Mysterious LG phone passes through the FCC looking very much like the leaked Nexus 5


A couple of days ago, the next Nexus phone made a guest appearance in a Google video, and we just want to know who is manufacturing it? An LG logo appeared to be at the bottom of the device, but there were some rumblings that it could be made by Sony since the camera lens is in the same exact spot as the Xperia Z1. Well I think we can safely say that LG is the chosen one based on a FCC filing for an LG phone with a model number of D820.

Just take a look at the inside of the back cover (above) and tell me it doesn’t line up with exactly what we saw in the video. It also appears to be running firmware M89974A with “aosp_hammerhead-userdebugKyeLimePieFACTORYeng.sangjoon84.lee.20130618.015154″ as the software version. Not sure why Key Lime Pie is listed, but it’s safe to assume this is KitKat folks.

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Samsung SPH-L520 passes through FCC halls, could possibly be Sprint’s Galaxy S 4 Mini

Samsung SPH-L520

Rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini have been swirling around for a while now, and we’re today we’re seeing FCC documents of a device which appears to be the Sprint variant of the phone (We’ve already seen Verizon and AT&T versions). The body is a bit bigger than the other S 4 variants, however. We might be seeing a carrier-specific device here, but if it were the S 4 Mini we wouldn’t be surprised.

Via: Engadget 
Source: FCC


Google Earth receives new update, now displays geo-coded Google+ photos


Google Earth just received an update in the Play Store which will bring geocoded photos to the 3D view in the application. This is certainly a welcome feature which will bring a more rich experience to the user— there could be a bit of a concern with privacy issues, but Google has quelled them by making it necessary for picture uploads to be turned on in your Google+ settings, and geo-location turned on in your camera. Google also isn’t pulling your private photos into the Google Earth database, so no worries here. Hit the break for the download link and QR code.

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NVIDIA releases “tear-down” (a.k.a. explosion) video for SHIELD gaming-tablet


This ain’t your typical tear-down video. NVIDIA went ahead and created a video featuring a bunch of guys blowing up their brand new SHIELD gaming-tablet, humorously showing off the parts of the device as they flew across the screen in tiny bits and pieces. No use in me telling you about it, so go check it out for yourself below!

YouTube Preview Image

Thor: The Dark World game from Gameloft gets a new gameplay trailer


If you’ve been keeping up with Gameloft’s upcoming Thor: The Dark World game tie-in, you’ll definitely want to check out their latest trailer. This time around, the trailer shows off a little more gameplay as opposed to the previous trailer, including a multiplayer mode. Overall, the game looks like it’s coming together nicely, and it’ll be a great addition to your action game library whenever it inevitably releases. Hit the link below to check out the source, and watch the trailer for yourself.

source: Droidgamers

AnTuTu benchmark gets updated to version 4.0, brings new interface and updated benchmarking algorithms


AnTuTu benchmark, one of the most popular benchmarking applications for Android devices, has gotten a major upgrade to version 4.0. The new version brings a few extra features, most notable of which is a redesigned interface that just looks great. It’s also sporting a new benchmarking algorithm that’s supposed to better support newer devices; IE, crazy-fast phones with multi-core processors. Many older benchmarking apps would sometimes only benchmark 1 or 2 processing cores, so keeping those algorithms up to date is necessary. There’s also a new benchmark you can test called the “User Experience” benchmark. I’m not entirely sure what that measures, as it scored my Galaxy S 4 well below every other phone on the results, including the reference Galaxy S 4 and the Galaxy S II.

Quirky benchmarks aside, the update is a very welcome upgrade, and like always, it’s free. Hit the link below to get your hands on it. And just for fun, why not post some benchmark results in the comments?

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Stay sleeping by filtering your calls through the night

call_alarmEveryone likes their sleep, and no one likes their sleep disturbed. You don’t really want to turn off your phone completely though, just in case there’s an emergency. XDA Forum member pizandroid understands. He’s released an application to the Play Store called Call Filter Alarm, which allows you to filter calls based on the time of day and caller. So you set an alarm, and optionally select who you allow to call and text you. Once “sleep mode” is activated, only your whitelisted contacts can contact you.

You can download the app through the link below.

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First Samsung Galaxy Gear apps start to appear

Microsoft Word - Fact Sheet_eBay_Galaxy Gear.docx

When Samsung announced their Galaxy Gear wearable watches yesterday, they spent some time discussing some of the basic functions like taking or making phone calls, checking notifications, and even taking pictures. In case you did not catch it though, Samsung also promised there would be several apps designed to run specifically on Galaxy Gear. Some of the first examples of these are starting to pop up and help give us an idea of how Galaxy Gear may actually prove to be useful. Read more

It’s Chrome’s 5th birthday and Google launches a ‘new breed of apps’ to celebrate


I can’t believe that today is already Chrome’s 5th birthday, and to celebrate, Google is launching a “new breed of apps.” These apps are similar to what you would expect when you download an app on your smartphone or Windows desktop. This means more functionality such as working offline, better notifications, and sandboxing.

They are also introducing a Chrome App Launcher for Windows. It will reside in your taskbar and it launches these desktop apps in their own windows, just like other Windows desktop apps. It even includes a search box.

To download these desktop apps, go to the “For your desktop” collection in the Chrome Web Store. Some of these new apps include Pixlr Touch Up, Wunderlist, and a game called Cracking Sands. But there are many more. Hit the break for the full list of features.

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Everything you need to know about the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear is in this video


Yesterday, Samsung released a 6+ minute video showcasing the Galaxy Note 3, but apparently it wasn’t enough. Today they posted an 18 minute video that not only gives you a complete walkthrough of the Galaxy Note 3, you also get the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. This is a pretty thorough walkthrough of both devices, so if you have any interest in either device, set aside a good 18 minutes, and fire it up. Hit the break when you’re ready.

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