Photos Taken From DROID RAZR Discovered On Google Picasa

by Justin Routhier on
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Just a few short days after those Galaxy Nexus pictures surfaced on Google Picasa, photos taken from a DROID RAZR have been discovered on the site as well. If you’re a fan of candid floral snapshots and kitchen countertops, I’m sure you’ll enjoy both of these apparent 6MP (widescreen) images posted by two different Moto employees within the last week.

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PhoneGuard launches app suite aimed at stopping texting while driving

by Stacy Bruce on
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Yesterday, PhoneGuard launched a new application suite in the Android Market that provides “Personal Security” and “Text Responsibly” platforms for mobile phones. The PhoneGuard app suite provides free and paid apps that are designed to not only keep teens safe while driving, but can be used by businesses alike. By disabling all keyboard functions when traveling over 10mph, PhoneGuard will make sure drivers focus on the road instead of their cellphone.

With their new slogan, “It’s your life. Drive it”, the Company’s product strategy will evolve around three separate and distinct product offerings targeted at teens, parents, and enterprise customers. “The team is excited to bring the PhoneGuard application suite to market and provide personal security and responsible texting options to multiple audiences,” said Keith St. Clair, PhoneGuard Chairman of the Board and CEO. “The features are robust and appealing to families, teens and businesses, all of whom are focused on staying safe on the road.”

Features, details, press release, and download links after the break.

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Samsung announces Enterprise Alliance Program

by Robert Nazarian on
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On the heels of yesterday’s announcement of SAFE, Samsung announced the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program which is an enterprise mobility ecosystem for Samsung and its enterprise solution partners. The program will allow enterprise solution partners to implement their solutions on Samsung mobile devices more efficiently.

There are four tiers of membership and depending on what tier, enterprise partners are provided with technical support for solution development on Samsung mobile devices, joint marketing and sales support through Samsung’s enterprise mobility website, and enterprise mobility focused events to ultimately develop business opportunities together.

“The Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program is a true testament to Samsung’s growing and influential enterprise presence and our dedication to facilitating a cooperative environment for our business-to-business partners,” said Ken Daniels, Sr. Director of Strategic Alliances at Samsung Telecommunications America. “Our new program aims to not only redefine the relationships between Samsung and its enterprise partners, but in doing so, to ultimately enhance the experience of employees and consumers who utilize our enterprise-ready devices.”

Full press release after the break:

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Final version of Google TV SDK went live

by Robert Nazarian on
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Back in August, Google released a preview build for the Google TV SDK, and we are happy to announce the final version went live yesterday.

The differences between the two builds are minor, but the Action Bar is now horizontal like Honeycomb tablets. They also added additional on-screen quick access keys for picture-in-picture, fast forward, and channel buttons.

Now that we have the final version we should see some really nice development. I am excited to see what Google TV becomes with the Honeycomb update.

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ViewSonic ViewPad 10e might be headed to the UK and Netherlands

by Robert Nazarian on
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ViewSonic has been going tablet crazy with the ViewPad 7x, ViewPad 7e, and ViewPad 10pro. Now it looks like they are gearing up to release the ViewPad 10e which will sport a 9.7-inch (1024 x 768) IPS display, a 1.3MP camera, and is only 9mm thick. Incidentally the screen size is the same as the TouchPad and iPad 2.

We don’t have anything else to go on, but it will run Gingerbread and it won’t be a dual-OS setup like the 10pro. We are not sure when it will be available, but it will be fairly priced at €250 ($340).

[via engadget and portablegear]

Duke Nukem 3D coming to Android thanks to Tapjoy and MachineWorks Northwest

by Robert Nazarian on
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Do you remember playing Duke Nukem twenty years ago? That wise-cracking, cigar-chomping, woman-loving tough guy is coming to Android soon. Tapjoy, Inc. has partnered with MachineWorks Northwest to bring Duke Nukem 3D to Android.

The partnership is part of the Tapjoy Android Fund which is designed to bring top-quality mobile games and applications to the Android platform.

Duke Nukem 3D is the third installment of the series and is set in Los Angeles, “sometime in the early 21st century.” Your job is to use increasingly sophisticated weapons to defeat aliens and mutated humans from taking over the world. Duke Nukem 3D might be the third installment of the series, but it’s the first time a Duke Nukem game has made its way to the Android market.

You can expect to see Duke Nukem soon (possibly next week), and it will be compatible with both smartphones and tablets running Android 2.1 or better.

One more screenshot and full press release after the break:

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LG P930 LTE Mystery Phone Clears FCC with AT&T Destination

by Mitch Wright on
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LG had phone clear the FCC today with bands that indicate an AT&T final destination. Not much else is known about the phone, other than the fact that it was mentioned in LG’s user agent profile database with a high-definition screen with full 1280 x 720 resolution. Nothing to sneeze at for sure, assuming the other device specs line up with the high-end screen. Regarding the bands that were mentioned, we’re looking at the 850 and 1900 bands of the GSM variety, WCDMA bands II and V, LTE bands 4 and 17. The 1900 band would also make use of T-Mobile’s network, given a successful Given the tests run on the device, we also know that the P930 is definitely not a tablet, unless LG has other ideas of usable phone size. Other than that, time will tell what kind of device this ends up being. We’ll keep you in the loop, so stay tuned to TalkAndroid.

[via wirelessgoodness, original source: fcc]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus WiFi Passes Through FCC

by Harold Williams on
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A little over a week ago we reported to you that the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus would be coming soon with some nice spec upgrades compared to the original Tab including Honeycomb and a 1.2GHz dual-core. The 7.0 Plus has passed through the FCC’s testing which means we should be able to see one on the shelves very soon. There is no mention of a carrier radio here, but I’d have to guess that will be right around the corner as well. Anyone looking to pick one of these up when they hit or are you a carrier radio enabled tablet person only.

[via FCC]

Samsung ambushes iPhone 4S launch in Australia just days before Judge makes decision on Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban

by Robert Nazarian on
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Things have really heated up in Australia where recently Apple rejected Samsung’s latest offer to settle the dispute over the Galaxy Tab 10.1. This Thursday, the Australian court will make a ruling which could result in a ban of the tablet.

If that’s not enough, Samsung has set up a temporary store just two doors down from the Sydney Apple store. The iPhone 4S launches this Friday, but Samsung is giving away the Galaxy S II for $2 for the first 10 customers each day through Friday in an effort to cut into Apple’s launch. They are also promoting their new music subscription service called Music Hub.

This war shows no signs of slowing down as Samsung recently filed suit in both France and Italy in an attempt to block the iPhone 4S from launching, but for whatever reason hasn’t filed the same complaint in Australia. I would expect a filing to happen right after this latest judgement comes in.

[via smh and reuters]

DROID X2 Update Available Today?

by Harold Williams on
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Almost a week ago we reported to you that an update to Android 2.3.4 was right around the corner for the Droid X2. Rumor has it that this update is available right now, or will be sometime later today. Hit up the break to catch the laundry list of changes and be sure to go into Settings –> About Phone –> System updates to see if you can pull it. Let us know if you’re able to pull the update down.

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