LG Cayman And The DROID Fighter On The Way To Verizon Wireless

by Roy Alugbue on
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Well look what we have here? The fine folks at Droid Life seem to have stumbled upon information that was accidentally leaked out. As you can see in the screenshot, the information includes two new devices that are on their way: the LG Cayman and the “DROID Fighter”. News and information are scarce for both devices. We haven’t heard much chatter from Verizon very much about its upcoming toys lately, nor have we seen any leaks or information— so this is as big of a surprise to you all as it is to us here. Perhaps the LG Cayman will be a dumbed-down version of the newly released LG Spectrum or even an entry-level phone. And maybe the “DROID Fighter” could be something along the lines of Sammy’s DROID Charge or maybe it’s something completely different, who knows. We’ll just have to wait until further information trickles out in order to have an idea of what the devices may be.

Both devices are expected to arrive within the next few months, so stay tuned with Talk Android for any additional leaks or news we hear about in the meantime.

source: Droid Life

Fujitsu Plans To Highlight Dust And Waterproof Phone With A Splash Of Tegra 3 At MWC

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MWC is on the horizon and Fujitsu doesn’t want you to forget it makes noteworthy devices as well. The Japanese manufacturer looks to present a breakthrough device to the masses by creating what will be a “dust and waterproof” beast. Yes, that’s right– a “dust and waterproof” smartphone. Fujitsu isn’t stopping there either. The phone will have a sexy profile and feature some high-end specs on the menu including a Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 4.6-inch display, 13.1MP camera and Android 4.0.

Looks like Fujitsu is ready to create some more competition in the already crowded Android playground. With a quad-core processor, 13.1MP camera and ICS, I think more than a few people would gladly give this phone more than just a look. Fujitsu will only have a few sample units at MWC, but there is optimism the phone won’t be released too long from now.

source: Unwiredview

Transformer Prime Gets ClockworkMod Recovery and CM9 As Well

by Jack Holt on
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Okay so I’ve always felt that the Android development community was on top of their game, but this is insane. Hours, HOURS, after Asus released the bootloader unlock tool for the Transformer Prime developers were able to get Clockwork Recovery and a CyanogenMod 9 build onto the device. This only suggests that the development community for this device is about to take off and grow exponentially.  If you’re wanting to install the custom recovery on your Tegra 3 tablet then follow the following instructions:  » Read the rest

Asus offers sneak peak of Padfone

by Chris Stewart on
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With only one week to go until the 2012 Mobile World Congress kicks off, the rumours and speculation are hitting fever pitch. Android tablet trailblazers, Asus has decided to add to the frenzy today by giving the world a look at it’s forthcoming Padfone.

“Divided we stand, together we rock” is the catchy tagline chosen to emphasize the three piece combo of phone, tablet and docking station. The latest teaser shows that the Padfone has gone through a complete redesign when compared to the original leaks late last year. The original concept of a phone that docks into the back of a tablet remains however the new info suggests that Asus will also be offering a keyboard dock as per it’s hugely successful Transformer series.

The Padfone is a 4.3″ Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone that docks into, and powers, a 10.1″ tablet. The tablet is set to be compatible with the TF201 keyboard dock from the Transformer Prime. The full technical specifications aren’t known at this point however I suspect we won’t have to wait long to find out.

The timing of the announcement is certainly opportune with the web awash with rumours that Android 5.0 Jelly Bean is set be an all encompassing, dual-boot Operating System. Perhaps the innovative Padfone trio is exactly the kind of hardware Google has in mind whilst working on Android’s next big release.

Asus tells us that “1 + 1 + 1 = Endless Possibilities” and with their stellar track record in Android tablets, we’re certainly looking forward to seeing the combo in action.

Check out the teaser video below and be sure to keep tuned in to TalkAndroid for news from MWC 2012 as it breaks.





source : androidcommunity



ASUS Transformer Prime Review

by Stacy Bruce on
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There’s no question that ASUS has become one of the most popular brands for Android tablets in just a short amount of time. The original Transformer had top-notch specs at an affordable price which resulted in short supplies right out of the gate. Fast forward about 6 months, and the follow up, the Transformer Prime launched with the best specs of any tablet in the world. With its Tegra 3 quad-core processor and sleek metallic styling, its no wonder it’s the most demanded Android tablet other than the inexpensive Amazon Kindle Fire.

Just like the OG transformer, you would be hard pressed to find a Transformer Prime in stock anywhere (at retail price), even if you were ready to drop at least five bills. This thing is sweet. Albeit it had a rough start given all the software glitches the early adopters had to deal with, now that it has seen a few updates (including ICS), I can totally understand why this is the tablet to beat. At first, when I was waiting for my Transformer Prime to arrive from backorder, I would sit back and read all the forums that were discussing the Prime. There were so many people who just couldn’t deal with the software problems it was having, threw in the towel, and got a refund before it was too late. So many people were complaining, ASUS even went as far as extending the return period so that they could drum up an update in hopes of changing peoples mind. A few updates came and went but it wasn’t until one of the most recent updates hit that the device started to truly shine.

