Google Translate processing over 100 billion words daily


Google has released a new video that is part of their “Be Together. Not the Same.” marketing strategy in which they showcase their Google Translate platform and app. In the course of the video it is revealed that Google is now processing over 100 billion words each day through Google Translate. According to Google, the most translated words they process include “How are you?”, “Thank you” and “I love you.” Besides the statistics regarding translation, the video also shows how the Word Lens integration in the Google Translate app on smartphones works to provide a real time image translation.

Hit the break to check out the video from the Android team and let us know in the comments how you use Google Translate.

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Google’s News Lab offers tips and tools for journalists of all levels


Citizen journalism has been on the rise for the last few years, allowing ordinary people to cover events as they happen where they happen. Google’s launch of the News Lab is meant to assist journalists, regardless of experience, with tips and tools to collect information and and produce content. In particular, the News Lab focuses on research, reporting, distributing, and analyzing.

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Get excited, you might be able to try Google’s Project Jump


For those of you unaware Google’s Project Jump is a camera rig that features 16 GoPro cameras setup perfectly to film video for virtual reality. The way it works is you place the rig onto a tripod or camera poll and all the cameras film at once capturing a 360-degree of your surroundings. Once you get back to your computer, you can use their software to stitch all the clips together to create one seamless video that can be viewed using virtual reality glasses such as Google Cardboard or on YouTube.

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Google giving users a way to request removal of revenge porn from search results

google-now-searchGoogle has released a statement regarding its stance on revenge porn appearing in search results, and it’s siding with the victims in the situation. Similar to how Google handles other personal information showing up in its search engine, Google will be honoring requests from individuals to pull explicit content that the person didn’t want shared.

Unfortunately, this won’t do much for actually taking the content off the web, but it will make it exceptionally difficult to find since it won’t appear in the most popular search engine on the web. And sometimes, making things extremely difficult to find can be almost as good as deleting the original content. Read more

Big Android BBQ site live with support of Google Developers


The International Developer Education and Advocacy Alliance (IDEAA) has announced the web site for this October’s Big Android BBQ is now live and has the support of Google Developers for this year’s event.

The website for BABBQ15 can be found at and those planning to attend can purchase their tickets now. Volunteer applications will be coming soon as will the call for speakers. Hit the break to read the full press release. Read more

Google Announces YouTube Newswire to Sift the Wheat from the Chaff

YouTube Newswire

YouTube is full of chaff. Full of it. Don’t believe me? Look here. And here. And here. And here. And here. And here.

Much of that chaff comes in the form of ad hoc first-person video journalism. There is tremendous value in curating legitimate user-generated content, but with over 5 million hours spent every day on YouTube watching news, it becomes increasingly difficult to verify the legitimacy of a source. We often see more hoaxes than we do legitimate content. Thanks for that, Jimmy Kimmel.

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Google improves Android TV engagement with enhanced search and recommendations


There is a massive amount of content to be found on television but actually finding it is the difficult. The entire reason for Android TV’s existence is to be able to offer relevant content to individual users. So, today, it was announced that television apps on Android TV are searchable. Simply perform a search for a television show or movie and relating apps will show what content they offer. Right now, services like YouTube, Sky News, and Hulu Plus are allowing their Android TV apps to be searchable. EPIX, which also supports platform-wide search, just arrived on Android TV this afternoon.

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Google’s Clock app is available in the Play Store


The stock clock app is available for all to download in the Google Play Store and brings with it Google’s new Material Design language. Most people see the clock as the first thing they look at once they unlock their device. Google knows this and always keeps the clock app up to date with the latest in design. You get all the Material Design touches like bold colors, nice animations, and floating buttons.

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