Android and Chrome OS are separate for now but will slowly converge

TechRadar recently sat down with Google’s Vice President of Engineering, Linus Upson, and he said that the company isn’t working on a Chrome OS tablet, but you can expect to see a slow convergence with the Android OS.

“We have our hands full in delivering a wonderful experience on dektop and laptop and the Android team have their hands full bringing a great experience on phone and tablet. But the two teams are working together even more closely,” said Upson.

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Google Voice Deals With Anonymous Callers By Creating New Caller Groups

Don’t you hate it when you get a call and the number is “restricted” or “unknown”? It’s annoying because you know full well that it’s most likely spam calling. If you are a user of Google Voice, however, you can now get your sweet revenge on telemarketers everywhere with the introduction of two new customizable caller groups.

Basically, calls can now be divided into those in your address book (All Contacts), and those that are unknown (Anonymous Callers). The anonymous group is where you can have some fun by setting up a custom greeting that picks up after one ring. Use this message to tell anonymous callers just how you feel about them being… well… anonymous. Or, if you’re not in the mood to be creative, simply send them to voicemail directly and deal with them later. Awesome addition, Google.

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Google’s Steve Lee Talks History And Future Of Project Glass

Seems like Google’s Project Glass has been everywhere lately, but details have been fairly scarce. Project lead Steve Lee, however, has given a pretty extensive interview to Fast Company and talks about how it all started and where it’s going. Interesting facts have surfaced, like the details of earlier prototypes:

[At first] we just threw a laptop into a backpack and that was the computing power. Of course, with other prototypes, we tried to put the computing power into the device itself. We’ve tried prototypes where there are cables running from the device that’s on your head down to a control box or to your phone. 

When asked about early reports of the device being available this year for between $250 and $600, he said that information was inaccurate:

I don’t know where that information came from. I can just say that that’s pretty aggressive timing. It’s really a challenging project, and even if we have some of the software from the video running on the device, there’s so many other engineering and technical and manufacturing challenges. What was provided in that article didn’t come from our team.

Lee also talks about some of the key features of the current Glass prototype:

Personally, I view Glass as more than just a geo-product. The photo-taking experience, we think, is really a key aspect to this. But also the mapping and navigation and location services will really bring a new type of experience on this device.

There is also talk of possible future versions (contact lenses, anyone?) and how the team tries to balance fashion and geekiness. Hit the source link to read the entire first part of the interview (second half is due later this week).

source: fast company
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Verizon Issues First Batch of Android 4.0.4 Updates to a Few Lucky Galaxy Nexus Owners

Well, after all the waiting and all the negative thoughts about Verizon, it appears that Big Red has finally started to roll out the Android 4.0.4 update to the Galaxy Nexus. What you are seeing above is a screenshot sent in to the folks over at Droid Life and it clearly shows that some lucky Verizon customer has already received the long overdue IMM76K update. Word has it that the update is going out in small batches because only a few people across the Twittersphere have been so fortunate to be on the recieving end. Either way this is a sure sign that the update has officially begun and we suggest that you Verizon GNex owners start checking for available updates on the regular. Let us know when you see anything.

source: Droid Life

Canadian Samsung Galaxy S III Coming June 20 With 2 GB RAM On Board

Rogers and Telus already spilled the beans about the June 20th Canadian release date for the Samsung Galaxy S III, and now Samsung has confirmed this in a press release. Samsung also outlines all the specs of the Canadian variants as well as which carriers will be getting it. Here’s the breakdown:

SGH-i747 (LTE model): Bell Mobility, Virgin Mobile, SaskTel, TELUS, and Rogers Wireless.

SGH-iT999 (HSPA+42 model): Videotron, Wind, and Mobilicity.

In the U.S., this could mean the i747 would come to AT&T and the iT999 to T-Mobile, but we’re just speculating. Spec-wise, these two models are very similar to the international versions with a couple of differences.

As we expected, the CPU is a dual-core Qualcomm S4 instead of the quad-core Exynos. The amount of RAM is doubled to a whopping 2GB for both Canadian versions. On the negative side, there will not be a 64GB version available, and the iT999 will only come with 16GB. Not the end of the world, but this may affect the buying decision for some.

Hit the break for the full press release.

