Accessories readied for the Honor 5X’s U.S. release


On Tuesday, Huawei held a separate press event at CES 2016 for its Honor brand. The Honor 5x is the first sign of the company being serious about the United States and promoting a device in the country. As we all know, accessories are a big piece of buying a phone. Consumers want a phone that they can get various cases and covers for to protect their new purchase and add some personal style. Luckily for buyers of the Honor 5X, Huawei is readied with at least three accessories for its release on January 31.

New hardware partners announced for Google’s Project Brillo


At CES 2016, as in years past, there have been a variety of home automation and Internet of Things (IoT) devices on display for the crowds to check out. Despite interest from so many companies hoping to convince you to spend a little extra on appliances and such so they can communicate on the network, consumers still face a dizzying array of fragmented protocols and standards. Google hopes to bring some order to things by getting a version of their Android operating system, called Project Brillo, adopted by these manufacturers. Five new companies have joined the list of manufacturers supporting Project Brillo and the related programming language Weave with their devices.

Lenovo Link is a USB flash drive that your phone can also connect to and mirror content


Prior to cloud storage, flash drives were a very popular tool to store files of all types. Lenovo wants to bring back the simplicity of flash drives while adding in extra capabilities. The company’s new Link is a USB flash drive (with 32GB of storage) that has its own USB 3.0 port opposite of the connector. It’s there so that you can connect a phone to a computer and mirror on-screen content to the bigger display. From there, you can fully control the phone from the computer. And virtually no features are left behind.

TYLT unveils a variety of batteries and charging products at CES 2016


TYLT, a manufacturer focusing on wireless charging and portable power solutions, unveiled several new products at CES 2016. Among the devices showcased is the ENERGI Desktop Charging Station that was recognized as a CES Innovation Awards Honoree. TYLT notes this is the fifth consecutive year the company has received that award for one of their products. TYLT’s Vice President of Product Management & Marketing, Kannyn MacRae, notes that TYLT’s new product line-up, “provide added convenience and power to our users…with wireless charging that’s 3X faster than before, more powerful portable batteries, and the adoption of industry-leading technologies like Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 and USB-C.”