Bug renders ‘Ok Google’ Everywhere useless on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge


Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge and are experiencing issues with the device picking up “Ok Google” hotword detection? Well, you’re not alone.

Since Samsung’s new flagship device launched, users have been having issues with Ok Google Everywhere. It won’t work at all. In fact, the hotword will only work from the Google app or the Google Now Launcher. It’s a strange and frustrating bug, especially for those who just picked up one of the devices.

There must be a solution to a bug as big and as frustrating as this, right? Not exactly. There were concerns raised in the Google Product Forums on the problem. However, the only official response is a community manager’s post, who claims Engineers are “actively working on providing a solution.”

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all of your feedback. We shared this with the engineering team when users initially reported it, and they’ve been actively working on providing a solution. We will provide another update soon.

Note: I’m going to be marking this post as ‘best answer’ only to surface my post to the top of this thread for new users’ visibility. I acknowledge this is still an open issue, and we’re looking into it – thanks!

That was the last official response from Google, which was three weeks ago. The problem is only getting bigger–thousands of complains are being raised all over the Internet. It’s a very consistent problem. At this point, you’d think it’d be a well known bug put on Google’s priority list.

With no response from Google for three weeks now, users are only going to get more frustrated, tell their friends, and eventually hurt the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge’s reputation that Samsung has worked so hard to bolster. Hopefully as the problem gets more and more attention, there will be a fix for it soon, especially if Google’s Engineers have been aware and working on it for three weeks now.

What’s interesting is that the problem has been going on for three weeks now, just a week after the Galaxy S6’s release. It’s perplexing that such a widespread issue like this wouldn’t show up in extensive testing before a massive product launch like the Galaxy S6.

It’s entirely possible that this problem has already been fixed, too. Samsung is in the process of rolling out a maintenance update in stages, which is supposed to fix a lot of known issues.

It’s certainly not rendering the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge useless, but its quite a frustrating problem nonetheless. It’s quite possible that Google has been working on this issue for three weeks. It might be a deeper problem that takes a considerable amount of time fix. We don’t know. Hopefully we’ll hear some communication from Samsung or Google on the matter–it’d certainly calm some nerves.

Have you found a way around this problem? Let us know in the comments.

source: Google Product Forums
via: Android Police

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  • Cami007

    I doubt is a google issue, since it is only happening on the Galaxy S6 and edge devices, most likely has to do with the fork known as touchwizz, yoy might ask urself why it is not an issue in other touchwizz devices, very simple, Sammy tried to improve on this iteration of android on every handset it launches, since the S6 and edge are the latest ones, they have the latest version touchwizz, Im sure that during the trim down process of it, they flipped a switch that is causing this problem, and I am willing to bet it has something to do with S Voice.
    Thanks again Sammy for not listening to your customers worldwide and get rid of touchwizz completely. I hope you learn the lesson.

    • http://www.Swinesungsucks.com/ PapaSnarf

      I been saying for years. samesung is garbage.

      • juxt417

        Ya so what do you use then and what makes it better?

        • http://www.Swinesungsucks.com/ PapaSnarf

          Nothing that is made from a corrupt company who makes garbage phones that for sure. There are tons of better android phones thatn Swinesung.

          • Cami007

            Actually their hardware is not bad at all, is the crappy software that sucks, and they don’t seem to get it. The cool thing about android handsets is that you can modify it at will, you can change the rom on then to a more pure experience and not that crappy touchwizz.

    • Brad

      The only indication that it is a Google issue is the community manager’s comment on the Google Product Forums, saying that Engineers have been trying to resolve it.

      In my personal opinion, it’s totally a TouchWiz problem. The Galaxy S6 Edge looks stunningly gorgeous, but TouchWiz is garbage. It’s packed full of junk that no one uses. I mean, S Voice? Who really uses that over the Google commands?

  • juxt417

    Isn’t it obvious Samsung did it so people will use s voice. Which tbh is just as good as ok Google. So those people complaining just need to get over it and use s voice

  • mike

    i’ve been having this problem as well , totally frustrated that google hasn’t made a statement about it all all , the how word detection settings are removed from my device reg s6 in canada on rogers ….,.

  • Mike Wells

    Google isn’t entirely to blame. April 15th all was well with the world then it all went South when there was a Samsung patch that was updated. Immediately afterwards a google app update seconds later. This was exactly the point I noticed the OK google from any screen or when the screen was off but the phone plugged in that it no longer worked.
    I was pissed because I finally had a phone that was like Hey Siri and totally safe to operate while driving. That ended right away.
    Fix it!

    • Mike W

      I’m surprised that the media failed to pick up on this until now. An entire month

  • Arjun P

    It’s not exactly a bug, well don’t u remember in other galaxy devices too whenever u put Google now to listen always then, the S voice don’t tend to work. This is because only one voice recognition service works at a time and as by default S voice is on always on mod for the S6, you will thereby have problem with the Google Now. Just goto S voice and in settings and disable the always listening feature and voila ur Google now should be up and running like it was meant to be!!!

    • Mike W

      Might want to try before you make suggestions like these. It doesn’t work.

      • Arjun P

        Well what part of Google now doesn’t work for u??? In mine after this all perfect!

        • Mike W

          What part of this article don’t you understand? It’s not about Google Now. It’s about voice detection OK Google from any screen.

        • Brad

          It’s not Google Now. If you go into the Google Now launcher and use voice detection, it’s fine. It’s the voice detection across the whole device that is the problem.

  • Carter Hall

    I’ve been having the same issue with my note 4… Ever since the last update it seems to reset the voice model and the settings back to just being able to say OK google from the app and the homescreen..

  • Brando

    I have an S6 edge and yesterday ok Google mysteriously started working again….and it lasted a day…what was really strange when it started working again was the ‘enable from any screen’ option still was not showing in the settings, but it was working from every screen. I woke up this morning to find it once again wasn’t working.

  • sansousi

    Turned of off S-voice, restarted phone an dit works. Quit working when I truned on S-voice

  • sansousi

    now if i could get spell check to work.