Andro+ Call Backgrounder lets you ignore calls and continue what you were doing

Ever had a time when you were just about to knock down that final level on Angry Birds you’ve been struggling to grab 3 stars on, only to have a big display pop up that someone is trying to call you? All you want to do is get back to that game, cause you’re on a hot streak… Well, Andro+ Call Backgrounder may be just the app you need to quickly get back to the game without having to deny the incoming call, thus allowing it to keep ringing in the background so it goes away, or to voicemail at least.

Here’s a quote from the developer;

Andro+ Call Backgrounder provides you an important feature that Android System lacks!
CallBackgrounder lets you put in background an incoming call simply by pressing a button!
How many times you were watching a video, playing a game or reading email/website and an Incoming call disturbed your activity?
With CallBackgrounder you can return to the last app you were using by putting incoming call in background!
The caller will never notice about your action, the incoming call will continue in background and you will be free to carry on whatever you were doing and maybe later answer/reject.
You can find filters based on contacts and apps that let you ACTIVATE CallBackgrounder ONLY for some contacts or running apps.

If you want to give it a try, head to this link to download. You’re friends may thank you for not totally ignoring them.

[via xda developers]

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  • Darrin

    Remember when phones were used just for calling others?

    • Jesse Bauer

      lol, yup. but that means we’re old.