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2 Years Later and Korea Finally Gets Games Added to the Android Market

It has only been 24 months since the Android operating system was introduced in Korea and within that time the Korean market has grown to be the second-largest app consumer in the world. No matter how app hungry the market may be, you might be surprised to know that they have never even had access to games through the Android Market. Until now.

Beginning right now, Android users in Korea can access the many thousands of popular games that are available for download through the Android Market. Purchases are going to be made a bit different than what we are used to hear in the states, they will make purchases that will directly be billed through their network provider as opposed to having their market account attached to a credit card. Sounds like trouble to me!

Google wants to reach out to game developers to let them know that “now is the time to localize game resources, app descriptions, and marketing assets to take advantage of this new opportunity”. With the increased availability of apps, it is expected that a large jump in game purchases and downloads will be seen in the weeks ahead. If you are a developer who likes the thought of making a little extra dough, I strongly suggest hitting up the source code below.

[via Android Developers Blog]


  • Mark Seven

    And they had no games because…??