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Swap Out Your Old Dialer And Give myDialer Lite for Android A Try

Getting bored of your standard stock dialer?  I’m not a big fan of Sense UI devices these days, I’m more of a stock Android kind of guy.  Especially when it comes to Sense’s dialer. Well, in steps XDA member mozarcik and provides you with an alternative for times like these.  Check out the dev’s app, myDialer Lite for Android.  The newly styled dialer offers quick responses to the touch, detailed call history by contact and supports several languages for your convenience.  In addition, unlike most dialer applications, this one is fully skinnable.  There are currently three skins available to pick from and we expect more will follow in the up and coming months.

myDialer lite is a replacement for dialer app. You can quickly search for contacts by entering part of the name/number

Ready to give it a try?  Here’s the application thread and don’t forget to provide the developer with as much feedback as you can so he/she can improve the application.  Feel free to let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

[via xda]