A whole bunch of new Google Pixel device info surfaces


Yesterday we posted a new video outlining our wish list for the new Google Pixel smartphones coming to market in early October. Although it does not look like we have much more clarity regarding the items we are hoping for, several new pieces of data about the devices have surfaced over the past day as entries from various stops a device makes on the way to market have surfaced. The new Google devices showed up on Geekbench, in the Global Certification Forum, and even a leak of some case designs showed up online. Read more

Samsung may accelerate launch of Galaxy S8


As Samsung deals with the fallout from the Galaxy Note 7 battery debacle, reports are starting to surface suggesting the electronics giant may look at moving up the launch date for their next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8. Making this move should not be a surprise as Samsung needs to take steps to minimize the damage to their company from such a high profile problem. Moving up the launch date would mean Samsung would have to jump off their normal cycle and it may mean abandoning some planned features. Read more

Codenames and likely model numbers leak for Samsung’s Galaxy S8


With Samsung in the middle of one doozy of a global recall for its recently released, much vaunted but potentially explosive Galaxy Note 7, we have some news about the Korean handset maker’s Next Big Thing. That’s right, it may only be mid-September but the scuttlebutt regarding the Galaxy S8 has already begun leaking. Today’s leak reveals the various code names for the Galaxy S8 and the story behind its model numbers.   Read more

New Nexus Launcher gets renamed, will be called Pixel Launcher


By now you’ve probably heard a few rumors and leaks about a revamped launcher on Google’s newest Nexus devices this year. You’ve also probably heard that they won’t be Nexus phones anymore, but will instead adopt the Pixel branding.

So, what does that mean for the Nexus launcher, you might be wondering? It’s getting a name change, too, of course. Read more

Again the Desire 10 is teased by HTC, this time highlights fingerprint scanner


Ready for HTC’s next phone? We’ve seen what is likely the Desire 10 teased in recent weeks for a reveal on September 20. First the company released a teaser video last month and then rolled out another earlier this month. Now it’s time for our third opportunity to think about the device that will be announced next week.

The focus for today’s teaser video is on the fingerprint scanner.

Read more

New renders, video for Google Pixel (or HTC’s Sailfish)


With less than a month to go until the expected unveiling of Google’s new batch of smartphones and other devices on October 4th, we expect to start seeing an uptick in leaks and rumors regarding the devices. This weekend was no exception as several new renders, and even a 360-degree video that purports to show the device, surfaced for the new Google Pixel smartphone being manufactured by HTC and known thus far by its project name, Sailfish. Read more

Google’s upcoming Pixel phones rumored to go up for pre-order on October 4


We’ve already heard rumors that Google is ditching the “Nexus” branding, instead opting to call this year’s refresh the Pixel and Pixel XL. The new branding will no doubt be the biggest change with these smartphones, but carrier availability will also have a big part to play as well. We already know Verizon will be carrying them with its own spin on the two handsets. But now, Ausdroid reports that Australian carrier Telstra will offer at least one of them, too.

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