Google IO 2015 Coverage

Google Glass accessory will give you thermal vision

third_eye_picture1 As CES 2015 kicks into gear, companies will be throwing out press releases like Mardi Gras beads in order to draw attention to their products they plan on demoing at the show. One company, Round Concept LLC, has announced a rather interesting device that will be a side attachment to your Google spectacles. The purpose you ask? To give you thermal vision, brought straight to your Google Glasses’ visual overlay.

The attachment is called Third Eye, and the product will appear at Round Concept’s booth during the CES event. For more articles about the electronics show, click here for our full coverage of CES 2015 throughout the week. For further reading about Third Eye, click the “Read More” link below. Read more

ASUS planning to release three more wearables in 2015


It hasn’t been very long since ASUS released the ZenWatch but according to ASUS CEO Jerry Shen, the company is already planning a follow-up smart watch to the ZenWatch. In addition to the ZenWatch 2.0, two other wearables were mentioned by Shen that will focus on health related data, like step counting and blood sugar monitoring.

Shen, when speaking about a possible time frame for the release of the successor device, said that he is shooting for a third-quarter unveiling. The first ASUS ZenWatch was announced back on September 9th at IFA 2014 and hit the shelves in the United States on November 9th, so the Taiwanese company may stick to this release pattern.  Read more

Acer launches projector with Chromecast port inside


In advance of the upcoming CES 2015 in Vegas, Acer unveiled a new projector yesterday that has a hidden compartment for you to connect your Chromecast into. The projector’s designation is H7550ST and it packs some pretty impressive specs, outside of that bit about the Chromecast.

Acer is hoping that besides home use, the business and education sectors check out this projector. Once the Chromecast is connected inside of the device, the projector can be operated via smartphone or tablet, which would allow for easy usage by the corporate world during meetings or by professors during lecture. Read more

The Nabi Square HD is a kid-proof 4K action camera

nabi square hdNabi has announced a new action camera that’s designed specifically for kids so you won’t have to worry about your children destroying that new $300 GoPro you got for Christmas. The Nabi Square HD is a rugged action camera that shoots 4K video and comes with its own sturdy case. Even without the case, the camera is rated to withstand being submersed in 30 feet of water, so you shouldn’t have to worry about little drops and spills tearing this thing up.

The camera is able to shoot 4K video at 15 fps and 1080p video at 60 fps, plus a super slow-motion 120 fps mode at 720p. The camera works with Nabi’s own tablets, allowing kids to edit and upload videos to share with family and friends. The parental controls are definitely still in place, too, so the videos won’t end up anywhere you don’t want them to go. The app will also be made available to other Android and iOS users, although with less features. Read more

ZTE to sell WiFi-only model of its SPRO portable projector

ZTE sproZTE announced a portable projector/hotspot/battery charger mismash of a device at CES last year that Sprint did end up carrying in 2014. This year, it looks like they’ll be offering a new version of the device that has all of the same hardware and features, just without the 4G LTE connectivity.

The ZTE SPRO still runs Android 4.2 with a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor inside to power the 4-inch display, and it still holds an extra battery for juicing up your devices while projecting media on a 10 ft x 10 ft area. The little device will cost you $399, which seems pretty hefty considering just how weird this thing is, but if you want to purchase one without cellular capabilities, at least now you’ll have the option to do so. Read more

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga is now available for Android


In a galaxy far, far away the LEGO Star Wars: the Complete Saga was released for iOS in 2013 with nary a mention for when it would see an Android release. From what we’re seeing though, that day is today. Combining the original LEGO Star Wars (episodes 1-3) and LEGO Star Wars II: the Original Trilogy, you’ll have hours upon hours of Star Wars entertainment. Of course it comes at a sizable download.

Read more

Samsung adds Milk VR to app portfolio for Gear VR


Earlier this month Samsung finally started selling the Gear VR, marketing it as an “Innovator’s Edition.” The idea behind that seems to be similar to the path Google took with Glass in getting devices into the hands of developers and end users alike. This gives developers an opportunity to start figuring out the hardware and how it can be made useful and it gives consumers a chance to provide feedback on what they wish they could do with the new hardware. To help the garden grow, Samsung announced a new seed they are planting today, Milk VR, a free subscription service for viewing 360-degree videos on Gear VR. Read more

Samsung to bring new audio products to CES 2015

Samsung audioSamsung is going to show off some very futuristic looking audio products at CES this year, marking a definite commitment to the audio equipment section of the market. Not only do these speakers like they were ripped straight out of the video game Portal, they supposedly blast music in a full 360 degrees, so you can clearly hear whatever’s playing no matter where you’re standing in relation to the speaker. They utilize Samsung’s proprietary “ring radiator” technology that allows for a full circle of sound with the best balance of bass and treble. That seems like a fancy way of saying they just built a speaker in the shape of a circle, but if it works and sounds good, who can complain? Read more