How to setup and use WatchON or Smart Remote on the Galaxy S 5


The Samsung Galaxy S 5 has an IR blaster so you can control your home theater in not only your living room, but you can also control your TVs  and cable/satellite boxes in other rooms as well. Samsung offers you two different apps to do this. One is the Smart Remote that comes pre-installed and the other is WatchON, which is available in the Play Store.

Both apps work very much the same way, so you can use whichever one you prefer. You can setup all your equipment to control, but these apps also tell you what’s on TV as well as recommend shows based on your favorites. WatchON does seem a little more robust and it does provide you with opportunities to buy or rent movies and TV shows via Samsung’s own digital store.

I put together this video showing you how both apps work, so check it out after the break. Also be sure to hit up our other Galaxy S 5 guides.

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How to setup and use Kids Mode on the Galaxy S 5


If you have kids, you know they are going to want to use your phone at times. That’s why Samsung implemented Kids Mode. Kids Mode gives your child a simple interface that only gives them access to the things you want them to see. They can’t even get out of Kids Mode unless they know the password. You can even set a daily limit, so your child doesn’t forget that he or she can play outside too.

Kids Mode is pretty easy to setup and use so check out the video after the break showing you, and be sure to check out our other Galaxy S 5 guides.

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Google expands Google Shopping Express service to NYC, LA areas


Google has announced an expansion of their Google Shopping Express micro-delivery service to Manhattan and the West Los Angeles area. These join the San Francisco Bay area as locations with access to the service. Google indicates they plan to continue to expand to other areas around Los Angeles as well as Queens and Brooklyn in the New York City area. Read more

Pananoid Android’s Peek function now available as standalone APK


Back in March, Paranoid Android added a new feature called Peek, which functions much like Active Notifications on a Moto X, to their custom ROM. Since installation of a custom ROM may be more than what some users are willing to undertake, computer science student Zhe Lu decided to break the Peek app away from the rest of the ROM and convert it into a standalone APK that could be installed on any device running at least Android 4.4.2. Read more

Amazon introduces #AmazonCart to add items to shopping cart from Twitter


Today, Amazon introduced a new shopping feature which will allow users to add items to their carts directly from Twitter, by simply adding “#AmazonCart” to the end of a tweet.

Users have to sync their Amazon and Twitter accounts (through Amazon’s social settings), and will then be able to reply “#AmazonCart” to any tweet that has an Amazon product link in it.

Of course simply sending the tweet won’t close the sale for Amazon — the tweet only adds the item to your shopping cart. Check out Amazon’s promotional video for the feature after the break below.

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How to use (or remove) My Magazine on the Galaxy S 5


My Magazine was first introduced on the Galaxy Note 3, and it also made its way onto the Galaxy TabPRO series of tablets. It’s no surprise that it found its way onto the Galaxy S 5, but the implementation is a little different. Just like HTC’s BlinkFeed, it now resides on the leftmost home screen. However, My Magazine is really only a gateway into Flipboard whereas BlinkFeed was built from the ground up.

My Magazine is more powerful to an extent, but only once you dive deeper into the app (Flipboard). BlinkFeed provides more information from the home screen, which is really what you want. With My Magazine, you have to tap a few more times to get to the stories, but it can still be useful to those that don’t already have another means setup for geting the scoop on what’s happening in the world.

So check out the video below showing you how My Magazine works. Now contrary to popular belief you can remove My Magazine from your home screen, and I show you how to do that as well. Unfortunately it’s not as clean as HTC’s implementation with BlinkFeed, but it will be out of sight. See the video after break, and be sure to check out all our Galaxy S 5 guides.

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HTC outsourcing some of its smartphone production aspects


Anyone who’s been following HTC over the past couple of years will know that the company is bleeding money. I wouldn’t say hemorrhaging but the company has suffered  quarterly losses since 2011 — even with having some of the most beautifully designed handsets to date in the HTC One (M8) and original HTC One. In an attempt at moving in the opposite direction, the company is taking to outsourcing some of its smartphone productions as it looks for anyway possible to stop the losses.

The Taiwanese company looks to be outsourcing three new models of its mid-tier Desire series. The company has contracted Compal Electronics, Inc, and China’s Wingtech Group to manufacture the devices. Both companies have already begun to mass produce smartphones for HTC.

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How to save precious battery life with Ultra Power Saving Mode on the Galaxy S 5


We have all been in situations in which we have about 10% battery life and you won’t be near a charger for several hours. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world isn’t it? Well Samsung has a solution for you called Ultra Power Saving Mode. This mode will allow you to conserve your battery by only running the essentials. In Ultra Power Saving Mode, you can still get over one day of life even if you only have 10% battery life.

How is that even possible? Once you go into this mode, you will get a much more simplified interface that only has access to the phone, texts, and the Browser. You won’t have access to games, the camera, and other apps. This mode doesn’t exist to give you the ability to play Angry Birds, it exists to make sure you get those important texts and/or phone calls. Ultra Power Saving Mode will also change your display to greyscale, turn off data when your display is off, and turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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Samsung releasing yet another tablet, may come with an AMOLED screen and Fingerprint scanner


Samsung is continuing its trend of flooding the market with tablets and smartphones. There’s a rumor that Samsung will becoming out with a Galaxy S tablet line known as the Galaxy Tab S. The Tab S will come in an 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch variety. Unlike the company’s other tablets, the Tab S will feature a WQXGA (2560×1600) AMOLED display.

This isn’t Samsung’s first tablet with an AMOLED screen, however. The company first unveiled an AMOLED screen on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 in 2011 but the primary focus was in testing the technology itself. For those that don’t know, AMOLED displays are known for their low power consumptions and their high contrast levels. Samsung has been using these displays in most of their smartphones and cameras, most notably in the Galaxy S series.

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