Google rolls out Android Pay update 1.1 with minor bug fixes

Android _Pay_App_110315

Google has just released an update for Android Pay that fixes certain bugs users have experienced while using the app. The update also makes it easier for users to know whether their bank supports Android Pay or not, and addresses an issue where users were not allowed to access their loyalty cards without having a payment card linked to the app.

You can now access a menu that will let you know which banks are currently supported by the service. Not a lot of banks are supported yet, however we expect that number to increase to encourage more users to use the app.

In addition, some users have complained that after setting up Android Pay on a first device, their loyalty and membership cards would not show up on the app from another device with Android Pay unless a payment card was associated with it. Loyalty and membership cards were suppose to show in the app regardless if a payment card is added on or not. Google has fortunately fixed this issue with the Android Pay v1.1 update. In case the update hasn’t been pushed out to your device yet, you can grab the APK from the link below and manually install it.

Via: Android Police (APK Download)

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