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Transformer Prime GPS Performance Actually Worse Off After Software Update?

It’s been a real sad state of affairs hearing all of the negative news surrounding the Transformer Prime lately.  Who would have thought the follow up device would have undergone so many fails in such a short time?  This week it’s being reported by a number of Prime owners that their already lacking GPS functionality has gotten significantly worse since the last update.  Quite a number of members over at XDA have reported that their already weak signal is now no longer present since downloading the second Android 4.0 update.  One of the members even reported leaving their TP on the window sill for over 25 minutes and it still didn’t latch on to a satellite.  Asus went on record stating that the “metallic uni-body design” is responsible for the weak GPS signal in that it ultimately interferes with the signal’s ability to reach the device’s sensors.  The company states that the new TF700 device is supposed to effectively fix the issue however.  Lets hope reports about ASUS charging their customers to fix the issue isn’t true.  Did you fork out for a Prime?  What do you think?  Feel free to rant all you want in the comments below.

[via Electronista]

  • Anonymous

    I mean really, how often are you really going to use GPS on a wifi only Tablet? I own a Transformer Prime myself (32Gb Grey) and i can say the only time I thought about maybe using it was while sitting passenger in a car and even then it was tethered wirelessly to my Galaxy S 2 in my pocket. 

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s the principle of the whole thing.  When you pay that much money for something, you expect all of its features to work properly.  

  • Brett6781

    Typing this up on my prime right now, these poor guys must have gotten a bad production batch. Mine is running great.

  • steveo

    Sent mine back I was payibg the price of every other companies top tablet, 500. Weak WiFi and no GPS is unacceptable. They should be giving replacement 700s.

  • Anton Voloshin

    What’s the GPS app on the photo? Or is it just a mock-up?

  • Jendapeng

    My Prime Transformer works just fine, 
    GPS– pick up signals well in the house, the arrow in the google map app turns as I turns.
    WIFI- Download speed is better than my other old desktops(up to 20M)
    I believe your problem came from poor QC— some batch of ASUS products were bad. Return these bad to Asus and ask for replacement. 

  • Evelyn Wyngowski

    gps worked when i first received it yesterday, accurate to 20 meters… today after the update to (i think is the number of the most recent) i have nothing. WTF?? How is it working for some and not for others is my main question? does it have something to do with the waves from the signal?  and the way they bounce around differently in different areas?  Of course that’s speculation only.

  • Txchef66

    Returned my TFP about a week ago due to GPS issues. Got another one. Bottom line, works flawlessly. Satellite locks all over the place, even while driving on highway and around town, inside, outside, you name it. I am inclined to believe that there are bad batches of these things. If yours doesn’t work, take it back and keep taking it back until you get one that works like it was meant to be.

  • himanser

    After the last update I no longer have ANY gps signal if I use the GPS test app. Prior to the update I was getting decent response in the app. This is frustrating since I had something that worked fairly decent to something that is totally useless.  I hope this is addressed in the near future. This is my first table if something doesn’t change I may never purchase another ASUS product again.