LG Watch Urbane Launching April 27

LG is planning on making its third step into the world of smartwatches with the LG G Watch Urbane. The watch is a bit more sophisticated than the stunning G Watch R, and is more suited for normal wear as opposed to active wear.

The new design is polished and refined, with dust and water resistance included. Under the hood, the internals are identical to the G Watch R, so you can expect a half gig of RAM, a Snapdragon 400, and a 410 mAh battery.

According to Clove, you can expect to see the G Watch to be released April 27th for about 225 GBP, or near $335. Anyone who has a device running Android 4.3 can use the Android Wear-powered watch, so if that’s you, keep an eye out on TalkAndroid.com for more updates on when and where you can get an LG G Watch Urbane.

Source: Clove.co.uk

Developer edition of Sony’s SmartEyeglass now up for sale

sony smartEyeglassSony has announced that they’ll officially begin selling their SmartEyeglass developer edition in four countries for anyone interested in making a purchase. You’ll be able to snag one in Germany, Japan, the US, or the UK, unless you’re in a business customer, in which case it’ll be available to you in Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. Read more

The Amazon Fire Stick can be pre-ordered in the UK for £35, ships by April 15th

Amazon Fire Stick- Amazon Prime

If you haven’t yet decided which streaming box to buy Amazon has just made that choice a little more difficult for you with the news that the Fire Stick is now available for pre-order in the UK with a shipping date of April 15th. As if the choice wasn’t difficult enough with the Nexus Player having recently been made available to pre-order in the UK. Read more

More details emerge about TAG Heuer’s Google/Intel collaboration smartwatch

tag_heuer_google_intel_partnershipWe know TAG Heuer is jumping into the smartwatch game, backed by Google and Intel, but we haven’t heard any concrete details about the watch just yet. Some new details have surfaced from Jean-Claude Biver of Swiss watch-making fame.

He didn’t divulge too much about the inner workings and specs of the watch, but he did give some insight into how much the watch will cost and how it’ll fare against Apple’s upcoming watch. Read more

Pebble pledges $1 million to development of smartstraps for Pebble Time

pebble smart strapWith the announcement of the Pebble Time, Pebble also briefly touched on what they’re calling “smartstraps.” These smart watch bands are basically just a platform so developers can create smartstraps that do different things and add a little functionality to the base Pebble Time.

Today, the company has opened a million dollar fund towards the development of these smartstraps and they’re showing off a few different early ideas from what others have already been working on. Pebble will be taking money from that fund to help back Kickstarter projects for smartstraps, so if you have an idea for one, get to work on a prototype. Read more

OnePlus is releasing a mysterious “game changer” device soon

one plus game changerAlthough OnePlus is best known for their incredibly cheap smartphone, the OnePlus One, they still see themselves as a technology company, not just a phone manufacturer. With that in mind, the company has released a few teaser images about an upcoming device that’s not a smartphone, not a tablet, and not a smartwatch. OnePlus is calling it a “game changer,” though, and you can see where they’re going with that in the three pictures that were released.

The three images say “Start a new game,” “For the fun of it,” and “You’re in control.” Any guesses on how those things may tie into a game changing device? Yep, my money is on OnePlus releasing a game controller. Read more

Samsung enlists fashion designers to create the Rich Accessory Collection for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge


It’s just over a couple of weeks since the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge handsets were announced, and as yet, the hype machine has shown no signs of abating. Today the Korean giant announced a new selection of phone cases, covers and pouches called the Rich Accessory Collection, produced by fashion designers to complement the S6’s aesthetics.

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