Google IO 2016 Coverage

Andy Rubin wants to return to help revolutionize artificial intelligence

Andy-Rubin-01Andy Rubin is probably best known for helping to co-start Android as we know it, despite leaving Android back in March 2013. He stayed on helping Google, but has since been considering jumping back into the mobile tech industry to try and shake things up once again, and he might potentially be doing that with artificial intelligence and dashcams.  Read more

Google brings back Security Checkup reward scheme just in time for Safer Internet Day


In preparation for Safer Internet Day which is will take place tomorrow Tuesday, February 9, Google has brought back its popular free storage reward. If you happened to miss the celebration last year, the search engine giant offered all users 2GB of additional Drive space to participate in a simple security checkup. The same scheme will run this year, but a couple of extra steps have been added in order to make your account more secure than ever before.

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New VR headset from Google to expand audience


Declaring virtual reality to be “too important and too powerful a medium to be accessible to only a few” in an interview last month, Google’s Clay Bavor is ready to see the search giant broaden their front in the virtual reality market with the introduction of a new headset. Google already has a virtual reality headset, the Google Cardboard platform, which can literally be constructed out of cardboard. However, the company is now working on a new device with plans to embed VR support into the Android operating system. Read more

Google employees Google bomb strategy to fight ISIS, radicalization


In a hearing before the U.K. Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee, Google representative Anthony House described efforts the search giant is taking to battle radicalization efforts by groups like ISIS. One of the programs House described uses Google’s search engine to return anti-radicalization links when someone conducts a search on certain terms, a technique that some will recognize as similar to a Google bomb. Read more

A bidding war could ensue over the NFL’s TNF streaming rights


Earlier this week, the National Football League announced it reached a deal with CBS and NBC to provide both networks with five games each from its Thursday Night Football package. Another eight games will be aired exclusively on NFL Network. Overall, the NFL will get a combined $450 million for giving up ten games to outside parties. But the league isn’t done cashing in on Thursday Night Football’s success in the 2014 and 2015 season. Thursday Night Football averaged over 16 million viewers per game on CBS while NFL Network-only games enjoyed a weekly average only a few million less. So why not try to get another partner and add even more money to the lucrative sport? When Monday’s deal with CBS and NBC was made, the NFL stated it was engaged in “active discussions with prospective digital partners.”

The NFL is shopping exclusive streaming rights to the Thursday Night Football package to the largest technology firms around. Variety is reporting Google, Apple, Amazon, and Verizon are all among those seeking to make a bid and score the most valuable content in the United States.

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Original programming on YouTube premieres next week


When the premium service launched in October, YouTube Red wasn’t just about removing advertisements and adding a couple features. YouTube Red is the first step towards a true video streaming service for Google, one like Netflix and Hulu, because access to original programming is included with a subscription. Today, YouTube announced four original series and movies, under the YouTube Red Originals banner, that are premiering next week.

The YouTube Red Originals come from top creators and media companies like PewDiePie and AwesomenessTV.

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