LG flaunts Pocket Photo, claiming smallest mobile printer

In a segment that may be slowly dying, LG thinks there may still be room for more. Enter their latest in mobile photo printing devices, the Pocket Photo. LG is claiming their mobile printer is the smallest of its kind measuring just 2.8 x 4.7 x 0.9-inches. Photos from a compatible device are transferred to the Pocket Photo via NFC coupled with an Android app. Filters can be applied to the pictures through said Android app, however it’s unknown at this time just how robust the feature is. This micro-printer will be hitting Korean stores for $169 (USD), although there’s no word on a release outside of Korea.

source:  LG



Shazam app update expands tagging for TV shows to be universal

Stalwart music tagging app Shazam continues to move into areas beyond music. You may have noticed the Shazam logo showing up on TV shows or during commercials. That was a sign that app users could use Shazam to get additional information about the show. Shazam is now expanding that capability to enable users to tag any show on any network. Using Shazam, users can pull up information about a TV show’s cast, what they are tweeting about, IMDB and Wikipedia entries, and more. The app also enables users to tweet out or share via Facebook.
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New universal root method promises to root most ICS and Jelly Bean devices

XDA member Bin4ry recently posted his new root method that should be compatible with most ICS and Jelly Bean devices. He said in his post:

I made a small script which is able to root ICS/JB phones. It uses a remount timing issue in Androids “adb restore” service.
So normally it should work on nearly all ICS/JB devices, for some it won’t but the idea may work in a slightly modded version

It has been tested on the Nexus 7 as well as newer Sony Xperia devices.


  1. Download file and extract it
  2. Double click the RunMe.bat and follow instructions

As always, if you want more information or to jump in on the conversation, hit up the source link.

source: xda

Google snaps up award-winning iOS photo app Snapseed, attempts to take on Instagram and Facebook

It’s been a while since we’ve heard mention of the photo-editing app Snapseed for Android. Even then, it was only demoed for possible release on select Android tablets. It now appears that the award-winning photo editing app will make its way to the Android masses, however a timeline hasn’t been announced. This awesome app comes by way of Google’s acquisition of Nik Software, the German developer of Snapseed. While they acquired a few other photo apps developed by Nik in the deal, make no mistake, Snapseed was their true target.

As mentioned, Snapseed is an award-winning iOS photo app which retails for $4.99. It took home honors of “iPad App of The Year” in 2011 due in part to its robust editing features. Google is no doubt looking to integrate their new acquisition in with Google+ which would instantly make it a competitor to Instagram and Facebook in terms of photo-editing capabilities via the Google+ mobile app. What do you think of the acquisition? We can all think of times in the past when such acquisitions didn’t go quite as planned.

source:  The Verge

Kindle Fire HD shows its guts in iFixit teardown

Who doesn’t like a nice teardown every now and then? Our friends at iFixit just did one on the Kindle Fire HD and found it to be as easy to repair as the Nexus 7. Based on a scale of 1 to 10, iFixit gave it a 7. Other notables were that the rear case was easy to open, the design is simplistic with fewer components, and the LCD and front glass will need to be replaced together since they are fused together. Hopefully you will never have to do this yourself, but if you find yourself in need or maybe the geek in you is just curious, hit the source link to find out more.

source: ifixit


Motorola DROID RAZR M review: small but large and cheap but powerful

Recently Motorola unveiled three new members of the RAZR family. The DROID RAZR HD and the DROID RAZR HD MAXX are nice editions, but it’s rare that the highlight of an event such as this would be the budget phone. The DROID RAZR M is much smaller than the original RAZR, but packs the same 4.3-inch display since it’s edge to edge. That’s not even the best part. The best part of it is that it’s priced at $99 on contract. Can the DROID RAZR M compete with the big boys? Hit the break to find out and you can also check out our initial hands on review.

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Featured Play Store Newbie: Pirateville – The Enchanted Box [Gaming-Casual]

There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of hidden object games as of late. It’s just a matter of picking what theme floats your boat. Nevosoft just released another one called Pirateville: The Enchanted Box, which is about a Pirate named Sharpshooter Jack. One day he found a mysterious ancient box, but it was locked. There has to be something important or valuable in it right? As he tries to figure out the secret behind this box, he will meet with spirits and become a psychic as well as escape from prison and learn his destiny. It’s up to you to figure out what’s inside the box. If you love hidden object games as well as some mystery and romance, this game will be right up your alley.


