Google invites 34 cities to explore Google Fiber


The chances of getting Google Fiber just went up… slightly. Today Google has announced they are working with an additional thirty-four cities on the possibility of adding their 1Gbit service. Major cities include Portland, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, San Antonio, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh-Durham. New York City, however, still hasn’t made the cut. The aforementioned cities are not ‘locked’ to get Google Fiber as the local government would need to give its approval.

Here is part of what Google had to say:

We’ve long believed that the Internet’s next chapter will be built on gigabit speeds, so it’s fantastic to see this momentum. And now that we’ve learned a lot from our Google Fiber projects in Kansas City, Austin and Provo, we want to help build more ultra-fast networks. So we’ve invited cities in nine metro areas around the U.S.—34 cities altogether—to work with us to explore what it would take to bring them Google Fiber.

Source: Google Official Blog

Samsung Galaxy S 5 camera to utilize an invisible button on the side, tons of software options too


We previously learned about the fingerprint scanner that Samsung will be utilizing with the Galaxy S 5. Now, thanks to SamMobile, we know that the device will have a 16MP camera with a ton of modes and effects. But before we dive into the software options, there is something externally Samsung will be adding to the overall camera. Rather than requiring users to tap the screen to snap a photo, a touch-sensitive button will be featured on the side, simulating a real camera. According to the source, this feature is dubbed Side Touch and the sensor will be located on the bottom right side. Side Touch will not be usable in Portrait Mode and Easy Mode or while recording video. Samsung has also reportedly revamped the user interface of the camera app to match the handset’s over software redesign.

Amazon makes its digital currency, Amazon Coins, available on all Android devices in US, UK, Germany

Amazon Coins

Amazon Coins, Amazon’s digital currency, was originally only available on Kindle Fire devices. But today, Amazon made the Coins available to all Android users in the US, UK and Germany. You’ll need the latest version of the Amazon Appstore, and once you do, you can purchase the Coins, or download free apps to reach achievements to earn the Coins.

Hit the break for the full press release.

Glove app now available in Google Play to help users find best wireless carrier


With all of the wireless carriers battling for subscribers, many people may be tempted to give a new carrier a try. This could be for a variety of reasons, but probably anyone making a switch would like to know they will not regret a change due to poorer service compared to their current provider. Developer tawkon hopes to help with this situation with the release of the Glove app to help users find “a network that fits.” tawkon claims three out of four people could be getting better service than what they currently have.

LG G Flex review: the birth of a new era


The flexible and bendable display era is finally here. Last year, both LG and Samsung introduced smartphones with flexible displays. Neither of which are getting all that much excitement since the displays aren’t as flexible as people were hoping for. However, I like to look at these phones as concepts if you will. They represent the birth of something that will be truly incredible years down the road. Eventually you will be able to bend and fold up your phone, but for now we get curvy, with a little bit of give. LG opted to curve their phone from top to bottom (in portrait mode), while Samsung chose to curve theirs from left to right (again in portrait mode). LG seemed to make the better choice as it just feels and looks more natural. But is it worth the extra money? Head on past the break to find out.

AnTuTu benchmark scores support two versions of Oppo Find 7; image of device discovered


Last week when Oppo announced the unveiling event for the Oppo Find 7, they hinted at the device coming in multiple versions based on the inclusion of “Are” in the teaser image. Some new benchmarks that have posted to AnTuTu support the suggestion that two versions will be released, with the major difference being screen resolution. The benchmark scores show one Find 7 device with a 5.5-inch, 2560×1440 resolution display while the other one just lists the display as “1920×1080” consistent with a “normal” HD screen. If Oppo is able to meet their schedules, they could very well end up being the first manufacturer to get a smartphone equipped with a 2K display to market.

Samsung and PayPal rumored to be working together for payment service on the Galaxy S5


One of the biggest features we’re expecting Samsung to adopt in the Galaxy S5 is the fingerprint scanner. Everyone is pretty much expecting it’s going to happen, and we’ve even gotten some insight on what it’s going to be able to do, but the latest rumors point towards the S5 trying to do something that many companies have failed at; a mobile payment system.

Apparently, Samsung and PayPal are working together closely to try and create some type of wallet system that will become a standard for consumers and retail stores. Samsung already has a wallet app developed, although it’s limited by country availability (much like Google Wallet) so Samsung already has some of the foundation ready. Adding in a fingerprint scanner for security and PayPal for the heavy lifting on the money handling side of things could really be what Samsung needs to make something like this happen.

