Wifi-Only XYBOARD Now Available in Both 10.1″ and 8.2″ From Motorola

by Jack Holt on
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Well if you are wanting a XYBOARD, the sequel to Motorola‘s first tablet the Xoom, but didn’t want to give your hard earned dollar monthly to Verizon to own one, today is your lucky day. Motorola is releasing the wifi version of the Xoom 2… er… XYBOARD and it’s available on their web site as you read this. You can purchase either the 10.1-inch or 8.2″-inch tablet in either 16GB or 32GB versions. The 8.2-inch 16GB model will run you $399 and the 10.1-inch starts at $499. So if you’re wanting the “RAZR” of tablets (form factor) with the freedom of no carriers, head on over to the links below to check them out and while they don’t have ICS just yet, they will be getting it down the road. Also if you haven’t heard much on these tablets you can check out both the initial hands-on review and a full review of the XYBOARD 8.2. Enjoy!

10.1-Inch XYBOARD – Link
8.2-Inch XYBOARD – Link

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Upcoming LG CX2 to be Dubbed LG 3D Max, or Optimus 3D Max?

by Stacy Bruce on
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At the beginning of the week we told you about the leaked LG CX2, the successor to the LG Optimus 3D, and that it’s believed to make an appearance at MWC in February. According to new reports, the new CX2 will soon sport the 3D Max market name, and will be dubbed the LG 3D MAX, or Optimus 3D Max.

For those who missed out on the leaked specs, the 3D Max is said to have a 1.2GHz dual-core processor (TI OMAP) and sport a glasses-free, 4.3-inch WVGA NOVA auto-stereoscopic display capable of improved 2D-3D conversion. The device will manage to stay at 10mm thin even though it packs dual 5MP cameras for shooting 3D pictures. The real question remains, will those cameras be able to shoot 3D 1080p videos? Among other goodies, you can expect DNLA and NFC capabilities as well.

Hopefully we will see the LG 3D Max at the end of February alongside the quad-core LG X3 flagship phone. My only concern with the 3D Max is that it’s reportedly running Android Gingerbread. What gives?

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Sony Xperia S to feature anti-stain coating and fast charging

by Robert Nazarian on
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We had a chance to get our hands on the upcoming Xperia S at CES, the first Xperia phone to be branded by Sony (without Ericsson in its name). They showed off all the wonderful specs, but for whatever reason they didn’t bother to tell us about a couple of interesting features.

The first is that it will come with an anti-stain coating. It will be a special nano coating that is not only a dirt repellent, but also UV active. The second is that will have the ability to charge quicker than normal. It will supposedly charge in half the time, and word is a 10-minute charge can keep the phone going for an hour.

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Google wants developers to say goodbye to the menu button

by Robert Nazarian on
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Since Google is transitioning to a buttonless style OS with Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich, it isn’t a shock they are telling developers to move their menu functions to the action bar. All phones up to this point have a dedicated menu button, but that won’t be the case moving forward. Google has instituted an action bar that includes the three dots that work as the new Menu.

The problem with some apps is they’re still pointing towards a physical menu button and since Ice Cream Sandwich, and particularly the Galaxy Nexus, doesn’t have a dedicated menu button, the system shifts the three dot action overflow button beside the system navigation. Normally this is on top.

According to Google, this is doesn’t provide an ideal user experience. I will say that for me personally, I have noticed the action button moving from top to bottom (and vice versa) between apps, and it’s a little annoying. Google recently posted instructions for developers on how to migrate to the action bar or remove it all together. Hit the source link to find out more.

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Amazon Discounts Brand New RAZR MAXX to $199.99 For New Customers, $229.99 For Existing

by Stacy Bruce on
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It looks to be another great week for buying discounted phones from Amazon. Hot on the heels of the freshly marked down Galaxy Nexus, Amazon just listed the DROID RAZR MAXX at only $199.99 for new customers, and $229.99 for existing. As always, to get this deal you must sign a two-year agreement but I’m sure your used to that by now.

In case you need a refresher, the RAZR MAXX has the same specs as the OG DROID RAZR only it has a much larger 3300mAh battery. The device is only 8.9mm thin and still manages to maintain a reported 21 hour talk time. To see this device in action, check out our hands on from this years CES.

This is a great deal for a great phone considering you could buy it right now from Verizon for $100 more. I mean who wants to pay retail, right? Although, as you can tell from the image above, there will be a slight wait for delivery because the device is on backorder and will ship within 1-2 weeks. Hit up the link below to get your discounted MAXX on!

Thanks, Trent!

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Koush Shows Off Official ClockWorkMod Recovery Touch, Still Under Development

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Going thorough my Google+ stream this morning I noticed  an entry from Koush, the man behind CloworkMod and CWM Tether, and boy does he have something awesome up his sleeve! As you can see in the video below, Koush is working on a new touch version of ClockWorkMod Recovery that is going to make things a heck of a lot easier, especially for the uber sensitive Galaxy Nexus.

