HP announces its own Chromebox, arriving this spring in the U.S.


ASUS isn’t alone in announcing a new Chromebox this week. HP decided to unveil its own today. Available in Smoke Silver, Ocean Turquoise, Snow White and Twinkle Black, the HP Chromebox is powered by a Haswell processor just like ASUS’ offering. The HP Chromebox has HDMI, DisplayPort, Bluetooth and 4 USB 3.0 ports.

Like the ASUS Chromebox, this one has the same price — $179. HP says that it will be offering an Intel Core i7 model and it will presumably be offered in a Chromebox for Meetings package in the near future. Expect this Chromebox to arrive in the United States this spring.

Source: HP

cloud.tv temporarily pulls Chromecast support from Dayframe


Earlier today, the Dayframe app was updated with Chromecast compatiblity, but we just got word from the folks at cloud.tv that they had to remove it at Google’s request. When Google announced the release of the Google Cast SDK a few days ago, they mentioned that the SDK wouldn’t be released until the updated Google Play Services app (4.2) was completely rolled out.

The Google Cast SDK for Android will be available in a few days as part of the Google Play services 4.2 update, which is currently rolling out to Android devices.

Verizon HTC One receiving Android 4.4 KitKat update starting today


Earlier today, HTC Product Manager Mo Versi tweeted that the Android 4.4 KitKat/Sense 5.5 update for the HTC One was approved by Verizon. He also said the update would be rolling out shortly. While many would assume this means days, the update has gone live. Verizon posted the changelog and the update is being rolled out to HTC One owners today.

Let us know if you received the update!

Source: @moversi, Verizon [PDF]

Google announces a new $999 conference call system centered around a Chromebox


Google is putting the new ASUS Chromebox to work right away. This Chromebox for Meetings system comes with a Logitech webcam, Jabra speakerphone, and remote with a keyboard on the back. These components are all centered around the already mentioned ASUS Chromebox. This Chromebox, however, will be powered by Intel’s Core i7 processor.

The setup will cost a whopping $999 and 24/7 support will cost $250 annually after being free for the first year. To allow the video conference call, a Google account is required to run Hangouts. While ASUS’ Chromebox is the only one available today, Dell and HP are both said to be joining within the next few months.

Source: Google Official Blog

Image of HTC’s BlinkFeed for the M8 leaks


Thanks to @evleaks, we now have a look at what BlinkFeed will look like on the HTC M8. The image, posted just a little while ago, also shows how the company will approach Android 4.4 KitKat. Below are transparent on-screen buttons, something present on a device like the Nexus 5. Also, the notification bar has all white icons on top of a transparent background. As for BlinkFeed, it seems more modern and clean. Stay tuned for more information about the HTC M8 as it is nearing a rumored March announcement.

Cisco, Samsung sign cross-licensing patent deal after doing so with Google


First it was Samsung that signed a cross-licensing patent deal with Google. Then it was Cisco. Now, Samsung and Cisco have paired up. The deal gives the companies access to their patent portfolios for the next decade, avoiding as much patent infringement as possible. With all three now having deals with one another, it shows how companies want to innovate while avoiding any sort of lawsuit.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

Angry Birds Stars Wars II updated to put Han on carbonite


Rovio has rolled out an update to their Angry Birds Star Star Wars II title adding some characters, new telepods and reward levels. To get the new characters though, you will first have to melt a frozen carbonite pack. Sadly, melting the carbonite will not melt poor Han Solo as his character remains frozen in the substance.

Wozniak suggests Android powered Apple makes sense


Even though Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak thinks the company is still innovative despite criticism of staleness, he did surprise a recent interviewer with one way he thinks the company could innovate – production of an Android powered smartphone. According to Wozniak, who made what amounts to an heretical statement for Apple fans, he thinks iAndroid “could compete very well. People like the precious looks of stylings and manufacturing that we do in our product compared to the other Android offerings.” 

Huawei P7 “Sophia” shell and design leak, shows extremely small bezels and some sharp corners

Huawei P7 Sophia render

Huawei has been hard at work developing a follow-up to their Ascend P6, and today we’re getting a pretty good look at the design of the Ascend P7, code named “Sophia.” This early render shows a device with some very, very thin bezels, no capacative buttons, and a pretty angular design.

A second leak at Phone Arena shows off the backside shell of the device in person, and it pretty closely resembles the render. The corners aren’t quite as sharp as the render leads on, but the overall angular design is still present in the physical model.

