Win a red Google Nexus 5 by telling Google what you’re passionate about


As Valentine’s Day approaches, Google is giving away the chance to win a red Google Nexus 5! All you have to do is tell Google what or who you love by submitting a picture of a person, place or thing.

To enter the competition you must be over the age of 18, live in the US, and submit an image that qualifies. If you meet those requirements you can head over to the official contest page to submit your entry. You also should share your photo on your preferred social media site with the tag #iheartred. You could also win $25 in Play Store credit.

Source: WF-Site

Sony ends support for twelve older smartphones, including Xperia S, ion, and go


For every phone, there comes a time that support diminishes. Sony made it clear today that that time has come for twelve of their devices that fall outside the 18-month update window that Google and Android have put in place. The complete list:

  • Xperia arc S
  • Xperia S
  • Xperia SL
  • Xperia ion
  • Xperia acro S
  • Xperia go
  • Xperia P
  • Xperia J
  • Xperia micro
  • Xperia sola
  • Xperia tipo
  • Xperia U

Source: Xperia Blog

Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 gets leaked


Courtesy of @evleaks, we have an image of Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 tablet. After looking at the image, there are only three noticeable Verizon ‘stamps.’ Verizon’s logo, 4G LTE logo, and 4G LTE indicator are all present. Other than that, it looks like any other Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 tablet. Yesterday, it was announced that the tablet would cost $850. But now with Verizon radios included, that price could reach or go north of $1000. If this tablet is a must-have, get your credit card ready for February 13.

Verizon Moto G receiving Android 4.4.2 KitKat starting today


About 3 weeks after the European Moto G started receiving the Android 4.4.2 update it’s the Verizon model’s turn. It seems that a number of people who currently own the Verizon Moto G have been getting the update.

The Moto G will now be able to use many of the recent Motorola apps that are available on the Play Store for easy access.

Source: Android Central

US Cellular Moto X will receive Android 4.4.2 beginning today


The soak test for Android 4.4.2 already went out for the T-Mobile Moto X last week, and it looks like US Cellular will be next. According to sources, the US Cellular Moto X (XT1055) will receive Android 4.4.2 as early as today, with the full rollout occurring February 12. The update will bring camera enhancements, support for Google Print services, and other improvements.

Source: DroidLife

comScore releases December 2013 U.S. smartphone market share report


Today comScore released their smartphone subscriber market share report for December 2013, showing trends in the smartphone industry in the U.S. Apple ranked as the top OEM with 41.8% of the market share, while Android ranked as the top smartphone platform, with 51.5% of the market share.

The report also includes information about smartphone properties and apps, with Google Sites ranking as the top smartphone web property with 88.3% reach, and Facebook ranking as the top mobile app with 77.4% reach. Other popular apps include Google Play, with 53.9% reach, and Pandora Radio, with 48.7% reach.

Hit the break to see the rest of the results.

Galaxy Gear gets a $120 discount in India, but expect a global wide price slash


One of the biggest issues I had with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear was the steep price point it had upon launch. Today it has been cut by $120 in India only, but you can expect a discount on the Galaxy Gear worldwide in the next coming weeks. With the Gear 2 expected to be unveiled in the next month or two, a price cut is definitely needed.

For the people that have a Galaxy Gear, how do you like it? And was it worth the initial price you bought it for? Let us know!

source: Samsung

Google, Cisco agree to cross-licensing patent deal


Google has made another cross-licensing patent deal. Last month, Google and Samsung made an agreement for the next ten years. This time around, Cisco and Google have formed a partnership to share patents in order to avoid potential patent lawsuits in the future. Dan Lang, Cisco’s Vice President of Intellectual Property, said “In today’s overly-litigious environment, cross-licensing is an effective way for technology companies to work together and help prevent unnecessary patent lawsuits.” As of late, many companies have been embroiled in patent lawsuits and some have taken the easy way out. This deal shows Google and Cisco want to put up a good fight.

Hit the break for the full press release.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier tie-in app coming next month


Comic book fans now have something to look forward to in both March and April. Prior to Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s film release on April 4, Marvel will release a tie-in app next month. Although the game will have the same name as the film, it will feature a unique story. It meshes “combat action and flexible tactical options for a complete Marvel experience that teases the upcoming movie.” The graphics are comparable to comic books, or the Borderlands series if you are an avid console gamer.

Hit the break for the official trailer and full press release.

