Vodafone Officially Makes HTC One X And One V Smartphones Available For Preorders

Those of you living in the UK won’t have to wait much longer for HTC’s most anticipated devices of the year. Reports are coming in that both the One X and One S are officially up for preorder with mobile giant Vodafone. It will be offering the One X in both grey and white for free on contracts of £41 or more per month, which gets you 900 minutes, unlimited text messaging and 1GB of monthly data. The phone can also be found for as little as £26 per month, though customers would have to pay a hefty £299 upfront to get the device at that rate.

The One S will be available for free on contracts of £36 per month, which will snag you 600 minutes, unlimited text messaging and 1GB of monthly data. The phone is also available for as little as £26 per month, but like the One X— customers will need to pay £199 upfront in order to get the phone at that price.

The fact that both Beats Audio-powered devices are now available for preorder means the official release is imminent for both smartphones. Let’s hope Vodafone doesn’t make interested buyers wait too long for the latest and greatest iteration of HTC’s new and improved Sense UI.

source: Vodafone UK

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket gets unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich update

You gotta love the development community for Android. It’s amazing what things they come up with. The latest is from RootzWiki and is for all the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket owners. Your wait for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is over. Well not technically. This is a leaked build that you can manually install. This is definitely an official build, but not the final version so please keep in mind there will most likely be issues. It’s at least fairly recent with a date of March 14, but your guess is as good as mine as to how ready it is for prime time. Anyways, if you’ve got the guts, head over to the source link and give it a shot or join in on the discussion.

source: rootzwiki

Could Fido be jumping on the LTE bandwagon?

LTE growth in Canada has really picked up this past year with all the major carriers joining the party. Rogers, Bell, Telus and most recently Virgin Mobile have all launched their own 4G Networks in the last twelve months. If Canadian tech site MobileSyrup is correct, and it normally is, Fido (a Rogers sub-brand) could be next to offer LTE services up North. An anonymous tipster armed with their trusty blurrycam (of course!) sent in the above screen shot from the Fido employee system and it clearly shows the option to add ‘LTE Voice and Data Sharing Bundles’

I’ll definitely be filing this particular story as a rumour for the time being as there’s no official statement from Rogers or Fido. If it turns out to be correct it’s great to see yet another LTE option in Canada, this UK based writer is still patiently waiting for the UK’s first LTE network!

source: MobileSyrup

LG Making Your Wishes Come True With Facebook Contest

Celebrating the launch of LG’s new Optimus L Series L-Style smartphones (including the L7, L5, and L3), LG has announced a contest they’re calling the LG Optimus L Series Event. Up for grabs is the opportunity to “make your wish come true” for five lucky winners. That is if your wish has a lower than $5000 price tag. To enter, you have to visit LG’s Facebook page, “like” them, and submit your wish. Entries can be submitted until April 11 and winners will be chosen based on votes from other users, amongst other criteria. In addition, five random entries will be chosen to receive a free Optimus L7 smartphone.

Now I just need to figure out what my sub-$5000 wish is.

source: facebook
via: unwiredview

Roundup the Zombies: My Top 10 Android Zombie Apps

I like zombies. They’re tenacious, hungry, and single-minded in their bloodlust. They’re also easy to kill when there’s just one or two, but much more difficult when there are hundreds lumbering toward you. In tribute to my current favorite TV show, AMC’s The Walking Dead, I’ve put together my top 10 favorite Android zombie apps for your zombie-killing pleasure! Check out all 10, in no particular order, after the break!

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Crystal Downloader Available in the Google Play Store

Have you ever wanted to get your downloads faster? Well it looks like we may have help in that department. Well XDA forum user xtr143 has a post detailing the process used to get faster downloads. The app is called Crystal Downloader and it is available in the Google Play Store. The features of the app are:

- Split file in maximum 32 parts.
- Pause and resume download, of course.
- Auto detect server allow multi-parts download or not, and how many connection can makes in a moment.

