Mad Catz to unveil Project M.O.J.O. android gaming micro console at E3


Well it looks like 2013 is going to be the year of Android gaming consoles. We already have the OUYA and the soon to be released GamePop, and it looks like Mad Catz is about to join the party. We really don’t have much information about it other than it will be shown at next week’s E3. The only reason we know that it exists is because Mad Catz CEO Darren Richardson referred to it in their latest earnings report:

“At next week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles we will unveil the keystone product in our GameSmart initiative, Project M.O.J.O., an android micro console configured to harness the maximum gaming horsepower from an android device. The Project M.O.J.O. android micro console is being designed to interact seamlessly with our GameSmart controllers, mice, keyboards and headsets. With our long history in the gaming industry, Mad Catz has the technical capability, product breadth, global distribution, and developer and publisher relationships that uniquely position our company to embark on this ambitious initiative. We believe the GameSmart initiative fits perfectly with our long-term strategy of designing innovative products for passionate gamers and our strategy of expanding into emerging markets.”

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MOGA controllers with Boost technology coming soon, will charge your phone while you play


PowerA is will introduce two new controllers next week at E3 that sound pretty exciting. They already offer two of the best controllers for Android phones in the MOGA and MOGA Pro. These new controllers will be based on the same designs, and will feature what they are calling Boost technology. In a nutshell, these new controllers will charge your phone while you are playing so you can play longer. I would assume they will have a pretty large battery in the controllers, but they didn’t specify the size.

Both controllers will have support for multiplayer gaming on the same screen, better ergonomics, improved Bluetooth radios, support for more than 100 MOGA Enhanced and HID compatible games, and the MOGA S.M.R.T. Lock arm for securing phones to the controller. Those few people using a Windows Phone 8 device will be happy to know that they will now be able to use these controllers. For Android users, the MOGA controllers are compatible with Android 2.3 and higher.

You can expect to be able to buy these bad boys in the fall. Full presser after the break.

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Insider: Google will bring 3 Google Edition smartphones, one Motorola X phone this year



We told you before that there would be an onslaught of Nexus HTC and Samsung Google Edition bad boys, as well as the imminent arrival of the sweet MOTO X phone, but now it’s looking like there’s more that’s on the way after all. According to sources close to the gang at Android Authority, Google is in talk with at least one additional hardware partner to develop a Google Edition flagship device. Sure this might sound a little surprising to hear and one could speculate the number of potential candidates out there, but it’s not too hard to identify which manufacturer and smartphone will join the ranks of the unofficial Nexus family. If you recall just earlier this week, we’d mentioned to you that Sony is quietly working on a special Xperia Z variant that’s due in the immediate future, though Sony (and Google for that matter) has decided to stay mum for now.

Oh and that isn’t all folks. The same unidentified source believes that the upcoming X brand is only going to be limited to one device this year, not a line of devices that was previously thought before. So for now, it appears that we will not see an allotment of sweet smartphones for now, but who knows— maybe we will see a new line of cool devices next year and beyond.

source: Android Authority

Intel demos Bay Trail-T reference platform, boots both Windows 8 and Android 4.2.2


This week at Computex 2013 Intel unveiled their next-gen processor for mobile devices in the form of Atom micro-architecture, codenamed Silvermont. Intel recently demonstrated their new SoC in their new Bay Trail-T reference platform— a 10-inch, 2560 by 1440 tablet, weighing in at 611 grams and is about as thick as the 4th generation iPad. The device boots both Windows 8 and Android 4.2.2— this is good news, because it means that Intel is planning to enter the Android tablet market. Battery life and performance specs haven’t been released yet but Intel has promised that both will be good.

Source: AnandTech


AT&T all set to quietly revamp its GoPhone prepaid plans for customers



Those of you AT&T GoPhone customers are about to have a few less options when it comes to your data plans in the near future. The wireless carrier recently confirmed to CNET said that it will eliminate a few of its more affordable data plan options from June 20, while following up with “additional plan options” instead:

“We’re making some changes to our AT&T GoPhone prepaid plans to simplify our offers and better align with what customers are choosing and telling us they want. We’ve begun letting customers know about the changes in advance, and we’ll have more information on new, additional plan options soon.”

