Samsung targets 10 million units in initial Galaxy S8 sales orders


Samsung fans will be excited to know that sources are reporting manufacturers are starting to receive their orders to commence production of the new Galaxy S8 devices. We have already seen indications that production orders for the displays may have gone out in December and now other components are joining the pipeline. Samsung appears to be planning for some big sales numbers based on initial orders being good for 10 million units.

New ASUS convertible Chromebook briefly leaked on Newegg site


For a short while visitors to the Newegg retail web site had an opportunity to view a listing, since pulled, for an ASUS C302CA laptop. This is significant in that ASUS has not yet officially unveiled or announced the device, which appears to continue the company’s efforts in production of flip style Chromebooks. This particular iteration has the markings of a move up to a more premium spot in the spectrum of available devices.

New Galaxy S8 sizes rumored, including 6-inch beast


While many people are working out their attempts to track Santa’s route around the globe that will be starting soon, sources in Korea have dropped their own gift in the form of new rumors about Samsung’s upcoming flagship device, the Galaxy S8. We have already heard rumors about a couple massive devices coming from Samsung and this latest batch of news seems to confirm some of the previous information, but revises other bits. The latest claims indicate Samsung will be releasing a 5-inch Galaxy S8 and a 6-inch Galaxy S8 Plus in 2017.