Update to budget-oriented Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime gets Taiwanese certification


Samsung is working on a new variant of the budget-oriented Galaxy Grand Prime which appears will be named the Galaxy Grand Prime VE, the VE standing for Value Edition. It is not clear how much more value in terms of lower cost can be squeezed from a budget smartphone, but Samsung does appear to be planning some hardware and operating system changes to help enhance the value of the device. Much of this new information was learned after the device passed through the Taiwan equivalent of the FCC for certification in that country. Read more

Samsung (and Apple) are looking into dual-camera technology


While HTC has been tinkering with dual-camera setups for a while now, with its One M8 smartphone featuring Ultra-Pixel technology (before abandoning it for the One M9), it hasn’t really caught on. While it was praised for delivering good quality low-light images, HTC‘s take on the dual-camera was lacking when compared to its competitors singular sensors with a higher Mega-Pixel count. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a future for a dual-camera setup though, as there are reports that both Samsung and Apple are looking into the technology for use with future handsets. China’s Huawei is also getting in on dual-camera technology, with its Honor 6 Plus handset making use of the ‘bokeh‘ effect.

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Dropcam successor from Nest inbound according to FCC documents

DropcamNest is holding a press conference on June 17th, and it’s looking increasingly likely that they’ll announce their first new Dropcam model since being acquired by Google early last year. An FCC filing for a new wireless camera from Nest Labs Inc. hints at some of the hardware that’ll be in the device.

The filing details support for Bluetooth 4.0, plus the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless standard that Nest offers in their Dropcam Pro model. Aside from that, the listing does also seem to indicate that the camera will have a circular, flat base, which is typical for Dropcam as it’s capable of being mounted to a wall. Read more

T-Mobile turning on mobile hotspot features for all of its customers on June 12th

T-Mobile_Logo_02_TAWe knew T-Mobile was planning on unleashing some new promotions to kick off the summer, but it’s looking like some of those promos will actually be better than we originally thought. That’s a pretty rare thing in this industry, but hey, more stuff is always good, right?

It was leaked that T-Mobile was planning on upping the data limits of mobile hotspot usage for customers who paid for it, and that they were planning on doing away with data caps in favor of data throttling. Those things are still true, but it gets even better. Read more

T-Mobile preparing multiple promotions for customers this week

T-Mobile_Logo_01_TAT-Mobile is prepping a few new promotions for Uncarrier customers this week that include extra data allowance for hotspots and some free trials to the carrier’s music streaming service, among other things.

The earliest promo to be announced will relate to the carrier’s Rhapsody UnRadio streaming service. A select amount of customers will be given a free 30-day trial of the service, after which they’ll be charged $4 per month for access, as usual. There’s no clear directive on what makes customers eligible, but if you’re on T-Mobile, keep an eye out for a text with the invite. Read more