YouTube’s upcoming paid video streaming service already has licensing deals with 90% of viewership

YouTube_LogoGoogle is hard at work trying to roll all kinds of content into its YouTube streaming service. We already have Music Key, and a service dedicated to video game streaming is still in the pipeline. There are still rumors of an upcoming paid video streaming service to compete with Netflix and Amazon, though, and some new details have emerged about progress on that service today. Read more

Google Fiber joins initiative to offer free Internet access to public housing communities


Google Fiber has announced they are partnering with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in a new program launched by the White House, ConnectHome, that hopes to bring Internet connections to public and affordable housing communities. HUD has selected 28 locations throughout the country for the initial deployment of ConnectHome, which will provide free Internet connections to public and affordable housing residents in those locations. In communities where Google Fiber exists or is being deployed, like Atlanta, Durham, Nashville and Kansas City, as well as future Google Fiber markets that may overlap, Google will provide the Internet access portion. Read more

Google Fiber sign-ups for southeast Austin open once again


Although Google Fiber announcements initially came with a lot of fanfare and still do at a local level, there are many steps that take place in between that initial announcement and service actually being available for users. One of those steps is the determination of interest on the part of consumers so that Google can verify an investment in laying lines will be worth it. That market data is then combined with other information to guide the decisions on where the service is ultimately deployed. Read more

Google Map Maker to re-open in August with additional community support


Earlier this year Google had to shutdown their Google Map Maker product due to some malicious edits that were submitted and managed to make their way through the review process. When they took action, Google indicated they needed some time to refine the process to help ensure inappropriate edits did not make it into the platform. In an announcement made yesterday on their product forum, Product Manager Pavithra Kanakarajan said they are ready to start re-opening Map Maker in August. Read more

[Deal] Woot selling ‘factory reconditioned’ LG G Watch for $69


Nervous about getting into Android Wear? That’s understandable with any platform that you’ve never invested in or tried. Now, though, is seemingly the time to get into Google’s wearable platform as one retailer has a launch device for less than $100.

On Woot, the LG G Watch is available for $69. While this is not for a brand new model, it is ‘factory reconditioned’ and Woot notes that this means the device is as close to being new as possible. Woot also offers a one-year protection plan for an additional $11.

[LG G Watch]