Fuhu to market nabi tablets ranging from 32-inches to 65-inches (ultra HD) later this year


Fuhu already offers the 20-inch and 24-inch nabi Big Tabs so why stop there? This news might be a little crazy, but certainly not a shocker to me. Last year when I met the folks from Fuhu at CES, they showed me a 70-inch concept tablet that could be marketed to schools. They really didn’t divulge much, but it’s obvious they had a lot of ideas they were working on because they now plan on launching a number of larger tablets ranging from 32-inches all the way up to 65-inches.

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Microsoft Office for Android on tablets exits invite-only stage


Since early November, an invite was required to use Office for Android on tablets. The invite-only stage is over and now Microsoft is casting a larger net for preview users. The only requirements are that the Android tablet runs KitKat or Lollipop and the display size sits between 7 and 10.1 inches. Does your tablet meet those requirements? Then head over to the Play Store and download Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Microsoft would like to know the good and bad of its productivity suite on Android tablets, so be sure to let them know on Google+.

Source: Office Blogs

No stylus, no problem: Lenovo AnyPen allows many pointy objects to scribble on Yoga Tablet 2’s screen


Have you ever had a shared computer at work and seen one of the most infuriating atrocities ever committed to a computer’s monitor, i.e. marks and scratches from someone dragging their pen across the screen? Now picture seeing this done to a beautiful tablet display. I’ll wait for your cringes to end.

Fear not! That person in the corner of Starbucks writing on their tablet with something other than a stylus isn’t wrecking their Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2’s screen, they’re taking advantage of Lenovo’s newest technology: AnyPen. AnyPen will allow owners of a Yoga Tablet 2 to ditch their stylus and grab a regular pen to mark all over the display with the same, or sometimes better, accuracy as a stylus. (I say sometimes better because I’ve yet to find a stylus that isn’t complete rubbish.) Read more

New Magellan RoadMate GPS built on top of Android


In the world of GPS, over the past few years there has been an ongoing struggle between smartphone software producers, like Google with their Maps product, and dedicated GPS unit manufacturers like Garmin, TomTom and Magellan, to incorporate the best of both worlds into one platform. The software available on mobile devices increasingly has matched dedicated GPS features, notably the ability to access satellite signals when cell coverage is lost, while GPS units keep adding features from smartphones like live traffic and weather updates. At CES 2015, Magellan is announcing a new device targeted at professional drivers that takes the best of their platform and puts it on a 7-inch tablet powered by Android. Read more

Dell Venue 8 claims world’s thinnest tablet title, implements Intel RealSense


Dell is probably not the first name that comes to mind when thinking about Android tablet devices, but the company hopes to change that. The Dell Venue 8 7840, which has been in the works for a while, is finally available for retail purchase. The tablet can be purchased through Best Buy for $399. Dell brings a couple unique features to the table with the device that may make it worthwhile to look at. Read more

Archos announces two new LTE devices ahead of CES unveiling

archos diamondArchos has announced two new devices that the company will be showing off at CES this year, and both devices offer a ton of value for the price. Archos is weighing heavily on the LTE aspect of its new phone and tablet duo, which seems to be a trend for budget phones this year.

First up is the Archos Diamond, an incredibly affordable smartphone at a very low price. The Diamond features an octa-core CPU, 16 GB of internal storage with 2 GB of RAM, plus a full HD 5-inch display. The smartphone features 4G LTE radios, so the network won’t be the bottleneck here. Archos plans on releasing the Diamond with a price tag below $200. Read more

Samsung promotion to extend 1-year Netflix subscription to buyers of some devices


If you are considering buying one of Samsung’s top devices for the new year and you enjoy Netflix, you may want to check out this new promotion that is getting ready to start up according to some leaked information. The tip indicates that buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S 5, Galaxy Note 4, or the Galaxy Tab S will get one free year of Netflix, an offer that is supposed to be good for both new and existing Netflix subscribers.

Sources indicate the promotion will run from January 4th through January 17th, although only the first 115,000 customers to take advantage of the offer will get the Netflix credit. Consumers who get one of the qualifying Samsung devices can head to SamsungPromotions.com to stake their claim.

source: AndroidCentral