Motorola Atrix bootloader now unlocked, No need to wait for Gingerbread

We reported yesterday that the leaked Gingerbread build for the Motorola Atrix could be unlocked. Using the files from the leaked build, Android tweakers have figured out a way to unlock everyone’s Atrix.

There are some that believe that Motorola never intended to unlock the bootloader with the Gingerbread release and there are others who say they have confirmation from Motorola that they will. We will find out for sure in the near future, but for now if you have an Atrix you can start loading custom ROM’s

Instructions after the break



1. Ensure you are on stock 1.26 with no mods. If you are not, instructions to SBF are HERE
2. Download the GladRoot script HERE
3. Extract the GladRoot folder and files to C:\. Do not install anywhere else. Having it inside a folder with a space will cause the script to FAIL.
4. Enable USB debugging (Settings -> Applications -> Development).
5. Connect your phone (Set USB Connection to ‘None’).
6. Run gladroot.bat and follow the on-screen directions (If you’re using Windows 7, run as Admin by holding down control and double-clicking).
7. Verify that there are no errors before updating.
8. Go to Settings -> About phone -> System updates.
9. Follow the on-screen instructions. First download the update (you will need a Wi-Fi connection for this), then it will prompt you to install.
10. The update will reboot the device and install itself. If this part fails it’s because you are not on stock 1.2.6 firmware. See Step 1.
11. When it boots back up, verify USB debugging is still on. Some users report that disabling and re-enabling USB debugging solves a few issues with the script detecting your device (Settings -> Applications -> Development).
12. Run afterupdate.bat (If you’re using Windows 7, run as Admin by holding down control and double-clicking).
13. Make sure you allow the superuser request on your phone or it WILL fail!
14. Enjoy your rooted Atrix on 4.1.57!

Unlock Bootloader

Instructions for Windows

Download these files:

RSD 5.3.1
Unlock SBF


  1. If you’re on Gingerbread, skip to the step labeled “Open and extract the Fastboot package from above”.
  2. Power down your Motorola Atrix
  3. Take out your microSD card and SIM card for the flashing process
  4. While turning the phone on, hold the Volume Up button until it acknowledges RSD
  5. Your device will say “Starting RSD protocol support”
  6. Run “RSD Lite” on your computer
  7. Press the “. . .” button next to the box labeled “Filename”
  8. Load up the SBF file
  9. The SBF file is located inside of the .zip file, you must extract it out before loading it into RSD Lite
  10. Use WinRAR or 7-Zip to extract the .zip file on your computer
  11. Plug your device into your computer
  12. Use the USB ports on the back side of your computer for safety
  13. RSD Lite should recognize your device and say “Model: NS Flash Olympus” and “Connected…”
  14. Press the “Start” button
  15. Be patient while the phone reboots. It will take a long time.
  16. Open and extract the Fastboot package from above
  17. Open a command prompt window
  18. On Windows, press Start and type “cmd” then press the enter button
  19. Type the following command. Your directory will be the folder where you extracted the Fastboot package. (Example: cd C:\Users\Kenneth\Desktop\fastboot-package)
  20. cd your directory here
  21. Power down your Atrix device
  22. Hold the power button and the downward volume button until you see “Fastboot”
  23. Let go of the buttons and press the upward volume button once
  24. You will now see “Starting Fastboot protocol support”
  25. Plug your device into a USB port in the back slot of your computer
  26. Front slots sometimes do not have enough power to stay connected to the device.
  27. Type the following command: fastboot oem unlock
  28. You will now receive a warning along with a unique device ID
  29. Type the following commands using your unique device ID in place of the ####: fastboot oem unlock ####
  30. fastboot reboot
  31. Wait for your device to reboot. Congratulations! You now have an unlocked bootloader!

[via droid-life]

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  • scott

    Its a shame I sold my atrix almost two months ago because i couldn’t really mod it besides gingerblur, I’d like to be apart of this :(

  • Shaan

    my one says OEM unlock is not implemented?