So as it stands, there will be a $25 monthly plan which includes unlimited text messages and 250 minutes of voice calls, but will only include a $5, 50MB data plan— not exactly appealing. So unless AT&T comes out and highlights its “additional plan options”, it appears the only other option will be a $65 unlimited talk/text + 1GB of data plan.

Here’s hoping this upcoming change for GoPhone users won’t be too bad.

source: CNET

Official Samsung wireless charging kit released for Galaxy S 4


Samsung has made wireless charging possible on the Galaxy S 4 with their new wireless charging cover and pad. The cover costs 39.99 but is QI-standard compatible, so if you already have a charging pad working on this standard, you should be good to go to use the new charging cover. If you don’t have a pad, Samsung’s version goes for 49.99. It’s a bit pricey but if you’re into this kind of technology, this might just be the product for you.

Sources: Samsung Charging Cover and Samsung Charging Pad

Sony ‘Togari’ confirmed to be Xperia ZU phablet, expected to launch on June 25


Last week we shared a leaked photo of what looked like the upcoming Sony ‘Togari’ phablet— today we have some confirmation that this phone is very real and is coming very soon by the name of the Sony Xperia  ZU.

Unfortunately, the device will not feature a 13MP camera as rumored, but instead an 8MP shooter due to shortage of said modules. The phone will pack a 6.44-inch 1080p Triluminos color display, the X-Reality Engine which enhances the color and contrast of your images and videos, and is water resistant.

The Xperia ZU will also come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 SoC clocked at 2.3 GHz. This phone is looking like it’s going to be an absolute beast and we can expect to see it officially announced at Sony’s mobile event in Germany on June 25.

Source: VR Zone



Evernote updated, custom reminders added in wake of iOS, Mac, web updates


The Evernote team rolled out an update last week adding custom reminder support for iOS, Mac, and their web platform— their Android application was unfortunately left out of all the fun.

But today, Evernote 5.1 was finally released to Android and custom reminders are now available. The update makes it very simple for users to create reminders, and an intuitive alarm icon appears above each note. You can also choose the specific date and time that you receive the reminder and whether or not you want to receive it via email or Android notification as the deadline draws near.

There is also an option to subscribe to reminders, which is perfect for those with business or shared notebooks. Evernote becomes a tool for collaborating on projects and keeping track of deadlines. However, there is no option to set recurring reminders for things such as repeating appointments or paying bills. Hopefully support will be added soon.

Other features included in the update are corrected photo order in multi-shot camera, improved shortcuts, and improved copy/paste in note view. Have any of you gotten the new update yet? What do you think? Check out the link to the app in the Play Store after the break. Read more

FBI and NSA have access to private user data with PRISM data collection


Remember when we told you that Verizon was handing out call logs of customers to the US Government? Well, surely you didn’t think Verizon was the only one who was handing over data, right? According to the latest report from the Washington Post, Verizon isn’t the only company that’s been leaking information to the FBI and NSA, thanks to a data collection initiative called PRISM, made by the US government.

PRISM supposedly allows access to servers from popular sites, namely Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Skype, YouTube, PalTalk, and AOL, with Dropbox access in the pipeline. That pretty much covers most of the top companies that have access to mountains of user data, so that’s a pretty scary thought. This is a great time to remind everyone that no matter how much security you think you have online, any information you put on the internet can always potentially be seen by a third party. If you don’t want that information to ever be seen by anyone else under any circumstances, don’t put it on the internet.

source: Washington Post

Washington Post poll results: Google favored over Apple and Facebook



In a recent poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News by telephone, it was found that as a company, Google is favored by consumers over Apple and Facebook. Overall, 83% found Google favorable, while 10% found it unfavorable, and 7% had no opinion. 72% found Apple favorable, while 16% found it unfavorable, and 12% had no opinion. Surprisingly, only 60% found Facebook favorable, while 30% found it unfavorable, and 10% had no opinion.

The poll used a sample of 1,007 adults, using both conventional and cellular phones, and was conducted from May 29 to June 2, 2013.

Are any of you surprised by these results? Not surprised? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Washington Post