Qualcomm amps up charging technology with new Quick Charge 4+ capabilities

Earlier this year in conjunction with the release of the Snapdragon 835 processor, Qualcomm also announced they were going to introduce a new Quick Charge 4 scheme for when devices do need to be recharged. In some of our tests, like with the Samsung Galaxy S8+ that features the Snapdragon 835, we found power management to be greatly improved compared to chips from just two generations ago. However, today’s phones are driving more advanced hardware which offsets some of those gains and of course, inevitably devices need to be recharged. Sometimes that needs to be done quickly and that is when these quick charging technologies become important. In today’s announcement, Qualcomm shares their plan to take another small step with Quick Charge 4.0 technology with an incremental improvement they have named Quick Charge 4+.

Hello Moto(Mods): Lenovo’s new accessories are beautiful

We weren’t that into Lenovo’s Moto Mods in 2016. The new batch, however, launching alongside the Moto Z2 Play are both useful and attractive. It’s a good mix, especially since partners haven’t rallied around the modular platform as Lenovo had hoped. But the past is the past. These Moto Mods are here and they’re the most beautiful ones we’ve ever seen.

Let’s check out the new Moto Mods you’ll be able to buy this summer.

Gene Simmons talks about Pixel, release of new KISS Live Cases

One change that Google made when they launched their Pixel line of smartphones last year was to ramp up the marketing of their new line of devices. What better way to continue that effort as we hit the summer months than through a partnership with a brand that may be synonymous with unique marketing, the super band KISS, and in particular frontman Gene Simmons who has become a brand unto himself. Google has partnered with KISS to make new Live Cases for Pixel and Nexus phones available and spent some time interviewing Gene Simmons in conjunction with the launch about his love for his Pixel phone.

Giveaway: Win a LeEco audio bundle (headphones + speaker)!

It’s nearing the hotter months of the year in many places, so we’re partnering with LeEco to give you a bundle of products that takes audio anywhere you are without wires. Both LeEco and Talk Android know how bad you want to listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks on the beach, at the park, while working out, or wherever you feel comfortable. Through this giveaway you can get headphones and a speaker by simply submitting entries in a few seconds.

Samsung Gear 360 goes on sale on Thursday, May 25th

When Samsung held their big launch event for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, most of the attention was on those smartphones. However, they were not the only hardware announced by Samsung that day. The company also revealed their second generation Gear 360 camera. At the time, pricing and a release date were not announced and news about the device has been non-existent since then. Today Samsung announced the camera will go on sale on Thursday, May 25th, through the Samsung store, major retailers and wireless carriers. Pricing has been set at $229 for the camera, though a special offer exists to grab it for only $49.

Mophie just announced a Juice Pack for the Google Pixel (XL)

Google announced one phone late last year, the Pixel, with two variants, and the differences between them seem minor on paper but are actually important when choosing one. If you go with the 5.5-inch variant over the 5-inch variant, you’re getting a bigger display as well as a bigger battery. Longevity is the key difference, obviously. Spend $120 more and you get better battery life from a 3450mAh unit.

Now you can improve the Pixel (XL)’s already-great battery life by picking up Mophie’s Juice Pack.

[TA Deals] Need an endoscopic camera? This is one is just $17.50! (87% off)

You absolutely need an endoscopic camera. Don’t fight us on that. Your head is too big to fit everywhere, and your phone is too valuable to risk squeezing into tight spaces and dropping it.

On Talk Android Deals, there’s an endoscopic camera compatible with Android devices. All you do is connect one end to your phone or tablet to enable the display as a monitor and the camera on the other end is ready to see everything.

[TA Deals] Take 33% off this stand to charge your phone while it’s docked

Charging your phone is a pretty dull experience, but you can spruce it up by getting a dock. There’s a charging dock on Talk Android Deals that stands your device up for better visibility. All you do is connect your phone to the integrated USB-C connector and the stand keeps it upright. This is especially handy, too, if you have a phone that uses an ambient display for notifications. That way you see notifications at any angle without taking it off the stand.

[Sponsored] Take 26% off BESTEK’s 12-outlet power strip surge protector with 2 USB ports

It’s 2017. Now everything in your life needs to be connected for power whether permanently or temporarily. You need so many outlets and ports for all of your devices. When you’re sitting down relaxing in the living room or working at the desk in the office, you’ve probably realized over and over again there’s just not enough space for everything. Often you’re prioritizing what should be plugged in.

BESTEK, the maker of various high quality power-based solutions, has a 12-outlet power strip surge protector that you could use to connect and/or charge pretty much everything simultaneously. Let’s put a stop to the constant connect-and-deconnect and let you give power to everything that needs it without compromise.

Huawei wants to dethrone the Galaxy Note 7 with exploding wall chargers

Phones, accessories, and pretty much all electronics ever are bound to have issues, however small. Most manufacturers deal with faulty batteries, QC issues, and other small mishaps with every new launch of every product they offer, and for the most part, they all handle it pretty professionally and avoid any particularly negative coverage. Huawei, on the other hand, apparently needs a new PR team.