Featured Android App Review: invi – Is this how texting apps should be?

Texting has become the main source in communicating with your friends, family or people in general. It’s fast, easy and efficient. The people over at Invi Labs has taken the simplicity and functionality of a texting application and gave it a gorgeous UI along with some really great options and features.

Upon opening Invi, you’re greeted with a welcome screen and a short tutorial on what the app entails and what it offers. Just simply swipe right to continue until you’re hit with a “register” screen. Upon registering you’re prompted to choose a “banner photo” and a “profile” photo of yourself. In the screen shots below you’ll see what each looks like in the app.

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Verizon offering DROID RAZR M holiday special for $50

The Motorola DROID RAZR M may not be a top tier device, but it is certainly a capable Android smartphone. As we found in our review, the RAZR M offers a lot of bang for the buck when purchased from Verizon for $99. That equation has improved significantly for the holidays as Verizon is now offering the handset for only $49.99 with a two-year contract. This is a good opportunity to get your hands on a relatively decent Android smartphone without breaking the bank. Hit the break to view Verizon’s promo video that includes the offer.
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Netflix updated to support Android 4.2

A couple months ago Netflix released a major update to their app for Android users that brought significant changes to the user interface. Netflix is back at it, this time releasing a smaller update that includes support for Android 4.2, just in time for all the Android 4.2 devices being snapped up during the holiday shopping season. In addition to supporting Android 4.2, Netflix included improvements to the screen scrubbing function with better screen stills, a larger volume button, and some stability and playback bug fixes.

You can download Netflix or update your copy using one of the download links below.

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HTC One X Jelly Bean Update Going Global

The Jelly Bean update for the HTC One X seen on Taiwanese devices last month is starting to make its way around the world. The update has been confirmed for unlocked CID_038 and CID_044 devices in India, Argentina, Russia, Dominican Republic, Peru, Brazil, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom. The HTC update includes: upgrades to Android 4.1 and Sense 4+, UI enhancement, camera performance tweaks, new gallery event/map view and improved power management. The software update (3.14.707.24) is 364.56MB and prompts users to use WiFi.

Source: HTC Source

More Nexus 4 handsets ready to ship out this week

While many anxious Nexus 4 customers patiently wait for their backordered handsets, it appears as though Google and LG have managed to ready another batch of smartphones which are due to ship out sometime this week.

Users are now reporting that the above email is hitting their inboxes in waves, notifying them that their precious LG-manufactured Nexus 4s are ready to be sent out this week. According to the provided information, tracking numbers will be assigned and credit cards will be charged once devices leave Google’s warehouse.

Thankfully, this lines up with the three-week timetable that Google gave earlier this month. We still don’t have exact dates, but perhaps LG has solved its manufacturing inefficiencies and intends to replenish the Play Store. Be sure to let us know if you’ve gotten the email in the comments below.

Source: AndroidCentral 

Samsung GT-I9400 outed in Nenamark 2 benchmark, could be a Galaxy S IV test unit

It appears as though Samsung has begun the testing phase for its successor to the Galaxy S III, albeit with lower-end specs. The benchmark outs the device as wielding a WVGA display and dual-core 1.2GHz processor. Of course the rumored Galaxy S IV powerhouse won’t be sporting those measly specifications, but before you rule this leak out as a fake, keep in mind that Samsung consistently tests pre-production firmware on devices with lower specs than the model that will actually see a release.

For example, last year we encountered several early benchmarks of the Galaxy S III with these very same hardware components (which began showing up in December). This allows Samsung to thoroughly test preliminary software and make inherent changes on a test unit, despite not having the actual components that will be present in the GS4.
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LG Nexus 4 review: Does LG have what it takes?

Google’s Nexus 4 isn’t just any Android device; it’s the flagship Android device. It’s the only current smartphone that wields the premium Nexus name, and the only handset running Google’s latest iteration in Android, version 4.2 Jelly Bean part deux. Moreover, the Nexus 4 undoubtedly serves as the most highly anticipated smartphone of 2012, and quite possibly the most rumored. Partnering with LG, Google has attempted to perfect the performance and design of the rather mundane Galaxy Nexus released last year, but does it live up to the hype? Read on to find out.

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Various stress tests show the durability of Samsung phones [Video]

Just how durable is that $600 Samsung phone in your pocket? The cheap feeling plastic may be more durable than you think. While Samsung builds some fantastic devices, build materials are not one of their specialties. A video put out by Samsung Tomorrow TV declares that the light, seemingly fragile plastics used are actually stronger than we give them credit for. From button stress tests to wash and rain tests to bend tests to your more standard drop tests, the plastic holds up remarkably well. Hit the break for the video.
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Motorola to close dedicated websites for some markets


Not too long ago Motorola reported they were going to be downsizing a bit after Google bought them. Looks like some of that downsizing is going to come in the form of website consolidation in other countries. This basically means that you’ll be redirected to a server in another country when you try to visit a Motorola site if you’re on the list to lose the dedicated website.

Motorola sent an email stating that “India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Israel, the rest of Asia, the rest of Europe, Middle East & Africa” would be closing down. Most of these countries are places where Motorola is only a minor competitor, but it’s still sad to see that support dropped regardless. Hopefully this won’t affect Motorola Android sales in those countries too negatively.

source: Hexus

[Deal] Get the refreshed Kindle Fire for $129 on Amazon.com (today only)

Cyber Monday is upon us and Amazon looks to be setting a pretty high (or low?) bar when it comes to offering phenomenal deals. Today only, you can pick up the refreshed iteration of their Kindle Fire tablet for just $129. To get this great deal, you’ll need to enter the coupon code “FIREDEAL” when checking out.

To refresh your memory, the Kindle Fire offers a 7-inch 1024×600 pixel resolution at 169 ppi, a 1.2 gHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 8 gigabytes of on board storage (with unlimited cloud storage via Amazon), and up to 9 hours of battery life. That’s quite a nice little tablet when you consider the price! At $129 you might be able to stuff several stockings with this awesome little tablet and make a few of your loved ones very happy indeed.

Are any of you planning on picking one up as a holiday present for someone? Or would you rather fork out the extra cash for a Nexus 7?  Let us know in the comments.

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