Samsung Galaxy S III may have an Exynos quad-core chip, but only for the global version

We’re all expecting the Samsung Galaxy S III (or possibly just the new Galaxy S) to feature an Exynos quad-core CPU, so it really isn’t news if I tell you that’s it’s been confirmed by The Verge, but what’s interesting is the fact we might only see this CPU on the global version. Actually it isn’t all that surprising since HTC has implemented the similar NVIDIA Tegra 3 in their global One X, but in the U.S., they went with a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 primarily for LTE connectivity. The Exynos chip is a little unknown at this time, and I guess I was hoping that it would have LTE compatibility, but I guess it won’t be the case.  I know NVIDIA is promising LTE support for the Tegra 3 soon, so I guess it’s safe to assume that Samsung is just as far behind in getting the Exynos ready.

If there’s one carrier in the U.S. where it’s possible to find the quad-core Exynos, it might be T-Mobile since they don’t have LTE at the present time. Still unlikely since the dual-core Exynos that was in the global Galaxy S II didn’t make it to T-Mobile because of compatibility with AWS. I’m guessing this scenario will probably be the same with the new chip.

Something tells me that we won’t find out too much about the U.S. variants during the May 3 announcement, so we might have to wait a little longer to find out.

source: theverge


Malware ridden Instagram app found infecting Android devices


Sure the filter enhanced social photo app Instagram is apparently worth 1 billion dollars and now owned by Facebook, but no amount of cabbage will protect it from being faked and infected with malware. This application which was originally an iOS exclusive was recently ported to Android, and became an instant hit. Somewhere around 5 million+ downloads in the first week. These malware creators took swift advantage of the photo apps popularity and created a fake version of Instagram and it is now infecting unsuspecting Android users.

Finding from Sophos, an IT security and data protection company, spoke about the malware called Andr/Boxer-F:

“In our tests, the app didn’t do a very good job of emulating the genuine Instagram app, but that may be because it failed to find the correct network operator. Because this is a malicious app that seems to be relying in the sending of background SMS messages to earn its creators revenue.”

We all need to be cautious as of course this isn’t the first time malware has raised its ugly head in the Android community, and won’t be the last. Your safest bet to decrease your chances of malware is to stay away from third party android markets where the security isn’t monitored as well (if at all) as it is with Google Play. On another note, if you chose to just stay away from Instagram all together, our own Ed Caggiani put together a great article listing and discussing 7 free Instagram Alternatives.

 Hit the source for more information on this malicious software.

source: sophos



T-Mobile HTC One S unboxing and initial hands on review

T-Mobile introduced the HTC One S last night in New York City, which will be released on April 25 for $199 after a $50 rebate. Joe Sirianni was on hand and did a quick hands on and now we have our unboxing and initial review for you. The One S is the middle child in the One line, but boasts some pretty decent specs like a 4.3-inch qHD (960 x 540) display, a 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, 1GB of RAM, and one of the best cameras available on a smartphone. It’s only 7.95-inches thick and feels great in the hands thanks to the micro arc oxidized body. We will do a full review soon, but for now check out this quick look of the One S out of the box.

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All Samsung Galaxy S III Leaked Photos May Not Be Accurate

The latest leaked screenshots of the most anticipated device from Samsung may not be accurate, according to what a source told The Verge. The source, said to be familiar with Samsung’s plans, claims they are on the right track, but the images show what may be a generic test box that holds the S III internals. These test boxes are used to hide what the final design of a device will look like and allows for internal testers to take the device out in public without leaking anything.

That’s not even close to the final design,” said the source. “No leaks of the final design have been accurate.

The security and secrecy surrounding the Galaxy S III is tighter than it has ever been for any product in Samsung’s history, rivaling that of a certain company in Cupertino. Apparently, security is so tight that the source doesn’t even know if the name will be the Galaxy S III. The press invites for the May 3rd event in London only say “the next Galaxy” so it’s very possible they might be breaking away from the S series naming scheme.

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Google Cloud Printing Now Supports Printing To ICS Devices, FedEx Office Locations, and Canon Printers

Remember when we had to install print drivers when we got a new printer, or look for a print driver online if you lost the disks? Remember when printing to a printer on a network seemed magical, like some sort of electronic teleportation of ones and zeros at light speed to generate an honest-to-goodness real paper print in all its colorful glory at the other end? Remember run-on sentences?

