[TA Deals] Snatch Paragon’s Hard Disk Manager 15 for under $25

Our latest featured deal of the day involves a service that manages your computer’s data, protecting you from losing everything in the event of a ransomware scam.

Head over to Talk Android Deals to see what it’s all about.

  • Snapshot-driven backup & powerful recovery features
  • Resizes partitions & redistributes unused space
  • Recovers lost or accidentally deleted partitions
  • Performs disk copying & secure data wiping under 10 military & governmental data wiping standards
  • Covers all aspects of a PC’s life cycle, from drive partitioning & regular backup to system migration & disaster recovery
  • Supports SSD Trim function to safely erase all on-disk data or only remnants of deleted files on traditional rotating platter disks or solid state drives

Once you purchase Hard Disk Manager 15 from us, you’ll get a redemption code. It has to be used on the platform you bought for; therefore, make sure you correctly choose Windows or macOS. Either way you’re going to save money.

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