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Renaissance Blood THD now in the Google Play Store and TegraZone

Renaissance Blood THD is the latest game to hit the TegraZone. Built on Unreal Mobile Engine and Tegra 3 optimized, it’s a “House of the Dead” style FPS developed by Bridea and published by NCsoft. It takes place in the Renaissance era and the object is to find the final blueprint that the great Leonardo da Vinci left behind. After Leonard DaVinci’s death, heroes of Renaissance started to fight a battle for capturing “DaVinci machine” which DaVinci designed. Immerse yourself in a world where science and alchemy set the rules, and battle your way through a slew of mobs with spectacular weapons inspired by Da Vinci’s inventions.

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Google Play Store Now Selling Device Accessories to U.S. Residents

Google today announced that they plan to sell accessories alongside their respective devices in the Google Play Store. Yep that’s right, you guessed it, that means HSPA+ (GSM) Galaxy Nexus accessories at this time only. Too bad it took over six months for the official accessories to show up but I guess now is better than never. One thing worth mentioning, though. You must reside in U.S. in order to see the available accessories otherwise you will get the “We’re sorry, the document you requested is not available in your country,” message.

Currently available is the Vehicle Dock and Landscape dock, both of which sport the 3-pin functionality and run $54 each. Also available is the portrait style Desk dock with and HDMI output and a full USB port for charging and transferring data. The desk dock is a little cheaper at $49 and when compared to Samsung’s direct pricing, Google’s price’s are much lower all around. It’s probably worth mentioning that you LTE users will probably find that all theses accessories are not compatible with LTE devices. Bum deal, huh? Talk to Big Red about that one.

To see the newly added accesories for yourself, hit up the Play Store link below.

Google Play Store
source: Google+


Samsung Galaxy S III headed to Canada

Mark it in you diary Canada, the coveted Samsung Galaxy S III can be yours from June 20th. Both Rogers and Telus have today confirmed that they will each be stocking Samsung’s latest flagship device in a choice of blue or white as well as 16GB and 32GB iterations.

Both carrier’s websites have gone live with their pre-order pages. There’s no pricing as yet from Rogers and you’ll need to be an existing subscriber to place your order. Telus is offering the device to new and existing customers. You’ll be able to get your hands on the 16GB model for $160 on a 3 year contract where as the 32GB model will cost you $210 also on a 3 year contract.

You can head straight to the pre-order pages via the source links below. Now roll on June 20th!


Google Places Is No More, Google+ Adds Zagat Rankings And Is Now Called “Google+ Local” (Video)

If you were wondering what Google was going to do with the newly acquired Zagat, just check out your Google+ page.  The search giant has added a little kick to Maps and to your general search functions on the site.  You’ll now find Zagat’s point system in place and will automatically pop up in search results when looking for your favorite resaurant or hot spot.  And if you’ve always been weary about who’s leaving feedback on these places, fear not. The site will now allow you to view Google+ friends’ favorite places and what they’ve had to say about them, certainly a review you can trust, right?  Google has even added a Local tab on Google+ to show you recommendations.  So, if you need to find the hottest spot around, your favorite sandwich or a sushi place, you’re in for a treat with Google’s new service.  The feature is now live so head on over to your Plus page and get started. Check out the videos below as well touting the new service.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.  
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Flipboard Beta coming to all of Android soon [Updated - It's already here]

If you’re familiar with Flipboard, you are a little jealous of iOS users since it’s yet to be available on Android. Well actually, in a way it’s available, but only to Samsung Galaxy S III owners. It comes pre-installed on the device but we were never sure of what kind of exclusive agreement there is in place.

It looks like the GSIII is just part of the plan. With Android, one of the big issues is screen sizes and compatibility with so many devices. The company wanted to get this going with one screen size to see how things go. It certainly isn’t a bad device to start with since they already sold nearly 10 million units. The good news is that they are close to releasing a beta version for all. The interesting thing is that it won’t be in the Google Play Store just yet, but they plan on releasing it as an APK that can be sideloaded. This is the best way in my opinion because only astute Android users will install it and that’s what they want. They also want these users to provide feedback to make sure that when they release the full version, it will be as polished as the iOS version.

Of course if you can’t wait, you can grab the leaked APK from Samsung.


Wow that didn’t take long. You can grab the beta APK now and give it a try. Here’s the instructions:

  1. Go to the security section in your phone settings and allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  2. Click on this link to install the beta.

Also, it’s very important to give them feedback. You can do this by going to the About section in the app Settings and then tap the Flipboard logo or just email them directly at android-feedback AT flipboard dot com.

source: engadget