Huawei announces LTE-enabled Smartband, uses next-gen 4.5G radios

huawei_talkband_b1_03Huawei has taken the wraps off of a new Smartband device that features two industry-leading features. It’s the first ever LTE-enabled device of its kind, and it will utilize the company’s 4.5G network, which is labeled as being somewhere between 4G and 5G in terms of speed. The 4.5G network isn’t set to go live until next year, but this band is jumping on board earlier. Read more

LG Watch Urbane video emphasizes classic design and customizability

LG-Urbane screenshot

We received our first glimpse of LG’s Watch Urbane last week, and we generally liked what we saw. LG’s latest Android Wear offering is what happens when Contemporary and Classic Unite (according to LG), eschewing the need to scream out that it is a smart watch to all and sundry. While there’s no official word on availability just yet, LG has just released a video showing off the Watch Urbane in all its glory, as seen after the break.

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New smartphone battery can be fully charged in one minute, coming to phones next year


Somebody tell me they wouldn’t love to be able to charge their smartphone battery from 0 to 100 in one minute. That is like an impossible dream right? Well actually, it just might come true sometime next year.

The nanotechnology department at Tel Aviv University stumbled upon the technology while looking into Alzheimer’s disease. Apparently a particular peptide molecule can absorb a charge much faster than regular smartphone batteries. They company developing the battery is called StoreDot, and they also reside in Israel.

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New images of cover reveal more of the Huawei Ascend P8


Over the weekend we saw some images that were supposedly of the Huawei Ascend P8 surface on the Internet. The device that was shown in those images was obscured by a case making it difficult to determine much detail or even verify that the device is the Ascend P8. A new set of leaked images has surfaced, this time for a case that is meant for the Ascend P8, and these images may provide us with a few more clues about what Huawei has planned for their forthcoming smartphone. Read more

Google launches new YouTube Kids app

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 16.49.40

YouTube’s a pretty awesome service for people of all ages, but it’s hard to restrict what age groups have access to suitable content. Sure, there’s integrated parental controls, but they can be disabled with a mere click of a button — so many parents end up banning their children from using the website purely for this reason.

Obviously, Google isn’t too happy with this decision as it means they’re getting less views, and parents aren’t too keen on the idea of preventing their children from using the service either as it hosts loads of great content geared towards helping their little ones learn.

In an effort to solve this issue, Google has today launched a brand new YouTube Kids app on both the App Store and Play Store.

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Android Wear with an iPhone, a developer demonstrates it’s possible


As you already know, Android Wear watches and iPhones aren’t compatible. Despite Google claiming that they’ll work on supporting iPhones in the future, to this day you’re still out of luck.

But that hasn’t stopped one intrepid Android developer from getting the two devices to engage in some friendly, albeit limited, dialog.  Read more