New Google Glass video highlights voice search interface


Google released a new video yesterday showing some examples of real life uses for their Glass devices. Many people have been focusing on issues related to the cameras built into the devices and how those can be used to record life events. However, if Google wants to see the devices adopted widely, a key piece will be the ability of the voice search functionality to perform well since that will be the primary interface between Glass and the user for input purposes. To demonstrate how well voice search works, a couple Google Glass testers posed a series of questions to see what the results would be.

Dead Zebra announces 10-piece set of rainbow Android figurines, on sale today for $69

dead zebra android figure

Dead Zebra frequently makes small sets of Android figurines, and the next project in their lineup is this rainbow set of 10. The figures are slated to go on sale for at 11AM eastern time later today for $69. Needless to say, this set probably won’t last long, so if you’re interested, you’re going to want to try to place an order as quickly as possible.

The figures cover all the basic rainbow colors and have a nice translucent body. It’s definitely one of the cooler sets Dead Zebra has done in recent memory, and with each figure only running about $7 apiece, it’s reasonably priced to boot. The box they come in doubles as a protective case to display them if you’re the type of collector that likes to keep everything pristine, or you can set these little guys up on your desk chasing some apples around. There’s plenty of ideas.

So if you’ve got $70 to spare and this set has caught your eye, hit the link below later today to try to snag an order.

source: Dead Zebra

LG rumored to drop Optimus name from its high-end lineup of smartphones



In an effort to revamp its smartphone lineup, LG is rumored to drop the ‘Optimus’ name from its premium devices and move the name to mid to lower-end devices instead. According to various reports, LG is in the midst of devising a new brand identity for its flagship models, which should help to generate more chatter and excitement among consumers. There’s no indication yet of when we’ll see the new flagship name (or if this sudden change indicates a new LG flagship that’s on the way), but the hope is that we’ll have a clearer understanding sooner than later.

Complimenting the more uniform naming arrangement for its smartphone models, LG is also rumored to go with a more common design language for not just its upcoming handsets— but other types of devices as all— all in order to bring more consistency and familiarity with customers. So while this is exciting (and unusual to say the least), no one knows exactly what this means really. Will the LG smartphones and say appliances feature some sort of sleek curvy design? Will each be featured in a few exclusive colors? Again no one knows exactly… but it certainly will be exciting to see what direction it is LG may be headed towards.

source: Chosun.Biz
via: Phone Arena

Apple officially dumps Google in Siri… wants Bing and Siri to be cozy instead



Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, you’re probably well-aware that Apple currently has its always-exciting WWDC event underway. While most folks out there walked away largely impressed (or for some of you, thankful that Apple has finally decided to catch up to the Android platform in some regards), there is something noteworthy that no doubt an eye-opener: Apple’s decision to roll with Microsoft’s Bing as the default search engine, instead of Google for the forthcoming iOS 7 update. Despite the public’s overwhelming preference for Google as a search engine (it holds a stunning 66.5% share in the U.S. according to comScore), Bing will be integrated into Siri searches instead… despite its ho-hum 17.3% share web search share. There is a minor workaround to this as Siri users also can still utilize Google for search results by asking Siri to “search Google” for a unique request. But yes friends, Apple is just about finished with Anything that can be perceived as a threat to its brand (Samsung, Apple, etc.)…

… Yet despite Bing being the default search engine when used with Siri, Apple hasn’t quite lost its senses just yet as Google will remain the default web search engine in the Safari Web browser for iOS devices. So at least all is not quite lost for the minority of Apple + Android users out there.

source: Wall Street Journal Blog

Power By Gen running Father’s Day promotion on Andru chargers, $19.99 with free shipping


Need a gift idea for Dad or maybe even for yourself? Power By Gen is running a Father’s Day sale. Just use coupon code 4DAD and get any Andru charger for $19.99 with Free shipping. You can select from their basic Andru, Andru Dark, or Andru Chill.

Also, in case you weren’t aware, those of you in Europe and the UK will be happy to know they are offering SHUTL adapters as well. Right now you can grab them for 25% off the normal price of $6.99 when purchased with Andru.

Hit up the source link to get your order in.

source: Power By Gen

Get the “Parallex Effect” iOS feature on Android with 3D Image Live Wallpaper


A lot of iOS 7’s features that they unveiled today at the WWDC include capabilities that Android has already had. One of those is “Parallex Effect,” which gives iPhone homescreens an illusion of the icons moving around depending on the angle at which you tilt the screen. An Android app called 3D Image Live Wallpaper does the same thing that the iOS feature does, and has actually been around for a while.  The gyroscope-controlled effect that the app provides lays over any wallpaper you choose, and it’s actually pretty cool.

