The HTC One (M8) has a thick bottom bezel for a reason


When it comes to the bezels on the HTC One (M8), it is no different than last year. There are complaints that the bottom portion with HTC’s logo is completely unnecessary. Contrary to that, an HTC executive has come forward with an explanation. According to Jeff Gordon, HTC’s Senior Global Online Communications Manager, there “is a huge amount of circuitry, antennae, etc.” So clearly there is a purpose. Gordon took to Twitter to assure everyone that there is no dead space. While you may be disappointed that the bezel is still thick, just remember that HTC did switch to on-screen buttons rather than keeping last year’s bizarre setup.

Stay tuned for our upcoming review of the HTC One (M8). Read more

Motorola gives behind the scenes look at April Fools’ animation


On Tuesday, Motorola shared a new boot animation with owners of the Moto X and Moto G. Billed as an April Fools’ day animation, like some of the pranks from this year, the animation was actually pretty cool and probably was not seen as a prank. Motorola has indicated they like to change up the boot animations, especially in connection with seasonal items, to deliver a more personal, engaging experience for owners of their devices. They decided to take an opportunity with this latest animation to take people behind the scenes since the animation used a technology not seen too often these days – stop-motion animation. Read more

Samsung gets another hit with Ortiz selfie with Obama


Samsung appears to have once again struck it out of the ballpark so to speak with a pseudo-organic tweet similar to the Ellen DeGeneres selfie taken during the Oscars. This time the celebrity was David Ortiz who was visiting the White House with the Boston Red Sox. During the visit, Ortiz captured a selfie of himself with President Obama. Samsung helped promote the image via Twitter, sending it out to their 5.2 million followers. Read more

T-Mobile (partially) changes stance on employee discounts, letting customers keep grandfathered discounts


Yesterday, T-Mobile announced they were cutting off employee discounts for all consumers, including customers that were grandfathered into the discounts. To put it bluntly, that announcement sucked. Today, John Legere has partially changed the decision about employee discounts through the Un-carrier that will benefit some consumers, but not all.

If you had an employee discount on your plan prior to April 1st, you will be able to keep it as long as you stay with T-Mobile and stay with the employer. T-Mobile is wisely not forcing older customers off of the plans. However, any new customers after today aren’t going to be able to get any type of employee discount, but the $25 reward card for a device upgrade still applies. Read more

VIVO’s newest device will have a Snapdragon 801 processor, 3 GB of RAM, and a powerful camera

VIVO flagship 2014

VIVO’s Xplay 3S is a monster of a phone, featuring a 2k resolution screen and a Snapdragon 801 processor. It can easily compete with all of the other high-end devices being released this year, but that’s not stopping VIVO from working on something even better. They’ve released some teaser images onto Chinese social media site Weibo, hinting at a device with an even faster Snapdragon 801 CPU, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal memory, and the tagline “discover, record, change,” which seems to hint at the camera being a point of focus for the device.

They didn’t mention anything about display resolution, but since VIVO is obviously able to pack a 2k display into their devices, it would make sense for them to keep that up. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more about this mystery device.

source: G for Games

Google Play Newsstand updated to version 3.2.0 with updated layout and new My Library tab

google play newsstand

Google Play Newsstand is one of the Google apps to get an update today, bringing it up to version 3.2.0. The update changes the interface around a bit, adding in separate tabs for different topics such as business, entertainment, and sports in the Read Now section and merging My News and My Magazines into a single My Library section.

Having the different labels in the Read Now section of the app makes it much easier to quickly jump to exactly what you want to read, and creating a single My Library destination will trim the app up and make it easier to navigate. Keep an eye out for the update on your device. Read more

Google Play Movies & TV gets updated with Info Cards and a minor facelift


The Google Play Movies & TV application is currently getting the version 3.1.22 update pushed out to users. On the user interface side, Google has finally added a slide-out menu. It is very similar to the one found when using the Play Store itself. The slide-out menu includes Watch Now, My Movies, My TV Shows, On Device, and Shop with the usual Settings and Help & Feedback.

On the playback side of things, the app now has Info Cards. These cards will automatically be displayed as soon as a video is paused. So instead of pausing the video and having to cue the content, it will pop-up right away. Info Cards display information regarding the actors and actresses on-screen.

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Google Keep updated with interface tweaks, image search functionality, and a trash menu


Keep an eye out for an update to Google Keep soon, as the search giant has updated the note taking app in the Play Store with a handful of improvements. The interface looks slightly different in the update, with the default status bar changing to Keep’s signature yellow hue. The same status bar will update to match different colors depending on the color of the note you’re currently viewing.

Google has also added in the functionality for searching specific images, and there’s a new trash menu where you can view your recently deleted notes.

This one’s going to be a staged rollout, like always, so keep an eye out for the notification. Hit the link below for the Play Store link. Read more

Amazon Game Studios shows what is coming and the first Fire TV exclusive “Sev Zero”


Amazon’s new Fire TV set-top box does just about everything. Even gaming. As its name suggests, Amazon Game Studios is the company’s very own developer for gaming. Today, the studio has posted a video giving a preview at what it has up its sleeve. Amazon Games Studio assures consumers that each and every game is designed specifically for Kindle Fire tablets and the Kindle Fire TV set-top box. The games in the preview show various genres.

An exclusive title was officially announced as well. Sev Zero is available today for $6.99; however, most people will not be able to play it until their Amazon Fire TV devices arrive in the coming days. Buying the Fire TV’s game controller will actually net you Sev Zero automatically. So if you plan on gaming with your Fire TV, do yourself and purchase the game controller.

Hit the break for an Amazon Game Studios preview and a trailer for Sev Zero. And as you wait for your Amazon Fire TV to arrive, check out the first commercial featuring Gary Busey. Read more

Chrome Remote Desktop hits invite-only beta

chrome remote desktop

Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop app has taken one step closer to an official release today, with an invite-only beta going live in the Play Store. Unfortunately, that means you probably won’t be able to test it out, but considering Google publicly releases a ton of products with beta tags, this might be widely available sooner than you think.

The app appears to work pretty similarly to most other remote desktop clients. You install the Chrome extension on your PC, then install the Android app from the Play Store, then sign into your Google account to start a connection. Pretty simple, for better or worse.

There’s no shortage of remote desktop apps available for Android, but a (free) Google option might convert a few users.

source: Droid Life