New Gingerbread Build For HTC Thunderbolt Offers Fixes To Official OTA Update

The HTC Thunderbolt has seen its fair share of disappointments and setbacks on its path to Gingerbread for some time now. Fortunately, a new build (2.11.605.5) offers fixes to the many problems discovered with the 2.11.605.3 build and is said to be a step or two above the many other leaks you’ve been putting up with until now. This version includes fixes with its voicemail notification, MMS/SMS, weather syncing and more.

Hit the break for download links and instructions. Remember: You proceed at your own risk; using this RUU will wipe all data from your device so be sure to backup of all sensitive data beforehand. Also, you will lose root if you flash this. Enjoy!

[via androidpolice]


Gingerbread 2.11.605.5 for the HTC Thunderbolt (MD5: c5fda16925a974bbd6cd7007b2cf28f0)

Installation Instructions:

  • After downloading, rename it to “”  Note: If you’re doing this from a Windows machine, make sure you don’t rename the file “,” as Windows hides known file extensions by default.
  • Drop the file on the root of the SD Card
  • Turn off your device
  • Hold Volume Down + Power to reboot into the bootloader — the file should automatically be detected and the flashing process will begin.
  • Wait for your device to complete the process and reboot

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  • Jath2o

    How big is this download supposed to be? I only got a 10kb file before it said it was completed.