Samsung could invest in Best Buy


Korea Times is reporting that Samsung is “progressing in its talks with Best Buy”. What exactly those talks are is unknown, but there have been reports that Samsung might invest in Best Buy. Let’s not forget that Samsung is also planning on opening “Experience Shops” in over 1,400 stores. Samsung’s vice chairman Lee Kun-hee didn’t get to specific on what the topic was, “I recently met with senior executives at Best Buy and discussed pending business issues.’’

There is no question that the existence of Best Buy is crucial to Samsung’s success in the U.S. so they could also be exploring other opportunities to help the struggling retailer. “Samsung has been considering increasing subsidies paid to Best Buy in a strategic move to help the retailer and also increase the exposure of its products,’’ said Kim Young-woo, an analyst at HMC Securities.

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Rumor: Nexus smartwatch codenamed ‘Gem’ could be unveiled October 31


We know that Google is working on a smartwatch of their own, and the latest rumor is that it’s codenamed “Gem” and could be unveiled alongside the Nexus 5, Nexus 10, and of course Android 4.4 Kit Kat later this month. I’m not buying into this rumor since we have not seen any leaks of the watch, not even an FCC filing. If I were a betting man, I would put my money on next year’s Google I/O.

We have heard everything from October 14 through October 31 for when Google will have their event. You can forget October 14 since invites would have been sent out by now. Last year, the event was scheduled for Monday, October 29, but was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. Of course later that day, they went ahead and made the announcements via press releases. I would expect this year’s event to take place the last week in October (just like last year), and rumors are indicating October 31. Just don’t expect to see a Nexus smartwatch.

source: +Artem Russakovskii
via: Phone Arena

Microsoft may have asked HTC to put Windows on their Android phones


Well isn’t this an interesting idea. According to Bloomberg’s sources, Windows Phone’s head honcho Terry Myerson met with some people over at HTC last month, and they weren’t just talking about any old thing. They were exploring the idea of loading the Windows Phone operating system alongside Android on a handset. Since talks are private at this time, neither a spokesman from Microsoft or HTC would comment on the matter.

Things start to become very interesting when seeing the lengths at which Microsoft may be willing to go. Apparently Myerson discussed cutting or even eliminating the license fee for HTC to use the Windows Phone operating system. With Windows Phone holding just over three percent of the market since the second quarter, there is curiosity to see how Microsoft manages to expand. As per the sources, it is unknown whether or not Android and Windows Phone would run simultaneously or give users the option as to which operating system they would run.

Source: Bloomberg

Google Search updated to include redesigned results and notifications for people


Google Chrome isn’t the only app being updated today. Right on the heels of a previous update, Google Search is being updated with interesting new features. The most notable is  a new hotword for Google Now to be brought up. When the user says “OK Google,” they receive the same kind of assistance that the Moto X can provide. Just head over to the voice settings of the app and from there you should be able to download the language pack update.

The UI of a search has also been given more depth. When you perform a search, you are now greeted with various categories to find further information. And if you are searching for a particular person, you have the option to tap on a star to follow that person. Then you’ll receive updates when available. Hit the break for the full changelog and download links. Read more

TalkAndroid Daily Dose for October 3, 2013


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


Samsung jumps into wireless audio speaker market with new Shape product


Watch ABC streaming app updated to add support for seven new devices

Rdio enables free streaming for their 20 million songs

Google Search updated to include redesigned results and notifications for people


Target confirms previously leaked Brightspot prepaid mobile plan


Is Amazon Set to Release a Chromecast/Apple TV Competitor?

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Possible Samsung curved screen smartphone spotted on benchmark site


As Samsung and LG both push to get a curved screen smartphone to market, benchmark site watchers noted a new device from Samsung show up on the GFXBench site. The device’s model number is SM-G910. It comes equipped with a Snapdragon 800 processor and an Adreno 330 gpu to push a 1920×1080 resolution screen. This puts it on par with the just released Samsung Galaxy Note 3. According to previous information, the curved device is supposed to be part of the Galaxy Note family of devices.

Unfortunately, there is no other information to be gleaned from the test site, so we will have to wait to see what this new, mysterious Samsung device is.

source: GFXBench
via: TechnoBuffalo

HTC continues to sink, according to recent Bloomberg reports


Wow. The amount of bad news keeps piling up for HTC, and I honestly can’t remember the last time I heard something negative about any of the other major smartphone manufacturers. Either HTC’s PR department is that bad, the other manufacturers’ PR departments are that good, or HTC is really that bad of a company.

Anyway, here’s a handy little chart for you to check out. As you can see, HTC has followed Blackberry’s path to doom. Here are some stats from Bloomberg:

-HTC is currently valued at $3.8 billion, down from $37 billion at the peak. Its stocks are at an 8-year low as of Sept. 9.
-HTC forecasts its eighth straight quarterly drop in sales
-HTC trades at 1.4 times net assets, almost triple the 0.5 level of Blackberry
-HTC is ranked 1.6 out of a possible 5, the lowest of more than 500 listed tech companies

Dennis Chan, an analyst at Yuanta Securities in Taipei says that the price-to-book ratio of HTC is still too high for a merger or acquisition. He also noted that a comeback was nowhere in sight.

It looks like Iron Man isn’t saving anyone but himself on this sinking ship…

Source: Bloomberg

Quad and octa-core MediaTek processors to come to Samsung devices in 2014


Recent news from DigiTimes says that MediaTek’s quad-core and octa-core processors could be used in Samsung devices as early as next year. MediaTek currently has hardware built into many of the devices manufactured in India and China. 

This could be a huge deal for MediaTek, which would mean that they are providing chipsets to the world’s largest smartphone maker.

It’s more likely that they use MediaTek’s chips in lower-end and mid-range devices and keep using their own Exynos chips in their own flagship devices. Although MediaTek’s chip are quad and octa-core, they are very affordable considering their quality.

Source: DigiTimes

Target confirms previously leaked Brightspot prepaid mobile plan


Earlier this week, @evleaks sent out a tweet with leaked images of some Target merchandise suggesting that the company would soon be partnering up with T-Mobile to offer its own prepaid wireless mobile brand, “Brightspot.”

Target confirmed the rumors today on its company blog, saying that customers will be able to get unlimited talk/text for as low as $35/month. For $50/month, users will also get unlimited data with high-speed data use capped at 1GB/month.

Target will also give you a $25 Target gift card for every six months you have the service.

Target certainly believes there is a lot of demand for their new service, which will directly compete with Walmart’s “Straight Talk” brand.

Source: AllThingsD


Samsung jumps into wireless audio speaker market with new Shape product


Samsung announced today the availability of a new wireless speaker system they will start selling on October 13th. The primary piece of the new system is the M7 speaker that includes a woofer, two mid-range speakers, and two tweeters. These are all packed into a triangular case that can stand vertically, horizontally or be mounted to a wall. In addition to the speaker, a Samsung Hub device will be available to control multiple speakers. The system can handle up to five M7 speakers which will sell for $399 each and the Hub will sell for $49.

The M7 speaker can be paired to a smartphone via Bluetooth, NFC or WiFi. Samsung notes the ease of use in setting up the system, which is accomplished by plugging the speaker into your router and downloading the app used to control the system. The app Samsung has created is quite flexible and provides a large degree of control for the user. Multiple audio sources can be used and they can be streamed to specific rooms simultaneously.

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