Checkout the source and  hit the Play Store link or grab the QR code for the app. I don’t know about you guys but faster downloads sounds good to me.

source: XDA

Play Store Download Link

Monopoly: A Fun Spin on Real Estate

If you’ve ever had a hankering to be in touch with your inner child, look no further than Monopoly by EA Games. This blast from the past expertly brings all the fun from the original board game into your Android device. No detail has been overlooked. The game has kept me from taking out the trash or washing the dishes on more than one occasion (shhh, don’t tell my husband!). The developer has done such a great job that I guarantee you will become totally engrossed in your quest for real estate domination. The only thing missing is some colorful cash. You can choose to play with others on the same device, or against the computer’s artificial intelligence. The classic game pieces are animated with their own little quirks and movements. All your favorite properties are there, too – from Boardwalk to Pennsylvania Railroad. The developer didn’t miss any customizable detail. You can turn on shake-to-roll, change your Pass Go salary or decide whether to own any properties from the start. There are nine languages to choose from, and each language brings different property names from the respective countries.

A possible future addition that I would like to see is the capability to play opponents online. This would open up a whole new aspect of Monopoly, whether you’re playing against your friend living on the other side of town or a randomly assigned opponent on the other side of the country.

It’s not everyday that you come across an app that delivers on nearly all fronts. Some of us were lucky enough to get it for free with the Amazon app of the day, but I dare say it is definitely worth the $4.99 to purchase.


Play Store Download Link

Nvidia 28nm Kepler GPU May Go Mobile

Nvidia recently released Kepler, a more efficient 28nm GPU, used in the GeForce GTX 680 desktop graphics card. Tech site Anandtech discovered an email sent by Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang to all Nvidia employees congratulating them on the launch of Kepler. In the email, Huang mentions his intention to bring this chip architecture to other devices, including smartphones.

“Today is just the beginning of Kepler. Because of its super energy-efficient architecture, we will extend GPUs into datacenters, to super thin notebooks, to superphones.”

Obviously, the exact same chip can’t simply be inserted into a phone, but this declaration by Huang shows that there is a closer relation between the GeForce and Tegra lines via the Kepler architecture. While the Tegra 3 is Nvidia’s current mobile champion, the next generation from the company will bring us even closer to desktop level performance from a mobile device.

Read Huang’s entire email after the break.

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Reminder: Google I/O registrations open on March 27th

Learn the tech world’s latest web, mobile and social breakthroughs and meet the developers who are turning them into tomorrow’s startups. Keep yourself and your team driving innovation at Google I/O, which returns to San Francisco’s Moscone Center from June 27th – 29th, 2012.

Mark it in your diaries Google Android lovers, registration for the always awesome input/output conference is merely double-digit hours away. Formal registration opens at 7AM PDT on Tuesday the 27th of March. If you’re champing at the bit to get involved then you’ll need to be quick as there are 5,500 spots up for grabs on a first come, first served basis and if previous years are any indication, it’ll sell out in a matter of minutes. You’ll need to make sure you’re signed up for Google+ and Google Wallet in order to register and the cost this year is a handsome $900 ($300 for students).

Past events have given us a sneak peak at forthcoming Android releases as well as an insight into the wonderful world of Google, could we be about get our first look at the fabled Android Jelly Bean release? Stay tuned in to TalkAndroid as we bring you all the news from the 2012 I/O conference as it arrives. Let us know what you’re hoping to see this year in the comments below.


source : google developers

Draw Something to Receive Update, Includes Bug Fixes and New Features

Last week we reviewed the insanely popular overnight hit, Draw Something. As soon as the app was released it almost instantly became the top free and paid apps in the Play store and remains there to this day. If you are reading this I imagine you have at least heard of this app and at most are highly addicted to it, playing it all day long with over 15 games going on simultaneously – I know who you are :-) Anyway, all folks who have a Draw Something account recently received an email outlining the future update plans for the game. If you have been experiencing bugs have no fear, not only are OMGPOP and new owners Zynga going to fix all reported bugs, they are going to issue some great new features as well. In case you trashed the email or it landed in your spam box, this is what you can expect in the upcoming update:
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