Galaxy S 5 Active benchmark confirms Snapdragon 800 and a 5.1-inch 1080p display

S5 ACtive

We’ve heard quite a bit about the Galaxy S 5 Active, but we’re finally getting a benchmark to confirm some of the specs. Like the S 4 Active, this device will share many specs with the original Galaxy S 5. There’s a 5.1, 1080p screen on board, as well as a 16 megapixel camera, but the processor will see a slight downgrade to a Snapdragon 800 instead of the 801 CPU found on the GS5. Not a huge difference, but it’s there.

There’s also 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage space, and Android 4.4.2 on board. The benchmark unfortunately can’t confirm just how waterproof and dust-resistant this device is, but considering the normal Galaxy S 5 boasts a bit of water resistance, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see Samsung make this thing extremely waterproof. An announcement shouldn’t be too far off.

source: GFX Benchmark

via: SamMobile

Vudu adds new Share My Movies feature, allows up to five users to share movies and shows


Vudu has introduced a new feature to allow groups of people to safely and legally share their movie collections with up to five friends and family members. The Share My Movies feature will allow one central account to authorize up to five separate users to access their movie collection without having to resort to password sharing.  Read more

Premium Samsung Galaxy S 5 Prime heading to Korea in a few colors


We do know of one place that Samsung will release the Galaxy S 5 Prime: Korea. Now we also know what colors that handset will be wearing. On Twitter, @evleaks names “black, white, gold, blue, and sweet pink” as the available colors. That’s more colors than what the generic Galaxy S 5 launched with.

Still nothing on any possible launch in the United States, but the LG G3 could certainly be a filler.

Source: @evleaks

More pics of the LG G3 leak along with more info about that mystery sensor on the back


At this point, The LG G3 is leaking like a sieve, so why not a few more images of the device? These pictures reveal the lock screen, which has nothing unusual, but you will notice that the circular time widget lines up perfectly with the leaked image of the Quick Cover case we showed you earlier today.

Now there really isn’t much left for LG to tell us about this device, but one thing that has been an uncertainty is the extra sensor on the back. Some thought it was an IR blaster, while others speculated it could be a heart rate monitor. Last week, a report indicated it could be a “laser beam” for night shots.

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You can now use PayPal to purchase apps and digital content in Google Play


I have to be honest with you. I never really thought of using PayPal to make purchases other than eBay, but it seems to be steadily growing. First, Samsung introduced support for using the PayPal app in conjunction with their fingerprint scanner, and now Google jumps in allowing consumers in 12 countries to make purchases in Google Play using their PayPal accounts. There is one caveat though, and it’s for only apps and digital content, so hardware and accessories aren’t included.

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Foursquare’s new check-in app, Swarm, is now available in the Play Store


A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Foursquare would split its service into two apps. One of those two apps, Swarm, is now in the Play Store. Swarm will be your new go-to app for all your check-ins and to see what your friends are up to. However, Swarm won’t work exactly the same way as the existing Foursquare app.

With Swarm, you can check into to all the same places you have in the past, but the focus is on your friends. You will easily be able to see where your friends are, even if they haven’t checked in anywhere. Friends can choose when to share their locations though. You will also have the ability to send out a message to all your friends to meet up somewhere. Sounds good, but the bad news is that the conventional rules involving mayorships and leaderboards is no more. Every location will be able to have multiple mayors, meaning that each “group of friends” will have their own mayor. So you could have 100 check-ins for a particular place, but someone else with only 5 check-ins for the same place could still be a mayor, assuming they are not friends with you.

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Google flooded with removal requests after EU creates “right to be forgotten”


Earlier this week the European Union Court of Justice created a new “right to be forgotten” in ruling that Google had to delete search results that returned information that private individuals no longer wanted to exist. As a result, Google and government officials indicate a veritable flood of requests have started to pour in requesting the suppression of information that individuals object to being included in search results.

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AT&T to begin rolling out HD Voice and VoLTE on May 23rd


Today, AT&T announced that they would begin rolling out their voice-over LTE (VoLTE) service, as well as HD Voice Support, starting on May 23rd. The rollout will start off in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin but as time goes on it will reach other markets.

The HD Voice support will allow for much clearer phone calls, and VoLTE will allow users to make calls using their LTE service, as long as their phone supports it. Hit the break for the press release.

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Straight Talks gives small data bump to $45 plan


Straight Talk, the no contract pre-paid wireless provider, has announced a small bump in the data limit on their $45 per month plan. The unlimited talk and text plan now gets 3GB of data per month, a small increase from the 2.5GB limit that was in place. Since Straight Talk does not charge overage fees, users who go over the new 3GB limit will find their data speeds throttled down to 2G type performance. Straight Talk has also enhanced their $30 “All You Need” plan for non-smartphone users to provide unlimited text, 1500 minutes of voice and 100MB of data. For the rest of May Straight Talk will have demo units available at Walmart stores on Saturdays for potential buyers to try out and is offering a $25 Walmart gift card if a Samsung Galaxy Centura or Discover phone is purchased in May.

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Samsung “Tab Into Color” event scheduled for June 12th


Yesterday we reported on some news that came out of comments by Samsung’s JK Shin indicating Samsung was ready to launch some new tablets in June. Those plans became more explicit today as Samsung has sent out invitations for a “Tab Into Color” event scheduled for June 12th in New York City at Madison Square Garden or live streamed via YouTube.

The expectation is that Samsung will unveil a new line of tablets dubbed the Galaxy Tab S series. The new tablets are expected to come equipped with AMOLED displays running a resolution of 2560 x 1600. Two different sizes are expected, one 8.4-inch tablet and one 10.5-inch tablet. Besides the massive improvements to the screen, it is unclear whether there will be any other enhancements.