Comparison: Apple iPhone 4S vs the six month old Samsung Galaxy S II

Today Apple announced the iPhone 4S instead of a highly rumored iPhone 5. Apple has tauted itself as an innovator, but it’s clear they are now playing catch up. When comparing the brand new iPhone 4S, which is the greatest iPhone ever, to the 6 month old Samsung Galaxy S II, it doesn’t appear there’s any competition. When you look at things like thickness, weight, and screen size the iPhone 4S loses hands down, but there’s plenty more.

Even if you could argue that the iPhone 4S is equal to the Galaxy S II, it would still be a disappointment. Now with the already announced Galaxy S II LTE and Galaxy S II LTE HD, along with next week’s Nexus Prime announcement, I am not sure where Apple goes from here. Luckily for Apple there’s a lot of misinformed consumers, so sales won’t suffer too much.

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  • Droid

    crappy update as it is, i do like that 64gb internal memory. i wish my phone had that much.

  • wumps13

    Same old design, small screen , apple just think they can do smartphones like their computers ? Big mistakes too me :(

  • Gregory Opera

    Can someone please explain to me why after four years, Apple is STILL the only mainufacturer offering 16GB+ BUILT-IN?

    Yes there are one or two others… But they are VERY few and far between.

  • Clou

    Nice touch emphasizing all the things the S2 does better with bold blue letters and not doing the same for the iPhone.

  • Kipple

    Comparing device specifications is meaningless to anyone other than gadget junkies. The experience of using these devices is what defines them. Apple gets that, and that’s why their phones are so popular. What is a larger screen to someone who prefers higher ppi in a phone that fits in more pockets? What good is a specification bump on video or more pixels in a photo if the optics are junk? What good is expandable storage when you can’t have it all at once? What good is a fast processor if nothing seems to be optimized enough to run smoothly on it?

  • djkoz78

    The last comment you made about misinformed people so it won’t hurt Apple was right on the money. Every time I hear people ask me which device they should upgrade/purchase on their network this is generally people who are Verizon or AT&T customers. I tell them all the different Droid Devices available for their carrier & of course the big flagship devices & how theirs an Android device for every type of customer. Not to mention how amazing & powerful some of the Droid devices have become.
    Almost 99.99% of the time the person says. “Well I was speaking to the VZW/At&t person & he says that the Droids are good but the iPhone is better.” So my response is did you see the prices? The iPhone generally is more expensive so he makes money from commission. So of course he is going to say that. But the Droid phones that have come out recently fast surpass the iPhone in almost every way.

  • JImmy

    The truth is people are addicted to Apple Iphones, and those people are holding apple accountable for raising the bar so high. They want more specs and bigger screens, but the truth is apple came out the gates swinging and if it weren’t for them we would not have the smartphones we have now. They shook up the mobile industry and made huge leaps over everybody. I am sure the iphone5 will be on steroids when it comes out. Everyone else tries to beat apple by hardware specs because they cannot come close to their touchscreen technology and processing speed and Mac OSX running the whole show. Apple not providing better hardware specs is not an issue, they don’t do it for marketing and sales reasons which is what pisses the people off. They are more than capable of giving you bigger screen with better camera yada yada yada.

  • iphone 4

    buenas amigos(as) yo tengo un iphone 4 de 32gb bueno comparandolo por la wep lo unico bueno para mi es que salio de 64gb si si si si trabaja mas rapido pero yo pienso que pudieron mejorarlo mucho pero mucho mas no me decepciona pero si le pudieron echar mas galleta

  • rolly

    i had galaxy s2. internal memory 16gb. and i put 32gb memory card. total 48gb

  • Ross

    The iPhone is a nice product but it’s not the best. Apple just likes to suck people dry and do consumers wrong. If it’s so cutting edge and changed the smart phone game, why did it not come with basic features like MMS and copy/paste in the beginning? It had missing features that a crappy old school phone has had forever. Why isn’t the 4s 4g? What kind of sorry design is that? I’m not a specific fan of any vendor..I look at all aspects and make an educated decision. Just my 2 cents.

  • Stan Lee

    Oh yes, jimmy, certaintly. That’s why Apple pretty much copy/pasted android notification bar.. please. Apple days are over and everyone knows it. Android dominates the markets and keeps on dominating, theres pretty much nothing you can do about it. Just saying that, i wouldnt recommend staying on a sinking boat.

  • Gregory Opera

    “Stan Lee”, I’m not a very big fan of the iPhone products, but if you think “Apple’s days are over”, you’re an idiot.

    Truth be told, Apple has NEVER been worth so much, in fact, it is now official the second most valuable company in the entire world (second only to Exxon Mobil, a multinational gas and oil company) and for a brief moment, it even held the number one position!

    Will Apple become “the new Microsoft”? That I can’t answer, but for the first time in Apple’s history, they have a REALISTIC shot at doing just that…

    Like them or not, they must be doing SOMETHING right!

  • daniel


  • John

    Just want to say that as an iPhone user I’m happy to see that some of the readers and posters on this site are not as moronic as the bloggers. Everyone seems to complain about Apple fanboys (and yes they do suck) but if anything, the Android fanboys are worse. Just compare this site to Macrumors and you’ll find much more respectful comparisons on that site than the iPhone bashing found here. If you haven’t owned a jailbroken iPhone then just stop talking because you don’t know what you’re even hating on. That being said, depending on what the upcoming Nexus is like, I might give Android a shot. If it’s too big/nothing special, then I wouldn’t hesitate to grab the best iPhone yet.

  • Droid fanboy

    “jailbroken iPhone” I laugh at you. Your defense for them making a good product is to deliberately break the way they want you to use it?

    So really they make a garbage product that you have now choice but to break to make it useable?

    thants more like it.

  • Anil

    AMOLED compared to retina? What happened to the comparison??

  • Anil

    AMOLED compared to retina? What happened to the comparison??