LG Spectrum’s ICS update finally approved by Verizon; Should arrive in a couple of days

It took quite a bit of time, but I suppose it’s better late than never right? It looks like Verizon’s LG Spectrum ICS update has finally been approved by Big Red and should hit devices shortly. The build is VS920ZV7 and should start hitting devices in a matter of a couple days. You can also check out the source link for Verizon’s page the details the update and shows off the new features that you’ll be receiving!

source: Verizon

DROID RAZR MAXX HD unboxing and initial hands on review

The DROID RAZR HD and DROID RAZR MAXX HD launched on Verizon this past Thursday. We already did an initial hands on of the DROID RAZR HD and now it’s time for the bigger brother, the DROID RAZR MAXX HD. I say bigger brother, but I have to be honest, you can barely tell the difference between the two devices. The MAXX version is .90 mm thicker (9.3mm vs 8.4mm) to support a bigger battery (3300mAh vs 2530mAh). When I took the MAXX out of the box, I literally had to check the About Phone information in the settings to see if it was indeed a MAXX as I thought there was some sort of mistake. If you do put them side by side on a table, you will notice the difference, but it’s so subtle that you would have to be looking for it.

The bottomline is that there is a difference between these two phones, but it’s more obvious under the hood. I already mentioned the battery, but the MAXX also has 16GB of additional storage (32GB vs 16GB) and it costs $100 more. Other than those few things, every other spec is the same for both phones. The full specs include, 4.7-inch Super AMOLED 720p HD display, a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera, 16GB of internal storage, microSD for expanded storage, 3300mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, GPS, WiFi, and Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Is the MAXX worth the extra dollars? We will do a full review on both devices, but for now, check out our initial hands on video after the break.

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Motorola’s MotoDev site will transition into New Developer Resources Page on November 1

Motorola launched the MOTODEV Android Portal in 2009 to provide developers with the technical support and resources needed to create quality apps for Motorola devices. By the end of this month, Motorola plans to close this down and re-open it on November 1st with a re-design and different outlook:

On November 1, the MOTODEV portal, tech library, support forums and social media sites will transition and we’ll begin redirecting users to a new Developer Resources page on Motorola.com for downloads and links to the rich set of tools, support forums and technical documentation now available in the broader Android community such as: Google Android Developers and Stack Overflow.

If you’re an independent developer for Motorola devices, keep your eye out on November 1st!

source: MOTODEV


Samsung to introduce the GT-B9150 with EXYNOS 5250 processor soon; Possible slide out QWERTY?

It appears Samsung is planning on releasing a new Galaxy device soon that will don the EXYNOS 5250 1.7 GHz Dual Core processor. It looks like the device will be in the mid-range tier, although the specs is tinkering its way into high end status. The device will have an HD resolution (1280 x 672) screen and will launch with Android 4.1.1 Ice Cream Sandwich. With these specs, this would make it a great mid-range device for customers to purchase, perhaps a physical QWERTY phone?

The device has the model number of GT-B9150 and the “B” series usually pertains to hardware QWERTY devices for Samsung. Once we know more about this device, we’ll be sure to let you all know!

source: Sammobile

More info found in LG Nexus dump for Android 4.2; Gallery redesign, multiple user accounts and more

If you read our previous article on this, folks over on Android Police have gotten a hold of a one month old LG Nexus ROM. The ROM is in fact Android 4.2 and with it, they’ve been able to uncover what we should all expect once 4.2 is officially revealed. For starters it looks like the “Gallery” application is getting a complete re-design and as you can see, it follows Google’s Holo UI look and looks very similar to the Google+ application. I actually liked the old look a lot, but I can understand why Google wants to give it a uniform look to match their other apps like Google+ and YouTube. Keep in mind that this is still a work in progress and I would bet that it’ll look different than what it looks in this photo. For one, the header could certainly still use some work as it just look completely bland at the moment. Either way I personally think it’s a great move, what do you guys think about the new gallery? Also, according to Android Police, the gallery icon that you see here is just a “place holder” and will by no means be the final icon used.

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T-Mobile product launch event scheduled for October 29th


The calendar of activities for October 29th just got a little more crowded. We already know Google has scheduled their The Playground is Open event for that date and Microsoft has scheduled an event as well. Add T-Mobile to the list of companies to watch on that date as they have announced plans to hold a product launch event that evening. It looks like they are planning to at least let Google finish their event, which is expected to include the official launch of the LG Nexus 4 device. By waiting, T-Mobile can include that device when it is anticipated they will announce their fall line-up. Less clear is whether T-Mobile’s fall catalog will include any Windows 8 smartphones or other devices.

The Upcoming LG Nexus: What We Know Up To This Point & What We Can Expect


As we patiently wait for October 29th to arrive, we are expecting to see at least one addition to the Nexus family, the LG Nexus. After countless leaks for the past month and much speculation, we think we may finally have a somewhat concrete idea of what the upcoming device giving the true “Google Experience” will offer. The device will as always, introduce new technology— while making existing technology a little bit better. Read on past the break to have a brief breakdown of what is known and what we can expect in this new superphone.


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The Sony Nexus X was an elaborate 7-hour hoax

We had previously heard rumors of multiple Nexus devices arriving in time for the holidays. And, after having seen alleged Nexus-branded smartphones from LG and Sony, our hopes had grown tremendously. The only thing though, is that the Sony Nexus X we saw last week has turned out to be a fake, effectively dismissing any faith we may have had.

Apparently, the actual process of creating the fraudulent images wasn’t as simple as photoshopping a couple of photos. Instead, the Nexus X was conceived using incredibly powerful 3D modeling tools which allowed the individual behind the hoax to stitch together pieces of previous Sony and Nexus handset designs to create the ultimate smartphone.
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Motorola issues updated Android 4.1 upgrade timetable


Motorola has revised its software upgrade timetable yet again, this time denoting specific devices that will be updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Surprisingly, the list is larger than we had anticipated. The chart indicates that every device released after the Droid Bionic will receive a taste of Jelly Bean. This leaves the following devices eligible for the firmware upgrade:

  • ATRIX HD (MB866)
  • DROID 4


Considering Motorola’s disappointing history with software updates, it would probably be wise to take the above information with a rather large grain of salt. As always, Motorola says it’s still evaluating things and updates are subject to change. Head past the break for Motorola’s full list of currently planned US software updates.
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Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro available for $100 on AT&T starting Oct 21

As a follow up to the Samsung Rugby Smart, Samsung has created the Galaxy Rugby Pro, another phone made for people who tend to be a little more physical with their phone. It’s no Galaxy S III, but for for $100 the features are not so bad considering you can probably play ice hockey with this phone and it would survive. The Galaxy Rugby Pro comes with a 4-inch WVGA (800 x 480) Super AMOLED screen, 5MP camera, 8GB onboard storage, enhanced Push-to-Talk, 810g military-spec certification and it all runs on Ice Cream Sandwich. Again this won’t go down as the greatest phone ever, but if you’re the type of person that needs a phone that can handle a tumble more than anything else, I would suggest checking this out on Sunday.

Source: Engadget