As far as we can tell, the specs of the device are still the same as what we’ve heard previously. 5-inch screen, 1080p resolution, 13 megapixel camera, and a customer quad-core CPU clocked at 1.6 GHz. So far, it looks like Huawei is going to continue making solid, well-designed devices into 2014, although it’s still not likely we’ll ever see this make its way to US markets.

source: Phone Arena 1

Phone Arena 2

LG G3 may see an official launch around May or June to compete with the Galaxy S5


LG typically waits until late summer to announce new flagship devices, normally at IFA. This year, they may be shaking things up by announcing their anticipated G3 a few months earlier, though.

The latest reports from ZDNet Korea say that LG has accelerated their release schedule for the device by two to three months, which would see the device being released around May or June. By speeding up the release of the phone, LG can put the G3 in more direct competition with Samsung’s Galaxy S5, which is likely to hit shelves around April.

Out of all of the device manufacturers that are trying to bolster their market share against Samsung and Apple, LG has the best chance of making something happening. Maybe that early release this year will be enough to knock off Samsung’s flagship as the best selling Android device three years in a row. Regardless, I feel like 2014 is going to be a very exciting year.

source: ZDNet Korea

via: PocketNow

300: Seize Your Glory sails into Google Play


Warner Brothers invites you to come and get a new game they have released to accompany the upcoming theatrical release of 300: Rise of an Empire. In 300: Seize Your Glory you will help Greek general Themistokles battle on the sea against the invading Persian navy led by Artemisia. The game is a bit on the basic side as far as features go. It does include the ability to link to Facebook to share your success with the leaderboard. In battle, you basically move around and slash your way through the enemy forces with your sword, although you can pull off some combo moves using your shield as well. Initially four battles are included, although all but the first are locked. If you want to check out 300: Seize Your Glory, you can grab it from the Google Play store using one of the download links below the screenshot gallery after the break. It does require Android 4.0 or higher and the initial download clocks in at 46MB.

Dayframe update brings support for the Chromecast


One of the best new apps from last year is getting even better today. Dayframe, developed by cloud.tv, just received an update bringing support for the Chromecast. If you aren’t familiar with Dayframe, it allows you to turn any tablet or phone into a gorgeous digital picture frame. Not only will it display stuff from your device’s Gallery, but it also supports Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, and more. It’s perfect for older tablets that you don’t use anymore. You can create your own playlists or let Dayframe come up with it’s own slideshow.

Now you can cast the content to your big screen by utilizing the Chromecast. Now according to cloud.tv, this isn’t just a “play and sit back” approach. It’s interactive, as in your can control what’s playing on the the Chromecast. You can swipe forwards or backwards, zoom to fit or fill, shuffle, and even like photos. You can check out the video below to see for yourself. Dayframe Prime is required in order to use the Chromecast option, which costs $2.99.

Motorola schedules event for Mobile World Congress


Motorola has sent out invites for an event that will take place during the Mobile World Congress here at the end of the month. While we know that other OEM’s are announcing new devices at MWC, like Samsung with its Unpacked event, Motorola appears to be doing the opposite. The company rather, will mostly likely be discussing the sale to Lenovo. Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside will be on hand to discuss updates on the business.

Given how new the Lenovo purchase is, there are a lot of burning questions that have yet to be answered. Will we see Motorola in other markets besides North America, South America and Europe? Will the Moto X and Moto G be here for the long haul or will see some re-branding of sorts? What should we expect in regards to Android software on Motorola devices post the acquisition? Will we still see a more pure version of Android or will Lenovo’s skin be onboard?

While Woodside may not know the answer to all of these questions, we’re only two weeks away from getting some more concrete information. The event is scheduled for February 25 and you better believe that, like everyone else, we’ll be watching.

Samsung wants iPhones banned at the Winter Olympics

Apple vs Samsung

Samsung is a major sponsor of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, and they’re reportedly wanting a ban on iPhones and other competing devices during the games. Specifically, Samsung has requested that all athletes cover Apple and other logos during the opening ceremony while using devices to record video and take photos. This news has also been confirmed by the Swiss delegation.

Samsung has also been offering athletes free products such as the Galaxy Note 3, which is likely to be heavily advertised during the games.

As Sony sells VAIO PC business, smartphone sales rise


Sony has a lot going on right now and there are a lot of rumors surrounding them, but with the recent release of their Q3 2013 results we should be able to learn a bit more about what lies ahead for the company. Sony enjoyed a 44.8% increase in sales in the Mobile Products and Communication division, with the total sales coming to $4.396 billion. It also managed to have an operating loss reduced by $120 million.

The success in the mobile division is mostly due to a “significant increase” in smartphone sales, and comes despite being put together with the Sony PC business.