Samsung gets back to mocking Apple in latest commercials


Samsung used to spend a big part of their marketing budget knocking Apple’s iPhone, but got away from that with recent ads. Those were some of their best commercials, and they are finally getting back their swagger with two more commercials. The first one compares the Note 3 to the iPhone 5S with a little help from LeBron James highlight reels, and the second one brings a new battle for Samsung, the iPad Air. In this one, the TabPRO 10.1 shows its prowess along with a pencil. Both of these commercials will begin airing today.

It is expected that Samsung will put more of an emphasis on tablets this year, so expect them to go hard and heavy with more commercials against the iPad. Check out the 60-second spots after the break.

Samsung rumored to be working on music streaming service, Milk Music


While Google offers a number of services through Android, some of those services have to make way for Samsung services on Samsung devices. It seems that Samsung may be getting ready to launch their own music streaming service called Milk Music to compete with Google’s Play Music and Play Movies.

The news came through a patent applications at the US Patent and Trademark Office. The application suggests that the service will allow users to stream music, radio, and even on-demand video.

It is true that Samsung does already offer some of these services though their Hub apps, but they’re planning on consolidating all of them under a single banner. We may even see it debut alongside the Galaxy S5 next week!

Source: Galaxy Club
Via: SamMobile

Huawei Ascend P7 specs leaked, will include front facing stereo speakers


Huawei is expected to release their newest flagship device at Mobile World Congress next week. That device is the Ascend P7, and it has recently leaked in a press image along with confirmation of some of the hardware specs of the device.

The leaked image shows that the device will be released in a number of different colors: black, white, pink, and beige. The specs that have been revealed show that the phone will have a 5-inch full HD display, a 13MP rear facing camera, a 5MP front facing camera, and a 1.6GHz quad-core processor.

Microsoft launches OneDrive along with new Android app


A few weeks ago Microsoft announced that SkyDrive would now be known as OneDrive. Today that became a reality, and OneDrive is now official. For people who were already using SkyDrive that won’t really be a big change. Their service will automatically be upgraded, and existing apps will continue to work.

Hit the break for more info, the Play Store download link, and a gallery of screenshots!

HTC can’t be too pleased with latest leak regarding the All New One


We are still over a month away from the official unveiling of the HTC M8 or the All New One, but there is going to be zero to learn about the device thanks to so many leaks. We already got a good look at the device yesterday while it was in a protective case, but a full-fledged press shot was leaked an hour ago leaving nothing to the imagination. On the other hand, the Galaxy S 5 will be unveiled in less than a week, but we still don’t have a good idea on what it will look like. As you you know, many times, manufacturers purposely leak info to create buzz, so maybe this is what HTC wants, but then there is no excitement for March 25 is there?

Anyways, the above image is indeed the HTC One successor. Codenamed the M8, the latest rumor is that it will be called the All New One, but I suspect it will simply be called the HTC One, and people will refer to it as the HTC One 2014 edition. This image is of the gold version, but they will also offer silver and gray options. BTW, you will notice that this leak confirms the wasted space for the HTC logo, which is a bad move in my opinion.

source: @evleaks

Samsung Galaxy S5 AnTuTu benchmark screenshots show on-screen buttons


As Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors become more and more constant, we have seen a number of trends. For the most part all the leaks have agreed that the device will have hardware navigation buttons rather than software buttons. Today screenshots of the AnTuTu benchmark were leaked, and the screenshots show on-screen buttons.

The screenshot also shows the device having a 1080p display rather than the expected QHD one. While this is the Exynos 5420 version of the phone, it is doubtful that different variants of the phone will have different display resolutions.

LG officially announces the mid-range G2 mini


LG was so excited for the G2 mini, they couldn’t wait until next week’s Mobile World Congress to announce it, so they officially pulled the wraps off of it today. Unfortunately it continues the trend of making “mini” versions very mid to low-tier. So far, Sony is the only company to offer a higher-end “mini”, but I digress.

Getting back to the G2 mini, it will sport a 4.7-inch display, but the resolution is very 2011. It will sport a qHD display, which is 960 x 540. They will supposedly offer two different processors, that I assume will be based on other variants such as non-LTE and dual-SIM versions. You will either get a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 or a 1.2GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 4i.

Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature a full HD display, QHD model to follow months later


Earlier today, we reported that the Galaxy S5 will not come in the Active variant since the regular model will be dust and water resistance. Previous rumors hinted that the Galaxy S5 will feature a QHD display however, a recent report suggests that the Galaxy S5 will come in two variants, one with an HD (1920 x 1080) display and another with a QHD (2560 x 1440) display.

Korean media is reporting that Samsung could release the QHD model a few months after the HD variant has been launched. Samsung has already started the production of Galaxy S5’s HD displays but the QHD panels are still in queue. The reason for this “delay” is from difficulties Samsung is facing with optimizing the QHD picture quality.