Samsung reported to begin selling refurbished smartphones in 2017


Samsung makes a lot of profit from its mobile division selling its high-end Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones, as well as a confusing smörgåsbord of lesser devices, which has led to the company being criticized over its scatter-gun approach to developing handsets. So how does the Korean electronics giant come up with a new stream of revenue that won’t saturate the market even further? One way is to have an official refurbishment program which could be officially unveiled in 2017. Read more

This is the first live shot of Google’s Sailfish, one of its next phones


We’re probably just weeks away from Google launching its latest round of Nexus hardware, but everyone already knows a whole lot about what’s coming. The next HTC-made phones from the line, known internally as Marlin and Sailfish, will be nearly identical aside from a couple of things.

Over the weekend, a publication shared the world’s first live shot of Google’s Sailfish and revealed design details.

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ZenWatch 3 leaked image shows off round face with gold accents

asus zenwatch 3

If you’re still holding out for the ZenWatch 3, you’ll want to keep an eye on the latest set of leaks about the upcoming ASUS smartwatch.

We’ve already seen reports that the ZenWatch 3 will come with a round face, but these new images solidify that rumor. The pictures show a smartwatch with a round face and round charger, which is just short of an official confirmation from ASUS. Read more

Pair of HTC 10 Desire smartphones in pipeline for possible September launch

HTC Desire 825 2

The news about T-Mobile shelving the HTC 10 does not paint a pretty picture for the struggling smartphone manufacturer that was hoping this year’s flagship might help turn things around. The company will now set its sights on  the impact new Nexus models may have as they are the supplier for this year’s round. Today sources indicate HTC has some new mid-range devices being prepped for a September launch, the HTC Desire 10 Pro and the HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle, that may help shore up the business as well. Read more