Dropbox has passed 500 million downloads


I knew lots of people used Dropbox, but I definitely didn’t know it was over 500 million! Dropbox has just passed 500 million downloads on their Play Store app, which is a huge accomplishment for any app to do.

dropbox downloads

Google has many apps that are over 1 billion downloads, but they force their apps to be pre-installed, which to me doesn’t count. Facebook is another developer who have over 1 billion downloads, which is more impressive, but again, they usually have their app pre-installed on many devices. Dropbox on the other hand usually isn’t pre-installed, or at least less so than Facebook and Google apps, which makes this a much more impressive achievement.

There are very few third-party app developers out there to hit such a high number of downloads. Not even Netflix, Spotify, or Snapchat has this many downloads in the Play Store. Congratulations to you, Dropbox.

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