NenaMark2 Test Results for the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T Surfaces

by Stacy Bruce on
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While we were at this years CES we had the pleasure of checking out ASUS’ upcoming tablets, the 7-inch MeMO 370T and the updated HD Transformer Prime 700 series. At that time, little did we know they had another tablet hidden away somewhere that was just dying to get out. It was only a couple weeks ago that Mr. blurry cam got to see the other new ASUS tablet and luckily he shared his image for all to enjoy. At that time we had no idea what kind of specs the thing had, all we knew is that it was being referred to as the ASUS TF300T, and was red in color. » Read the rest

Google Drive Appears In The Wild

by Josh O'Donnell on
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 Apparently Google Drive has been activated on a GeekWire user’s Google account, suggesting that the cloud service could be taking off very soon. This would fall in line with The Wall Street Journal reporting last week that Google was in fact preparing to launch the service “in the next coming weeks or months“. Google Drive is expected to be free to use for the most part, with a premium option available for more storage. The service will be added to Google’s already gigantic cloud infrastructure which hosts all of its previous services from web search to YouTube.

This will be interesting to see how Google fares with cloud storage services like DropBox and Ubuntu One, among others. Will Google simply conquer or actually have to run for its money?

source: geekwire

Nova Launcher Graduates to Version 15, Brings Scrollable Folders and More

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One of the first apps I make sure I have up and running every time I flash a new ROM is Nova Launcher. An ICS launcher replacement that I have been using since the first week I had my Galaxy Nexus, has just received a new update today already. Just recently, you may remember it was updated to version 14 and no longer required a system installation in order to get widgets in your app drawer. Although fairly easy for the experienced user to remedy, the update to version 14 definitely made the process more user friendly. Now, with today’s update, we’re up to version 15 and it brings even more cool features that I know some of you will enjoy. » Read the rest

Max Payne Coming Soon To Mobile Devices

by Josh O'Donnell on
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One of the most incredible games I can remember playing is Max Payne. Occasionally I even go to lengths in order to replay it, years later. You play as Max Payne, an ex-DEA and NYPD officer whose wife and child were brutally murdered at the hands of addicts high on “Valkyr”. On top of that, while on the Valkyr case, you’re framed for the murder of your partner, Alex. You’ve got to run from the feds while trying to piece together your family’s murder.

The game is reportedly making it’s way over to mobile devices in the near future, and Rockstar says it will have a release date settled soon. I for one am extraordinarily excited for this one, since the game utilizes a matrix-like bullet time mechanic that should give you no shortage of slow-motion justice. Complimented by an incredibly narrated plot that really pulls you in, Max Payne should be the culprit of many dead batteries once it’s released.

source: rockstar

Double Fine Adventure Still Headed To Android, The Masses Patiently Await

by Joe Sirianni on
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For those of you following everything Android and Android gaming for that matter, should be familiar with Double Fine’s latest adventure endeavor, “Double Fine Adventure”.  The new point-and-click project has been funded by not the publisher, but by the soon to be user fan base who are patiently awaiting its arrival on Android and iOS.  Thanks to the help of KickStarter, the devs were able to secure close to a whopping $2 million, overshooting their budget of $400,000.  So, in an effort to justify the massive budget, the team is expanding the project to multiple platforms.  You may be wondering why Double Fine sounds so familiar, it’s because they are the guys responsible for popular hits like Psychonauts, Monkey Island and Grim Fandango. Some of the members of the dev team include Tim Schaefer (video), David Dixon and Jonathan Menzies.  So stay tuned to Talk Android for the announcement of the game’s arrival as they spout which select Android devices will be supported, initially.  In addition, voice acting will be implemented and those who helped fund the project will receive free access to a closed beta.  Furthermore, the developers want to make the process of completing the project as fun as possible by including you, the fan, via a constantly updated vblog.  So, here’s to an awesome final project.  Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.

