Your physical Google Wallet card is going to stop working soon

Google Wallet

One of the unique features of Google Wallet was its ability to attach to a physical card in addition to the digital wallet. You had an account within Google Wallet that you could put money in, then use that physical card if somewhere didn’t accept NFC payments.

Hopefully you weren’t too invested in that physical card, as it looks like Google is going to phase it out sooner rather than later.

YouTube Connect will compete against livestreaming apps such as Snapchat and Periscope


With social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook boasting their own live streaming apps in the form of Periscope and Facebook Live, and Snapchat boasting 8 billion videos viewed, it seems that Google also wants a piece of the action. The search giant is reportedly developing an app called YouTube Connect to take on its competitor’s offerings, as well as bolster its YouTube service. 

Google confirms Android Pay will launch in the UK in the coming months

Android _Pay_App_110315

It seems that everyone is launching a mobile payments system these days, in the United States at least, anyway. Here in the UK we basically just have Apple Pay, which is of no obvious use for Android users, along with Barclay’s bPay solution which is limited to its own customers. Back in February, it was reported that Google might launch Android Pay in the UK in the coming months, and today the search giant has confirmed this is the case.