Google Expands Live Traffic to 7 New Countries and Updates 19 Others

Let me first say that I absolutely love Google Maps, especially on my Android phone. It’s easy to use and it literally saves me from getting lost in Los Angeles numerous times a month. One of the dozens upon dozens of features that I love from it is its ability to show live traffic patterns on major roadways. You can only imagine how important that is to have if you’re driving on the streets of Los Angeles. Now Google is releasing this feature to seven new countries and updated the coverage of 19 current countries that had it already implemented. The new countries that are getting Live Traffic are Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Mexico, Peru, Romania and South Africa. Also, here is the list of the countries that will be expanded: 
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AT&T Agrees to a Deal with Sirius XM, Awaits FCC’s Approval

Ever since AT&T’s failed merger with T-Mobile, they have been working furiously to pick up the pieces and cut their losses. Today marks some progress towards just that. AT&T has struck a deal with the satellite radio company Sirius XM that would get its LTE-based 4G running on the 2.3GHz Wireless Communications Service (WCS) that normally only satellite radio’s would intersect. If passed by the FCC, this could be huge for AT&T as this keeps LTE flowing freely as subscribers continue to pile on to the network. With LTE being all the rage on Android phones and the impending LTE iPhone that everyone is expecting, this deal could definitely help keep AT&T’s customers happy with continuous high internet speeds without the worry of it being bogged down.

source: FCC
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U.S. Marketing Campaign for the Galaxy S III launches

The Galaxy S III, Samsung’s flagship phone for the year, is ready as ever for its American debut. For the first time ever, Samsung’s Galaxy S line has uniformity within all of US carriers. This means every Galaxy S III in America will look the same and will actually have the same name. This means no more of that added Epic 4G Touch and Skyrocket discrepancies within the names. So you can bet that Samsung is ready to market this phone out like it has never before. This video from Samsung kicks off the start of this marketing campaign with Samsung proudly touting the multi-tasking king that is the “pop-up video” feature where the actor is texting and watching a video at the same time. Checkout the video and see for yourselves! Does this make you even more excited for its pending US release?

Amazon Appstore Finally Launching in Europe This Summer

Earlier this month we reported that the Amazon Appstore may finally expand itself past American shores. Well we can finally confirm that it will indeed find its way to several European countries this summer. I know it has been frustrating for many European Android users to not be able to use the Amazon Appstore and take advantage for what it has to offer. But with the emergence of the Kindle Fire it would be a huge mistake if Amazon were to not take advantage of expanding it. Amazon is currently eyeing the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain as the first to use their appstore with more “in the near future.” Any of our European readers out there excited for this? Or bothered that it took this long?

Full press release after the break:

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LG Announces “Quick Voice” in Korea, Their Answer to Siri and S-Voice

With voice command assistants being all the rave these days, LG just couldn’t resist and decided to join in on all the fun. To attempt to stay on pace with Samsung, LG released their voice recognition software dubbed as “Quick Voice”. There’s nothing really new here if you’re already familiar with the Galaxy SIII’s S-Voice software and the iPhone 4S’s Siri. It’s a voice activated software that will enable the user to ask for various questions such as what the weather is and will assist you in setting up certain tasks such as setting up an alarm or calendar events. Quick Voice will launch “soon” on some of their current smartphones in Asia such as the Vu and LTE II. So far, no word yet on whether it will appear on some of their American handsets such as the Optimus 3D and LG Thrill 4G.

I’ve never really cared too much for these types of dedicated voice recognition apps as Android has already had this since the Eclair days. Having a dedicated app such as S-Voice and Quick Voice just seems gimmicky to me. But with the popularity it gained from Apple’s Siri, I can’t blame the competition for taking a crack at it.

source: LG Korea

Google Developers Live: All Development, All the Time

Google announced some great news for developers today ahead of the upcoming Google I/O Developer Conference.  It turns out Google doesn’t think a couple of days a year is enough to keep developers informed and productive, so they’re launching Google Developers Live, a year-round resource giving access to Google’s knowledge, tools, and people.

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MightyText Lets You Send Text Messages From Any Web Browser, is Mighty Useful

MightyText is an incredibly useful app for those of us who spend a lot of time in front of a computer all day.  The app allows you to receive and send sms messages from within your web browser using that nice big keyboard sitting right in front of you instead of pecking away at the phone.  This is not only faster, but allows you to stay somewhat focused on whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing when you’re not texting.  
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U.S. Samsung Galaxy S III Review, A Contender Not To Be Reckoned With? (Video)


Well, we didn’t have to wait too long this go-around for a Galaxy S device to make its way across the pond into the hands of the US masses.  Not even a full month yet, most of the US carriers will be getting their devices and those who pre-ordered it will be playing with one any day now.  The device is roughly going for $199 on a 2yr contract and will be available on five different carriers in the U.S.  You see how that works Apple?  This is how you sell more devices, you don’t give a single carrier six years of exclusivity.  But then again, what does it matter since you’re going to sue them for every device they manufacture from here until the end of time?  But I digress.  Back to the review.  So, now the device is here, does it live up to the hype?  I’d like to think so.  And though it’s obvious that Samsung cut a few corners in the hardware dept, it’s still a fricking awesome device.  That is my personal and professional opinion by the way.  All kidding aside, Samsung has done a great job offering a slew of new features software wise on the handset.  Apps like Allshare, S-Beam and many more, the handset is not only all work but plenty of play as well.  With a gorgeous 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display (1280 x 720) this device is going to take the industry by storm.  Add to that ICS 4.0, a nasty Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 CPU and 2GB of RAM and you have more than just a player here.  Head on past the break to read the rest of the review and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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New App Will Allow SIM Unlock on Galaxy S III (I9300)

For those of you folks who are looking to use your  Galaxy S III (I9300) on more than one carrier, we have some good news for you. Familiar Android developer Supercurio has created an app that will unlock  your new device’s baseband to allow access to any radio-compatible SIM cards. As long as you are willing to root your device to unlock its full potential, you can grab the app from the Play Store and get to SIM-swapping right away. What’s more, the app will back-up your important data before switching carriers but unfortunately in its current beta state you can automatically restore that data. This feature will come in a future update.

Speaking of updates, Supercurio had a little mishap when updating the app this morning so the link to the Play Store below won’t be live for a few minutes. If you have the I9300 and want to check out the new SIMUnlock app, keep checking that link over the next hour or so because it should be up in no time.


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New Swype Update Includes 4-In-1 Keyboard And Next Word Prediction

One of the best keyboard alternatives in the game has just gotten a substantial update. The biggest item on its agenda was the addition of word prediction— and Swype has successfully achieved that. Swype has included something called Next Word Prediction which you guessed it: gets smarter based off a user’s historical usage. This technology is based off Nuance’s own XT9 standard and adapts to how a user communicates. In addition, Swype has included a new voice-text dictionary sync which allows you to add both text and speech to an internal database— which further helps with users being able to communicate better with others. Some of the other tidbits featured in the new update include the ability to download over 55 languages and a brand-spankin’ new 4-in-1 keyboard, which includes the ability to allow users to type words by drawing letters and numbers using their fingertips.

The new version is available as a beta now, so interested parties will want to hit the source link in order to test out the new updates, but first you’ll want to hit past the break and check out the full presser.

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