What makes the Transformer Prime so special you ask? I am not saying the device is without faults by any means, but it is most definitely the best Android tablet to date. Let’s break it down, showing the good and the bad. And if you haven’t seen it already, you can check out our initial hands on as well. » Read the rest

Here comes the Special Edition ‘Red Carpet’ DROID RAZR MAXX, You could win one starting tomorrow

by Robert Nazarian on
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Motorola is going all out with the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX with various colors and special editions. They just announced their latest creation, the Special Edition “Red Carpet” DROID RAZR MAXX. Apparently they have given them to select Acdemy Awards nominees and presenters.

To top it off, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress nominees received the special edition phone within a glamorous, gold sequined pouch. Nominees for Best Supporting Actor, Best Actor and Best Director were given a high-end shaving kit as well. Each recipient also received the Motorola Elite Sliver Bluetooth headset.

Unfortunately since most of our readers probably aren’t part of the biggest night in Hollywood, everyone will have a chance to win one as Motorola will be giving away 5 of them via Twitter in a contest that starts tomorrow, February 23. The contest will involve retweeting #RedCarpetRAZR, but check out their Twitter page for more info. You can also check out our full review here.

Full press release after the break:

» Read the rest

HTC Shows Off Teaser For New Line Of Devices On Their Facebook Page

by Joe Sirianni on
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HTC is bringing the thunder this year at Mobile World Congress and it looks like they’re enjoying a little teasing with the masses before the big event.  The company’s Facebook page is touting the image above and we’re not really sure what to make of it.  At first glance I thought it could possibly be their top tier device getting ready to debut with a 5-inch display however, that’s unlikely since we already know there’s at least going to be three devices.  Another possibility could be that they’re actually gearing up to release five devices rather than three, but who knows?  In any event, we’ll see soon enough for ourselves.  In addition to the pic, they’ve supplied the following one liner:

“This Sunday you’ll discover something fast.”

 What’s my guess?  I’m guessing they’ll reveal their highly anticipated quad-core device and tout the fact that it actually has five cores where one will be primarily used when the others aren’t for low power consumption.  But that’s just me speculating at this point, what do I know?  Only time will tell as to whether or not their talking about the HTC One X (Edge) or whether it has something to do with the other devices they’ll be showing off like the One S and One V.  In addition, there’s talk about the Taiwanese manufacturer dropping a tablet on us too.  So, stay tuned to TA as we bring you MWC coverage around the clock.  Feel free to speculate along with me in the comments below as well.

source: Facebook


Google’s Flight Search Goes Mobile

by Jack Holt on
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Back in September Google brought Flight Search to the desktop world. There was no mobile version in sight but as with most Google products the desktop version is implemented first and then a ways down the road we see implementation on the mobile front, much like Google Docs. Well today Flight Search is finally seeing its debut on mobile devices everywhere. The mobile flight search is said to have the same features as its desktop counterpart and they include:

  • Find flights quickly with results that load instantly and a list that’s easy to scan.
  • Discover places to go on a map – see ticket prices for various destinations by surfing the map. You can filter by price, airline, or flight duration.
  • Find the best time to go – Click the calendar icon to see what dates will get you low prices.
Basically all you’ll have to do is point your mobile browser to google.com/flights and you’ll be able to search to and from destinations with the list of available flights going those directions. It’s available on both the Android and iOS platforms and should make getting up-to-the-minute flight data a lot easier. Add that to the Google Maps indoor mapping and you have yourself a plethora of mobile tools to help with your flying experience. This should definitely be a welcome feature for those who spend a lot of their lives traveling the globe. Hit the break below to check out the intro video and let us know what you think! » Read the rest

Barnes & Noble Wants To Re-Configure Your Nook Tablet’s 16GB of Storage To A More Reasonable Allocation

by Joe Sirianni on
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The folks over at B&N must feel pretty bad about how horribly the Nook Tablet’s 16GB’s of storage has been poorly allocated because they want to make it right with you.  In very fine print, the company has stated that they will be allowing users of the Nook to come in and have their internal storage re-partitioned to a more reasonable configuration, allowing more personal space on the Tablet.  As of now, the device offers 16GB’s of storage of which 13GB’s are strictly for Nook Store content.  That leaves the consumer with a mere 1 GB of personal space to do with what they please.  The decision came in light of the release of the 8GB model of which users had a whopping 4GB’s of the 5 GB’s available to them as personal space.  The company added a quiet statement on their home page which states the following:

If you want to re-configure the internal memory of your NOOK Tablet-16GB for additional personal storage, you need to visit your local Barnes & Noble on or after 3/12/12 for help in doing so.

We’re tipping our hats towards B&N for taking the time to perform this daunting task for the consumer, as it shows where their business model lies, obviously with the customer.  And we’ll take it.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Hit the source link for more information.

source: Barnes & Noble
via:  Android Police