Riptide GP2 now in the Play Store

Riptide_GP2_Icon_LargeThe newest edition of the Riptide series, Riptide GP2, is now available in the Play Store. I have already played it a little bit and it’s appears to be a winner. Whether you are a fan of the original or just new to the series, you will sure to be impressed with GP2. The graphics are improved and there is an all-new career mode. Let’s not forget about online multi-player races and dozens of new stunts. The game is available to all, but Tegra 4 (not many of you) owners will enjoy extra special effects. The game costs $2.99, which is chump change for such a high quality game. Hit the break for the full list of features, trailer video, and download links.

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Wallpapers from new Nexus 7 now available for download [Updated]


With each new Nexus comes at least one new Wallpaper. The image above is the new default on the new Nexus 7 that will be announced later today. There also seems to be two other new ones as well (pictured below). You can download either one of these separately, by clicking or tapping on either image to get the full size. Then, if you’re on a desktop, right click and click save as. Or, if you’re on your phone or tablet, long press, and tap “save as”. We also have the link below for the full zip file that includes all the wallpapers on the new Nexus 7.

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New video shows new direction for Moto X boot animation


The pursuit of images and videos of the new Moto X phone continues unabated as seen in the latest video showing the boot animation of Motorola’s forthcoming smartphone. Unlike the video we saw providing us a walkthrough of the Moto X, this video actually shows us something unique about the software loaded on the device. Outside of the boot animation though, we will have to wait to see how many of the features present on the new DROID smartphones make their way onto the Moto X.

YouTube Preview Image

source: Android Police

TalkAndroid Daily Dose for July 23, 2013


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!

Hands on with the DROID Mini, DROID Ultra, and DROID MAXX [Video]


Gameloft shows off trailer for Thor: The Dark World

Sonos app updated, feature added allowing for music playback from Android devices


AT&T adds two new data tiers to its Mobile Share plan, now includes 300 MB and 2 GB options

Motorola is now the exclusive manufacturer of DROID phones for Verizon


Updated Samsung Exynos 5 Octa officially announced along with Twitter sweepstakes

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Motorola is now the exclusive manufacturer of DROID phones for Verizon

Droid Does

Just when I thought the DROID was getting close to the end, Verizon and Motorola confirmed they now have an exclusive relationship. Moving forward, Motorola will be the only manufacturer to make phones under the DROID name. In some ways the DROID brand helped Motorola kick off their Android tenure with the original DROID, but I felt Motorola invested too much into it, and I do believe it’s one of the biggest reasons for their losses. However, Verizon Wireless is the top carrier in the country, so if you’re going to go to bed with one of them, it might as well be Verizon.

“There are millions of users that are happy with it and loyal to the Droid brand,” said Rick Osterloh, head of product management for Motorola. “Droid is a formula that works very well.”

I think the main difference is that Motorola will now market phones to other carriers. The Moto X will actually have most of the features of the DROIDs and then some. The DROIDs will still have some exclusive features such as DROID ZAP for photo sharing.

source: CNet

Moto X features leak including Motorola Connect, Lost Phone Tracking, Automated Device Migration, and more


We got a good idea of what the Moto X is going to offer from the DROID announcement today, but it looks like the Moto X might have a few more tricks up its sleeve. Motorola Connect (pictured above) allows you to send and receive text messages from a computer with a Chrome Extension.

Another one is Lost Phone Tracking, which is something we haven’t seen as a built in app from other manufacturers.

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Sonos app updated, feature added allowing for music playback from Android devices


The Sonos Hi-Fi wireless music system has been gaining a lot of respect from both the audiophile and music-newbie communities alike— its sheer power and easy syncing abilities make it one of the best sound system products on the market.

Now, they’re adding even more functionality to their Sonos app for Android, as you can now play music and podcasts straight from your library on your device. The previous version required users to download all of their music to their computers and media servers— streaming all the music stored on your phone or tablet is now possible.

If you’ve got a Sonos player, go grab the update now— it’s live in the Google Play Store. And if you don’t have Sonos, then what are you waiting for? Go get it!

Check out more information below, a link to download the update, and a link to get your own Sonos player.

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The new DROIDs feature a Clear Pixel camera, What is it?


Image courtesy of Aptina

The new Motorola DROIDs feature a Clear Pixel camera that promises faster processing and better low light performance. How does it work? A traditional camera sensor needs a filter on top of the pixel array to register the actual color. Typically you will find a Bayer RGBG filter, which means each 4X4 pixel area of the sensor is covered with red, green (2), and blue light filters. The new DROIDs use a RGBC filter, which is similar, but the “C” stands for clear. This means that one of the four pixels recieves a full unfiltered amount of light while sacrificing one green pixel. This equates to 50% more light. Obviously this will help in low light conditions, but it will also make the camera a lot faster.

My chief complaint with Motorola over the years has been the camera. I am totally excited to see what the Clear Pixel can do.

source: PhoneArena


New DROIDs feature Motorola X8 Mobile Computing System, What is it?


If there was on thing we were surprised about with today’s Motorola DROID announcement, it was that the phones are powered by Motorola’s own ARM-based processor. It’s called the X8 Mobile Computing System. What exactly is it? The “8” is for the amount of cores, but it’s not an octa-core. It’s just the total amount of cores dedicated for certain functions. It includes a 1.7GHz dual-core processor for your apps, a 400MHz quad-core graphics processor, a single-core contextual processor, and a single-core natural language processor.

The new DROIDs are always “listening” to your commands or feeding you information via the Active Display notifications. One would expect that an “always on” feature like this would take its toll on the battery, but the contextual processor and the natural language processor prevent that from happening.

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Motorola releases four videos obscurely showing off features of new Droid line


Curious about some of the details Motorola and Verizon are going to be pushing with their newly unveiled Droid lineup? Motorola has released four short videos detailing important features about their Droid devices that they believe are important for a solid device; endurance, strength, detail, and intelligence. Having instant Google Now access, that snazzy new Motorola processor, and kevlar backing play into those traits, and you can bet we’ll see these four details pop up in marketing material for the rest of the year.

If you’re interested, you can check out the videos below. In typical Verizon-Droid fashion, the videos are pretty obscure and weird at parts, but they’re worth a look if you’re considering picking any of the three new devices up.
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