Latest Project Fi APK reveals group plans are in the works


Google’s Project Fi wireless service tends to fly under the radar when compared to the major U.S. carriers or even some of the second-tier carriers that focus on pre-paid plans. That status is not entirely bad for Google as Project Fi, like so many Google projects and initiatives, is a bit of a work in progress. This means Project Fi continues to work on new features for users. One of the most often requested items is a group or shared data plan option for Project Fi. A teardown of a forthcoming updated APK for the Project Fi indicates group plans may be close to becoming a reality.

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Nest announces a slew of new products and features including an outdoor camera and person recognition

nest color thermostat

Nest has announced a few new products and some useful features for their existing products that will make your home automation that much better.

The simplest change to their lineup is that they’re now offering the iconic Nest thermostat in three new colors in addition to the stainless steel finish that the smart appliance launched with. Now you’ll be able to pick up one in white, black, or a very bold copper finish. These new colors should make it a bit easier to find a Nest thermostat to fit into whatever room you’re trying to match. Read more

To modular or not? Nexpaq says ‘no’ despite rumors


Yesterday news broke about Google’s decision to pull the plug on their modular phone initiative, Project Ara. This was a big disappointment to many who had been looking forward to the concept finally becoming a reality. Since then the rumor mill has been in full swing thanks to a tweet from Nexpaq regarding Dan Makoski, founder of Project Ara and former head of design with Google ATAP, as well as an earlier tweet about the company’s work on modular tech. Read more