Samsung introduces Penvatars, brings ability to customize the S Pen’s pointer


If you’re an owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, or its Edge variant, you may have noticed that when you hover your S Pen stylus slightly above the screen, a pointer appears (similar to a PC’s mouse cursor). Cursors aren’t generally known to illicit much excitement from people, but Samsung is hoping to bring a smile to your face by announcing Penvatars.

Penvatars is the name Samsung is giving to its upcoming app for S Pen wielders and it will allow you to customize those pointers. Most likely the only devices that will support this app will be users of the Note 4 (or the Note Edge), with added support for older devices possibly later on.

Featured heavily in Samsung’s demo of Penvatars are Marvel Comics characters, like Nick Fury and Thor. This team-up is mostly likely related to the partnership between Samsung and Marvel with regard to the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron movie showing in theatres this coming May.

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Source: Samsung