Google is opening up Santa’s Village until December 24th


Another year, another countdown to Santa’s visit on December 24th. Google likes to do things for Christmas, include Santa trackers and other games throughout the month, and this year they’re opening up Santa’s Village with a handful of games and fun experiences to play with until Christmas comes later this month.

One new experience will unlock each day of the month, and you’ll be able to find a handful of exclusive games on the Android app.  One of those exclusive games is Present Quest, which gives you the opportunity to find misplaced gifts from Santa out in the real world.

That theme is pretty consistent throughout Google’s app this year; these aren’t just simple time wasting games, but instead games that incorporate some kind of education. Besides real world exploration, you’ll also find some games that help teach kids the basics of coding with a Christmas theme, and there’s even an educator resource page. Getting kids into programming is all the rage in Silicon Valley, and wrapping the content up in a red and green package is an excellent way to do it.

For now, you can play in Santa’s Village on your computer, smartphones, Google Maps, Android TV, and Google Chrome. And on December 23rd, we’re fully expecting Google to track Santa’s journey across the globe.

source: Google

About the Author: Jared Peters

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