Google’s appeal against anti-monopoly suit is denied by Russian court

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Remember last year when Russia decided that Google’s policy on having its own apps front and centre on Android smartphones was anti-competitive? Well, naturally Google appealed the FAS ruling that it had broken Russia’s anti-monopoly laws, but it seems that Moscow’s Arbitration Court doesn’t agree with the search giant and has instead upheld the original decision. Read more

Android One’s General Mobile 4G handset has been added to the Android N Developer Preview device list


Google released the Android N Developer Preview a couple of days ago, with support for most of the Nexus smartphones and tablets that you might expect it to. What may surprise you is that the Android N Developer Preview also supports an Android One handset, in the form of the General Mobile 4GRead more

Here is Android N’s Multiplayer Easter Egg


Many of us have been updating our respective Nexus devices to the Android N Developer Preview build that Google released yesterday, enjoying the new features as the split screen and the ability to reply to messages directly from the notification shade. But, one question did keep raising its head – where and what was the easter egg? Well, it’s time to find out. Read more

Video released showing recent Google self-driving car accident


Google’s self-driving cars have racked up an impressive safety record in almost seven years of testing now. As of May 2015 Google’s vehicles were closing in on almost 2 million miles with only a handful of minor accidents. The stellar record, combined with the fact that it is something so new, means all eyes are watching when an incident does occur like one in Mountain View recently. Yesterday video of that incident was released via YouTube. Read more

Chrome Music Labs gives you sound experimenting on the web


On Wednesday, Google went live with something for people who want to explore the world of music without spending a lot of money on fancy equipment and software. Chrome Music Lab is “a set of experiments that let anyone explore how music works.” And, like the name suggests, everything is easily accessible through Chrome on phones, tablets, and computers.

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Google is testing the Android N Developer Preview on the Nexus 5


The past 24 hours has been quite the party for Nexus device owners with Google announcing (and releasing) the Android N Developer Preview firmware for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus 9 LTE, the Nexus Player as well as the Pixel C tablet. Nexus 5 owners may feel a little left out at the moment, with the LG-made handset not making the list of devices eligible for the Developer Preview. The omission has led to fears that the Nexus 5 is too old for to receive another major update, but it seems that there is cause for hope. Read more

Developers can join the Android Beta Program today, public beta coming this summer


The traditional way for developers (or really anyone) to get the pre-release versions of Android on devices is by installing factory images as they become available. With Google’s Android N, the Android N Developer Preview can be installed in two ways. The first is that usual factory image route because Google already posted them for the most recent Nexus devices. However, the new option is to enroll in the Android Beta Program for seamless over-the-air updates to move along to the latest beta versions of Android N.

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