Google Art Project adds over 200 3D objects to its collection from museums worldwide


A part of the Google Cultural Institute, the Google Art Project has already been talked about quite a bit this year. Back in March, it added 5,000 new pieces of street art to its collection and even branched off a Street Wear Watchface app for Android Wear devices.

The newest feature launched today will allow museums from around the world to upload 3D objects of their prized possessions, allowing viewers to pan/tilt/zoom/etc. to their heart’s content. A large source of the already-available 200 pieces comes from the California Academy of Sciences’ animal skull collection. So for all you osteologists out there, get ready for a total time-sink!

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Latest Android distribution numbers show continued modest increase for Lollipop, 5.1 makes an appearance too


It’s funny how everyone gets so excited for the monthly Android distribution numbers. It’s not like they ever show anything different. It’s the same thing every year……Every new version of Android takes forever to reach the majority of device, and we always see the biggest increases when new phones like the HTC One and Galaxy S6 get released.

Android just released the latest numbers, which show Lollipop’s continued very slow rise. Now sitting at 5.4%, that’s only a 1.1% increase from last month. Also part of that number is Android 5.1, which represents 0.4% of that 5.4%.

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Man Proposes with Google Cardboard VR


As we all know, everyone loves viral internet videos and marriage proposals, especially when they’re combined with a clever idea. This time, the proposal game is taken to an entirely different reality: a fellow proposed to his fiancée using Google’s Cardboard VR headset.

The idea is genius, and his execution is flawless. Expect to see more of the same as virtual reality becomes more mainstream. Watch the video below, then let us know what you think in the comments section!

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Source: Phandroid

Google planning on helping users to connect with handymen in new service

Google_Logo_7356Google’s latest project will be to help users and home maintenance workers connect with each other easier through search results. This service is expected to be announced later this year during the company’s annual advertising summit, and will give handymen special links like the search engine does with flights, hotel rooms, and other products. You can bet that’ll get worked into Google Now at some point, too. Read more

Google served with complaint regarding deceptive ads on YouTube Kids


Various advocacy groups are coming together in an effort to get the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the possibility of deceptive advertisements being placed on YouTube Kids. The complaint submitted to the FTC points out that Google has neglected to define a difference between advertisements and user-generated content from the service itself. Also, spacing between videos and advertisements is nonexistent.

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Complete Star Wars movie collection coming to Google Play on April 10


Star Wars has been one of the most popular movie franchises in history, but one thing it lacked was digital availability. That is all changing as it will now be available digitally starting this Friday, April 10.

This means it will be available on Google Play, and it will also be available on iTunes, Vudu, Amazon, Verizon Fios, Xbox Video, and Disney Movies Anywhere.

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