Waterproof and dustproof Samsung Galaxy Note 3 variant could be available soon


The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, which was released around the same time as the Galaxy S4, surprisingly got a lot of attention because of its waterproof and dust-proof features. You can literally dump the phone in the ocean and no harm will be done to your device.

As expected, this feature will become more and more in demand in the future, and we’re already getting rumors that Samsung will be releasing a variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with these “rugged” features built in— call it a Galaxy Note 3 Active, perhaps?

Such a device, which already has amazing internals, could sell very well on the market. I already wanted a Note 3, but one that is waterproof makes it even better.

It’s also already being speculated that these “rugged” features will come standard with the Galaxy S5 to be released next year. Pretty exciting, as we’re starting to see some of the awesome things that phones will be able to do in the future. Just add this to the long, long list.

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AnTuTu releases Benchmark X Edition, promises to be manufacturer-manipulation free, fight “score fraud”


There has been a lot of suspicion surrounding Samsung and their alleged juicing of benchmark scores for their top-tier phones. It looks like we won’t have to worry about falsely-enhanced benchmarks anymore, as AnTuTu just released Benchmark X Edition, which will fight “score fraud.”

Not to point at Samsung solely, because pretty much every manufacturer is guilty of making their devices look better than they really are— that’s just how marketing works. But with this new version of AnTuTu, they certainly have the consumers’ minds at heart, wanting to keep the numbers as straightforward and simple to analyze as possible.

Here’s what an AnTuTu dev had to say about the changes:

We know every phone-maker hopes to adopt a Benchmark which is good for him, even to develop a Benchmark by themselves. But, AnTuTu Benchmark is not the advertising media of phone makers, we only do service for the users. Therefore, in order to give users a more current and real performance feedback, AnTuTu Labs will release a new X-version named AnTuTu X Benchmark.

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Best Buy offering Moto X for $99.99 on-contract for Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T


Were you waiting for the price of the Moto X to drop so that you could get it direct from your carrier? No need to wait any longer, as Best Buy currently has a deal for the phone, offering it for only $99.99 on Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. It’s obviously still on-contract, but this deal will certainly save you some bucks if you were planning on getting the phone.

Get it now while the deal lasts!

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Samsung phones with flexible displays could be marketed under ‘Galaxy Round’ name


How does the Galaxy Round sound to you? It just might be the marketing name that Samsung uses for all their phones (and future tablets) that feature a flexible display. Samsung was just granted the trademark by the U.S. Patent and Trade Office, so chances are very good.

Samsung’s first flexible-screened device is rumored to be a Galaxy Note 3 limited edition, so we might not see the “Galaxy Round” name utilized until the next device. Trademarks are never a guarantee of usage, but what do you guys think?

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Not so fast LG: Samsung says they are already producing flexible displays


LG sent out a presser this morning announcing the mass production of the “world’s first flexible OLED panel for smartphones,” but Samsung says they have already been producing their flexible OLED displays. Furthermore, they will release their first product “within days.”  Samsung’s display will be a little smaller, at 5.7-inches, but I think they are going to clearly win the race since LG’s G Flex probably won’t be announced until next month.

Samsung’s display is also thinner and weighs less. It comes in at 0.12mm thick vs 0.44mm and it weighs 5.2 grams vs 7.2 grams. Of course, some of the weight differential could be a result of the size. LG’s flexible panel will be 6-inches as opposed to Samsung’s 5.7-inch panel. Samsung’s production capacity is at 1 million per month, although they are unlikely to hit that target early on. Earlier reports indicated LG’s capacity would be much lower.

source: OLED-info

Samsung to make their own version of Google Glass


According to Eldar Murtazin, Samsung is going to come out with their own version of Google Glass next spring. It will be marketed under the Gear Glass name and will be available in April/May. Based on this timing it could be unveiled at the spring Unpacked Event, which is usually reserved for the next Galaxy S phone.

This news is far from shocking since Samsung has been building their own ecosystem for a few years now. I have no doubt Google Glass will be the better product, but Google hardware doesn’t usually sell well with the mainstream. On the other hand, Samsung’s products are everywhere, and Samsung is just the company to take a glass-like product to the mainstream. Of course you can also expect it to be half baked like the Galaxy Gear, but will Samsung loyalists care?

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LG officially announces mass production of flexible OLED displays for smartphones


LG is trying to steal the spotlight from Samsung by announcing the mass production of the “world’s first flexible OLED panel for smartphones.” There’s only one problem, they didn’t announce an actual device, but Samsung could later this week. Rumors indicate LG won’t announce their device until next month. Since Samsung is closer to announcing an actual device, one has to wonder if LG really has the “world’s first flexible OLED panel for smartphones?”

In the press release, LG says their flexible OLED isn’t glass, but plastic substrates instead. They apply film-type encapsulation and attach a protection film to the back of the panel, thus making the display bendable and unbreakable. It’s only .44mm thick, which makes it one of the slimmest displays and it comes in at 6-inches. Hit the break for the full press release.

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HTC EVO 4G LTE to get Android 4.3 and HTC Sense 5 before 2013 closes


HTC’s president for their HTC America division, Jason McKenzie, took to Twitter over the weekend and announced the company is preparing an update to the HTC EVO 4G LTE that will take it up to Android 4.3 and Sense 5. The EVO 4G LTE has been out since mid-2012, so it is interesting to see HTC reaching that far back to make sure an update is available. The EVO 4G LTE already runs Android 4.1 and has Sense 4 running on top of that. According to McKenzie’s post, the update is supposed to roll out before the end of the year.

Those watching McKenzie’s Twitter account noted that he was quite busy over the weekend interacting with other posters. Trying to improve the dialogue with customers and showing a commitment to support for older devices may be part of HTC’s strategy to right the sinking ship.

source: @JasonMacHTC

Samsung Galaxy Gear appears to be working with some devices besides Note 3


Everyone remembers that Samsung said the Galaxy Gear smartwatch would only work with the Note 3 when it released, right? Well, apparently that’s not 100% true. We’ve already seen it perform some basic functions with the S4, but according to some threads on XDA, it works with a few other devices as well, one of which is the not-Samsung HTC One.

One XDA member says that the Galaxy Gear is working with his HTC One running a custom ROM based, while another member running official 4.2.2 firmware says trying to sync the phone and smartwatch gives a “validation check failed” error. When it does work, however, just about all of the functions work correctly, excluding S Voice. It’s also reportedly working on a Galaxy S 4 Active.

There’s really no explanation for why this is working this way. If a device running Android 4.1 works, but not when it has 4.2, (even though another device with Android 4.2 syncs with the Gear just fine) there’s clearly no rhyme or reason to what’s going on. Maybe that’s Samsung’s definition of “unsupported” but hopefully we’ll hear something official from Samsung, too. If any of you have a Galaxy Gear, let us know if you can get it synced up with any device that isn’t a Galaxy Note 3.

source: XDA

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New Samsung Galaxy Gear commercials are nostalgic

galaxy_gear_commercialRegardless of your age, you no doubt remember cartoons, TV shows, and movies from your childhood that featured some kind of a high-tech watch. Samsung knows that, and features some of those nostalgic memories in their new Samsung Galaxy Gear commercials. Showing watches from movies and shows like Star Trek, Power Rangers, Inspector Gadget, Knight Rider, Samsung seems to be doing a good job of hyping the Gear, proclaiming after showing the iconic historic watches that “It’s Finally Here.”

You can check out the commercials after the break and let us know what you think. Read more