Ice Cream Sandwich for the LG Spectrum leaks

by Robert Nazarian on
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It’s been a little over 7 months since the Ice Cream Sandwich SDK  was released, but there are still plenty of phones waiting for the update. Those of you who own the LG Spectrum will be happy to know that the ICS update leaked. We know it’s an official update, but we don’t know if it’s the final version. What does this mean? It means we have no idea when the Spectrum will get ICS. If you can’t wait any longer, you can certainly hit the source link and try to apply it, but from what I’m seeing, other users aren’t having all that much luck.

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Get ready for another manufacturer skin, Huawei’s Emotion UI to arrive in July

by Robert Nazarian on
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Huawei was one of those manufacturers that didn’t play around too much with the Android user interface, but all that’s going to change with their ICS updates. On June 9th, they will unveil their new skin called Emotion UI. It will eventually land in July presumably with their Ice Cream Sandwich updates and any newer phones like the Ascend D Quad. In fact that phone may have been delayed because of this new UI.

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DROID RAZR HD release nearing with appearance in Cellebrite System

by Robert Nazarian on
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All has been quite at Motorola lately. Earlier in the year they released the DROID 4 and the DROID RAZR MAXX, but they sat back and watched HTC and Samsung show off their latest goods. I’m not sure if the DROID RAZR HD (XT926) will turn anyone’s attention away from HTC or Samsung, but it’s release is getting closer. It just appeared in the Cellebrite database, and as a quick refresher, the Cellebrite system is used by mobile carriers for transferring contacts from an old cell phone to a newly purchased one.

We’ve been hearing rumors about this one since March, and it looks like this will be Motorola’s first 720p display phone in the U.S. Of course the highlight is the 3300mAh battery that will probably go down as the biggest innovation for 2012. Neither Samsung nor HTC could come close to matching Motorola’s prowess on this one, but will it be enough to put Motorola over the top?

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Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S III Delayed In All Of UK

by Ed Caggiani on
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The Samsung Galaxy S III is known to be coming in both Marble White and Pebble Blue. It has previously been rumored that the blue version would be experiencing shipping delays, but they were mostly just that… rumors. Now, we have some concrete evidence, sadly, that these rumors are proving to be true.

Vodafone UK is stating that the 16GB Marble White version will indeed be available this week, but the Pebble Blue variant (and the 32GB white variant) will appear at least two to four weeks later. Clove also states folks will have to wait until at least June 5th before a Pebble Blue phone is spotted.

UK retailer Handtec isn’t even as specific, posting this on their blog:

Update Monday 28th May 2012. We have been notified that the Pebble Blue Samsung S3 will be delayed (no date confirmed) but white models are scheduled to be released on 31st May 2012. If you have ordered a blue version and would like to change to the white – please send us an email to info(@)

O2 is reporting “out of stock”, Orange has left their product page as “coming soon”, and T-Mobile UK is still taking pre-orders with no shipping date.

Finally, Tesco has posted the following on their site:

“Please note: we have been advised by Samsung that stock of the Samsung Galaxy S III in Blue has been delayed. We will despatch your pre-order as soon as stock is available.”

Any way you look at it, it’s obvious the Pebble Blue S III is delayed. There is no official word from Samsung as to why these delays are occurring, but stay tuned as we bring you any news as it comes.

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XFINITY TV Player Finally Arrives – Worth The Wait?

by Ed Caggiani on
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Members of cable company Comcast in the U.S. have been complaining for a long time about not having a way to stream movies and TV shows to their Android phone or tablet. A few days ago, a new app appeared in the Play Store by Comcast Interactive Media by the name of XFINITY TV Player.

We’ve been teased before with an app by Comcast called XFINITY TV, but that app was purely informational and had no streaming ability, unlike the same app for iOS users. As Android users, we’ve been used to being second in line to Apple when it comes to the release of apps (remember how long it took before we got Netflix streaming?) but now that Android is the biggest mobile OS in the world, I would hope those release schedules would start to sway in our favor.

In any case, we are thankful when we get the apps, and in the case of Comcast’s latest, it may have been worth the wait.

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Say Goodbye To Game Lag On The HTC One X

by Ed Caggiani on
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Owners of the HTC One X have been complaining about occasional lag during game play on a device that shouldn’t be lagging at all (despite previous issues with Sense lag). What’s causing it? XDA contributor hamdir has put together a tutorial to not only explain why this is happening, but also how to fix it.

First, the reason it lags. It has to do with the number of cores in use and how some apps don’t get access to all the cores. Additionally, the cores that are being accessed are not always running at the highest clock speed. hamdir puts it like this:

The stock CPU governor on the One X keeps ramping up and down the clocks during games which is the main cause of bad frame rate

The fix for this is simple, but requires a rooted phone. If you’re rooted and running stock, simply download an app called System Tuner from the Play Store and do the following:

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90 games for 50% off courtesy of ‘Because We May’

by Tony Rosario on
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Last week we reported that game developer group Because We May had announced 39 titles that they would offer for 50% off between May 24 and June 1. Pretty awesome deal, right? As of today, the list has gained another 50 more titles giving Memorial Day weekenders something to do while relaxing at home. The games can be found in the Play Store as well as links to them on BWM’s website. Hit the link below to get the goods!

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Ice Cream Sandwich for Sony Xperia S caught on camera

by Chris Stewart on
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Can’t wait to taste some Ice Cream Sandwich on your Sony Xperia S? If this latest video is anything to go by then you might not be waiting too much longer.

The video below surfaced on YouTube over the weekend and already has close to 50,000 views, a sure sign of the anticipation for the update. You can get a glance at Sony’s Walkman app, the new advanced camera features and of course all of the standard ICS features that we know and love.

Break out your Thai phrase book and enjoy the walk-through. Here’s hoping the roll out isn’t too far behind!


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ASUS teaser video for their “next transformations”

by Tony Rosario on
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Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company, ASUS, has just released a short teaser video suggesting their new offerings that will be announced at Computex 2012 on May 31. The video doesn’t divulge any serious details, unless you consider various versions of Altostratus and Cumulonimbus clouds a spoiler. Along with the atmospheric scenery comes statements such as “the shape of the cloud is ever-changing, beyond time and boundaries”. Good stuff, huh?

Most of us are expecting some awesome tablets to be announced continuing the ASUS Transformer saga. Perhaps we might see the rumored Nexus Prime tablet as well. Whatever ASUS has up it’s sleeve, we’re soon to find out this coming Thursday at Computex 2012. Check out the video below for clues to their next transformations.

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Samsung to Open First Two ‘PIN’ Retail Locations in the UK on May 29th

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When Samsung announced the upcoming Galaxy S III they made sure to tell us that they had “one more thing” up their sleeve. No, it wasn’t the previously rumored S-Cloud, or even the rumored mysterious 10-inch tablet, it was the announcement of their new “PIN” pop-up retail locations. If you will remember back, PIN is a small retail store in where Samsung plans to give people an up close and personal experience with the new GSIII. At the time of the announcement we really didn’t know when and where these temporary kiosk-like stores would pop up, but now we are hearing that UK folks will get first glimpse. Scheduled to open on May 29th, Westfield’s Shepherd’s Bush and Old Spitalfields Market will be the first two PIN locations to open with more to follow in the coming months. Samsung also has plans to erect many of these overseas so you may eventually get one in your home town as well.

Anyone in the UK planning to stop by one of these two locations on the 29th? If so, send us some pictures!

source: Engadget