ASUS’ ZenFone AR, a Tango phone, leaks before CES 2017


A new leak from Evan Blass might indicate that Google’s augmented reality platform, Tango, is on the verge of being used by a company other than Lenovo.

The ZenFone AR from ASUS, which is bound to debut at CES 2017, just appeared online for everyone to see before it’s official.

Blass shared our first look at the new ASUS phone on Monday, seen in the tweet above. It shows the ZenFone AR from the front and back. ASUS, at least based on what we see, isn’t leaving behinds its design language that’s been recycled every year. Internal specifications, however, are going to separate the ZenFone AR from the phones you’re familiar with.

Since it’s a Tango phone, the ZenFone AR is built around augmented reality. Google’s platform for phones and tablets is capable of detecting the world around you and unlocking immersive experiences created by developers. Lowe’s, for example, is using the technology for its Vision app that analyzes a room and shows you what furniture would fit and how it would look. Other partners are using Tango for domino courses and virtual dinosaur parks.

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The world’s first Tango phone, Lenovo’s PHAB2 Pro, isn’t a hit for multiple reasons. Tango, while out of testing, is completely new to the masses. People aren’t completely sure of what the platform is and Lenovo isn’t a household name for phones in the United States. If consumers don’t know what you’re selling and aren’t familiar with your brand in a category, you’re not going to sell a healthy number of units.

On top of that, the PHAB2 Pro is difficult to recommend because it’s massive. Few people enjoy a 6.4-inch display, let alone from a brand they’re not familiar with in the mobile business.

ASUS, though, is known in the U.S. to at least a small percentage of people for its phones. The ZenFone line is actually popular on Amazon. And the ZenFone AR does look smaller than the PHAB2 Pro.

Source: Evan Blass (Twitter)

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