones from competitor manufacturers are astronomical, however Boeing aims to keep their price much lower and more affordable in hopes of becoming the more financially wise choice. Feel free to click on the source link below for more details on Boeing’s future smartphone agenda.

source: National Defense Magazine
via: theverge

Try Not To Hold Your Breath: Another Leaked Image Of The “Samsung Galaxy S III” Smartphone Surfaces

It’s been a little while since we heard some Samsung Galaxy S III rumors, so let’s jump right in with the latest gossip, shall we? An anonomyous user claims to have taken a picture of an actual Galaxy S III used for testing purposes. As you can see here, the device pictured has a 5-row icon display (which is frustratingly censored) and a home button complimenting the bigger screen size. Oh and if you look carefully— it looks like there’s pure Android 4.0 as seen in the program tray, no view of TouchWiz in sight.

Of course this device could end up being the actual Galaxy S III design, but it’s more likely that this pictured device is not the upcoming smartphone, but rather the product of a badly done Photoshop job. For example, the display isn’t parallel with the screen and there’s a broken blue line in the screen. But no worries though gang, we’ll continue to keep our eyes and ears on the lookout for any upcoming updates and/or sightings of the Galaxy S III.

source: pocketnow


Save 20% In The New TalkAndroid Merchandise Store!


Yes, folks, now you can get TalkAndroid logo gear and other cool Android related products from our very own merch store! We’ve opened up a Zazzle store with everything from t-shirts, mugs, and bumper stickers, to hats, pillows, speakers, and water bottles! And we will keep adding new designs as we can (if you have any good Android design ideas, let us know!)

Check out some example products after the break, and be sure to hit our store link to see everything! And also, to save 20% on your entire order, enter coupon code TLKANDROID20 at checkout!

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Sprint posts a features video for their upcoming Galaxy Nexus [Update - Video Pulled]

Recent rumors of the Sprint Galaxy Nexus release date certainly have many prospective and upgrade-ready Sprint customers stewing with anticipation. To appease the anxious and clamoring mob, Sprint has released a new video highlighting the hardware features of their soon to be released Galaxy Nexus along with suggested apps and a quick reminder of Sprint’s soon to be launched LTE network. It’s apparent that Sprint will be releasing this phone really soon, so let’s hope that really soon means the rumored April 22. Who among you are planning on picking up one of these bad boys?


Apparently they didn’t want the video to be public so fast so they quickly removed. Sorry about that.

YouTube Preview Image


Daily Show Headlines app now available in the Play Store

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has been the late-night television program of choice for roughly 1.5 million viewers nightly for the last 13 years. It’s currently the longest running program on Comedy Central and has won 16 Emmy Awards.  Many of you will be interested to know that the Play Store has now released the official Daily Show Headlines app for all the fans that want to relive some hilarious moments 0r keep up to date on what’s coming up on the show in the near future. Keep in mind that you can only view clips and not full episodes at this time, but there’s a lot of cool stuff jam packed into the app. Check out the official list of features after the break. 
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LogMeIn Gets In On Cloud Storage Action By Unleashing Cubby

The vast number of online storage apps and services seems like it’s growing by the day, which isn’t a bad thing. Each new service may offer something better than its competition, so it’s ultimately a win-win for consumers who use the services. Enter: LogMeIn. While its acclaimed for its remote desktop services, the company has decided to dabble in online cloud storage by creating Cubby— which looks to improve cloud storage better than its competition such as DropBox. For starters, users will get a free 5GB, compared to just 2GB with DropBox. Plus– what separates this service from others is the ability to have unlimited sharing of files across devices and with your friends— P2P-style. Very nice indeed.

Cubby is currently in beta, so it’s not available for everyone. That means you’ll have to sign up and wait for an invite in order to try out the service. However— those of you who do have the service already can get in on the action by grabbing the app which is now available in the Play Store now for all Android 2.1+ devices.


Play Store


New Countries now open to Sell Apps in Google Play

Great news for developers that were previously unable to sell their apps in Google Play. The following countries now have the ability to create an Android Developer account, giving the opportunity to price and sell their mobile applications:

  • Czech Republic
  • Israel
  • Poland
  • Mexico

All they need to do to get started is visit the Android Developer Console and fill out the form to set up a new account. One note that the Android developer blog mentions goes out to all developers sort of as a reminder:

Additionally, we encourage developers everywhere to visit the Developer Console as soon as possible to set prices for their products in the currencies of these new countries. Stay tuned for more announcements soon as we continue to roll out our new billing infrastructure to buyers and sellers throughout the world.

We all love to see updates, and improvements to all things related to our beloved Android system. This latest change in Android developer access is quite welcome by the developers coming out of the above countries. Congrats!

source: android developers blog