  • An incredible story of pirates, treasure and an ancient curse
  • Sixty-five challenging levels
  • Colorful locations and interesting quests
  • Challenging mini games
  • Amazing graphics and music

Pirateville: The Enchanted Box is Free so you have nothing to lose. Take a look at the quick demo video below and hit up one of the download links to get started.



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Play Store Download Link

Quick Rant: Android Portable Media Players Are Not Just A Waste Of Consumers’ Time And Money, But A Waste Of Time And Money From Android Manufacturers As Well


As Android continues to grow as the preferred ecosystem among people worldwide, we are seeing an explosion of innovative and impressive devices. I’m not talking about an explosion of just smartphones either. We are seeing an explosion of devices designed to improve your TV, full-fledged gaming systems, innovative tablets and even a nifty camera or two. Now while those type of Android devices are impressive and all, there’s a type of Android device that I failed to mention and for good reason— Android portable media players or PMPs for short. Android PMPs are neither innovative nor impressive– compared to other Android counterparts. Generally speaking, Android manufacturers generate buzz and excitement for various products, yet consumers never hear anything about PMPs and see any real excitement or reason to talk about them. Knowing there’s no real push or excitement for PMPs, is it really important for Android fanatics or even the average consumer to go out and buy a PMP? More importantly, is it important for manufacturing giants like Samsung to continue churning out PMPs, despite there being no major push or excitement these devices? I will respectfully say no to both questions.

In the interest of full disclosure— even though I am an editor of this great Android website and have a great deal of passion for the Android ecosystem, I’m by no means an Android fanboy. I own numerous Apple products including an iPod Touch for my commutes on the New York City Subway or for use when working out. I love technology as a whole— but when it comes to having my personal media player on the go— music, video, pictures and gaming for example— I would rather use an Apple iPod Touch before using an Android PMP, without hesitation. The Apple iPod Touch has set the standard when it comes to managing a consumer’s personal media, while giving the same consumers items like an impressive display, abundant number of applications and plenty of accessories for starters. Android PMPs on the other hand often feature uninspired designs, horrendous features (i.e. lackluster displays or Gingerbread) and few, if any accessories available. Simply put, Android PMPs are a waste of money and resources for consumers and manufacturers and that’s why the average consumer should not even bother with Android PMPs. I’m sure many of you are interested in seeing my reasoning for my strong claim, so go ahead and jump past the break to see my thoughts in greater detail.

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First iPhone 5 benchmark shows double the performance and faster than most Android devices

Everybody has been waiting patiently for iPhone 5 benchmarks and it looks like we have our first one from Primate Labs’ GeekBench. Apple is touting the new A6 processor in the iPhone 5 to be twice as fast for general operations and graphics. In the latest score on GeekBench, it hit 1601, which is actually 2.5 times faster than the iPhone 4S (629) and about double that of the iPad 3 (766). The A6 is a dual-core that runs at 1.02GHz and the iPhone 5 sports 1GB of RAM as well.

How does it perform against Android devices? Well there were earlier reports stating that the iPhone 5 beat every Android device because the listed benchmarks showed all Android devices with scores lower than 1601. The best Android device was the Nexus 7 with a score of 1591 followed by the international quad-core Galaxy S III, which was 1560. Somehow things have changed as their main benchmarks page now has the international Galaxy S III with a score of 1628 and the Nexus 7 at 1604. In fact, it looks like they are updating their page every so often so things could change again.

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Samsung Announces The Galaxy S III Smartphone To Launch With Wait For It… Android 4.1 Loaded Out Of The Box


The citizens of Singapore will now be able to have a device the rest of the world doesn’t for now– a Jelly Bean-powered Samsung Galaxy S III LTE smartphone. That’s right friends, Samsung is currently getting ready for the launch of the device by the end of September. Even more exciting is the fact this version of the smartphone will feature a quad-core Exynos processor instead of the dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip, while also featuring a whopping 2GB of RAM. Customers in Singapore can expect to pay around S$998 (US $801.86) for the newly launched device.

Oh and Samsung Singapore also took some time to make owners of the existing Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone happy too as it confirmed the existing smartphone will get the Jelly Bean update sometime in the near-future. Considering there are multiple leaks of the Jelly Bean build out there at this time, we suspect the update is due out for arrival soon— very soon.

source: CNet Asia
via: Android Central