LG Hi-Fi Plus module for the G5 won’t be available in several countries


LG’s G5 has one of the most unique features we’ve ever seen on a smartphone in its module setup, which should theoretically open things up for a ton of really cool accessories. After it was announced, LG said a hi-fi DAC and a camera module were announced, too, but it looks like some of us might not be able to buy one of those.

The HiFi Plus module that replaces the G5’s onboard DAC with a much better one has been completely scraped from LG’s US website and it doesn’t show up on the LG Friends link on their site, either. The only thing left is the LG CAM Plus module and all of the other accessories that have been announced but don’t take advantage of the G5’s modular capabilities.

This also applies to Canada, Korea, and Puerto Rico, so there’s clearly been some kind of issue that’s hamstringing this accessory from making it to market. I would think if it was just a delay, we’d still be able to find the HiFi Plus on their site somewhere, but with it being completely absent there’s a good chance that this issue is going to shelf it permanently in those countries.

At announcement, there were really only three modules for the G5: a battery, a camera extension, and this DAC. The battery was only a half module since it was just a replacement battery, so there were really only two modules that could take advantage of the uniqueness of the G5. Now that LG has dropped the ball on the more unique of the two, the modularity of the G5 seems like an abandoned afterthought, not a selling point.

Maybe if LG can cook up a round two of some of these accessories, or if they can get a third party involved, it might be more compelling. But at the rate this is going, it’s not looking good for the only major defining feature of LG’s 2016 flagship.

source: Android Authority

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  • PXN

    Well the only reason for me to buy the G5 is now gone, previous generation V10 it is.