There’s A New Keyboard On The Block, “Siine” Uses Icons For Fast Typing And More

Move over every single keyboard out there, because Siine wants to make its way onto an Android smartphone near you.  As we’ve mentioned before, virtual keyboards on the market are a dime a dozen however, once in a while we’ll come across a pretty fascinating and functional keyboard that’l make you want to ditch your old one and give it a try.  The latest keyboard to hit the market comes by the name “Siine” (pronounced sign) and offers you a ton of new features and a bit of a different way to get your typical desired results when typing out messages. The keyboard has a pretty decent layout, very close to the all too familiar Android 4.0 ICS keyboard only slightly larger.  There are quite a number of shortcuts and features embedded into the keyboard for quick messages including using icons to type out messages.

Utilizing one single tap can render a full blown calendar for quickly inserting full date names such as “May 4th” or “January 10th”.  So, no need to type those things out in great length.  In addition, you can say things like “Hey Dude, what’s Up? You coming over to watch the game?” and it will render pretty quickly.  Quicker than we’re used to seeing anyway (video shows 1.5 sec)  As you can gather from the video, there may be a small learning curve to this but it appears as though once you get it down, you’ll be flying through messages.  The keyboard kind of reminds me of my outlook email where it’s easy to insert things you’ll sometimes need like times and dates, only now you’re doing it with a built-in clock and calendar feature.  With a keyboard like this, one post is not enough to tout all of its features.  Check out the quick demo video below and don’t forget to let us know what you think or how it compares to your favorite keyboard.  Hit the break for the download links as well as a qr code for added convenience.  



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About the Author: Joe Sirianni

Joe was born in New Jersey and spent most of his childhood moving around from state to state. He eventually made his way to Pennsylvania where he met his Portuguese beauty and made her his wife. He now has three great kids and full access to all of the Portuguese food he can eat. Joe's love for mobile technology began when he bought his first Palm Pilot, a Palm M130 and left it on top of his car, driving off, causing it to smash into a thousand pieces. Forced to buy a new device, he quickly discovered that specs were changing so rapidly he was buying a new device every six months just to keep up. Since then, he has constantly felt the need to have the latest and greatest. When the "smartphone" revolution began and integrating cell phones and PDA's was the norm, he quickly jumped to Windows Mobile for several years until the first Android device was launched, the T-Mobile G1. Joe began appreciating all of the free utilities Google provided and sold his soul (his precious data) to Google long before they got into the mobile OS business. So, there was no hesitation at all for him to jump on board and ride the Android train as an early adopter. And boy has it been a blast. Joe now works in the Engineering & Operations dept for a major mobile carrier where he remotely troubleshoots cell sites and loves being an Editor for TalkAndroid.

  • Reading_warrior

    I like the fast adding things like the clock and calendar, and agree that it will take a while to fully use. However I think the keyboard is dreadful! When I used it, it was non responsive, slow, and the prediction was terrible. This will have to be sorted before they can get any loyal users. I’m still happy with my Swiftly X

  • Guest

    Is this almost as fast as just SPEAKING “1 45 pm”?

  • Velopirate

    Would prefer either better work recognition or a swype-like based input for typing.  Although quick replies are nice and the Calendar/Clock feature rocks, it takes too long to type a “normal” business email message.

    • Velopirate

      Oops…I meant “word” recognition.  Maybe it the typer and not the keyboard!  ;-)

  • Jamie Taniguchi

    When it comes down to keyboards the most important thing (imo) is auto correct and SwiftKey X leads in that department and so does the stock keyboard in ICS. Siine is just a gimmick, however, I would like to see the clock function on swift. 

  • Anonymous

    Hey look… a keyboard for the illiterate!