Gameloft Live Brings Xbox Live Like Service Exclusively to Their Games

Gameloft has been known to create some pretty amazing mobile games. These games include Backstab, Order and Chaos, Modern Combat, N.O.V.A. and so on. Some folk would suggest that these games are inspired if not derived from some ever popular PC and console games that are quite popular themselves. Well it looks like Gameloft is taking the next step in emulating services by creating Gameloft Live.

Those familar with services like Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Games for Windows, Wii, and so on know that these companies attempt to make gaming more social with the creation of personal profiles with customizable avatars. It was only a matter of time that we would see this move head towards mobile shores. While yes Microsoft is bring Xbox Live to Android and iOS operating systems Gameloft is looking to create something distinctly mobile.

Gameloft told Nibletz that they will be releasing the program for Android users as a soft launch for the time being. Users will be able to create avatars, decorate living spaces and even go as far to purchase additional clothing for your avatar. Other features include:

– Always stay in touch with your friends! Invite them to games, send messages & chat in real time.
– A rich 3D experience never-before-seen on smartphones! Custom create the avatar & hub for you.
– Build your gamer score and earn XP and virtual Gameloft coins.
– Stay up to date! Access spotlight promotions and details on the latest game titles.
– Get the best games at Special Discounts, only for Gameloft LIVE! members.
– Your favorite titles at your fingertips! View and launch your games from one easy-to-navigate hub.

You can interact, message and see what Gameloft games your friends are currently playing. In the future Gameloft is hoping to add social features that will allow players to share games and allow the ability for matchmaking over Facebook and Twitter. Gameloft will also be tying all their past, present and future games to this service. Even though your unlocked achievements are only viewable within the confines of that individual game the Live service will allow you to save and upload achievements when you’re logged in.

As the soft launch begins today you can stop by the Gameloft store to download the app free of charge. My guess is that this will only apply to Gameloft games with no other games having a chance in sight. So avid users of OpenFeint will have to stick with that if they are wanting to share their scores and highlights across a multitude of games. Still, it’s good to see a service like this heading to the mobile market.


sources: Nibletz, Gameloft
via: droidgamer


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  • Noah

    I really dislike this company.

  • Spencermcclendon

    Hey guys, I checked it out this am. Very well made and it looks very promising as to what they have in store. Miss setting for TA, but unwilling return one day!!!