Wow Your Non Android Friends With Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper (Video)

When your friend with a feature phone asks you what your phone can do that his can’t?  Bam!  Take advantage of the segway and break out your Droid to show them your awesome Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper.  This is a great vibrant and interactive live wallpaper offering high end graphics for any device with Android 1.5 and above.  View dazzling backgrounds of storm clouds, rain and lightning to compliment that big super duper AMOLED double triple plus screen you just purchased.  The wallpaper is even supported while in landscape mode for those with third party home screen replacement apps.    The live wallpaper offers a number of tweaks and settings for you to customize the color and style in which lightning strikes.  Ready to give it a go?  Head on over to our apps database for the download and QR code or hit up the Android Market for quick convenience.  Hit the break for another screenshot and to check out a video demo of the app in action.  

YouTube Preview Image

From the developer:

Recent changes:
– Better Xoom performance
– Higher res cloud artwork
– Better background artwork
– Better blending
– Higher res icon/thumbnail art

Latest version: 1.5 (for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD)

  • Gill Niven

    How long is the download supposed to take? I cancelled after 30 minutes 8-(

  • Noah

    Barf. Tacky.

  • mytharak

    The best phone to run this on is of course the HTC Thunderbolt.