Gameloft Black Friday Promotion Includes Free Android Games, Stuffing & Pie Not Included

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the States and Canada! We all have our various reasons of being grateful, thankful and in a generous spirit for this time of year. Gameloft is feeling thankful and generous by offering Android gamers several of their best games for gratis from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Yes you read that right— several games will be available for free this holiday weekend. All you do is simply follow @GameloftAndroid on Twitter and be on the lookout for an announcement of the free game. You’ll have to check frequently and stay on top of @GameloftAndroid’s Twitter feed as each announced game will only be available for 2 hours only. Oh and what’s more is Gameloft has their entire Android library of games will be on sale for 99 cents through the special promotion link found on @GameloftAndroid.

[via Gameloft Blog]

  • Sebastien Thibert

    Thanks! But Canada’s Thanksgiving was in October!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!! :)

  • Curt

    Correction to your article.

    According to the GameLoft Blog. you need to follow @GameLoftAndroid:twitter to get the tweets for the specials…..

    As you were.

  • Android TidBits

    Just in case you don’t have an Android phone to run those Gameloft games on, you still have time to get a new one for **one penny** from Amazon.  Have a list (including overview of main features) on my site of the popular ones.  I personally handpicked them from out of the close to a hundred that Amazon priced at a penny each.