Leaked images provide proof-of-life for HTC’s Halfbeak Android Wear smartwatch

HTC has long been rumored to be developing a smartwatch with the codename Halfbeak based on Google’s Android Wear platform, in tandem with Under Armour. It’s been rumored for so long, in fact, that for a while it seemed that we had more chance of seeing unicorns roam freely in the streets than the Halfbeak being announced. Today’s leaked images of the Halfbeak smartwatch at least prove the existence of the device, although it’s still unknown if it will launch anytime soon. Read more

Carphone Warehouse lists the Google Pixel early, notes a microSD card slot

google pixel by google

Carphone Warehouse is more excited for the Google Pixel than we are. Earlier this morning the site accidentally listed Google’s upcoming smartphone for the world to see, revealing some specs a features just a little bit early.

None of the listed features are shocking, since pretty much everything has been leaked by now, but it’s nice to see an unofficially-official confirmation ahead of Google’s event. Read more

New patent suggests better zoom and dual-cameras for the Galaxy S8


A recently filed patent for Samsung in South Korea hints at improved zoom controls in their camera software for smartphones, which on its own is a pretty boring patent and seems pointless considering how terrible digital zoom is on smartphones. However, if Samsung is investing into a smartphone camera zoom patent, that might mean their next phone will have better zoom, which will probably be accomplished with… a dual-camera setup. Raise your hand if that came as a surprise. No one? Okay, didn’t think so. Read more