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Surprise! Ice Cream Sandwich Hides Space Age App Launcher Screen-Saver

I’m not sure how many of you have been following all the buzz surrounding the Galaxy Nexus and ICS, or for that matter still following (the lack of a US launch is getting old), but from time to time some new and interesting tidbits pop up here and there. No, not to sound like a broken record, but, I have no information on the GN’s release date. I do however, have news of a little hidden ICS treat just waiting for you once Verizon decides to release its nasty death grip.

A new video has surfaced showing that Google’s Nyan Droid surprise is not the only secret addition to be found inside the phone. Apparently there is this Stars Wars-like screen-saver called, Android Dreams, that can be accessed through the Launcher Pro app that spews forth all your app icons as seen in the video below. By the looks of it, you can press once on your device’s screen to slow down the spew – allowing enough time for you to select (tap) which app you want to open. It was originally thought to be some kind of hidden launcher but in reality it’s an interactive live wallpaper of sorts. In order to activate said treat, one must download the Launcher Pro app from the market and use its “activity shortcut” to find such Google-ness. Here, just check out the video after the jump and you will see what I’m talking about, sometimes a video aid is the best way to explain these kinds of things.

YouTube Preview Image

Pretty cool, no? Tell us your thoughts?

[via Android Police]