Teardown video reveals rear panel of G5 has thick plastic coating; LG responds



Usually, when a manufacturer claims that its new flagship smartphone sports a ‘metal body’, you take it at face value. After all, we’ve seen HTC put out


According to a teardown video by JerryRigEverything, the G5 didn’t quite feel how a metal-bodied handset should, so he decided to take a utility knife to the rear panel to see what it was made of. The result was a little surprising, in that a fair amount of plastic had to be scraped away before the aluminum coating was revealed.

Meanwhile, LG, for its part, has responded to a query from Android Authority pointing to this section of the G5 press release stating that:

“The insulative antenna is invisibly integrated into the body without disrupting the seamless look of the metal-unibody”

Instead of using those plastic inserts that almost every metal bodied handset displays somewhere (usually on the top and bottom of the device as seen on the Galaxy S7 below), it appears that LG has rather integrated the antenna into the rear panel. LG had to put them somewhere, so why not in a place that would be hidden in normal situations?

The teardown video does reveal a metal chassis underneath the paint, it’s just that there’s quite a bit of plastic as well. While I would have liked JerryRigsEverything to have scraped a lot more of the rear panel to properly check the issue before making an issue of it, I wouldn’t have expected to see such a thick plastic coating.


It seems that this could all have been a storm in a teacup, but if you’ve received your G5, what do you make of the handset? Does it have a premium, metal bodied feel to it? And if you haven’t made up your mind on the G5 just yet, perhaps Jason Statham can help you decide in this launch advertisementlaunch ad. You can check out the rest of the teardown video below.

Source: JerryRigsEverything (YouTube)
Via: AndroidAuthority

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