Deezer to File for IPO, Spotify Doesn’t Care

Deezer Logo

Do you use Deezer? The music streaming has its fans, six million of them paying subscribers. But it’s also French, so it might go on strike at any moment and ruin your vacation, leaving you stranded in Ibiza forever.

With any luck, however, those strikes will be averted if all goes according to plan with Deezer announcing an IPO on the Paris Stock Exchange. Though Deezer is doing moderately well, it can only fight so hard with limited capital against juggernauts like Spotify and Apple Music, both of which boast many times more subscribers (though it remains to be seen how Apple music’s numbers level out after free trial periods end). It’d be nice if Google actually threw something behind Google Play Music to make it a fierce competitor in the space, but that’s another article.

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