I know that other forms of “touch” recovery are available, like TWRP from TeamWin, but Koush’s new method that he is working on will allow for swiping and tapping your selections rather than using buttons. Although Koush is teasing his new recovery method via Google+, this is still just a tease. Currently downloads are not available, and according to Koush, “there will be better graphics and whatnot later.” By that I assume the text might be a little easier to read and the UI might get a slight makeover. Whatever it ends up as, I’m sure it will be an amazing finished product. In the meantime, check out the video below and be sure to let us know what you think. Who else is looking forward to some swipe recovery action ?

Jump past the break to see it in action. » Read the rest

Samsung Galaxy S III launch under review, but shows up on Samsung support page

by Robert Nazarian on
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The other day we gave you that wonderful news that the Samsung Galaxy S III might not be revealed at next month’s Mobile World Congress. During their recent earnings conference call, Mrs. Younghee Lee said they’re “still reviewing” options for the launch. Meanwhile, Samsung’s support site is showing model GT-i9300, but it doesn’t exist yet. Looking back at past models, the Galaxy S was in the i90xx range and the Galaxy S II had i91xx. The Galaxy Nexus used i9250, so one would assume that the Galaxy S III would jump to the i93xx range. Sounds logical to me. Either way, we know a Galaxy S III will launch this year, the only real question is when will it be officially unveiled?

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Google Music Manager adds options to download songs to your desktop and YouTube music video sharing via Google+

by Robert Nazarian on

Google Music is awesome right? Even if you don’t use it, I always recommend everyone to upload their tunes anyway because it’s a free and safe backup for your collection, not to mention you will have access to your music from anywhere in the world. The only problem with the backup argument was the fact that you couldn’t download your tunes back to your desktop if you computer crashed. Well Google just took care of that because with the latest update to the Music Manager, you can download all your music back to your desktop, including tunes you uploaded and tunes you purchased. Now we can feel safe knowing we can restore our music if we ever need to.

Google also added the ability to easily share YouTube videos for the songs you’ve uploaded. As you know you can easily share full plays for songs you’ve purchased to your circles on Google+, but this gives us an option for the music we already own.

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Official Steam Application hits the Android Market in closed beta

by Robert Nazarian on

I know a lot of you have been waiting for the official Steam App, the ultimate online gaming platform, to come to Android. We’re ever so close as they just released the app in the Android Market. Don’t go too crazy yet because although you can download it, you will find that it’s in closed beta. If you’re a fan of steam, you should probably go ahead and download it anyway because you will be the first to know when the app gets updated and possibly moves out of beta, or at least closed beta. Download links below.

Android Market Link

Motorola Sends Out “Confidential” Email To Atrix 4G Owners, Soak Test On The Way

by Roy Alugbue on
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Well what do we have here? It looks like Motorola has some plans for its Atrix 4G smartphone. Owners of the device who participate in the surveys and soak tests received this email late last night:

“Hi ATRIX 4G user!

You’re receiving this email because you’ve filled out a Motorola Feedback Network survey in the past stating your interest in ATRIX 4G feedback opportunities. As a Motorola Feedback Network member you get advanced notice, like this, of such activities.

We’re getting ready to have a pre-release update on your AT&T ATRIX 4G. Please fill out the following survey( https://________ ) to confirm your interest in this soak opportunity. The first 1,000 applicants will be picked on a first come, first serve basis, provided information is correctly filled out. I know there are some questions that are a repeat, sorry, but there is a reason for that. Please fill it out carefully, honestly and accurately as misinformation can cause this exercise to be unsuccessful. You can edit your survey from the same computer until the survey period closes, though it is advisable to fill it out the first time correctly. Duplicates will be excluded with the newer one used.. Secondly, once the survey period closes we’ll not be able to update your IMEI. Consider carefully before exchanging your device.

This survey period will end at 8pm 01/30/12 Central time or when 1000 valid responses are received. If you don’t intend to actively participate please do not sign up for this opportunity.

Do not forward this communication to other parties(websites, individuals, etc), as you will lose your spot. As part of your original MFN survey you agreed to keep all MFN activities and notifications confidential. If we find that you have breached this agreement we may elect to remove you. You can always encourage users to sign up for the Motorola Feedback Network so they can be considered for feedback opportunities in the future.

If accepted, you will receive additional notifications via this email when the soak test activities will begin. Users not selected will not be notified. Do not email or PM me asking if you are accepted or when it will start as we may elect to remove you from the opportunity.

In the mean time, please log in to the new community. If you haven’t logged in since the move you’ll need to do a password reset in order regain access using the email account “______” as username is only used as a Forums Display Name on the new site. If you have trouble accessing your account you can email us at ____.

Thanks again for your interest.

Mark & Matt
Support Forums Managers
Motorola Feedback Network

Whenever we see these “confidential emails”, it usually indicates two things: a minor update or a major update. Considering the Atrix 4G has the same internals as a certain tablet that was just upgraded to ICS recently, we’re hoping this is the beginning of what will be a major update for the device. We will be sure to keep our eyes and ears opened for any further developments regarding this Atrix 4G story. Stay tuned with Talk Android for further details folks!


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