Acer V350 smartphone shows up in GLBenchmark

Hardware manufacturer Acer is likely familiar to Android fans thanks to their tablet devices. Recently a new device appeared on GLBenchmark indicating Acer is planning to get into the smartphone market. Dubbed the V350, the device is powered by a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor running at 1.5GHz and has a 720p screen, although there is no indication what the screen size will be. Other details like the amount of memory is still unknown, but the unit submitted to GLBenchmark was running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Acer submitted another model earlier this week, the V360, but the V350 appears to be the higher end unit, projected to end up somewhere in the mid to upper-tier of the market.

source: GLBenchmark
via: PhoneArena

TransPhone Gets The Pro Treatment, Looks To Give ASUS PadFone A Run For Its Money


Moveover ASUS PadFone 2, it appears that you have a new competitor in the smartphone/tablet hybrid market. A device called the TransPhone has recently been announced and brings a modest smartphone and tablet dock into an affordable package. The new TransPhone is a “Pro” model that features a 3.5-inch 960 x 540 display, a dual-core 1GHz MediaTek dual-core processor and Android 4.0 among the noteworthy features— while the tablet dock features a display of 1024 x 600 7-inch display. Not the prettiest or glamourous  features, but hey— at least the device comes with a not too shabby $240 price tag when you pre-order.

We know you’re all itching for more details, so you’ll be able to find them when you hit past the break.

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Times Square Official Ball App updated to bring in 2013

Times Square has just updated their official application for their ball app to count down to 2013. It’s a pretty basic app, but cool nonetheless, and the early reviews say it’s improved over last year. And even if the app isn’t the same as actually being there, it’s better than nothing, right? The app lets you livestream the event and also lets you upload pictures to possibly be shown on the big-screen on New Year’s Eve. Interested? Hit the download links below to go ahead and get your phone prepared for 2013.

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Light Flow adds 61 new compatible apps, and multiple calendar support in latest update

Light Flow, an app that allows you to control your notification light and sounds, got a significant update today. Light Flow is now compatible with 61 new applications and adds support for users who use multiple calendars (in Android 4.0 and above). The app can be yours for $2.49 in the Google Play store, and there is also a free version with some limitations. Hit the break to see if any of your favorite apps have been added to Light Flow, and if you decide to buy it, use the QR code below.

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Google steals Samsung’s VP of Marketing to work for Motorola

We just reported on Google’s and Motorola’s secretive and super forward-thinking X Phone, and part of that story was about the heavy emphasis that Google is willing to put into marketing the device. In the story, we heard that Larry Page told Motorola that he is willing to allocate a significant amount of funds into marketing the X Phone. Well, now we know where a portion of those funds are going: to Brian Wallace’s salary. Google just nabbed Samsung’s Vice President of Marketing, Brian Wallace, who helped push Samsung into the Android success story that it is today. Wallace spent the last year working at Samsung and is responsible for the passive-aggressive (and highly successful) “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here” campaign that took swings at Apple’s most devoted fans. Before that, Wallace worked for over ten years at RIM, where he tried to help the struggling Blackberry maker make a turn around. Today, Brian Wallace will sit at the helm of Motorola’s marketing strategies, and hopefully will push the fledgling company back into the powerhouse territory where it used to reside. Let’s hope this all ties into the thickening plot of the Google/Motorola Super X Phone.

Source: All Things D

Amazon Instant Video now available on Google Play for your Google TV


Amazon Instant Video app is now available on Google Play for your Google TV. Amazon Instant Video has more than 140,000 titles, including new release movies and in-season TV episodes to rent or purchase. Purchased movies and TV episodes will appear in your video library to watch at your will. Anyone willing to give this app a shot?

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Final Fantasy Dimensions, Final Fantasy II, Demons’ Score released in Google Play Store by Square Enix

Just in time for everyone starting a long holiday break looking for something to do on their tablet or smartphone, Square Enix released a trio of titles to the Google Play Store today. The first title is Final Fantasy II, a port of the original FF II from 1988. The game revolves around four war heroes caught between an empire and a rebel resistance. The game features a proficiency system for developing a character versus the more typical level up structure. Final Fantasy II is available for $7.00 and will run on Android 2.2 or higher. Read more

Google working with Motorola to create the ultimate “X Phone” in 2013

Ever since Google acquired Motorola Mobile in early 2012, Android enthusiasts have been waiting anxiously to see what kind of amazing super-phone the combined companies would create. Well, according to a new report by the Wall Street Journal, we could be finding out as early as next year. According to some insider sources, Google is working very closely with Motorola to build the ultimate superphone, code named “X Phone”. Larry Page is said to have told the Motorola team to “think big” and has promised significant funds for the device. Dennis Woodside, Motorola’s chief executive has said that the company is currently “investing in a team and a technology that will do something quite different than the current approaches.” What is this “different” approach that the X Phone will be taking? It’s anyone’s guess really, but the fact that the phone is called the “X Phone” could be an homage to Google’s super secretive, super forward thinking “X Labs”, a branch of Google engineers that develop hardware and ideas that will change the future.

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XDA has launched XDA-University to help start your journey into Android development

Ever get that tingle of wanting to dev for Android yourself but don’t quite know where to start? The guys over at XDA developers have your back and have launched an “XDA University” portion of their site aimed at helping users start their Android dev’ing endeavors. Per XDA:

XDA-University is the resource brought to you by the people behind XDA-Developers. We aim to help you start your journey into Android and development, as well as get to know XDA more.

The site provides very helpful tips and videos on app development, hardware hacking, and a beginners guide to Linux mobile development. This certainly seems like a great way to start if you’ve always wanted to look into Android developing.

Keep in mind that this is a hobby and one should not expect gaining significant money from doing this. If you’ve been looking into starting developing for Android, then certainly give this a shot! Source link will be provided.

source: XDA University