Anyway, Google Cloud Print has made me forget all that stuff… and now it’s gotten even better. With Google Cloud Print, you can now print to any FedEx Office® location in the U.S. by simply selecting “Print to FedEx Office” in the Cloud Print dialog. This will provide you with a retrieval code you can use at any FedEx Office® Print & Go self-service device at over 1,800 FedEx stores in the U.S. This is great if you need to print something for a colleague who is across the country. Think of it as a high-resolution and full-color FAX of the future. Remember FAXes?

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Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE to be exclusively offered on Bell


Canadian Android enthusiasts will soon be able to enjoy some GSII goodness of their own with the Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE. A Bell exclusive, this super sexy GSII will sport a massive 4.65 inch HD Super AMOLED screen, 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage with micro SD card support, 8 MP camera and will come baked with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. No details on pricing and availability have been outed yet but more info should come to light in the next few weeks. Continue past the break for the full presser and more details on the latest addition to Bell’s lineup.

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Sony Mobile lending out Xperia phones to developers for app testing

Many new and veteran Android developers will be interested to learn that Sony Mobile has created a Device Loaner Program allowing devs to borrow one of nine Xperia handsets available for the sole purpose of app testing and development. The program is free and will provide a device for up to 30 days. It’s primarily aimed at North American devs but international devs can certainly take advantage of this cool program as well for only the cost of international shipping and custom/duty fees where applicable. I would imagine that most devs would jump at the idea of having a free Android handset for testing compatibility and stability issues. Jump past the break for a link containing more info and to see the current list of devices being offered on loan at this time.  
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[Deal] Amazon Wireless Offering the Galaxy Nexus for $50 on a New Two-Year Contract, $150 for an Upgrade

Are you still holding out for the awesome Samsung Galaxy Nexus for some reason, or maybe just waiting for Sprint to finally release this bad boy? If telling you that Verizon has the faster network of the two carriers isn’t enough, then how about if I told you that you could scoop up the VZW branded device for a mere $50 with a new two-year contract? Already have a Verizon account? Well you can still get your hands on one for the upgrade price of $150 which isn’t a bad deal either.

Right now Amazon Wireless is offering the best price we’ve seen yet for this years most popular phone. Like I just mentioned, folks signing up with Verizon for the first time can buy the G Nex for only $50 and current customers can upgrade for only $150. If this is just enough to finally push you over the edge, hit up the source link below to get in on the action. You wont regret it! Well, that is unless VZW magically pulls a Galaxy S III out of their… hat.. in the next couple months.

source: Amazon Wireless


Google Refreshes TV and Movies App for Google TV

Google is doing everyone a favor today by refreshing its TV & Movies app for Google TV. The refresh is designed to make it easier to browse and find anything you are looking for, which should make it more useful. Now you no longer have to wonder if your favorite show has a new episode, thanks to expanded information below every program. You can also hop into a new menu to see more details, rate the program, and tell Google whether or not it fits your interests. If you happen to love a certain station, you can add it to your Favorite Channels in order to see everything currently playing on it. You can add as many stations as you want to Favorite Channels so you will always have quick access to the ones you care about most. You can also add favorite movies and TV shows to your queue in order to watch later.

After the app updates and you log in, you will be given the chance to rate a variety of TV shows and movies. Google then takes that feedback to better cater recommendations to your tastes, so drama fans will not have to be treated to too many comedies. Anyone will be able to check out the Trending This Week shelf in Shows to find a new series to watch, and the list is updated everyday so you will not miss out. Everything being added helps make Google TV the go-to choice for movies and TV shows, with new content added all the time.

Source: Google TV

T-Mobile Introduces The HTC One S (Hands-On)


Today T-Mobile announced their highly anticipated flagship device, the HTC One S.  The One S is the middle brother of the new popular One family from HTC and packs tons of features all in a super slim form factor.  And though there are a few cons with the device, such as the lack of a removable battery, no memory expansion and a pentile display, it’s still a power device not to be reckoned with.  Talk Android was in New York live for the unveiling event and we got our hands on the juicy handset for your viewing pleasure.  Check out the hands-on video from our cool rep Matt and don’t forget to let us know what you think of the device in the comments below.  To quickly recap the features of the handset, it’s sporting a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED qHD (960 x 540) display with Gorilla Glass technology, Beats Audio integration, 16GB of on-board memory and ICS 4.0 with the new HTC Sense 4.  And under the hood you’ll find a dual-core 1.5 Krait CPU with an Adreno 225 GPU.  You can snag this guy for $199 on a two year contract on April 25th but in the meantime, check out the hands-on video.

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