Aio Wireless lowers rate plan pricing


Any Aio Wireless users out there? Aio have lowered the prices of their 3 simple unlimited plans and their popular plans now offer even more high speed data:

  • Basic Plan: $40 ($35 after Auto Pay credit) unlimited voice/text/data, including 500MB of high speed data (same price as before but double the data)
  • Smart Plan: $50($45 after Auto Pay credit) unlimited voice/text/data, including 2.5 GB of high speed data ($5 less/month plus an extra half GB of data)
  • Pro Plan: $60($55 after Auto Pay credit) unlimited voice/text/data, including 5 GB of high speed data ($10 less/month with 5 GB of data)

Although it’s worth to note that users are capped at 8Mbps download speed for their allotted data, before it’s throttled. Users can also save an extra $5 per month by enrolling in Auto Pay.

Anyone planning on taking advantage of these new plans? Press release after the break!

Expect significant upgrades in smartphone screen technology this year with ‘Quantum Dot’ LCD’s


It’s no secret that most smartphone enthusiasts expect a bump in smartphone resolution and quality for this year’s flagships. With 1080p screens now the “norm” for today’s high-end devices, we eagerly look forward to what’s next. Thanks to the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch tablet last year, we have an idea of what to expect as the tablet contains the new “Quantum Dots” LCD technology. “Quantum Dots directly convert the light from Blue LEDs into highly saturated narrow band primary colors for LCDs,” which in turn produces highly saturated primary colors that are similar to those produced by OLED displays found on the Galaxy S line.

With the screens I’ve seen thus far on the LG G2, Nexus 5 and even the year old HTC One, it’s hard to imagine an even better screen as those already look more than adequate to me. How important is screen technology and quality for your smartphone? Where does it rank on your importance of your device? Let us know in the comment section! Also, check out the source link for a more detailed explanation of what to expect with Quantum Dot displays.

source: Display Mate

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo gets a price tag in Indonesia


A few days ago, a German online retailer posted the price for the Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE and 3G model on its site which was a bit unrealistic compared to its bigger brother (Galaxy Note 3). The LTE model was priced at € 529.90 ($713.5) while the 3G model was priced at € 499.00 ($673).

That said,  an Indonesian retailer just posted the price for the Galaxy Note 3 Neo which is priced at a much affordable rate compared to the German retailer. The smartphone is priced at $555 (IDR 6,799,000), though it hasn’t specified whether the price tag belongs to the LTE+/3G model or the Dual-SIM version. The same Indonesian retailer is selling the Note 3 for IDR8,880,000.

It’s real – red Nexus 5 now available in Google Play Store


With all of the leaked images showing up, it was looking more and more like the red Nexus 5 was a real product getting ready to hit the Google Play store. True to the predictions of various tipsters, the device has shown up in the Google Play Store today. Like its black and white counterparts, the red version of the Nexus 5 will set you back $349 for a 16GB model or $399 for a 32GB model. The Google Play Store currently lists the device as in stock and ready to ship within 1-2 business days.

Samsung shows strong growth in global tablet market in fourth quarter of 2013


New data released by Strategy Analytics today show the global tablet market continues to grow at a healthy pace with Samsung being one of the primary beneficiaries of that growth. Android continued to dominate claiming 62 percent of the market, although Apple’s iOS reversed a recent trend and managed to experience some growth as well during the last quarter of the year. Just during the fourth quarter, global tablet shipments hit 76.8 million units, an increase of 20 percent compared to the same period in 2012. For the entire year, shipments reached 227 million units, a year over year increase of 33 percent.

Seven Days with the new Beats Music app


In just a few years, Beats Audio has made a name for itself in the audio hardware industry with its bass punching headphones and mobile music products. The company, while famous on the hardware front, isn’t exactly the first company that’s thought of when someone asks about streaming music. However that didn’t stop the company from expressing interest in creating its own streaming service. First mentioned in 2012, the idea stemmed from what the company saw as, “a culturally inadequate” and “not satisfying” streaming market. Fast forward about a year and a half later and the company finally announced Beats Music.

Since that first discussion in 2012, the streaming audio market has exploded. Options like Pandora, Spotify, Slacker and even Google’s All Access have established large user bases and followings of their own. With that, it would take something special for a company to differentiate itself from the pack. Beats Music looks to do that with something that Beats Audio feels is sorely lacking from streaming music — the human element.

At first glance, the service looks similar to other options with a free trial, a monthly fee for unlimited streaming, a mobile app, and a web interface. However, rather than just a server of music and listening algorithms, Beats Music offers music curated by industry experts.  Playlists are hand-picked for your listening pleasure and this is something that Beats hopes will change the way you stream your music.

But even with this added element, does Beats Music have enough to make you leave your current streaming service? Find out after the break.