YouTube Preview Image

source: Double Fine
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Update v4.5.141 for AT&T Motorola ATRIX Available Now

by Jack Holt on
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If you’re the proud owner of a Motorola ATRIX from AT&T then you should be checking to see if you’re phone has an update waiting for you as many folks are starting to report that they are receiving an update notice. While we told you about the update on Groundhogs day and there was a soak test a few days later we’re now seeing it being pushed to the masses. Even though it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich it fixes some of the issues that folks were having with their phone. It also pushes the the software version to 4.5.141 in the process. Here is what it fixes:

So if you own this phone you can check the Settings> About phone> System update option on your device. While we are still waiting for Motorola‘s release of ICS as noted in their new time table, it’s still nice to see that they are still working on improving your current experience. For those that have received the update do you notice an improvement?

source: Android Central
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Androidify updated – Almost works on Galaxy Nexus

by Chris Stewart on
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Rocking a Galaxy Nexus? Missing being able to create some fun Android themed avatars? Well fret no more as Google have you covered… sort of.

For reasons unknown, Androidify always refused to play nicely on Android Ice Cream Sandwich with frequent force closures on launch. Google has released a minor update in the Android market to take care of bug fixes and memory usage however the app still misbehaves on ICS devices. There is a simple workaround that will have you designing your own Droids in no time at all. All you need to do is navigate to the settings menu and select the ‘developer options’ menu. Scroll down to ‘Force GPU rendering’ and ensure the box isn’t checked. All that’s left to do now is fire up the app and get your creative juices flowing.

Check out the link below to grab the update.

Android Market

Guide: How To Uninstall and Remove Apps

by Jesse Bauer on
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With a few hundred thousand apps available in the Android Market, you’re liable to see a few that are somewhat repetitive in function and use. The same is true for iOS devices as well as Windows Marketplace or BlackBerry App World (although the last two mentioned are substantially less in number). When you find an app you want to install, you’ll try it out for a bit, and see how efficient it really is. After a while, you’ll hear from other Android users, friends, blog posts, even right here on TalkAndroid the apps that may be great alternatives to try. Once you find the app you love, it’s time to remove the ones you hate (or maybe just not like as much). This guide will help you uninstall and remove apps from your Android device safely.

There are a few different ways of removing apps from your devices, so we’ll go through three of them that are as easy as pie to get done.

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New Swype Beta supports Ice Cream Sandwich

by Chris Stewart on
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Are you a fan of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Nexus and popular 3rd party keyboard Swype? Well it’s time to celebrate as they’re about to become a match made in heaven. We brought you news last week that the developers over at Swype were working hard on an ICS update before the end of the month and they’ve delivered on that promise.

With so many top notch, 3rd party keyboards available in the Android Market, Swype’s incompatibility with ICS hadn’t gone unnoticed. The clever folks over at XDA managed to tide us over when they delivered a working, hacked version as an early Christmas present but it’s always nice to pick up the real deal.

If you’re already registered with Swype then you can head on over to their website to download the new Beta. For those of you who haven’t tried it, (you really should!) the Beta is currently open so click the link below and get registering to see what all the fuss about.

Swype Beta

German Injunction Ruling Favors Apple Over Motorola For Slide-to-unlock Patent Infringement

by Jack Holt on
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Add this to the back and forth and the ever growing battles between Apple and whomever they’re suing the pants off of this month. This month the lucky company to lose their pants is Motorola. While Motorola won one of their battles back in November, Apple has skated off with the most recent of victories. Judge Dr. Peter Guntz of the Munich Regional Court ruled in favor of Apple which means that Motorola is now faced with a permanent injunction regarding its use of the slide-to-unlock feature in their smartphones.

Judge Gruntz sided with Apple in its claims that Motorola’s UI element violated patent EP1964022. This is Apples patent regarding its slide-to-unlock software element. You know, the one that they were awarded last year. By losing this battle, Motorola could see certain devices of theirs banned in Germany. Even though this is a big win for Apple it wasn’t perfect. Only two out of the three, the ones pertaining to smartphones, were awarded. The third one was in regards to the XOOM tablet which in his ruling, Guntz felt that this fell outside of the patent’s realm.

There isn’t word on if Motorola will make an attempt to appeal this ruling and we will have to wait and see. This is certainly a big blow to Motorola and anyone else faces similar lawsuits. Like Samsung currently is. As Apple continues its quest to sue anyone that develops anything rectangular and resembles a smartphone it will be interesting in seeing what they’ll pull out of nowhere next time. Who knows maybe they’ll be awarded a patent for their use of the power button. If so, look out world.

source: FOSS patents
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