Google creates new @Googleplay account for Twitter

Twitter users may have noticed a new account showing up in their feed. Created by Google, the new account @Googleplay started their tweeting history with a promise of special promotions, exclusive content, updates and “awesomeness” for followers.

If you want to add them to those you follow, just log in to your Twitter account and find @Googleplay. While you are at it, if you don’t follow TalkAndroid already, you can find us @TalkAndroid.

Verizon’s Galaxy S III Developer Edition is now on sale

Back in early July, Verizon wireless customers started getting their pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy S3′s, only to discover that Verizon had done the thing that they feared most: Lock the Bootloader. Later Samsung announced they would offer a Developer Edition that would have an open bootloader so that users could modify it to their whims.

Now, over two months later, the Developer Edition of Samsung’s flagship  has arrived for a whopping price of $649 for the 32GB blue version or $599 for the 16GB blue version. A little much for a phone? Now, that the regular phone has a one-click unlock app for the bootloader, there really is no reason for anyone to buy this new version of the bestselling device.

Source: Samsung

Samsung reveals pink Galaxy S III, set to launch next week in Korea

Samsung previously announced a slew of new colors for its flagship Galaxy S III handset, but today the company is introducing a slightly less conservative hue. Beginning next week, customers will be able to pick up a Galaxy S III in pink. Initially, the handset will only be available in Korea, though its expected that the device will see a regional roll out in the near future. This means users can now choose between seven different colors, including Pebble Blue, Marble White, Amber Brown, Garnet Red, Sapphire Black and Titanium Grey.

Source: GSMArena

Samsung Galaxy Note II Rumored for European Release In Next Two Weeks

If you’ve been following the updates on the Samsung Galaxy Note II, you know that it’s one beast of a piece of hardware. Granted, it’s one of those devices that you either love or hate, but can 10 million owners be wrong? And just like movie sequels, you can bet the second offering of the Note will try to appeal to those that weren’t early adopters, as well as the faithful.

Today we’re learning that the 1.6GHz quad-core, 5.5-inch Super AMOLED HD, 2GB RAM, Jelly Bean beast will ship “in the next two weeks” in Europe. The launch plans are rumored as follows:

  • Germany – September 27
  • Italy – September 28
  • Netherlands – October 1-2
  • France – October 1-2
  • United Kingdom – October 1-2

Just keep in mind that these dates are merely rumors at this point and should be taken like all rumors, with cautious optimism. I’ll certainly give this device a serious look come this November.


source:  SamMobile

ASUS Padfone 2 specs possibly leaked by photo of packaging

Who among us doesn’t enjoy a supposed leaked photo of a yet-to-be-announced device, even if it’s just the box? Just yesterday, it was revealed that the Padfone 2 will be announced on October 16. Besides the release date possibly being announced, that announcement may not matter too much if this picture is what many believe it is. Granted, it could always be the work of a clever photo job. In fact, there seems to be conflicting info in the spec list vs. the icon regarding the display (Super IPS vs. SuperAMOLED). If the picture is real however, which was posted on a Chinese forum simply titled “Padfone 2 specs revealed,” then what we’re looking at may very well be the unveiling of the specs of the new Padfone. The specs begin with the model number “A68″ which makes sense for the Padfone 2 as the original was dubbed the “A66.” The rest reveals a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 13MP camera, 4.7-inch 1280 x 720 Super IPS+ display, LTE, and 2GB of RAM amongst other goodies. What do you think – real or faked? We’ll probably found out very soon.

source:  mobile01

Walmart to stop selling all Amazon Kindle products

Yesterday, Walmart announced that they will discontinue the sale of all Amazon Kindle tablets and eReaders. The superstore chain is hardly the first to discontinue Amazon’s products (earlier this spring Target announced they will discontinue the popular tablet and eReaders), but certainly wont be the last.

Amazon’s vast online sales combined with the slim profit margin on the budget-priced android device isn’t as retailer friendly as other tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Apple iPad. Even though retail access to the budget priced tablet behemoth has been cut slightly, don’t expect the sales numbers of the latest series of android tablets to be anything short of its predecessors blockbuster numbers.

Source: Reuters

Latest Verizon roadmap shows DROID Incredible X, Samsung Stratosphere 2, LG Revolution 2, and more

Our friends at Phone Arena received the latest Verizon roadmap and it shows some interesting stuff. Now we already know about the upcoming HTC phone sporting a 5-inch display and rocking a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor, but this roadmap reveals how they will market it. It looks like it will be called the DROID Incredible X as opposed the the HTC One X 5. According to the map, it will launch in November, just about one year after the Rezound. The model number is ADR6435LVW

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Crowdsource platform to help shoot down bad patents

Yesterday the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Stack Exchange and Google announced a new joint effort to try to bring an end to overbroad and ridiculous patents before they can be used by patent trolls to cause harm to companies. A change in U.S. patent laws went into effect this month that permits the USPTO to accept comments and evidence regarding prior art and obviousness from third parties when evaluating a patent application. Prior to this change in the law, the USPTO could not accept third party information.
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Jelly Bean update starting to roll for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus

It looks like the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is finally getting some Jelly Bean love. Not only has Verizon posted the changelog on their site, but we received a few emails from readers saying they already got the update. The build is JR003O and has a file size of 146.6MB. We actually saw this build last month, but we weren’t sure if it was going to be the final build at that time.

Once the update takes place, you will be able to enjoy Google Now, Google’s new enhanced Voice Search, new Notification panel actions, and a smarter keyboard.

So far it’s not available to me, but I need to check again when I get back to a WiFi connection. To manually check to see if it’s available to you, just go to Settings/About Phone/System Updates. Please let us know if you were able to grab the update in the comments below.

Hit the break for additional changelog information

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This just in: Google Maps blows away Apple’s iOS 6 Maps

Back in 2007, Steve Jobs said that they can’t be everything and that they need to partner with people (Google) who are good at stuff. Unfortunately things changed, and five years later, Apple decided to go after Google with a new maps app as part of iOS 6. If you follow tech news, there’s no question you have stumbled upon an article or tweet about how lousy Apple’s new maps app is.

It’s surprising to see such a bad first attempt from Apple as they don’t normally operate this way. I’m sure they will get it right at some point, but for now we can just laugh at some of these examples, which are courtesy of Google + user Michael Salinger.

The first one (at the top) shows the Olympic Plaza in Calgary an entire block away and there’s a plaza train station that hasn’t existed in years. Hit the break for eight more fails.

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