The wallpaper costs $1.60 and you can download it from the Play Store via the link after the break. Try it out and let us know what you think.

source: Android Guys

TalkAndroid Daily Dose for June 10, 2013


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


EA announces unique twist for cross-platform gameplay in Need for Speed: Rivals

Get the “Parallex Effect” iOS feature on Android with 3D Image Live Wallpaper


AT&T extends upgrade period to 24 months

Gaming Hardware

MOGA Power Series Pro to feature rumble tactile effects from Immersion

Mad Catz Project M.O.J.O. gaming console revealed at E3

EA announces unique twist for cross-platform gameplay in Need for Speed: Rivals


At E3 2013 today, EA announced a unique twist on cross-platform support for a new chapter coming out in their Need for Speed series. Most people probably think cross-platform multiplayer support means being able to participate in the actual gameplay. For Need for Speed: Rivals, EA is including a unique feature that will enable tablet users to interact with the game and impact what is going on by acting as a virtual “spotter” for other players. As an example, users could call in support to the help the cops chasing a player.

HALO project open sourced by Paranoid Android team


The team over at Paranoid Android has announced they are open sourcing their HALO project. HALO brings Facebook Chat Heads-like notification functionality to Android apps, one of the few features of Facebook’s Home interface that actually received a positive response from users. Along with floating the notification on the screen on top of open applications, the HALO project gives users the ability to interact with app in a limited matter, like sending a response to a message.

Sprint Vital gets June 14th launch date, $99 with two-year contract and mail-in rebate


Sprint has announced an official release date and pricing for its latest self-branded ZTE Vital smartphone; you’ll be able to snag the 5-inch smartphone for $99 (after a $50 mail-in rebate) starting June 14th. The Vital isn’t going to compete with the flagship phones of 2013, but for customers who want something with a larger screen without breaking the bank, its an excellent phone.

The Vital is powered by a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and has a 5-inch 720p screen, 13 megapixel camera, a nice 2,500 mAh battery, and of course support for Sprint’s LTE network. It’s also running a relatively clean version of Android 4.1, so if you have a problem with OEM skins and you’re a Sprint customer, keep an eye out for this device in a few days.

AT&T extends upgrade period to 24 months


Almost two months ago, Verizon extended their upgrade cycles for wireless customers from 20 months to 24 months. This basically meant customers had to wait a full two years to get a new device at subsidized pricing instead of the usual 20 months. Unfortunately for AT&T customers, AT&T is following suit and pushing their upgrade cycles back a full four months.

The only bright side here is that AT&T’s new upgrade rules don’t take effect until next March, where Verizon will start enforcing it next January. Either way, it’s not a particularly welcome change.

source: Phone Arena

HTC to announce Butterfly S on June 19th


If you’ve been anticipating HTC’s Butterfly S, you shouldn’t have to wait too much longer. According to some invitations being sent to Taiwanese media by HTC, the Butterfly S will be unveiled on June 19th. The invitation also says that the HTC Desire 600 may make an appearance alongside the Butterfly S. HTC will also probably announce locations and carriers for both devices.

There’s nothing specific about what we can expect to see from the Butterfly S, but considering the original HTC Butterfly is still an extremely capable phone, the upgrade is likely to be incremental. The inclusion of an Ultrapixel camera and Sense 5 with all the features like HTC Zoe and Blinkfeed are likely to be obvious inclusions, but we’ll probably see a bumped up processor, and hopefully we won’t lose the microSD card slot in the process.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date as soon as HTC announces anything.

source: Sogi

via: Phone Arena

7 inch ASUS tablet running Android 4.3 shows up on Bluetooth SIG


Android 4.3 didn’t show up at Google I/O, but that hasn’t stopped it from showing up everywhere else on the internet. According to a recent Bluetooth certification, a 7-inch ASUS tablet with the model K008 popped up running the latest, yet-to-be-announced version of Android. We can’t get any other details from the filing aside from Android 4.3, so this raises more questions than it answers.

Not too long ago, we saw what appeared to be a Nexus 7 model get the same certification running Android 4.3, so its possible that this new tablet could be a separate 7-inch tablet ASUS has in the pipeline. Hopefully Google won’t take too much longer to clarify this and announce a new Nexus 7 soon.

source: Bluetooth SIG

via: Mobileaks

Huawei shows off the extremely thin Ascend P6 with a Facebook photo

ascend p6

Huawei is hyping up its latest smartphone in the Ascend lineup by showing pictures of the Ascend P6 on Facebook, shown above, and it looks to be an extremely attractive device. The ultrathin device is rumored to be just 6.2 mm thin. Not only is the device incredibly thin, Huawei is boasting about the attention to detail they’ve put into every aspect of the phone.

Sony NSZ-GS8 Google TV device adds support for voice search


Sony announced a new addition to their line of Google TV devices, the NSZ-GS8 Internet Player. The device is the successor to last year’s NSZ-GS7. The big change for this year is the addition of voice search capabilities to the device. This is achieved just by speaking into the remote control and the unit will take things from there, displaying TV listings or search results if you happen to be surfing the web using the Google Chrome browser that comes on the unit.

Sony indicates sharing photos and videos from Android powered smartphones and tablets will be done seamlessly and wirelessly. Sony even makes sure those individuals stuck using an iOS powered device can use their Google TV device for viewing photos and videos through the Airtight app, which brings Airplay type functionality to the NSZ-GS8.

According to Sony, this new model will be available in Sony stores and other retailers starting in early July for $199. You can visit the Sony Store online to setup a notification for when the device is available for order. You may also notice the NSZ-GS7 has been placed on sale for $169.

source: Sony Blog