Hands On with the ASUS Padfone [Video]

Hot on the heels of the ASUS Padfone announcement at Mobile World Congress, we now have a nice hands on video thanks to our friends at PhoneArena. While this phone and tablet accessory have been in the works for a quite a long time now, it looks like it will actually start to arrive to unsaid markets in April. One thing I am happy to see is that ASUS opted for the onscreen ICS buttons rather than the hardware buttons we have seen on earlier prototypes – it definitely makes for a cleaner look in my opinion. The Padfone combo also has an optional keyboard dock much like the Transformer series of tablets and ASUS is even including their neat ICS tablet widgets on the phone as well. Check out the video below and let us know what you think. Is the Padfone something you could dig?

  • Anonymous

    I was skeptical at first, but they’ve come a long way. I like it.

  • Trebor Rude

    This is definitely something I could dig. Especially if I could hack Ubuntu-Android onto it.

  • Krzysztof Kajdasz

    I’d rather buy a “tablet-o-docking” station like this for my SGS2 than a fully-featured tablet if it’s sold for a decent price.
    I wouldn’t use two of these devices at the same time anyway, so having a full tablet feels like a bit of redundancy to me (why pay for a second CPU/GPU, etc. while you don’t use them at once?).
    I wish that some day there will be some standard for such “tablet-o-docking” at least in a range of a single manufacturer.

  • Moonunitenar

    With the keyboard dock this will be like the transformer but better! You’d have enough battery life to last you forever, and you’d have full tablet and laptop functionality. Oh, and you’d have a totally empty wallet :P