Quad-Core MEIZU MX Price And Availability Announced

Chinese device manufacturer MEIZU has finally brought forth the goods in regards to the aforementioned MX model from September.  While both a dual-core and quad-core were introduced, very little info as far as pricing and a release date was mentioned for the latter.  The company has announced that the anticipated quad-core device will hit stores in Hong Kong sometime in June.  The handset will mark one of the first in a line of devices to finally hit the market not sporting a Tegra 3 chipset on board.  The device will come housed with Samsung’s Exynos A9 CPU instead.  Other than that, you can expect the original specs mentioned, a 4-inch qHD res display, 8mp camera, 1700 mAh battery all wrapped up in MEIZU’s “Flyme OS UI” over Android ICS 4.0.  The device will come in both 32 GB and 64 GB for $425 USD and $630 USD respectively.  Check out the presser after the break for more info and feel free to leave a comment or two below.  
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HTC One V expected to ship out in the UK starting April 23 via Carphone Warehouse

Ever since the announcement of their One series of smartphones, HTC has not wasted any time in getting their highly anticipated One X and One S models ready for release onto various carriers globally. But what about the HTC One V? That’s right, there was a third member of the One Club. Well according to Carphone Warhouse, they are now taking pre-orders for this HTC Legend throwback and are quoting a shipping date to begin on April 23 in the UK. It appears that Orange, O2 and Vodafone are among the carriers that will be offering up the One V for free on contract. In case you are having any doubts about the validity of this, it seems that Amazon UK will also be shipping out the One V at the same time with April 26 being the earliest day of delivery. So is anyone out there interested in the One V? If so, let us know what features you are sold on in the comments below.

source: theverge

Verizon announces new software update for the Motorola DROID 2

There is now a new update available for this DROID 2 named 4.5.621.A955.Verizon.en.US. The official Big Red update page lists a number of device feature updates along with a Google security patch. Plus a few other enhancements to e-mail, messaging, data, and applications and widgets. So as mentioned in the alert VZW “encourages” you to download this update.

If you haven’t already done so head to Settings>About>System updates and check to see if it’s arrived for your Android device. Verizon Wireless seem to have been dragging their feet on releasing this one. At least now you can enjoy a few more minor enhancements and fixes to your Motorola DROID 2 that probably should have arrived a while ago.

source: verizon

See the Samsung Galaxy S III in all its glory on May 3 in London

That’s right. Apparently the rumored May 22 date never existed or maybe it did. Either way it looks like we will finally see what is already the most anticipated phone of 2012, the Samsung Galaxy S III, on May 3 in London. The event starts at 7:00pm London time, which translates to 2:00pm Eastern time. Don’t worry, since most of our readers are not a member of the press, you can still watch it via their Facebook page since it will be live streamed. So does anyone have another fake render they would like to send us?

EXIF Data Exposes Motorola DROID RAZR HD

We’ve already seen leaked photos of the DROID Fighter, presumably a third phone in the RAZR line after the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX. Some more evidence of a third RAZR was just uncovered in the form of EXIF data on some public pictures found on Picasa, but is it the Fighter or something else?

The EXIF data reveals a device claiming to be the DROID RAZR HD, and the fact that the Fighter was rumored to have a 720p display, this could be the same device. Of course, the EXIF data also reveals a device code name of Vanquish, which we’ve heard before but have no information about.

Is the Vanquish the same device as the Fighter? We don’t know at this point, but why would there be two code names for the same handset? All we know is that Motorola apparently has at least one new device coming in the RAZR line. Check out a screenshot of the EXIF data after the break.

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Manage Your Vehicle With aCar

I’m what some people call a “hypermiler”. Yes, I drive a 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid and I like to try to maximize my fuel mileage when I drive. Ok, before you start groaning about me being the slow guy in the left lane, I’m not that guy. Driving in the left lane is bad for mileage, so why would I go there? For people like me, keeping track of my car’s fuel statistics is a very useful thing.

I originally started entering my fill-ups and mileage data into a web site (it was 2005, after all). Once I got my first Android phone in 2009, I transferred all that data to an app I found in the Android Market called aCar by developer Armond Avanes. aCar, which we talked about before,  is an app that tracks your vehicle’s fill-ups, expenses, trips, and other services. It was the perfect fit for my needs.

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HTC One X Camera Mod Improves Picture And Video Quality

Much has been said about the HTC One X‘s supposedly outstanding camera, and we’ve seen amazing photographs from it as well as some mediocre ones. It seems the camera can take exceptional images in the right conditions but some of the built-in limitations may be holding it back from true greatness.

Enter the HQ Camera For One X mod. This tweaked camera, by XDA member NODO-GT, removes these limitations, unlocking the camera’s true potential. What limitations are we talking about?

For one, the stock software limits 1080p video compression to a maximum of 10Mbps. This mod raises that to 20Mbps, meaning video will look much sharper and contain less compression artifacts. Photographs can also now be taken with zero compression, generating larger, and much sharper looking JPEG files. To accommodate for the larger file sizes, the mod also removes any image size limitations that existed in the stock software.

This mod was in open beta, but due to some reports of crashes and bugs, the download link has been removed and the developer is asking for private testers. Installing it requires an unlocked and rooted One X. The developer says a version for the One S should be available soon.

This is the second useful mod we’ve seen for the One X, with the first being the fix for the battery issue. Great to see the mod community going full-force on HTC’s new flagship. Hopefully, some of these improvements can make their way in to HTC’s official updates in the future.

source: xda

ASUS To Ship Transformer Pad 300 Tablet On April 22

In the market for a new tablet, but want something with a little more ‘oomph’? ASUS may have the cure for what ails you. In going with ASUS’ newfound philosophy of revamping its Transformer line, it went ahead and unleashed its newest quad-core monster the Transformer Pad 300 which will begin shipping next Sunday, April 22. It will come fully loaded featuring a Tegra 3 processor and Ice Cream Sandwich operating on a 10-inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 800, an 8MP and 1.2MP FF cameras. As good as this sounds, ASUS wants consumers to know that it’s latest option in the Transformer line is different from its competition– so what is it that separates this device from the others? Well ASUS puts it simple by highlighting the Transformer Pad 300 is “a laptop replacement with 4G LTE network capabilities”. Awesome.

You all salivating at the thought of owning one of these yet?

source: PC World

HTC One X Software Bug Drains Battery But Unofficial Fix Is Available

Seems HTC has made a tiny boo-boo in their One X software, which causes the battery on their new flagship to drain a bit more than it should. Luckily, XDA developer mike1986 has discovered the issue while working on a custom ROM for the device and has released a method for fixing the problem, with some users claiming an increase of 10%-20% in battery life.

Apparently, an app known as NvCPLSvc.apk was placed in the /system/bin directory on the phone, but it actually belongs in the /system/app directory. This one little slip-up caused the Tegra 3 power management software to not work properly. The fix is to move the file to the proper directory and change the file’s permissions appropriately. This can all be done using ADB to push the file to the right place on the handset, or by using a root-aware file explorer on the device to move the file and change the permissions.

Or, if you don’t want to root, you can wait for HTC’s official fix, assuming HTC includes the fix with the next update.

source: xda