Robotek HD: A Fantastic Looking RPG With A Great Blend Of Strategy And Action

Roboteck, from developers Hexage, is hands down the most addicting and fun game I’ve played yet on Android. Just like one of Hexage’s other games Evac, you’ll find a perfect chill soundtrack from kubatko as well as their signature neon graphics which are quite stunning to say the least. The game is based on a world campaign where you must win and take over nodes scattered across the world map. The difficulty is marked for each node and the “power” required to enter each. You’ll start off with 50 power points and gain more along with experience points, more is awarded for defeating a more challenging node than you might be ready for. You can go through this whole game without paying a dime, but if you choose to, you can purchase upgrade coins that will unlock a recharge node to gain power back. OK, enough of that let’s get to it after the break.

In the actual battle, you and your opponent start with your own lone robot where, in turn based style, will start a slot machine after selecting your type of move. The yellow mode lets you protect yourself with firewalls (a shield), hack your opponent to steal their robots, and drain your opponents energy to replenish yourself. The blue attack mode lets you fire off powerful lasers, microwaves that can penetrate your opponent’s shields for damage, and shocks to disable them from firing back until they repair themselves. The important red mode lets you call in robots to help protect you from fire and add to your arsenal of attacks with more fire power, each having their own unique characteristics. Don’t get caught without any helper robots though as you’ll be finished off by your opponent within minutes. The more matches you get in the slots, the more powerful that action becomes or multiple lesser powered actions will be performed (up to three). There is a lot of luck built into this game in conjunction with skill, and with coins you can upgrade your actions luck factor that will greatly help you out in the game. A new addition is an on-line multiplier mode to challenge others which is a huge bonus for Robotek’s replay value. I have no idea how this awesome game is still free, and though it can be challenging and frustrating at times, this is the only Android game I’ve ever continued to play over and over again for months. The battles can be short and rewarding or lengthy and stressful. Don’t forget to check out the trailer below to see how cool of a game this is and grab it while it’s still free from the market right here or via the QR code below.

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About the Author: Harold Williams

Harold was born and raised in Whitehall, NY (supposedly the birthplace of the US Navy). His first real smartphone experience belonged to Nokia and Symbian. Following came years of being a happy BlackBerry follower with a brief moment on Windows Mobile. Once a Droid X landed in his hands, he was forever converted to the dark side of the force. Memories of a Star Tac filled his head with happiness and once again joining Motorola in a new revolution. When not playing guitar he's following the tech world via Twitter and the mobile web trying to fill his need to have and know about the latest and greatest tech. Being grateful for all the free tools Google has provided, he is now sold on Google for life. In the real world he is filling his dorky needs as a project manager for a medical technology company.

  • asdfasdf

    i hate this game… they are always cheating :(

  • Droid

    This is also my favorite game on android. its awesome because its fun but doesn’t require your full attention, nor more than a finger to play. its perfect to play on the go

  • lasseaa

    but why does it need permission to modify global system settings?

  • Alex

    U must be kidding… “A Great Blend Of Strategy And Action”? Have u ever spent any time in multiplayer mode on this POS? Clearly not. Robotek is so rigged, it is truly shameful. It would take quite the jerk to put a game like this together. It’s totally designed to favor paying customers. I admit this game LOOKS good, but the devs at Hexage have worked hard to make sure it sucks.

  • Drew

    Every aspect of this game its rigged. EVERY single one. Must be republicans, they are the only form of scum on this planet that believe in that doctrine. . . Pay 2 win. . . Hang you’re pathetic heads in shame hexage. Or fix Robotek and make it the amazing game it could be. Until then screw them for this blatant affront to gaming and gamers. Pirate their software and get even any way you can, they deserve it. There is a special circle of Hell reserved for child molesters, people who talk on their phones in theatres and the low lifes at hexage.

    • ari_free

      Wow you have some serious issues

      • Drew

        Have you tried to pay this game WITHOUT paying? Of course I have issues. It’s like entering a boxing match with your good arm tired behind your back and your opponent is a noob who gets to fight with the body of Mike Tyson. It’s insulting and pathetic. The only thing the IAP should change us your appearance.